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  1. Seems a bit of a waste to have the vexillor teleport himself. Why not leave the azyros on the ground and the vexillor in azyr? The azyros should be quick enough to get in position, especially if you give the enemy the inistive in t1
  2. Ok so, I've faced the Kroak+salamander dracothion tail list a few times (on TTS ofc) and had a least more success than vs that KO list the trick is to have good screening with the libs (3.5 inches at least) and then hope they are too greedy and still decide to attack in t1. When they let me go first I didn't move from the defensive formation. Then it's a matter of initative: if they get the double, you're dead, otherwise you might delete enough salamanders with the counterpunch to have a fighting chance. As for the Fyreslayers with pole axes, it's quite sad: with ignax I once managed to tank two full units for a few turns (thanks to the healing), but now it's really hard
  3. I have played the same matchup twice, and replayed in my mind maaany times. Conclusion is: I don't know how to win this. This list can do ALL its first turn actions automatically, no dice rolling, no counterplay, no interaction. I congratulate them for the win and move on. In terms of experience: in my first game (ignax was still a thing mind you) I deployed in the usual way to profit from staunch. Bad call, WLV was devastating and I lost the LCoSD to the shooting. Second time I just tried to make things more difficult, spacing my whole army a lot more, essentially putting kroak (and 5 libs) at the centre, with one dragon 18" from him on the right and the other 18" on the left (I play with the templar). This meant he could only use the WLV effectively on one of the pieces but the strenght of the alpha was still crippling (still lost the general) and I couldn't do enough damage in my t1 to balance the situation. Maybe, maybe a double turn would have helped a little bit, oh and you can gamble on a dispel from Kroak if he's still alive. IF the opponent goes all in to kill Kroak, the dragons can try and tie down the Ironclad so the concussors might be able to do something
  4. I do, didn't copy it from the list: I have the Grand Convocation Yeah, consireded the same but concluded Staunch a) adds a lot also to the rest of the army and b) helps against alpha strikes. Losing the dragon to t1 shooting is a danger (IMHO) more present than lots of concentrated MWs. Anyway, surely worth trying!
  5. This is what I brought to a recent game as a "tough but not too optimised" list Worked pretty well against a melee oriented StD (in forcing the hand), double tapping judicators were more effective than I had given them credit for
  6. I was on the fence too for a while, but then I could buy it for 13€ on the app so ended up buying for the convenience
  7. FAQs for the remaining battletomes are up. Crazy as it is (and if my eyes do not deceive me) Lord Kroak stays at 320pts https://www.warhammer-community.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/i7eUTesWE3W9jq39.pdf EDIT: so with minimum changes this would be my KroakCast 2020 One thing I am consdiering is swapping Umbral + Birds for a Relictor
  8. Congrats for the result 🏆 Tell us more of your battle against Seraphon!
  9. So Searphon ARE very powerful right now, especially if they spam salamanders (I had the pleasure of facing 3 blocks of 12 in a 1250pts tournament lol) but I still struggle to imagine how 2000 pts can win vs 4000. What was the turn structure? Did the seraphon player get to play two times per battleround? Not knowing how it went, the only thing I can point out is the need to learn how to screen effectively to have a fighting chance vs salamanders. Their range is only 12" so a screen 3.5"around your important stuff will keep them safe. If you get to chose, let Seraphon go first so that they can't have a double turn. If they hit your screens you can now at least hit the salamander with the good stuff (you would have a 7" charge with the sequitors). As it was said, they are still strong in melee and they even get a 4+ save (yeah, the same as heroes from ages past covereed in a god-forged armour) but at least you can try and do something. They are somewhat vulnerable to battleshock if they don't have heroes babysitting (they shouldn't if they are teleported) since they will lose skink handlers quite fast to protect the salamanders. If they are NOT teleported, screening is less important and you have to calculate precisely their threat range, which starts at 20", and increases in the sub-allegiance which gives skinks bonus move on first turn and can be increased more with abilities giving run and charge. So calculate this, deploy outside this range and have them go first (if you can choose), then at least you get to read the table and decide what you can do
  10. Agreed. The math on a 6+ ward is really bad (i.e. it adds 2.6 wounds to the Stardrake, a lot of things can do better)
  11. ahah don't worry, there's so many rules it's easy to get tangled up!
  12. I don't get your examples and from their wording I think you might be playing the skill wrong. Scaly skin subtacts 1 from the damage of each attack, so the number of attacks doesn't really matter only their damage characteristic. In you first example the alpha has an additional attack but each attack is still only 1 damage so scaly skin does not apply. Soo: 1) If your enemy rolls 11 hits and then 11 wounds, all of which are damage 1, you roll 11 saves and for each fail you suffer 1 wound. 2) If your enemey rolls 11 hits and then 11 wounds, all of which are damage 2, you roll 11 saves and for each fail you suffer 1 wound (scaly skin reduces damage by 1) 3) If your enemey rolls 11 hits and then 11 wounds, all of which are damage 3, you roll 11 saves and for each fail you suffer 2 wounds (scaly skin reduces damage by 1) and so on... 4) If your enemey rolls 11 hits and then 11 wounds, all of which are damage D3, you roll 11 saves and for each fail your enemy rolls a D3 and you suffer an amount of wounds equal to the result -1 with a minimum of 1 (so 1-2: 1 damage, 3-4: 1 damage, 5-6: 2 damages) So no, reducing the number of wounds by a third before saves would not be equivalent. Bottom line: when scaly skin applies, for each successful attack, check the damage characteristic. If it's greater than 1, reduce it by 1. This is the amount of wound you suffer for each failed save.
  13. I mean: sure a Slann doesn't hold a candle to Kroak at current points however, on your two points: 1) slann + guards has actually a very similar survivability to Kroak on his own and it gives also 5 more bodies to cap an objective 2) In my experience, the one thing that really really helps in my games with StormKroak is the comet. It is quite rare that I can bring deliverance to bear in t1 (as the range is only 28-29" with the mirror and there's a double opportunity for unbind), and this costs 70 additional points. Of course in later turns deliverance is very useful but if I am using Kroak to dispel the everblaze comet, I generally only get one cast per turn (dispel - own comet - deliverance - mystic shield on templar). So yeah, Kroak is king, but a Slann might still fill that role decently in case of point changes and stuff. Something like this would be my SlannCast list
  14. Haven't done this yet but it's in my plans for the future. I have bookmarked this, if it's of any help PS: having started magnetising the weapon options for my first army in 40k (26 magnets for a single Wraithlord 😮 ) this seems like a walk in the park lol
  15. Another option : if you are running Kroak + balewind you can have a slann + saurus guard for the same points (barring changes ofc)
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