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Found 24 results

  1. Dear fellow wargamers, I am a French dude who has entered the second half of his life (maybe his last third) and who has only 6 games of AoS under his belt, and I need you help because I am going to Bloodshed in the Shire in late October. Very important disclaimer: I am not going there to win, I don’t have an optimised list because I more or less don’t care and don’t want to paint 30000 times the same models. So basically, the core motivation behind the following list is the rule of cool. And I don’t plan to buy anything as of today for that tournament. So here are my couple of questions: Should I take my Wight king with baleful tomb blade because I love the sculpt and am pretty proud of my paint job, or the Guardian of souls who would be useful for supporting my chainrasps and be an additional wizard? Should I take 2*5 or 1*10 Black knights? Should I take 2*3 or 1*6 Spirit hosts ? Which endless should I take to complete and go to 2000 points? Thanks in advance people Allegiance: Grand Host of Nagash Mortal Realm: Shyish Leaders (850 / 870) Vampire Lord (140) Arkhan the Black Mortarch of Sacrament (340) Spirit Torment (120) Necromancer (130) Option Wight King with Baleful Tomb Blade (120) Guardian of Souls with Nightmare Lantern (140) Battleline (380) 20 x Chainrasp Horde (160) 10 x Grave Guard with Great Wight Blades (140) 10 x Skeleton Warriors with Ancient spears (80) Units (680) 5 x Black Knights (120) 5 x Black Knights (120) 2 x Morghast Harbingers with Spirit halberds (200) 3 x Spirit Hosts (120) 3 x Spirit Hosts (120) Endless Spells / Terrain (50) Purple Sun of Shyish (50) option Soulsnare Shackles (40) (if Wight king) Malevolent Maelstrom (10) (if Guardian of souls) Suffocating gravetide (20) (if Guardian of souls) Total: 1960/1980 Extra Command Points: 0 Allies: 0 / 400 Wounds: 117
  2. So I've snagged a couple of Khorne start collecting boxes and the new battletome. I've made posts on other forums but a kind stranger said this is the best place for advice. I'm currently reading throught the Khorne mega-thread and I'm a bit overwhelmed. What sort of lists can I play at around 1000pts? Any tactical advice? What should I buy next? Command traits and relics are especially confusing for me. The models I have are: 1 x Mighty Lord of Khorne 1 x Bloodsecrator 1 x Bloodstoker 1 x Slaughterpriest with Hack-blade and Wrath-hammer 1 x Khorgorath 3 x Mighty Skullcrushers 15 x Blood Warriors 10 x Bloodreavers 1 x Karanak 5 x Flesh Hounds
  3. Hi all I'm collecting Ironjawz however I've just managed to sort out some Chaos stuff, mostly Khorne based in different states of repair and assembly. I have no clue where to start building a list and whilst I will go and research in this forum if anyone could give me a starter list from what I have so that I can concentrate on getting that done and playable I would appreciate it. I'm not after tournament winning lists just something that makes sense so I can get it on the table and start playing. Sort of a jump start into the army. Also if there is anything that I'm missing but really should have then let me know. Here is what I've managed to get: 2 x Mighty Lord of Khorne 2 x Slaughterpriest 3 x Bloodcrushers 2 x Bloodsecrator 2 x Bloodstoker 20 x Blood Warriors 40 x Bloodreavers 2 x Khorgorath 1 x Skarbrand 1 x Demon Prince 1 x Sorcerer Lord 1 x Chaos Chariot 5 x Chaos Knights 12 x Chaos Warriors So it's basically a couple of the old starter sets, a start collecting Khorne and a start collecting Slaves to Darkness and the big boy Skarbrand. I'll be honest it's the Skarbrand model that drew me to it all. Any help really appreciated.
  4. J.Z.

    Ancient Skeletons

    My first unit. Before that i paint few miniatures. I hate those bonesuckers... and i love them :) Rocks 4ground - Natural Rocks Bushes - Gamer's Grass - beige 6mm Sand - some construction sand from B&Q :) Pains - Citadel (except for white - Army Painter)
  5. J.Z.

    Ancient Skeletons

    My first unit. Before that i paint few miniatures. I hate those bonesuckers... and i love them :) Rocks 4ground - Natural Rocks Bushes - Gamer's Grass - beige 6mm Sand - some construction sand from B&Q :) Pains - Citadel (except for white - Army Painter)
  6. J.Z.

    Ancient Skeletons

    My first unit. Before that i paint few miniatures. I hate those bonesuckers... and i love them :) Rocks 4ground - Natural Rocks Bushes - Gamer's Grass - beige 6mm Sand - some construction sand from B&Q :) Pains - Citadel (except for white - Army Painter)
  7. As title, played 1st game with my kids today, for a long time since AoS launched and think I made some basic errors. 1) Had a situation where a chariot moved along the tables edge, ending its move just under 3" away from an opposing unit in combat to the chariots rear. It had room to squeeze through, but its back end was about 2.5" from the back end of the enemy. This isn't legit is it? Ie: within 3". Even if intention is clearly to go past. I let it happen as my daughter intended to charge a bolt thrower at the end of the table, but another opponent could have attacked the rear of the unit already in combat. 2) Combat phase. Player whose turn it is chooses first combat, but after, it goes back and forth picking units, irrespective of charges and whose turn? Unless a special rule overrides? 3) If a unit is attacked by one unit and survives, then is attacked by a second unit and survives, does on both occasions it get to return melee? Eg: hydra attacks dragon. Doesn't kill dragon. Dragon returns. Drakespawn attacks dragon, does dragon get to fight again? 4) Resolving damage for multiple damage weapons. You roll to save vs wounds? Eg: 3 wounds suffered, you save two, other failed. Its a 2 wound weapon, so you take two wounds. Damage occurs after save? There may well have been other mistakes, but having watched a few bat reps I think I got the jist enough for open play!
  8. Hello All. Name is Jarek but Y'all can call me JZ. Originally from Poland, now South Western UK. I wanted to start this hobby for, like, forever. Finally i bought this small, unholy box called Storm of Sigmar and this started my real path down to addiction. At this moment i'm waiting for a courier with AoS starter but, sadly, i haven't decided with army to collect (for now the Bloodbound + deamons are on my mind).
  9. Hey guys, I’m getting into Age of Sigmar and I need some help moving forward. So far I’ve purchased the Skeleton Horde start collecting box and need guidance. I’m thinking of building Mannfred and want to have a majorly vampire based army with some skeletons (Not worries about allegiance). Any tips for my next purchases?
  10. So I am looking to start a 1000 point army, preferably nurgle but I am also open to a chaos grand alliance army utilizing nurgle, khorne, and or thunderscorn. My goal is to keep the model count as low as possible while still being a viable army. My ideas I have currently are Lord of Afflictions (General) Gutrot Spume Chaos lord on manticore 1 putrid blightkings 1 pusgoyle blightlords Number 2: Gutrot Spume (general) Horticulous Slimux 2 blightkings 1 blightlords 1 beast of nurgle and 3 Lord of Afflictions (General) Gutrot Spume Festus the Leechlord 1 blightlords 1 blight kings 1 Jabberslythe ( ally) Keep in mind I have never played the table top and have simply collected miniatures and painted for years because I enjoy painting and displaying them so any input is much appreciated. I will be mainly playing against my friend in casual matched play games. I simply don't have the attention span to paint 20 of the same model over and over especially with the detail all the nurgle models have. Thanks for any feedback!
  11. I have been out of table top gaming for years and haven’t Played since WHF 5th edition. I have recently been considering getting back into the table top scene and enjoy the look and play style of Tzeentch. I was thinking about a 2k point list from battle reports I have read and watched, and I would really like some feed back. Heros: Lord of Change (300pts) -Magical Supremacy -Wellspring of Arcane Might -Tzeentch’s Firestorm The Blue Scribes (120pts) -Bolt of Tzeentch Herald Of Tzeentch (120pts) -Ritual Dagger -Aspect of Tzeentch -Treason of Tzeentch Gaunt Summoner (120pts) -Souldraught -Glimpse the Future Tzaangor Shaman (160pts) -Aura of Mutability Units: Pink Horrors x 20 (240pts) -Bolt of Tzeentch Pink Horrors x 10 (120pts) -Bolt of Tzeentch Pink Horrors x 10 (120pts) -Arcane Transformation Tzaangor Skyfires x 9 (600pts) Balewind Vortex (100pts) Feel free to be brutally honest. I am getting back into this for fun but I strive to get the most out of my armies as well.
  12. I stand before you a complete noob, long have i collected models but in total i've played about 4 games of warhammer always with the absolute bare minimum of units or most recently under the skirmish rules. I'll probably only really talk about the lore art and design of the hobby given that these are the parts I've found genuinely interesting throughout my long but shallow time with warhammer. Honestly I only really created this so i could post my crappy skirmish army and find out whether marauder horsemen were good value for skirmish.
  13. Hello! I think it's my first thread and, boy, I already am asking for help! So I've been doodling around with army lists now that I was forced to buy the new Handbook to keep using the App reasonably and I came up with the idea of running a couple troggoths with my Moonclan/Greenskinz/overall green-skinned menace for kicks and giggles. And then I hit the wall on which ones should I get. The biggest appeal for me is the fact that the Fellwater Troggoths are in plastic - there's little I like less than finecast/resin minis. But on the other hand I do own the Skull Pass dawi-hating troll model that serves as Sourbreath Troggoth nowadays (which drops my potential spending down). And the Fellwater Troggoths are sold out on GW store, so my FLGS can't order them for me, which forces me to buy from somewhere else, which makes me sad because I really believe that players should support their local store as much as they can if it's right by them. I also must admit that I hate how the Rockgut Troggoths look - the sculpt is too outdated and goofy for my taste, so I'd rather steer clear from them unless I really have to. What do you think, guys? Which merry bunch should I run? Do you happen to use any of those adorable dumblings in your forces? I don't know if it makes any difference, but here we mostly play 1000-1500 points games with 2000 points roster requirements (so 3+ battlelines and so on), which makes it harder to run 6 troggoths. A thing of note - I own Manglers, an Idol and Gargants, so the question is purely about what Troggoths to run if I really, really want to, not "which behemoth is better instead".
  14. Hi All! I'm planning on starting a Stormcast army soon and I thought it'd be a great time to get an airbrush and learn how to use one! I currently have the following list of things I'm going to get and paints I want to use, please let me know if I'm missing anything or if I'm going to do something wrong that could clog up my airbrush etc. Neo for Iwata TRN1 https://airbrushes.com/product_info.php?cPath=400_403_1_299&products_id=21658&osCsid=iup5al376f05b60bohg70ejiq0 Neo Air for Iwata https://airbrushes.com/product_info.php?cPath=2_340&products_id=21399 Iwata Spray Out Pot https://airbrushes.com/product_info.php?cPath=400_14_30_417&products_id=22564 Alclad II Gloss Black Base Primer https://airbrushes.com/product_info.php?products_id=22480 Alclad II Pale Gold https://airbrushes.com/product_info.php?cPath=400_4_429_461_462&products_id=22455# Now I know a little that I will possibly need some sort of thinner and/or cleaner fluid? Also I was expecting to prime the entire model with the black primer straight onto the plastic then use normal GW paints over it, am I able to do this? Thanks very much!
  15. Hey guys, please help me salvage this mini. I was going for a red white n blue scheme.
  16. Starting Sylvaneth, basic list below but require advice and feedback in general. Paint scheme I am going for is winter so this Battalion made sense but I am open to suggestions if this list will be an uphill struggle. I am not know as a tactical genius. Winterleaf.pdf
  17. Hey so my Warhammer store is doing an Age of Sigmar path to glory and I have been interested in getting into Age of Sigmar for a while now (I got into 40k, about a year ago, I wanted to do Warhammer Fantasy and they dragged me over to 40k) So I'm building a team to do path to glory although I've run into a few key problems... 1.) I spent most of my Warhammer money to create my Grotesques/Vargheists (I play Dark Eldar) so I currently have 2 units of Vargheists, and a Vampire Lord with wings 2.) I don't have a rulebook and have no experience with Age of Sigmar (Working on it but Path to Glory is next Fri) 3.) I have no idea how to make a list in AoS (Typing this I feel as if I'm completely hopeless ) So tactics, recommendations and any other tips and help would be appreciated. (Or do you recommend I drop out)
  18. Hey all! So I'm a new Bonesplitterz player and I've been trying to build some lists for various upcoming events. I'll get into list specifics in a bit, but given that I'm still new to Bonesplitterz, hell, DESTRUCTION as a whole, I wanted to make sure I'm coming from the right "philosophical" standpoint first if that makes sense. (I'm sure some of you are already like "Philosophical? Well you've already failed at Destruction" :P) SO! The questions; Given that we have trash saves even at our most durable, do we need to rely solely on numbers, or is there some hidden gem I'm missing? How do we balance quantity with quality? Or do we even bother? Is this just statistics spam the faction? If it's worth any context, I've played Tyranids in the past in Warhammer 40k, so I understand the whole "quantity is a quality all it's own", but I'm used to having some linchpin units in my army to ensure that my opponent doesn't just have to focus down, say, one or two arrow boy squads. Also, having units that can go toe to toe with higher save armies like Stormcast seem like an important thing to have. It feels like Bonesplitterz are lacking in the mortal wounds and rend department. (barring Big Stabbaz) Do we borrow from other Destruction factions? Am I just overthinking things, and in practice we don't need them? TL;DR Got my Kunnin' Rukks, whats next?
  19. Heya folks! So, as the title suggest, I'm a guy who have finally decided to try out Age of Sigmar (first minatures game I've tried!), and I think the start collect box for the skeleton horde looks really cool. I've heard the skeletons are all about massive numbers and regnerating themselves, which sounds really fun! Anyway, I just wanted to hear if you guys have any advice for me once I buy the box... maybe you even think I shouldn't? I hear that deathrattle (that's the term, right?) is pretty weak right now, and isin't getting a lot of support... as much as I love me some skellies, I don't really want my first army to be useless and unsupported, you know? And if I shouldn't get the skelly box, what alternatives would you suggest? Oh, and also, what should I get after the start box? Like, what models would be a good idea to get if I want to expand on the army I get in the box? Thanks in advance for your help, and I really apreciate the feedback/advice! I've joined this forum since I heard you guys are really cool about helping new players and whatnot, and as you might have seen, I kinda need the help . -Muggi
  20. Hey everyone, This will be a Home/blog that i will post about my army progress regarding my new 2017 Bonesplitterz and other Destruction allies . I really am trying to painting this army to the best of my abilities, I've never really had a very nice army where you can see the love but after doing my Savage Big Boss i had sitting in my desk for over a year i was in love and couldn't wait to start. So now Painting one model at a time and keeping focused on the one army... i hope First step is having 750 Points ready for July 02/07/2017, As i have entered 'Only the Faithful Age of Sigmar Doubles Tournament'. My partner for the event is going with his Khorne Bloodbound, all close combat hack and slash, so i'm thinking some bows might help. Not wanting to smash other armies just have a bit of fun and surprise some people, But i do need help form all of you with knowing how to best play what i have. If i am setting myself up for a huge failure or if you think you can help make my list better please post your suggestions. Currently building for this event Savage Big Boss x 1 Savage Orruk Arrowboys 1 Unit of 10 Savage Orruk Arrowboys 1 Unit of 10 Savage Big Stabbas 1 Unit of 2 Arachnarok Spider x 1 < unsure if needed Kunnin Rukk My issue with Rules currently is The Arachnarok Spider, Can the Shaman cast 'Gift of the Spider God' on the spider its riding? "Select a Spiderfang unit within 8", Spells such as mystic shield say in the text that you can cast on yourself. "pick the caster, or a friendly unit within 18" I don't believe it can cast on its self at this stage so i might not need the Arachnarok Spider, just thought it would be a nice center piece if it could.
  21. Hi guys - need help achieving this sort of colour scheme? I'm quite a confident painter in terms of techniques and I really love these colour schemes (see attached pictures) but I'm unsure as to what paints to use as so far I've been using painting guides?? any tips and suggestions would be appreciated
  22. Started Warhammer about a month ago and I am creating a 2k death army. My army so far is comprised of the following... Arkhan the Black Necromancer Wight King w/ Axe 30 skeleton warriors 5 Black Knights 2 Morghast Archai I was wondering how I am doing so far and what units I should add/remove to have the best composition that works within the rules. I am discovering new rules every day and don't want to purchase too much or too little of units. This army is currently 1180 in points.
  23. Hello! For my first project of 2017, I picked up Icewind Assault and a Mournfang Pack box to round it off. If I use all the models, I have exactly 2k in this configuration (below) My question to the experienced: Is this a viable list? What am I missing? I'm not the world's most competitive player but I don't want to model my big centerpieces incorrectly, if this is a configuration I won't be running very often. LeadersFrostlord on Stonehorn (460)- GeneralHuskard on Thundertusk (340)Icebrow Hunter (160)UnitsFrost Sabres x 2 (60)Frost Sabres x 2 (60)Icefall Yhetees x 3 (120)Mournfang Pack x 4 (400)Mournfang Pack x 4 (400)Total: 2000/2000
  24. Took a 2.5 decade break from miniature wargamimng in favour of the video game equivalents, and now just dipping my toes into the hobby side. Some may say this is a mid life crisis, but I have a lot of parallels to @Rob P and a pile of questions on the correct process to not ****** up the miniatures. Keen to understand if there are any events in the Sydney AU region coming up and will probablty set up a blog to document my progress on the hobby side and keep me motivated and focused!
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