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  1. only one effect applies (core rules 1.6.4) so you must pick either MW or exploding 6s
  2. I am building towards a list with 40 (+krondhys, relictor, vexillor) but painting them will take a while. Hope to test it on TTS in October. I think it can work but it has some obvious limitation and should have a hard time Vs opponents with a very high damage cap. The more I think about lists the more a mixed arms seems a better way to go (a ranged threat, a melee hammer, some redeemers)
  3. Can't use celestial blades (only STORMCAST ETERNALS unit). There are preciously few things in the book which synergise with CoS units: Tauralon, Yndrasta (battleshock immunity), Ordinator (for warmachines). As for irondrakes: without the bridge the are much less interesting and while in cities it's pretty easy to have large bonuses to cast to guarantee it (innate +1, hurricanum etc), we are limited to krondhys for a wizard with a decent bonus.
  4. I just went for 32mm, it's surely a bit bigger than standard city stuff but it fits better among stormcasts (and he's a hero after all). Took a quick pic, had to use the flash cause my cabinet is in a dark corner, sister of the watch on the left, some sort of space marine (which I use as a castellant) on the right
  5. even if you don't have a printer (or a friend-with-a-printer), plenty of shops online sell 3d prints at 1/4 - 1/5 of the price for a GW foot hero. I use this as my ghur battlemage
  6. The pre-condition for blaze is that a model is slain. That clearly occurred, otherwise Cycle of the storm wouldn't trigger either.
  7. Looking at old units too. The fact that the lord celestant on Stardrake now has a proper shooting attack makes for a nice big survivable piece (with amulet of destiny) to throw at your enemy (24" move) and tie up a lot of stuff and give -1 to cast to their whole army -after having provided +1 to your key soulscream bridge
  8. Yeah, evos battleline in celestial warbringers would have been nice
  9. I have the free version and I can't see a single stat, only some weapon profiles
  10. Further to this, it might just be more interesting to do the reverse and play your biggest SCE units in CoS and fill the rest. You can easily have half your army (in terms of points) in two stormcast units and then add a CoS combo + chaff. Also, if you liked stormdrakes moving in the hero phase, how about them moving in the shooting phase as well?? 😅
  11. It's good that they are helping all the struggling factions!
  12. Apparently there's also an FAQ for the app which is almost comically evasive on future paywall
  13. I am curious about this as well. No post from WarCom yet so no idea
  14. New AoS app is online in both apple store and android: https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/warhammer-age-of-sigmar/id1557849282 https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gamesworkshop.aos
  15. app is available and it seems that warscolls (including from new bts) are accessible 🤩
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