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What sort of content would you like to see to make the hobby more positive?


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I will preface this thread by apologising if it isn’t allowed, however I have recently started a channel dedicated to promoting positivity and mental health awareness through the hobby. I wanted to gather feedback and thoughts from the community about what would make the hobby even better for all people! 

I believe warhammer can be an amazing tool to help people who may be experiencing personal challenges mentally as there are so many immersive worlds to explore and different parts of the hobby exercise different areas of the brain.

Topics that I am already working on are hobby burnout, personal expectations when painting/comparing your work to others, general healthy practices within the hobby, and some easy to use painting guides.

So, what aspects of the hobby do you think needs more positivity and awareness? I know the hobby can already be really positive, and the purpose of this is to bolster that side and create a space where everyone feels included. There are so many people out there who shine a light on the negatives of the hobby, whilst acknowledging those negatives, I wish to create something that focuses on those positives. 

Thank you!!

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What a great idea. There are so many wonderful things about this hobby. 

Speaking personally, converting and painting models is how I recharge my batteries. Me time, when I can switch off from the world and relax. It’s cathartic and there’s definitely an element of escapism to it — again, just speaking to my experiences. But for a few hours a week I get to close the door, put on a film or some music, and escape to Fantasy land. 

I’m also aware the other side of the hobby — gaming, tournaments, having a battle against friends — helps other people who recharge socially. I’d imagine there’s a topic or story there around the coming together/community aspect.   

Some of my first memories are of painting figures with my dad back in the early/mid-90s. So there’s something there too, I think. The hobby brings back happy memories. It connects me to my childhood and my family. I have a lot of nostalgia and fondness for it.

I’m also a storyteller by trade. Warhammer was my gateway to that. The lore, the background, the characters — it fired my imagination like nothing else (and still does today). I can’t imagine where I’d be or what I’d be up to without this positive influence in my life, but I really has shaped me, the life I’ve led, and the person I’ve gone on to become.

There’s maybe something to be said about the feeing of accomplishment when a model is finished or a paint job completed. That little boost can do wonders. When you’re happy with what you’ve produced, it’s a great feeling.

Then there’s the online side of it. As I say, I’m mostly a painter/modeller and rarely game so I don’t really have that face-to-face, in-person community around me. (And for hermits like me, that suits me just fine.) But it doesn’t mean I want to enjoy the hobby alone. I love being able to share my successes, however small, with other people online in spaces like TGA and on Insta. Share my painting, my ideas, my stories. And be inspired by all those things other people share with me. 

There’s no escaping the negativity that invariably seeps into online places but mostly I’ve felt very welcomed and included and for someone like me, who often feels anxious, judged, and self-conscious when out and about in the real world, that means t everything because there’s a whole other world here where I feel accepted and happy. 

Hopefully some of that was helpful!



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This sounds like a really nice idea. If you post your channel later I will give you a sub.

A few thoughts from my side:

29 minutes ago, SirSalabean said:

personal expectations when painting/comparing your work to others

One other thing that I find important when it comes to painting: Shifting your perspective from painting being a chore you need to get through in order to get to the fun part of the game to painting being a fun thing to do in its own right. I think that for almost everyone, starting to paint models is kind of uncomfortable, because in the beginning you will not be very good at it and it will feel exhausting and difficult (especially if you have nobody to show you the basics). But I think a lot of people could derive fun from painting if they opened up to the idea that of it rather than trying to minimize it out of their way of engaging with the hobby.


35 minutes ago, SirSalabean said:

general healthy practices within the hobby

I think discussion of the dynamics of the pile of shame are a topic that goes here. In my own experience, there is nothing wrong with buying models you are excited about but only painting and using them a years later. However, I think when buying models becomes a replacement for actually doing the kind of hobby stuff that appealed to you in the first place it can be a problematic habit. I think it's also worth talking about how a huge backlog can actually be a mental burden to get started with hobbying at all, because the task seems so much more daunting.

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Thank you so much everyone for your comments they are so helpful and will help me moving forward! 

I am more than happy to link the channel, it is call Mind and Minis and the link is here:


Im happy to take it down if mods deem it against the rules. 

My aim to begin with will be to focus on the building/painting/lore parts of the hobby, I dont feel like I know enough about the gaming side to comment on it but once ive learnt more I will definitely do more on it to promote the benefits it has for more socially active people, its also incredibly academic on the brain which is great for people driven that way.


I have been really inspired to tackle traditions and views in the hobby that make it hard for some people too, as mentioned piles of shame while potentially fine can definitely make the hobby overwhelming and turns the hobby into buying models not painting or playing with them, it’s unfortunately something thats really embedded and almost celebrated. I will definitely be doing really basic and easy to follow painting guides using tools and techniques accessible to most. My eyesight and hand steadiness are not the best and it took me a long time to be happy with what I achieve. 

I really hope the channel is beneficial to you folk, it’s something im really passionate about and want to help people like me enjoy it more! 


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I think this sounds wonderful and if you need any assistance please feel free to ask.

Hobby tips focused on people with budget concerns could be a step towards inclusivity. 
How to plays are actually oddly uncommon and a great way to help open the hobby to new players.
Discussions on accessibility in the hobby are worth exploring, as I have not seen this aspect of the hobby addressed that often.
I think that giving community spotlights that aren't focused on Golden Demon level pieces is always really appreciated by people that want to showcase their work.
Enthusiasm and encouragement and ground opinion in a subjective manner. 

As with the game itself have fun and remember to be careful of your own mental health taking breaks when necessary. 

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