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  1. List #1 is almost complete! 12 Wardens & 4 Dawnriders remain before their first debut at the local GW against the Jawz of Mork! Also got my stonemage assembled. Also have 5 stoneguard to assemble as well.
  2. Thanks @overtninja ! It's actually more of a magenta / reddish color 😁, but I see the light makes it look bronze.
  3. Thanks, Sttufe! I think it helps that Lumineth kind of bring out the best in my paint skills. I've looked for the Asur AoS reincarnate for years now, and every army I've attempted till now has more or less been a stepping stone for me doing the Realm-Lords I paint some justice. With Sylvaneth I definitely found where a lot of my weaknesses in painting are. With Idoneth I discovered that my enthusiasm needed to be tempered with patience. Both were armies that I was never completely satisfied with after painting them. While I did sell off my Sylvaneth, I think everything that I'm learning when working on my lumineth is going to be very applicable to transitioning back to revisit my Idoneth eventually 🙂. It'll either be that or rebuilding a DoK army, but I plan on doing both in time.
  4. W.I.P. Working to finish 5-7 Wardens by the end of the week. If I finish early, then I'll start on the Cathallar.
  5. @Gecktron It's looking good! I'll be assembling the O.G. Helms personally 😁, they've grown on me a lot since I first looked at them. Are the normal heads for Stoneguard ball jointed where they insert into the model? If so, Dawnrider heads could be an option🤔 for those who are willing.
  6. @Acid_Nine lol, well I'm putting in most of my afternoons into assembly. It's a real grind, but it's rewarding to see the army taking shape. I know if I don't push myself through it now while I'm inspired, it's going to take me absolutely forever to get the army on the table!
  7. I have crossed the 50% assembly completion across my army, with 58 models assembled in total so far. I'm 5 Sentinels away from completing my first unit of 20. I have a stonemage, the last set of Wardens I need, and a Stoneguard kit that should arrive sometime tomorrow.
  8. That looks really magnificent! Very interesting call with the wings, never would have thought of that!
  9. @Aloth_Corfiser & @LuminethMage Bases are looking great! I love how bases just tie the lore behind an army together 😁 So if anyone wants to know how I did my bases: 1) I'm using the shattered dominion bases from Games Workshop across all of my entire armies as the foundation. I'm going for a 'Overgrown ruins scattered across the moorlands of once-glorious empire'. What I'm aiming for is the depiction of my forces fighting on the ruins of their former kingdoms, like they're trying to reclaim them. 2) I base, then highlight the bases with several drybrushed highlights of progressively lighter shades of grey that become more precise and lighter with every lighter shade. 3) I acquired both the 'moorland' pre-mixed basing material and the 'autumn' grass tufts from Zapazorp.com. If you purchase anything from this sight, I really recommend the quick drying glue and the sealant to protect your work. 4) I dab on glue lightly on different spots of the base, mainly where I want the moorland to be overgrown on the ruins. I tend to put more glue in one particular area that I want the moorlands to strongest, then the other areas will be more minute and complementary. 5) I then put in just a few grass tufts here and there on the base. Wherever I decide to put a grass tuft, I usually place two or three to make it seem like a shrubs.
  10. I think the battletome or at least one of the youtube tutorials uses liberator gold layered over dryad bark of all things, which gives it that pale color 🙂.
  11. @LuminethMage Ah, yes, you're correct! Forgot about that, my bad😛.
  12. @Wyliekyote Do you mean the Sentinels🙂? So, the bow itself is one piece with the fingers on the hand on it. It attaches to a separate piece that is the arm and the thumb / pinky of the hand. The arm piece is also separate from the body. The other arm is like one that is bent like its being used to pull the bowstring taut and is also separate from its respective hand, which is fully on the bow. The only crevice that looks like it's going to be an issue to get in there paint when fully assembled is that arm that is bending to pull the bowstring back. But, I'd wager it's still possible, you just have to be careful and strategic. Here is a closer look at the sprue to give you a better idea.
  13. So I found that I like the Scinari Cathallar model much more in person than on a flat 2-D screen, which I figured would be the case. I also assembled my first squad of Sentinels, and they look great! I will say that they're probably the most straightforward / painless models to build out of the Realm Lords' range. My advice is to be especially careful around the bow-strings when cleaning the model. I broke like three of the bowstrings 😄, due to the pressure I was putting on them while removing mold lines. Thankfully, they can be fixed with some plastic glue rather seamlessly.
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