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The Painting Contract - February 2024

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Hello folks and welcome to the Painting Contract for February 2024. 

This is the shortest Painting Contract of 2024, even with it being a leap year!

So sit down, and join us, because there’s always room for more at the painting table.

If you don't know the rules they are:

Each month you post an amount of models that you agree to try to paint/build/convert/sculpt. This can be terrain or models for Age Of Sigmar, Warcry, Blood Bowl, Blitz Bowl, Dungeon Bowl, Warhammer Underworlds, Warhammer Quest, Gorechosen, or HeroQuest

On the 28th of the month the contract closes and you can then post your progress images so that they can be critiqued, shared and boasted about. It is a great way to getinvolved in the community and to getinspiration.

 I'm looking forward to seeing everyone share their progress!


 @Mohojoe  @TheOtherJosh& special thanks to @Kramer and @Sparxius

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For the near future, I think I need a witch, some fey, trolls, a dock and a few buildings.

For those buildings, I think I'll glue up the TT combat Rasaad schooner, Elven Docks, one of the Venice buildings, pworks harbour and Tavern and a Dankhold Troggoth, as well as sculpting some legs to my remaining trolls.

I'm also going to rescue the creature from the Trogboss's hand, I could use a giant centipede.

Not sure if I'll be painting all that much, I had a setback with my recovery and it's more intense than building.

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Might not have a lot of time to dedicate to painting this month, and need to paint something simple after the fiddliness of my Slickblades. 

So, here we go.... five Daemonettes and one Seeker. I've already done a bit of preliminary work of them, and I've got my techniques for painting them down pat, so it's an attainable goal! 

If I finish these six models, then I'll start work on either Glutos or Synessa. Both of them big projects, but ones that I'm eager to lay down a few early brushstrokes on. 


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21 hours ago, Vasshpit said:


Where are the boats from? I've always had an idea to do a ship graveyard cove board but finding suitable boats has proven difficult. 

Pworks made the small rowing boats, ttcombat the rest. Old boats like the Revell viking ship might also work for you.

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Ok, I’ve finished my first IDK test model and I’m really satisfied. The Reavers themselves are cool, but I think this scheme may work well for the whole army. By the way, I seriously enjoy doing these test models… anything is possible at this stage 🙂






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6 hours ago, Neil Arthur Hotep said:

Opinions on this guy?


I tried to push myself with wet blending and patterns on this model, but I have stared at it for so long I am honestly not sure anymore whether it looks good or just clown shoes.

I think it looks great! Very vibrant. The smoke/incense/whatever effect is particularly good. 

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