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  1. I've got 2 of them .. I bought that box set with 2 Chariots and 5 Knights that came out (last year?). They have been useful to me in the few games I've played with them, also the Chaos Lord on Daemonic Mount can also use his command ability on them to give +1 to hit. I like their big bases, you can rotate them sideways to block a lot of ground. Just don't forgot about the impact hits like I usually do They require quite a bit of support, but I've noticed opponents tend to spend a lot of resources to stop them too, which can take the heat off something else that you think is more important.
  2. I think the Mercenaries system is designed to sell models from other factions that you might never have thought of buying.
  3. Skarbrand can't fly or take artifacts, so he usually ends up fighting what the enemy wants him to fight or he gets shot off as he can't take a defensive artifact. He is more useful as a 2nd or 3rd BT as then the enemy has some real target selection issues.
  4. Yes, a Chaos Warshrine will also help you out too.
  5. Yes, Khorne mortals are some of the most time consuming models to paint in all of AOS, Points per hour spent painting is a depressing thought regarding mortals. I've recently plowed through 20 Bloodreavers and I've got 20 Blood Warriors to do next, not looking forward to it. I'm currently painting a Soul Grinder in-between as a distraction.
  6. Hell no, I always try and respect the base size where possible .. if I / you can't fit, then its climbing or moving around. Big models might be great at kicking ass, but there's got a be a penalty for being so large
  7. Welcome to Khorne, you have a great selection of starting models, here's what I would recommend for your starting list at 1000 points: Mighty Lord Bloodsecrator BloodStoker Slaughterpriest 5 Blood Warriors 5 Blood Warriors 5 Blood Warriors Khorgorath Karanak = 1000 points (I think) Karanak doesn't count towards your allowance of 4 leaders and his ability can be used to summon the 5 Flesh Hounds you have. I'd recommend the box of Khorne Judgements as your next purchase, as they turn your Slaughterpriest into an amazing model and they bring lots of utility. All of your characters have the Mortal and Bloodbound keywords ... this gives them access to all of the Mortal and Bloodbound Command Traits and all of the non Daemon Artifacts.
  8. In general, I feel that the points values that are assigned to units, don't add enough weighting to the base size they are on, most of the problem armies in AOS right now (and other armies that I struggle to beat as Khorne) all have 25mm base size battleline. It offers so much board control for a quite small footprint and it makes using the max size unit points reduction so easy. Whereas my battleline is also offered a max size unit point bonus that seems totally arbitrary as 30 or 40 models on 32mm bases are completely unwieldy. So while not exclusively a DoK issue, I think its still relevant.
  9. So it would be 1 faction that would be your 'best friend' in the lore? Seems reasonable, although to keep things simple, I could see them just increasing the ally points %, assuming they make any changes to allies at all.
  10. I noticed that too, they are allies without the Mark of Khorne. Still, its a blob of 10 cheap lives to throw in the way.
  11. But wouldn't we be allying in from Grand Alliance Chaos, not from the Skaventide Faction? And Grand Alliances are never listed in the allies section as it isn't a faction?
  12. Anyone had any success bringing in a Warp Lightning Cannon for shooting? It has the Chaos keyword which means we can ally it in from the Grand Alliance I think? Seems to be more reliable than a Skull Cannon with only a 6" shorter range.
  13. As its your first AOS army, it makes sense to start at a 1000 point list, which you almost have already. At 1k you can have 4 Heroes .. which you have already, giving you something like this: Mighty lord of khorne Bloodsecrator Bloodstoker Exalted Deathbringer 10 Blood Reavers 10 Blood Reavers 5 Blood Warriors 1 Khorgorath At this point you could plug in some random Daemon units, but you really need a Daemon hero to get the most out of them, so I'd try and fill your final 220 points with more mortal units. Take a look at Skull Reapers and Skull Crushers. Your also going to want a Slaughter Priest soon as they seem to be working out well for most people, but that means dropping one of your heroes (probably the Exalted Deathbringer or Mighty lord of Khorne).
  14. I think the best option would be 6 * 10 man units inside Dark Feast battalion, that way you get the support heroes you were going to get anyway, plus you get an artifact and command point for 110 points which is really cheap, and can deploy 710 points in one drop. Then spend the remaining 1290 points on units that kill stuff. You then have 6 units to give Look Out Sir / block charges / camp safe objectives / blood sacrifice. The extra ability you get from Dark Feast doesn't even matter at that point, if it happens then great.
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