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  1. Yeah, Monsters and Mercenaries has to be real cheap (like cheaper than GW books ever are) or I'll likely end up skipping it. I've still got a second box of Corvus Cabal, Iron Golems and Cypher lords on my list and after it'll likely be saving for Ossiarchs and the last two warbands. So that's about all my hobby budget for the forseeable future, so M&M is just to early for me to consider dropping something else out of my budget to get it. And the entire CoS situation makes me dread what is coming for Slaves to Darkness. Those where some very nice and recent sculpts among those removed and it makes me fear for a lot of our kits (nevermind I already waved godbies to the Lord on Mount, even though it's my favorite conversion warscroll). If they take the warshrine I'll be seriously upset. I totally get the frustration, the long silence after the kit removal really adds insult to injury.
  2. Yeah, I've also added painted on pupils, which really ramps up the unhinged-freak-factor. I think a good approach to these guys will be to do them majorly in some variation of bone, but mix in other elements, seeing how they are constructs any given individualpart could be done in stone, wood, metal, ceramic, shardglass, other Realmstone, like amber bone from Ghur, or whatever else you can think of. There is also the possibility of decoration, the bone could be painted, glazed, jewel encrusted or covered with gold leaf (with the opportunity for some unusual battle damage). The head or just mask/face is of course a standout target for these sort of shenanigans, being such a natural focal point and these particular guys most unusual and controversial feature. It's almost poetic, so many factions run around with their faces, masks and helmets shaped or painted to resemble skulls in Warhammer and here we get these skull headed bone guys with faces shaped to resemble the living.
  3. Yeah, I've noticed that they are at the very least are made to resemble mask. Doesn't really matter if they are or not considering their entire bodies are made from sculpted bone either way. But I think it's a cool nod to them being Nagashes "counter-Stormcast". And I think painting the faces in a set of colour as if they where mask would really change their vibe. I actually already did a quick and dirty coloring in gimp to test some things out. Most ideas need an overhaul but I think I'll do the eyes and face this way.
  4. Edit: One last wish for the Ossiarchs: They absolutely do need chariots and archers. They already have a spiritual follower of half the classic skeleton units of ancient warhammer. Bone Chariots and skeleton archers are missing though. Can you imagine how spectacularly silly a reimagination of the old bone chariots crewed by these would look? Yeah, Skaven are the perfect Nemesis for Nagash. They are the only ones who can compete with each others hybris and mastery of going through with excessively bad ideas. At least Gloomspite know they aren't the big shots. Nagash thinks he is Sigmars number one enemy and that he can easily outwit the Chaos gods. And he can't even keep his recurring pest problem under control.
  5. The more criticisms I read that the Ossiarchs are ridiculous ,off and badly proportioned, the more that part of them grows on me. Not because I like to be contrary, but because it is just so fitting for Nagash. So the big Skelledaddy wants his own elites to face Stormcast and Chaos Warriors. And what does he create? Dignified imposing and expressionless Statues? Terrifying amalganations that have "body horror" written all over them? No, that would be "Death Stormcast" or "Death Chaos Warriors". Nagash is the guy who thinks wearing a huge pope hat of bones is dignified, the guy who plasters his skeletal mug on everything and thinks it glorious. He creates these things. Pompous mini Nagashes with clunky proportions and goofy not-quite faces, the sort of thing a child thinks edgy. The toy soldiers of an ancient yet immature megalomaniac. They are grotesque and bizarre, but not remotely in the sense Chaos is. They aren't all that scary, they aren't horror. They look like maybe they where supposed to be, but Nagash just doesn't get people, how could he get what makes them shake in their boots? Heck, this being Death, they may be elite by that factions standart, but I doubt they'll measure up individually to Stormcast or Chaos Warriors. They aren't Deaths equivalent to the super soldiers. They are the cheap knock-off product. And I love that. It sets Death apart from the other GAs and the forces of Undeath in other settings and firmly establishes the GA as Nagashes in all his unhinged ill-advised pompous glory.
  6. One thing about the Bonereapers faces, you can see on the catapult they attatch to the back head almost like masks. It's a nice parallel to Stormcast and works nicely with the Samurai like elements of their design. I think I might run with it and paint their faces in a different color.
  7. I love the Reapers. Granted I have been very insistend that elite constructs of Death as answer to Stormcast are exactly what is needed. So I am getting exactly what I wanted. Looking at them closely, there's a few things to say: -They do indeed look quite stiff. For one, I think it's appropiate, they are automatons of Death. It makes me think of they way Skeletons move in Total War:Warhammer. Also, it's only really the infantry and cavalry unit kits and I think that is because these are designed oldschool- less fancy posing, but more interchangability and customization. If I am right, I feel that is a good thing. Some recent unit kits have been damn near monopose and that is not a good quality in models you need in many multiples for an army. -Some of them, particularly the infantry unit, look rather goofy. The cartoonish studio paintjob doesn't help. I myself like it, it's got some real Saturday Morning Cartoon Villain vibe, which really is Nagashes vibe. And with some slight modification and a grimdark paintjob they won't anymore. -The big star for me is the Catapult. Such an amazing engine and truly a worthy inheritor of the Screaming Skull Catapults legacy. -The other big star is that Mortarch. I really love everything about that model. Might even be enough to finally get me to buckle and get a special character, with I usually avoid like hell. My one disappointment is that the two warriors are his attendants, which means they aren't another elite unit or heroes. -Speaking of heroes, I count two besides the Mortarch, both of them Caster types. I really hope there will be martial heroes forthcoming as well. I don't like the idea of such a martial force, headed overall by the "Realms Greatest General" wouldn't have some martial Commanders to lead them. -So far a rather small unit count. One Elite, one cavalry, one infantry, two heroes, a behemoth and a unique. They said there is more coming, but knowing GW, this might well mean just a few more heroes or even just alternative builds. I hate minifactions with wastly limited range (stuck that way gods know how long) and they'd need quite a few more units to leave that area. On to other news AoS, there is only one book for Warcry with no new models. I guess they took their mouth a little full with their big list of games that would get news, but seeing how they've shown of a good batch of two armies each, I won't complain. It's nice Warcry gets ways to include more existing miniatures and quick support, though there's also serious bloat potential (*cough* Killteam). Of course there are still the two warbands unshown, so this sort of news is rather lackluster against the perspective of shiny new models. Not commenting on all the 40k except for this: Psychic Awakening - New Storyline with multiple expansions and splash releases - Called it just a few pages back (along with a bunch of stuff I got quite wrong of course)
  8. I'd be really surprised if they drop the entire model line of Tithe Fallas on our heads tomorrow. I'm thinking we might be looking at a Shadowspear like situation here. So they show the box content of all new models Ogres vs. Tithe, with BT:Ogres hot on its heels, but the Tithe only gets rules in the box to tide them over until a full BT and army release at the tail end of the year. Alternatively, it's a Blightwar like deal, if Tithe includes old skeleton models, and it's the Tyrant and Coffin Guy plus old models and then Tithe a bit later. Even if I'm wrong and there is no box, I figure at the very least they'll keep the new Mortarch himself under wraps a bit longer, just as they did with Morathi and Olynder. All in all, this year looks pretty full come tomrrow. With Tithe and SoB we are looking at two full new model line releases in four months time. That alone will take plenty of space. Add to that: -Beastgrave, which I guess will be one drop of the Core set and about one or two paired warband drops this year -A second wave for Warcry. My guess is two drops of two Warbands, the two Warbands not yet revealed and my guess Solo drops for Iron Golems and Untamed Beasts. Though the composition might vary here, they might keep Golems and Beasts starter exclusive for longer. They might also drop some other stuff, like more wandering Monsters, Terrain or Expansions that move the scope of the game. -Psychic Awakening, which I guess is not only a set or book, but also an opening of a new narrative Chapter like Malign Portents was and it might be followed by further narrative game expansion. It might also come with some splash releases, as they did with the two new vehicles anlongside Apokalypse. -Primaris still haven't got all their new models, there will also be further mini-dex releases with one Character for Marines. -Not to forget Cities and Orruks. They may come together in one drop. I wonder if they may have abandoned the entire Endless Spells and Terrain business after the Sylvaneth debakle, seeing how they did not show any for these two. Personally I would welcome that, since I feel it was really getting tedious and I prefer my terrain not to be a mandatory part of army lists. But I'm primarily a collector and modeler, I can totally see more gaming focused hobbyist feeling left in the dust if their armies go empty handed. Also, many of those terrain pieces are quite appealing models and I guess this business model was the only way to get them produced at all. Add Forgeworld releases, likely something Killteam and Blackstone Fortress, andit quickly adds up to an almost full schedule for the rest of 2019.
  9. Really, Tithe of Bones, The "compound or made up word" Tithe or even just the Tithe would all be neither bad nor out of place among AoS faction names. Wether it's in the name or not, I really like that it is part of their lore. I'm a big fan of the idea of a spiritual beaurocrathy in general and feel it feels particularly fitting with Nagash. For one it really meshes well with his megalomanical sense of hierarchic order and getting his due, for another it all creates the sense that Nagash has become a fundamental part of not just death, but also life in the Mortal Realms and creates a sense of continuity for the Grand Alliance going back all the way to the Age of Myth*, which, in my opinnion, is something the faction needs. *Whereas Legions represent continuity to the World-That-Was, Nighthaunt the stirrup following the Necroquake and thus as Nagashes ambition to reshape the Realms in the Age of Sigmar, and Flesheaters an almost rogue unintended result of the Age of Chaos.
  10. For internal strife in Death: Unless the second FEC Battletome seriously retconned some stuff, Ushoran is bound to show up again sooner or later. He definitely isn't on good footing with Nagash and due to his madness cannot be properly controlled either. So it's definitely possible.
  11. So, these might have the sort of aesthetics I have been looking for in a Death release, a more ornate look, as others noted, drawn more from the Endtimes undead. I now am really looking forward to these, with some luck these will also have a stronger connection to the Age of Myth than the factions seen so far, which would make these a double wammy. Also curious to see just what kind of undead exactly they are. I don't think they are purely skeletons, a number of them look way to beefy for that. Together with the mix and match steeds it makes me think construct, but I'll freely admit that may very well be wishful thinking, since that is a third thing I've been waiting for. In any case, Nova Open might be one of the nice previews.
  12. New Tithe teaser! https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/08/25/the-tithe-episode-iii-mortarch/
  13. Yeah, this seems spot on for the Scions of the flame, with the resemblance of a Chaos Star, curving reminiscent of the halbert in the artwork and the, well, flame.
  14. Primaris are still awaiting their unit kits for Eleminators and Infiltrators. Blood Bowl has the Lizardmen team previewed but unreleased. There's also two more unseen Warcry warbands, not yet anounced, but they are in the Corebook and pretty much certain to come at some point.
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