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  1. What if Broken Realms is paving the way for doing away with the Grand Alliances? Belakor tearing apart Chaos in Belakor fashion, Morathi breaking the already strained alliances of Order, Mannfred/Neferata taking power when Nagash is weakened due to a showdown with Teclis, and Destruction dissolving with the arrival of Kragnos.
  2. Firstly, Vince is NOTORIOUS for actually hating Fyreslayers aesthetically. To the point it was almost a meme. So a lot of his viewer base shares the view because they hold his opinion in high regard, so take that poll with some HEAVY bias. Secondly a lot of people on this thread seem to have the background on the Fyreslayers VERY wrong. The new book also did a lot more to flesh them out too. To call them just mercenaries would be a stretch, greed has zero influence over them. That is only a means to an end to get Ur-Gold, and it’s not out of desire for wealth. They are the lost ch
  3. Losing empowered spells is a pretty big blow. I know it seems weird but losing the COS rules for the army kind of put the nail in the coffin of me wanting to give it a whirl. I guess I’ll keep playing Anvilgard until they tell me I can’t anymore.
  4. It is fake. It came from the 1d4chan article. I talked to the guy who wrote it and he said “I naturally assumed it from the picture we were given on him”. He absolutely did not fuse with Seraphon though, I have all of the end time books including end times Khaine. It legitimately did not happen.
  5. Are we certain they lose the empowered spells ability? If so I don’t think I’ll be going for Har Kuron and favor anvilgard or regular DOK instead
  6. I’m looking to dive back into my Daughters of Khaine after a bit of a tabletop hiatus. I've always disliked how they were the “top tier” army out there because a lot of people locally would always hem and haw about playing against them, regardless of what I used. Has this been mitigated at all lately by the Fyreslayers/Slannesh/Bone boys, or are DOK still leading the pack? IE do most people still consider them overpowered?
  7. Are DOK really still cleaning house since GHB. I know the changes didn't do much to effect the issue of Hags+Witch Aelves and such but I have been playing my KO so I have been out of things with them. I should probably take them out of the cabinet for a bit to see how it is.
  8. Really interesting numbers so far! I really appreciate everyone taking the time to participate!
  9. So in my personal opinion, playing any army defensively in Age of Sigmar is a mistake. This is a game that is all about movement and taking objectives. On the other hand if he is more talking about an army that can take a beating and still keep going I am going to say either Maggotkin of Nurgle, Stormcast, or Legions of Nagash. All have the durability or replenishment to accomplish what I think they might be looking for.
  10. I wasn't taking you totally seriously. 😉 And I actually did the same! I began my foray into WHFB in 1995 (late 4th edition I believe) with Night Goblins. I very rarely took anything more than just Night Goblins+fanatics, Squigs, Netters/Clubbers, Trolls, and the occasional giant, so the Gloomspite release was pretty huge deal/nostalgia trip for me. My first miniatures were the metal squigs + squig herder and the old metal river trolls. Loved them so much! Later in 6th moved to Dark Elves and Chaos Dwarfs and bounced back and forth between the three until the AOS drop where I went to Mooncla
  11. I imagine it'll go back to normal once box set FOMO wears off haha. That being said I have seen a lot of "jumping into AOS for the first time" or "been away from the hobby for about 6 years" posts on the gloomspite facebook group when the Looncurse box came out. I think it garnered a lot of new blood into AOS in general, whether its 40k players, brand new players, or people that left because of the old world exploding etc.
  12. The only thing that worries me is that I feel like Gloomspite is at a really rad place right now. They aren't sweeping the tournament scene but they are still placing in top 10s and top 3s. I am mortified that if they made too much in the way of adjustments it could easily go too far. There are obvious units that aren't really taken as often like the Shootas for instance or Gobbapalooza etc. that could use some tweaking and maybe small adjustments on some of the others but I just really hope they don't overdo it.
  13. Really surprising numbers so far! Looks like there are almost as many Gloomspite players as Stormcast. 😮 This might be tied to the fact that there are so many armies within that army namely Squigs, Grots, Trolls, and Spiders and the box set just happened but interesting nonetheless!
  14. Thought I would do a grand update to the 2018 what armies do you play poll. This would be the armies you consider your main/primary armies, since some people literally collect almost every army. It bears mentioning that this time around I am only using the armies as listed on the GW website in the format they are listed on said website + the Legion of Azgorh from forgeworld, so please spare me the vitriol re: no Tomb Kings or Brets. I don't mean to cause offense. If the armies are added back to the GW website for sale in the coming years I will certainly add them to the poll. Also I h
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