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  1. Rogue Explorator

    Mayple's Skaven Science

    Totally worth the bit expendure, if you ask me, though I understand wallets will disagree with that assessment.
  2. Nice work on the beasties. Count me in as being put of by beastman chariots as well. It is a legacy of that aweful time of Chaos being split of into three armies. It seems at the time GW was at an creative low and decided that Chaos was to wild and Warhammer would be much better of with even more pseudo historical analogue armies. So Warriors of Chaos spend the next few editions as always being inexplicably heavily armored Viking Supermen (before they where actually very cosmopolitan with members from all over the world going to the wastes to join warbands), while Beastmen had to become a beast headed portrayal of the "Barbarians at the Gates". Since GW really did not do any really fantastic units at the time and cavalry was out of question for them, they got stuck with chariots being their thing (which I guess is in line with ancient greek/roman era "barbarians"), even though that never really made sense for their preexisting or later on developed lore as non-creating deepwood raiders. In case it is not obvious, yes, I am still chuffed about how much of its unique character and appeal lost back then, something Chaos is still not fully recovered from and that the beasts in particular still suffer heavily under.
  3. Rogue Explorator

    The Rumour Thread

    Ahem, we actually have a interesting looking rumor engine everyone. Back to rumors and baseless speculation: Am I the only one reminded of the scales on Morathi and the Melusai? Think it would be neat if Slaanesh and DoK ranges where visually tied with some such similar elements, considering their lore-ties. Also wondering if this could mean a return of some insectoid features to the Slaanesh range, they where quite common in Realm of Chaos era Slaanesh Champions.
  4. Rogue Explorator

    The Rumour Thread

    I actually think 11 is Darkoath. There is a second smaller birdskull of the same design and tied up with strings through the eyesockets as one of the skulls on the Darkoath Chieftain.
  5. Rogue Explorator

    Enlightened bits on regular Tzaangors

    As I wrote the arms should fit just fine, that includes the shoulders and chest parts that are a part of the bit. It it only the seperate lower armoured bit that does not fit on regular tzaangor, heads, necks, horns and arms are freely exchangable. I guess I missread what you meant by chestpiece. Looks like you can go right ahead with your plans. They are good plans to, the poses on the greatweapons are really limited and I will do the same when I finally get around to assembling my full unit.
  6. Rogue Explorator

    The Faithful of Eloni

    Nice kitbashing. I particularly like the high priestess, I would have not thought the gown goes so well with the wanderer parts.
  7. Rogue Explorator

    Enlightened bits on regular Tzaangors

    The arms are the same design as all other Tzaangor arms and should work fine. The short answer for the chest pieces is no. I have grafted an enlightened chest piece to my wip Twistbray and it took some serious carving, a repositioning of both legs and a fair bit of sculpting (not all of which is finished) to make it work. To be precise, I had to completely resculpt the thighs and armor straps, fill up gaps between the front and back of the corset and also sculpt some simple decorative trim to make the regular back fit the more ornamented front.
  8. Rogue Explorator

    The Rumour Thread

    Looking at what it would take to make the remaining GA books obsolete in the context of current rumors and speculations: GA:Order might be the easiest. All Non-Battletome factions are a part of the Free Cities, an "Armies of the Free Cities" Battletome in the style of LoN could easily take care of them all. Free Cities sooner or later is pretty much a given in my eyes, Order simply has to many obscure factions to handle them any other way and the Free Cities are simply becoming to big a part of the setting to go without a BT of their own. Destruction could be done LoN style, but it is more all over the place than Death was before LoN. It would be odd to see a Waaagh Hordes Battletome including Gutbusters, but excluding Ironjawz, Beastclaw Raiders and Bonesplitterz. The other option would be to do all of them with a full replacement of GA:Destruction, which would be unprecedented. That leaves the more likely route, implied by current rumors: That GA:Destruction gets so many faction releases in 2019 that doing a faction unifying BT would be superflous, though then GA:Destruction would still cover a few factions and models not covered elsewhere. GA:Chaos is sort of tricky as the Non-Battletome factions contain part of two different groups in between GA and faction level, these being Skaven and Beasts of Chaos. The only factions without BT not included among those two are Slaves to Darkness, Hosts of Slaanesh and Daemons. Looking at the above,, I would judge Slaves and Hosts as very likely to receive a Battletome and new miniatures within reasonable time. Skaven seem reasonable to get the LoN treatment and are often requested to do so, as currently their individual factions do not do to well and a non-monoclan Skaven force can not really be done outside of GA:Chaos, which is a very weak and not very thematic option. Beasts could be done LoN style, but I do not really see GW doing it. I think they will languish in obscurity for some time to come, alongside the remaining daemon units (which may be cut down to three if daemon prince becomes a full part of Slaves). Overall, I do not think all GA books becoming entirely obsolete within the next one or two years is very likely. We will see a fair number of factions expanded by the end of 2019 and there may be up to four LoN style tomes (Free Cities, Skaven, Beasts and maybe something destruction). But I think ultimately there will just be a few factions and scattered models that will languish in No-Battletome land for a long time. Factually, of course, the GA books are pretty much obsolete already. The unit warscrolls are all online and in the app. What little lore there was, has almost all been reprinted,changed or superceeded, if not already elsewhere, then in the second edition big rulebook. That just leaves a few batallions and I will admit, with the newest GH not yet in my posession, I do not even know if many of those even still have points.
  9. Rogue Explorator

    The Rumour Thread

    Only a short while back I would never have believed the amount of releases rumored from confirmed sources here. But with the pace GW has shown this year, I think anything is possible. In fact, I think they may eventually have to slow down simply due to outpacing demand for new things. I know we are moving a fair bit out of AoS territory here, but I think Gorkamorka could fit in as another Killteam expansion. Rogue Trader, from what we know so far, adds spaceship/interior battlefield rules and non-mainline factions. Gorkamorka looks like a good base to add vehicle rules. Both have in common that they are based on an old line. Fingers crossed for an inquisition expansion based on Inquisitor (the 48mm one) adding more RPG and obscure lore elements. To bring this back around to AoS, with most Killteam rules revealed, it looks like the basic system would be very easy to port to AoS skirmish. GW looks to be rather invested in making Killteam big enough for an ongoing line, if it is a success, I think an AoS variant will likely be greenlit. That would put it at one to two years until we see it in stores. Would be a great vehicle for the smaller factions unlikely to ever see a Battletome of their own (like Swifthark or Scourge Privateers).
  10. Rogue Explorator

    The Rumour Thread

    GenCon is also very important for tabletop RPGs (at least it was when I was more into them). I think looking at what crosses over with other GenCon fields, I would expect teasers and reveals for Killteam and Shadespire. The timing and context looks about right to unveil Shadespire season two and the first warbands. For Killteam, my first thought uppon seeing the upcoming Rogue Trader was "this looks like an 'official' version of Inquisitor 28" and was has been revealed about their plans to expand Killteam and that Rogue Trader is one of multiple future expansions deepens the suspicion that they are doing something like that, as wel as bringing back official support for a playstyle much closer to the original Rogue Trader. While the actual hobbyists that partake of such playstyle and modeling are propably a fringe group to the greater customer base, they do provide great free advertising for GW with their many blogs and impressive conversions, so I think support is warranted. So GenCon, with its strong base in boardgames and RPGs would be great place for GW to unveil more upcoming Killteam stuff (we already know that some GSC are also upcomming for Killteam). I think specialist games (Bloodbowl, Nekromunda, Titanicus) will be at FW Open. I would not expect much for the main lines. If we are really lucky we might hear something about further developement of AoS Skirmish and Path to Glory as well.
  11. Rogue Explorator

    The Rumour Thread

    Well, non-etb have more individual parts and often more optional bits. That means more sprues. And that means more moulds.
  12. Rogue Explorator

    A most boring log!

    I first looked into this thread expecting to be bored. I was not. Now, on my second look you have posted the amature for a custom sculpt, which is quite the opposite of boring. You better step down your game or I will take you to account for this false advertising
  13. Rogue Explorator

    Path of the Changer

    Super glad to see you are back! Bit sad you lost enthusiasm for your Tzeentch force, though I can not say I blame you, as the same happened to me converting my Tzeentch force. I have recently recovered my interest in the force (just as the long awaited Nighthaunt hit 😫), so maybe yours will come back one day as well. On the upside, Anvils are my second favorite Stormhost and favorite "official" color scheeme for Stormcast, so I am looking forward to seeing more of your take.
  14. Rogue Explorator

    The Rumour Thread

    A first Battletome Hosts of Slaanesh does not have to come side by side with the release of Slaanesh in lore. If Emperors Children really come this year, a plastic KoS (and hopefully fiends, maybe the masque and new heralds as well) will need to be close on their heels. And it makes sense that would be tied up with an AoS release (as daemons are not part of the Legion lists in 40k), which, looking at Maggotkin, would propably mean just two to three mortal kits. That looks about right to represent the current hosts in lore, but not really like the lineup of a Chaos god in full vengeance mode (that would be more of a Bloodbound or Nighthaunt scale release). No, I would be quite happy with Slaanesh staying locked up for a fair bit more, so long as hosts still get a full release in the meantime.
  15. Rogue Explorator

    The Rumour Thread

    Anybody else notice that the black coach is driven by a Guardian of Souls? Or is that only news to me?