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  1. And stormcast and lumineth... Honestly I don't expect allies rules to be symmetrical
  2. Cool stuff, it would be great to use the judicators again. Do you expect a change in the warscroll for desolators or do you think they are worth it even without the extra bonus attack for 6+ models?
  3. No, it is not the only requirement. The first line of rule 1.3.3 has your answer: "Units must be set up and finish every move as a single coherent group"
  4. The limits for reinforced unit are in the Matched play section so either the full core book or the new GHB I believe, not the free pdf
  5. Are you sure the battalions in the GHB require your army to be based in Ghur and not the battle to take place in Ghur? Personally I think it's the second, and I also think that all battles under GHB2021 will take place in Ghur, so everyone will have access to those battalions
  6. Also the fact that you can't dispel and recast it in the same turn isba big nerf to the comet
  7. I am quite concerned for the cats as a fragile melee unit Vs unleash hell. I would still value the lantern (or mystic shield) in this sense as you cannot use the strat for +1 save against unleash hell (since it happens in the charge phase)
  8. Getting Cleona within 9" of the target unit in your hero phase to cast a prayer with a 50/50 chance of success that you need to spend an enhancement on... doesn't seem very efficient?
  9. The Ogor "feeling", oversimplifying a bit: elite/very elite, hit hard in combat, relatively straightforward, with limited need of cross-unit buffing and a lot of "sole operators"
  10. while it is easy to feel that way, this is not an inescapable destiny. Some old books have resisted decently (or incredibly well, like IDK or DoK) to the passage of time. My hope for SCE is to be "Ogor Mawtribes" level of power (and in some way, also in terms of "feel")
  11. From the presence of the additional core battalions I would say that either: a) you get access to those if your army is from Ghur (not if you play in that realm) or (what I think) b) all the battles of this "season" will be in Ghur
  12. very true! I hadn't considered that they aren't locked in their choice of artefact
  13. Unfortunately I don't see how mega gargants would have access to enough enhancements to get both a universal artefact and a universal spell lore since they can't take any of the core battalions which provide enhancements (I think?) EDIT: ok kraken eater with their own wizard artefact and then go "no tribe" to take the universal spell lore maybe
  14. Well ballistas were always bad target for it anyway, they were more a rather self contained shooting platform for a list which relied on something else as main strategy and I think they are still decent in that role, depending on their (and the lordinator's) points
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