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  1. But wouldn't we be allying in from Grand Alliance Chaos, not from the Skaventide Faction? And Grand Alliances are never listed in the allies section as it isn't a faction?
  2. Anyone had any success bringing in a Warp Lightning Cannon for shooting? It has the Chaos keyword which means we can ally it in from the Grand Alliance I think? Seems to be more reliable than a Skull Cannon with only a 6" shorter range.
  3. As its your first AOS army, it makes sense to start at a 1000 point list, which you almost have already. At 1k you can have 4 Heroes .. which you have already, giving you something like this: Mighty lord of khorne Bloodsecrator Bloodstoker Exalted Deathbringer 10 Blood Reavers 10 Blood Reavers 5 Blood Warriors 1 Khorgorath At this point you could plug in some random Daemon units, but you really need a Daemon hero to get the most out of them, so I'd try and fill your final 220 points with more mortal units. Take a look at Skull Reapers and Skull Crushers. Your also going to want a Slaughter Priest soon as they seem to be working out well for most people, but that means dropping one of your heroes (probably the Exalted Deathbringer or Mighty lord of Khorne).
  4. I think the best option would be 6 * 10 man units inside Dark Feast battalion, that way you get the support heroes you were going to get anyway, plus you get an artifact and command point for 110 points which is really cheap, and can deploy 710 points in one drop. Then spend the remaining 1290 points on units that kill stuff. You then have 6 units to give Look Out Sir / block charges / camp safe objectives / blood sacrifice. The extra ability you get from Dark Feast doesn't even matter at that point, if it happens then great.
  5. You can't do that, Bloodtithe needs to be spent at the start of the hero phase, after you use Blood Sacrifice then its no longer the start of the hero phase so you cant use Bloodtithe anymore.
  6. Another thing I found using the new book and mostly mortal lists, is that the enemy has a hard time deciding what they need to kill first, its no longer a game of "Kill the Bloodsecrator". I even found the Bloodstoker getting some early heat due to his new buff.
  7. Played my first 1000 point game last night with the new book, with the following list: Chaos Lord on Daemonic Mount Bloodsecrator (Banner Of Wrath) Bloodstoker Slaughterpriest (Killing Frenzy) 10 Blood Reavers 10 Blood Reavers 5 Chaos Knights 5 Wrathmongers 1 Gorebeast Chariot Skull Alter My take away’s were that the Chaos Knights are legit damage with high movement (With Chaos Lords command ability + whipped + killing frenzy). Using Blood Tithe to move in the hero phase is super useful when you have a unit that does bonus damage on the charge, I think all armies should take a charging unit to abuse this. Banner Of Wrath is strong, just charge the Bloodsecrator to the front line and start chipping mortal wounds in both combat phases per battleround. Positioning the Bloodsecrator for 16” wholly within is hard, you really need to commit him to an area rather than just sticking him in the middle and hoping for the best, thinking about trying Gore Pilgrims in a bigger game. Only 1 Slaughterpriest per 1000 points felt a bit low as he was super useful, I’d try to squeeze in another 1 next game. The Chaos Lord being both a mortal and a daemon gives him tons of choice in traits and artifacts. Sticking to MSU type lists offsets our lack of battleshock immunity as well as boosting Blood Tithe, can’t see myself taking anything other than MSU (maybe 1 large unit in a test game).
  8. Yeah, not seen it played yet, but the theory is a unit of WM's and 2 or 3 Skull Cannons.
  9. Why wouldn't it stick around? Recent releases like the Warp lightning cannon can be buffed a lot to destroy face and Celestar ballistas are really good at 100 points. The GW / community Khorne play testers would have been using tons of skull cannons with Wrathmongers and they thought it was relatively balanced at 140 points. I'd be surprised if they got rid of it after so much play testing.
  10. The problem I'm kind of predicting with armies like this, is that you now have too many units that care about battleshock. I'm thinking about a new style of army, where we have units of 10 Bloodreavers that we don't care about and then maybe 2 big units to do 'stuff' with that we protect with command points and any other battleshock immunity that we can find. For the rest of the army we then just use single models (therefore ignore battleshock) to do the rest of our damage .. like Bloodthristers, other killy heroes, skull cannons, priests etc.
  11. I prefer 1500pt games, its big enough that the battle looks epic and fills a couple of hours, but prevents some of the OP synergies and large point cost models that people don't always enjoy playing against.
  12. In a mostly / exclusive Skryre army, I'd say the Ethereal Amulet is better, as you have plenty of long range sniper ability to weaken any mortal wound output that you are afraid of. It will be my go to artifact in all games I play in the near future.
  13. After the game I think its important not just to pack up and leave. I try to talk to my opponents about the game, asking what they though my mistakes were and vice versa. This usually helps me to realise that even if I got some really bad luck, I still made mistakes, so I can focus on that rather than something being OP or when I rolled a bunch of ones. It also stops you bottling your frustration up, talking about the annoying part of the game can also make you realise that you could have avoided that situation if you did some other strategy or whatever. Also just going outside for some fresh air and a chat can help to take your mind off the game before you head home where you'd dwell on it all.
  14. It's a nice toolbox that transferable between multiple armies, you could try picking up the ones you want from eBay if you don't want to buy the whole set.
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