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For all the Nighthaunt players...


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I just wanted to take a moment to speak to all the Nighthaunt players here on TGA and in the world generally.  I have never played Nighthaunt myself however I have recently assembled a small Nighthaunt force for the club at my school.  Its a small thing, about 500pts.  Just enough for the students to play some small games.  

I think I speak for everyone when I say I'm sorry.  We're sorry.  We had no idea.  We didn't understand your suffering and hadn't appreciated your strength.  All Nighthaunt players have our deepest sympathies for the absolute, unadulterated hell that is assembling Spirit Hosts.


PS:  After going through that, I think I understand  what being punished by Nagash must be like.

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As a new player (started in September 2018), I initially had a terrible opinion of GW's ability to make models easy to assemble.  The models responsible?  Spirit Hosts and Lady Olynder.  I feel so bad for 2018 me who didn't even know about plastic glue at that point and tried to do it nothing but my wife's nail clippers, some super glue, and a dream.  I recently went back and did another set of Spirit Hosts and found it much easier with a combo of plastic glue, proper clipping, and a greatly increased assembly-pain tolerance XD.

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Built some years ago and hated my life choices.

Made 6 more recently and they were ok. I glued one bit on one, moved onto the next, glued one bit there and so on. Once all 6 had one bit glued, I went back to the first and glued the next bit, moved to the next and glued another one piece, and so on. Took a while but doing it one piece at a time and waiting for the glue to fully dry really helped. 

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Weirdly I disliked the Bladegheist models more than Spirit Hosts.  I'm what I'd call a "fussy" modeller - I spend a lot of time cleaning up mold lines and test fitting.  For me Spirit Hosts need to be glued together over a handful of sessions, keeping piles of bits together as I go and waiting for joins to fully set before going onto the next one.  Bladegheist were just a pain, three pieces needing to go together at the same time with very little room to manoeuvre.  That said one of the things I find fascinating is how we all hobby differently!

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