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Found 13 results

  1. Hello everyone, I’ve recently purchased the Storm Strike starter set to paint and play with my girlfriend. After reading the rules and trying out the tutorial scenarios, it seems clear that the base rules are intended for bigger units, heroes etc. So I want to try out the skirmish rules, especially with the campaign stuff that’s coming in the next white dwarf. Still it feels that the contents of the box are a little light. I also have a couple more easy to build minis but I’m guessing we would need a hero each at least. Here’s what we have : Nighthaunt : -7 glaivewraith stalkers -4 myrmourn banshees SCE: -3 sequitors -4 castigators -1 gryph hound I’m not looking for a perfect points match, just a rough balance to build a couple of fun and flexible warbands. My thinking is that I could pick up the cheap knight invocator, and for nighthaunt the tomb banshee or the cairn wraith, so we have a hero each. Also the low prices are nice what do you think? Any suggestions or tips?
  2. MagisterCrow

    Where, oh where to begin...

    Hello all! New to the forum and to the game and somewhat new to the hobby (dabbled in Warmachine and 40k), and am looking to get into the Death because...well, in every game I’ve ever played the first step for me is “look if there is a way to play necromancer effectively.” The thing is, I want to do it all. Nighthaunt interests me mostly because I looooooove the way they look. Reikenor can steal my soul any day. That said, I’m also a huge fan of drowning my opponents in skeleton hordes while my heavy hitters smash into their flanks. I also (eventually, waaaaay down the line) want to work Nagash in...did I mention I GM a lot of RPGs? So...any advice on how to get started? I’m a blank page, so I’m open to any suggestions. I’m also not in a rush since I’m in the process of moving and won’t be dropping purchases in the near future. Thanks in advance!
  3. After watching this game played a few times on youtube, I pretty much knew I was gonna like it so I just bought all of the boxes in one go. Haven't had a chance to play it yet but over the weekend I'm gonna finally get a chance to give it a go! In terms of decks, should we just go wtih the default ones or would you recommend making some custom ones for a better experience (if so, link appreciated). Any factions we should avoid for our first few games (guard I figure)? Basically, I *know* I'm gonna enjoy this game, it ticks like every box, just want to maximize the chances my friend I'm playing with gets a good first impression as well!
  4. Prometheo567

    Starting a Flesh-eater Courts army

    Hi. Sorry if this is (or similar petitions) has been answered already. If so, please feel free to delete or block this thread. I am coming back to AoS after some time without playing Warhammer. At Warhammer Fantasy I usually played Tzeentch Chaos Warriors and Vampire Counts, so while I guess that Legions of Nagash would be a stronger start, I feel attracted to FEC's lore and I am hoping I can assemble an usable army. My meta is pretty casual but there are some competitive players and I would like to have a chance against them. What I currently have assembled are Abhorrant Ghoul King on Terrorgheist, Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon and Abhorrant Ghoul King on foot. Around 6 Crypt Haunter Courtiers, a Crypt Ghast Courtier, a Crypt Infernal Courtier and a Varghulf Courtier 53 Crypt Ghouls 6 Crypt Horrors And a Horror/Flayer unassembled. Maybe I could try to get another courtier... I see that Deadwatch armies are often recommended but I am guessing that I need around 18 flayers (plus courtiers) to make it work and honestly that sounds like a strong money investment. On the other hand, I could use an Abattoir if I risked using 3-strong horror units. Is that too risky? Anyway, probably I shouldn't go above 1000 points on this army with the minis I have. If you have any suggestions to make, please do so. Thank you in advance.
  5. Kimbo

    New Death player needing help!

    Hi all! Im close to pick my army for AoS. Ì have always loved the deathrattle since i started looking into sigmar.. - Are Deathrattle armies doing fine? Is it atleast viable, - Should they use allies to be effective?or are they good on Thier own? - the do's and dont's that a new player should be aware of? (Regarding list building, units, formations and tactics! - any tip on a good list for 1k that i can advance to a 2k later? Best regards, Kimbo
  6. Honda

    Seraphon - Getting into the hobby

    Hey guys, I'm traveling to a city that was a GW store, so I think its the right time to start in the hobby. I can see that everything is messed up because of the GHB, but I'm in love with this little lizards. Which are the unitis you recoment me buying and how can I put them together with the Start Collecting! units? Thanks a lot!
  7. Honda

    Seraphon - Getting into the hobby

    Hey guys, I'm traveling to a city that was a GW store, so I think its the right time to start in the hobby. I can see that everything is messed up because of the GHB, but I'm in love with this little lizards. Which are the unitis you recoment me buying and how can I put them together with the Start Collecting! units? Thanks a lot!
  8. SolarBur

    Bonesplitterz for the Summer

    Hi all. So for the first time in... over a decade i would say, i've managed to actually stick to a force and have it also go past the 1k mark. Which might not sound like a big deal, but for me managing to just get it that far is amazing by my standards So i have my main core of my list all up and running, built not painted. I haven't crossed that hurdle yet. But i'm getting there. So i was just wanting a little help with what i have so far and the remaining amount of points left over. What i have in my list so far is: Savage Big Boss - 100 Wardokk - 80 30 Savage Orruks - 300 (Savage Stikka's) 20 Savage Orruks - 200 (Chompa's) 10 Savage Orruk Boarboys - 240 (Chompa's) 4 Savage Big Stabba's - 200 Total = 1120pts So that's what i have so far in my army. So nice big blocky units, and the patented creature (and hero) killa's. I have 380pts left to spend in my army. I would like at least another hero choice, but i'm not sure whether or not to keep it cheap and just grab another dokk or go straight for the prophet. Also, please don't suggest kunning rukk arrowboy spam, its not something i would like to run ^^;;; Also, i was at the local GW today. And someone told me that i could still do the destruction army's move ability, while still gaining all the benefits from taking my bonesplitterz tome. Is that correct ?
  9. Ugly Green Trog

    Slow Grow week 1

    So had my first two battles at 760 points last night against Stormcast and Skaven as part of the http://www.kirtongames.com/ AoS starter slow grow league. My list for the games was the following: Allegiance: TzeentchLeadersHerald Of Tzeentch On Burning Chariot(200)- General- Staff of Change- Trait: Nexus of Fate - Tzeentch Daemon Hero- Artefact: Aspect of Tzeentch - Lore of Change: Bolt of TzeentchBattleline10 x Pink Horrors Of Tzeentch (140)- Lore of Change: Unchecked Mutation1 x Burning Chariots Of Tzeentch (160)Units3 x Screamers Of Tzeentch (140)1 x Exalted Flamers of Tzeentch (120)Total: 760/760 The first game against the Stormcast was number 3 scenario from the matched play rules, the one with diagonal deployment and battle lines starting first. I started with my horrors and burning chariot, he began with a unit of 10 prosecutors and 10 judicators. He advanced them up the centre of the board towards my units. The horrors and the chariot shot at the judicators killing 3 who then lost an additional model to capricious warpflame and another 2 to battleshock. Turn 2 saw a Stormcast chocobo hero thingy turn up on my flank and charge into the horrors killing 6, they retaliated for 2 wounds. I used a 1 from the Destiny Dice pool to recover 4. In my turn 2 the Herald and exalted flamer arrived on the board. The horrors cast arcane bolt at the chocobo knight inflicting an additional 2 wounds followed by shooting for an additional 1. The exalted flamer then also shot dealing another wound. I used capricious warpflame Destiny Dice to generate enough mortal wounds to finish it off. The Burning chariot killed another 2 Judicators at which point my opponent capitulated. I enjoyed my first outing, shooting was definitely effective and carried the day for me. To follow tomorrow Slow Grow week 1 part 2: The Skaven Menace.
  10. Every week I try to post Age of Sigmar tactics on AOS-Tactics.com. This week's post is about Buffs & Synergies With a good army, the whole is better than the sum of its parts. The different units do not only work well together, they make each other stronger through synergies. The goal of this article is to help you understand the role of buffs and their targets. I hope this will help you build stronger armies and improve your positioning during your games. I hope you enjoy it. Anny criticisms and feedback is always welcome!
  11. ChrisMack26

    Absolute Beginner

    Hi Everyone I am a complete beginner to the world of miniatures but have always enjoyed the computer games in the Warhammer world. A mixture of the New Total War and seeing the awesome new models when I pass Games Workshop have got me really excited to give it a go. I'm starting small with Storm of Sigmar and a set of Paladins but wanted to know what you guys think will be essential to start painting. I have ordered the AoS essentials paints built after watching some Warhammer TV guides think ill need some more paints to have a good go at painting some models to a half decent standard. What else would you recommend I get?
  12. Dear friends, I've been lurking for some time and decided to join your great community. Really enjoy atmosphere in here. So I've been a huge WHFB fan for almost 15 years, but never actually played a game or painted. I've painted couple of chaos warriors/marauders in a days, but let's say I'm completely new. I know warhammer in terms of lore, but need your advice as a guy who basically never painted ever before. What army would you recommend to start with to practice painting skills? My dream is to make Mortal Nurgle army with Blightkings as a main unit because I enjoy their look and WH40k Mechanicus Skitarii army for same reason. As of now both of those armies looks very hard to paint. Probably the right answer is Stormcast Ethernals or Space Marines - but I never enjoyed "good guys" really,. Unless you guys tell me give it a go, at least I have an idea of painting Grim and Brutal Stormcast guys with maces covered in blood. So what would be you recommendation? Or just grab any of start collectors sets and paint with basic scheme? Would really appreciate some advice on where to begin with the hobby. My friend just bought basic paint set + 3 stormcast boyz - and damn they looked awesome even though he never painted before. At this point I haven't bought anything, but ordered Gates of Azyr to get into the new Lore.
  13. TalesOfSigmar

    Starting Death

    So I've just managed to nab, Nagash, a Mortarch and two boxes of Mortghasts all new in box for £75 on FB. I can't see me using Nagash too often in games but cannot wait to get it built and painted. What's the next best things to pick up? I'm thinking a couple of the Start Collecting boxes for two more Mortarchs so I can run Manfredd, Arkhan and Neferata in the same army. It'll also give me some Skellies and Cavalry but apart from that I don't have a scooby.... Cheers! Chalmers