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  1. Lord Veshnakar

    AoS 2 - Kharadron Overlords Discussion

    Can someone explain the negative consensus on Skywardens a little more for me? I have been taking a unit of 12 for a good bit now, and they shred everything they touch . On the charge I typically get all 12 in range due to the 2” reach and when buffed with a Khemist they have 3 Attacks each for a total of 37 attacks on 4+/3+ with -1 rend and D3 damage. Compared to the 13 attacks I would get from a buffed unit of Endrinriggers. Maybe it’s just me but I would rather have the extra 1” range and 24 extra attacks than +1/+1 hit/wound and -1 extra rend.
  2. Also for what its worth, in the PC game Vermintide (set in the World that was) you could travel to the Realm of Shadow via a portal created by a Grey Wizard, so its reasonable to believe wizards could travel to these realms or create gates to these realms, but in the past were too inhospitable or perhaps just not discussed much in Warhammer Fantasy.
  3. Lord Veshnakar

    AoS 2 - Kharadron Overlords Discussion

    At this point I would personally recommend dropping the boats and spending more points on Endrinriggers, Thunderers, or Skywardens (though most KO players will tell you not to use Skywardens, I like them). I am sure he likes the boats from an aesthetics standpoint (we all do ) but in most of my lists they struggle to make their points back. The one thing the boats should be good at is as a firing platform (but with usually 4+ to hit they are unreliable at best), and to give mobility and to help capture objectives but Endrinriggers/Skywardens are equally as good at capturing objectives too with the grappling launchers. The only thing my Ironclad is usually good at is drawing all of the opponents attention. Less experienced players spend way too much time worrying about bringing it down leaving you open to focus controlling the rest of the board. Lossen's list above is a great compromise though.
  4. Loving how balanced it seems to be (with a few glaring exceptions). I appreciate everyone's responses!
  5. Azgorh and Skryre added, thanks guys.
  6. Due to popular demand in my "What is your current main army?" poll I decided to create a poll that allowed you to choose multiples just so we can see the variance and get a wider picture, fully knowing that some of you collect about every army, but I figure the data would be eye opening regardless. Link to the other thread here to save confusion. Cheers!
  7. Lord Veshnakar

    The 2018 "What's your current main army?" poll

    I don't know whats going on. I know for a fact that I added both them and Spiderfang, but when I added the Mixed Grand Alliances to the poll I guess it booted those off?
  8. Lord Veshnakar

    The 2018 "What's your current main army?" poll

    Added Spiderfang back, no clue what happened, it was on there before.
  9. Just thought this would be cool to see. Mods feel free to delete if this already exists. As a means to try and keep the choices down I excluded the forces that are going to be rolled up under the new "Beasts of Chaos" or any of the existing allegiances that lack a battleline and/or a hero model. Link to the thread with multiple choices here: Cheers!
  10. Lord Veshnakar

    Disturbing News from NOVA

    Shot in the dark, are you friends with the guy with the Nagash list in 5th place? You are the only person I have seen really saying negative things about the event. I have been reading a lot of reports from attendees with no reports similar to what you mentioned, so I am really not sure.
  11. I personally feel that stating Daughters of Khaine being lithe/skinny/sexualized and not showing any physical diversity is being insensitive etc. would be akin to being upset that there are no Orruks in Bonesplitters that aren't muscle bound with dad-bods, or that there aren't any duardin without beards. It's a fantasy race that doesn't adhere to typical body types. They aren't human. For all we know aelves might not even store fat the same way humans do, or have any sort of physical diversity. In fact in all my history of playing elves, the fact that they are all lithe and tall is a characteristic of the race.
  12. I work at one of the highest US sales volume stores and they informed us that they had issues with both the witch elf and the cauldron of blood mould and they needed to retool it. That’s why they had such terrible stock issues on both of those items. I was actually informed yesterday that this was completed so stock should normalize now, at least in the US.
  13. Lord Veshnakar

    AoS 2 - Daughters of Khaine Discussion

    While that would be ideal I just don’t see them making rule changes like that shortly after having released the battletome. Maybe stuff that could be FAQd like nerfing the hagg nar buff etc. And I would argue against us being glass cannon-like as most run Hagg Nar+cauldrons which make units like witch elves buffed or not, absurdly durable IMHO.
  14. Lord Veshnakar

    AoS 2 - Daughters of Khaine Discussion

    I’m starting to think we are very inevitably going to see a significant price hike on Witch Elves, Sisters of Slaughter, Hag Queens, and Morathi with the next GHB. Everyone locally here weeps about them being underpriced.
  15. Lord Veshnakar

    AoS 2 - Daughters of Khaine Discussion

    Whoops missed the post, ignore.