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  1. About all but confirmed I'd say. A lot of none-to-subtle hints (the previewed box art, the order of previews, the many shots of what certainly looks like starter content). But they have yet to confirm it explicitly.
  2. I need these, right down my alley. I love weird helmets and masks. These might well be the weirdest yet in a setting full of them. Also really like their equipment and poses. Still, starter and Splintered Fangs, my overall favorites, get priority. I'm definitely tending towards the more civilised warbands, with Splintered Fangs, Iron Golems and now Cypher Lords forming my top three. Still want to get my hands on Corvus Cabal and Unmade, but that can wait for a while. Annoyingly the Untamed Beasts, the only warband I could see myself completely skipping, will propably be in the starter. I think that all the warbands could still fit in with any of the gods, with slight tendencies to about two. Like these could quite well fit with either Tzeentch or Slaanesh, but don't have to and could even be fit to Khorne or Nurgle.
  3. I think Nurgle is by far the most likely warband to come out (to go with one god per season in the order of army release) and, looking at the lion, I think we can already say at least one aelven warband is coming. I also can't see them skipping Stormcast entirely. Apart from those three its all a wash. Idoneth, DoK, Ogors, Bonesplitterz, Seraphon, Soulblight, FEC, Free Peoples, Slaanesh and Beasts of Chaos are all factions I'd expect to stick around that have yet to get a warband. There is also a distinct possibility of a yet unrevealed Death faction, which if real might mean it also gets a warband. So there's a lot of choice but few clear indicators. Personally I have my fingers crossed for Beasts of Chaos or some proper undivided Chaos Warriors the most. I'd like to see Seraphon, FEC, DoK and Free Peoples as well, if only for conversion potential and hints where GW will take most of these factions.
  4. Just to counter those who say Warcry had to long a preview stage for them to be excited, I really love the long rollout. For once I was able and motivated to save up money for a big GW release which might be an absolute first. With my budget being quite thin this year, I might have had to give Warcry a miss with a shorter preview span, despite really wanting those models. Granted, I would have liked some earlier info on gameplay. But even if both the game and the AoS rules for the models are a dud for me, I'll still find plenty of uses for the warbands in my Chaos Collection.
  5. This, the policy has gone the way of the dodo a while back, when GW started turning things around. Still, this particular case is curious, considering the wyvern riders are quite prominent and represent something so big. Add to that GW having just removed Orruk wyvern raiders by throwing Greenskinz into the archives. At the very least this shows a direction GW might plan to take Bonesplittaz. I remember Bonesplittaz being all the rage for some time (helped along by Kunnin Rukk) and I think that if they where aproved for expansion at the time they sold well, they'd be ready for release around now. So while this is not remotely proof of an expansion of the model range, together with the lack of GHB changes, it at least is a feasable hint at such a turn of events. It certainly would be nice if at least one (or two, with BCR) of the small model range Battletome factions got a proper expansion in the near future.
  6. I don't think they'll remove the marks from any unit that currently has them. These don't just get used in Slaves armies, but in all monogod armies. And I think there are just to many player who still have a good sized chunk of Slaves in their monogod armies. Even if it is not the optimal gameplay choice, there are plenty of reasons to do this, not the least being that the mortal options outside of Khorne are rather thin and again only Khorne has a adequately equivalent (in the lore and looks department) replacement for Chaos Warriors. Removing marks has serious potential to upset a larger amount of players than would be wise. It could see them taken down the route of Beasts with marks available only via battalion. I'd consider even that a rather poor move though, as that comes with a serious unit tax, restraining collections and list composition.
  7. Unlikely. These are exactly the allegiances that have also been in the last two GHBs and not yet covered by any battletome. Soulblight allegiance is now in LoN, so no reason for a reprint. I don't think there is any room at all to read any speculation out of them whatsoever.
  8. Well, if they continue Warcry with a seasonal model like Underworlds, later seasons could be focused on different factions. So you could get something like Season 1-Chaos Tribes fighting in the varanspire; Season 2-minor Greenskin tribes duking it out in Ghur; Season 3-Gangs of the Free Cities; etc. An Death focused one would be a bit out there, but maybe something like the remnants of different lost civilisations fighting begone wars. It would be a neat way to flesh out the Age of Myth a bit more and bring some of it into the current Age, something AoS sorely needs imo. We keep hearing about these diverse and grand civilisation of the Age of Myth and I'm a bit sick of being told but never shown, tbh. Death would be the place for remnants of a begone Age and it would give the GA some needed differentiation. Not saying any of this will happen, but Warcry is definitely a broad enough name to span a number of settings, which is a stark contrast to the previous naming of similar games for their narrow narrative and setting (Nekromunda, Gorkamorka, Mordheim, Battlefleet Gothic). It is a huge jump from "for other factions" to "every faction". As you yourself concede when you say we might see Free Peoples, there is a big scale inbetween not giving such warbands to anybody else and making a bunch for every conceivable model line. If GW is true to their claim that Warcry is to be a fully supported gameline, they'll have to expand it in some way. Doing so in the way the original lineup was done seems like it would be the logical choice. Lots of ifs, yes. GW doesn't always keep to statements like that and they certainly don't always act logical to an outsiders point of view. As always, not getting ones hopes up is a good policy to keep. But it remains a distinct possibility.
  9. Well, even though not much was actually revealed, I am really happy with this round of reveals. It's a mix of pretty low expectations and them at least showing a bunch of very good looking miniatures. Seriously, I want everything they've shown today. I could see myself building an army from that enforcer kit (I know not AoS) and the Bloodbowl team looks like a great bits source for my Slaanesh stuff. I don't think we will see another Battletome or Codex aside from Sylvaneth and maybe Chaos Knights until August, between them wanting to spotlight contrast and warcry and the shipment issues.
  10. It seems clear that aside from the eight gods (maybe nine, depending on how Teclis is counted) of the Realms and the gods of Chaos, there are, or at least at some point where, possibly countless lesser gods in the Mortal Realms. Sadly we only have bits and pieces about them. We know from the lore on the gods of Death that for the most part these are raised through belief. This does pose an interesting question to cases such as Morrda. Are gods that resemble or are even identical with gods from the world that was survivors, where they ressurected or are they completely new beings produced by the belief of survivor from the world-that-was? Whichever it is, it doesn't seem to work for the original aelven deities, seeing how Mathlann and Khaine remain dead despite a strong base of worshipper. In Khaines case that might be because of Morathi, but Mathlann is deader than dead as the Idoneth aknowledge. We know there where a lot of minor Death gods and Nagash killed and absorbed most of them. We also know other minor gods where around. In some cases godsbeasts are acual gods as well (like Dracothion). It was never stated outright, but imo it's implied that at least some of the great monsters slain by Sigmar, Grimnir and Gorkamorka in the age of myths might have been less pleasant gods. Most minor gods are propably gone after the age of Chaos, but at least a few might still be around. I guess they can be ressurected. The Hedonites Battletome has an interesting tidbit about a Pretender Keeper of Slaanesh trying to ressurect and wed a dead Godess of Plenty to spawn demigods.
  11. Personally, I think they might have one tribe hailing from both Hysh and Ulgu, as it would play well with the duality of those two Realms. But if they entirely leave one out I think it'll be Hysh. Though according to the 2nd edition rulebook that Realm is actually pretty badly corrupted and thus should have a warband, it is also the Realm GW has been most reluctant to show, propably saving it up for something major, so it stands to reason they'd play it close to the chest this time as well.
  12. Rumor Engine looks like another Endless Spell to me, as, if you take away the paintjob, it looks simple in shape for an in-house production to me. The scales are just simple squares after all, even if it turns out much smaller than it seems, GW can do better in their own production.
  13. I think the closest match is the scribbling on Stormcast and terrain. Now, so far I think we've only seen it on Azyrite stuff, but I think it might actually be a sort of common tongue rune system dating back to the Age of Myth. In that case Death would use it as well (while Chaos and Destruction wouldn't, both still ousing their own dating back to the World-That-Was). So we have the possibilities of it being censure by Sigmar or Shyishian. I lean towards the later since it looks a bit less stylised than the Azyrite stuff, but that might just be my perception or the low resolution of the image.
  14. Agreed, if I had a gaming group or regular opponent with whom a narrative campaign could be pulled of I'd be all over Forbidden Power. Which I'd guess is actually the primary target group for Forbidden Power. It's just not a very large group (and not a very purchase happy one, I suspect) compared to matched play, so they tend to throw in mp content into everything to boost sales.
  15. They teased enforcers (aka. not-Arbites) for Necromunda. This is consistent with Forgeworlds style for more advanced forces in the hive, imo, so that's my bet. Edit: Also looks painted with combat damage. Which is something FW does but GW usually doesn't on this type of mini.
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