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  1. This is always an excellent topic to discuss whenever it comes up. I know a player who ran into their first case of hobby burn-out and thought they'd gotten everything from Warhammer they could. As a result, I...uh, I mean...they sold their army and regretted it later. 😳 Sometimes keeping things in perspective helps when I get discouraged. I have literally hundreds of models left to paint. Nearly all of my friend's grots (200+ models), 50+ Seraphon, 50+ Beastmen, 30 or so Freeguild, more than 30 Imperial Guard for 40k, and exactly 1 Tyranid. I never let myself think about that chunk of hobby as one thing I need to complete. I focus only on the few models, seven Ungors currently, that sit on my hobby desk. I also remind myself that I have no deadline. This is a hobby not a job(by). I have the rest of my life to paint my toys. I will paint some 40k Guardsmen and then switch to Freeguild, then a unit of Grots, then a big monster or vehicle. I'm currently selecting Beastmen models to paint by rolling randomly on a D6. 1-3: Infantry or 4-6: Other then, then, 1-3: Command model 1: Hero 4-6: Standard model 2-3: Monster 4-5: Other 6:Endless Spell In spite of this system I've managed to paint every Hero in my Beastmen army and almost no Infantry. Oh, the luck of the dice! If I'm really sick of my current armies, I've found that painting a Shadespire warband makes for a nice break. Something totally different that I've never tried before. This is also a really good idea. Terrain is quick to build, easy to paint, and usually quite large. It leaves me with a nice sense of accomplishment for minimal effort. And of course, if I'm really feeling burnt out from the hobby, I'll just take a break. Pack up my paints and models, maybe sell some (NOT ALL!) of them, put the rest in the closet and do something else for a bit. I recently started playing WoW again. I needed a break after finishing up my friend's Tzeentch and Bonesplittaz. I know I'll come back to the hobby when something inspires me but its always fine to take a break. We're all just racing towards the grave anyway, may as well slow down and enjoy the journey! Keeping it upbeat! 😎
  2. That's actually what the lion from the Untamed Beasts is for. He's the barn cat for rooting out all those Chaos rats. Seekers are known for their high volume of milk production its true, however there's a certain quality that Fury milk has that can't be replicated by Seekers. I think its the fact that the domesticated fury will try to stab you during the milking process. Seekers will kill you as well (with their tongues), but they actually enjoy it and are having fun. Its the undisguised hatred of the fury and its attempted murder that adds to the subtle flavor and richness of the milk. Now fury cheese...that really is an acquired taste and one that is difficult to appreciate unless you grow up on it. PS: And just so you all don't think I'm a complete weirdo, all these allusions to farming and livestock rearing refer to discussions I've had with a friend who plays Nurgle. All of our battles seem to be metaphors for the pastoral vs agrarian conflict. Nurgle plants trees in his orchards, my goats come and eat the 'fruit', Nurgle guys chase off the goats, and the cycle repeats.
  3. Chaos people are all really beefy and large. As we all learned as children, milk 'does a body good.' So it stands to reason that Chaos folks must drink a lot of milk. And where else would they get Chaos milk? πŸ’ͺ
  4. As a quick update, I now have my Skink Starseer (but not painted yet) so Seraphon, complete! I've also started a Beasts of Chaos army with Slaves to Darkness allies. Beasts of Chaos 1 Γ— Beastlord 2 x Bray Shaman 30 x Gors 20 x Bestigors 20 x Ungor Raiders 3 x Razorgors 2 x Chaos Giant 2 x Tuskgor Chariots Herdstone and Endless Spells Slaves to Darkness 1 x Darkoath Warqueen 1 x Darkoath Cheiftain 1 x Godsworn Hunt 1 x Untamed Beasts 6 x (new) Chaos Furries 12 x Raptoryx My Chaos army are peaceful, seminomadic pastoralists. They travel the plains with their herds of Chaos pigs and Chaos goats and Chaos chickens, milking their Chaos furries and occasionally going all Atilla the Hun on Sigmar people. 😎
  5. I've played quite a few games using the new Open Play rules in the GHB 19 and I've enjoyed all of them immensely. I love how you choose what specific units to bring on while also rolling randomly for the general type of unit. It's a very clever way of making you think creatively about what reinforcements to bring on but with randomly determined limitations. Also the fact that you can pay for substitutions means you never have to worry about rolling unit types you don't own or can't field. So I can roll a Horde unit but if I really need my Linebreakers I can just sub them in...or not! It all depends on how silly or serious I feel like playing today! In all it leads to all kinds of silliness and I love it! My only complaint is that deploying within 3" of the board edge means the reinforcements that arrive late in the game may not do much before the end. All in all these new Open Play rules are a win in my book and I intend to play a lot more games with them! πŸ˜€
  6. There's been a steady flow of ME at my local store. In fact we're having a ME tournament this Sunday (Fun n Games, Blacksburg, VA; come on by! πŸ˜€). I prefer smaller games as well and have really enjoyed the new Open Play rules and ME from the new General's Handbook. I think you don't see it as much because the online community has decided that it expects Matched Play so that's what they talk about and that's what they tell content creators to make. It like self-reinforcing confirmation bias. But that doesn't mean no one's playing ME. We're just not loud and flashy about it! 😎
  7. Oh my god! I hope this is true because it comes with my favorite piece of Fantasy terrain...the outhouse! I've had many a game where the objective was to get to the outhouse and hold it "til the bitter end"! Essentially a wargame representing a lax day for food prep standards at Burning Man set in a grimdark fantasy world. Also that Watchtower is pretty nice! It would actually be interesting if this is the case. That would be the first piece of army terrain that's garrisonable (I think). Its also very fitting for the theme of the army.
  8. I had to look that up since I'd never heard of it before. The first website I found said, "The Snyder Cut is real. Do you want to know more about it?" That would be a hard no.
  9. You should use your 30 Freeguild Guard Militia conversions as Freeguild Guard models. I also like the archers and it sucks that you couldn't snatch them before they sold out. I'd keep an eye on eBay after this dies down. The kit is very nice and worth having. GW has never promised to provide models that represent the best options in the current meta but Freeguild players have lots of shields laying around in their bitz box, so glue one to his arm. However I will agree with you, that Empire Captain model is ugly. 😞 Their warscrolls are moving to Warhammer Legends. They are not being destroyed and the warscrolls will be available in a pdf on the Community page. The units in Warhammer Legends will not receive points updates and warscroll updates and so will usually not be playable in current Matched Play tournaments (but that is really up to the TO). The warscrolls are perfectly legal in Narrative and Open Play which is enjoyed by many more people that some folks want to admit. πŸ˜• Can someone point to me to a statement by GW saying that once a model is discontinued players may no longer use that model in their games? I can understand if, at official GW events run at actual GW stores, they require people to play with current GW warscrolls, however that does not mean you cannot use your models. For 9 years my FLGS was a GW store in NOVA (Northern Virginia). I don't recall the owner ever saying that we couldn't play with out of production GW models in the store. It is simply unrealistic to think that GW can continue to produce every model they've ever made. Its really bad for business to make, ship, and store 1,000 Skycutter Chariot models in the hopes that someone might buy one of them some day. Needless to say it makes even less sense to keep the molds tucked away in case Mr. Fuentes from Bumpass, VA (its a real place, look it up) just happens to order one 3 years down the line. This was never gonna go down well. There was never going to be a calm, reasonable reaction from the fan base over this. I'm not sure why its impossible for consumers to be calm, reasonable, and reflective about what they want, but it certainly seems like it is. GW absolutely could have communicated this better and kept us informed more regularly however this was gonna ****** off a lot of people regardless. No amount of communication would've made cutting this many models anything but a fustercluck. Honestly, I see this as a "rip the band-aid off" situation for them; its gonna suck so get it over with. Unfortunately, it seems my earlier plea to chill with the negativity and try to have a constructive discussion about something we enjoy has worn off during the last 24 hours. So I suppose I'm outta here until the book drops. Peace out and keep checking your blood pressure!
  10. My thoughts exactly about the Witch Hunter; General with a sweet hat! I actually had plans to use the Warrior priests as Excelsior Warpriests and the baby griffon from the General kit (😒) as gryph hounds since they match the size of the silver tower gryph hound. Not sure what I'ma do with my General with his "that's totally metal" dead-angel banner... I'm curious where people are getting the Steam Tank army tidbit from. I've searched the Warhams Community article and didn't see it. I just painted a Steam Tank and wanna know how far I can take this thing. Riding a bear. Always a good decision. Give me my demigryph general and I'll be happy! Also update everyone's Command Abilities to activate in the phase in which they work!
  11. Its really quite nice to see this sentiment. I have a Free Peoples army and all of my Freeguild Generals, Archers (75% of the ranged infantry in my army), War Priests, and Witch Hunter were cut. However I'm still excited about this book too and fully intend to use these models in future games. I'm excited to see what new ways there are to play with my toys and to learn which city appeals to me. I have an idea it may be Hammerhal or The Living City but I want to read the rules and lore first. I'm interested to see what new models we get too. There may be a suite of new models or just a terrain piece and Endless Spells but, in either case, I'm fine with it. Especially because I have no idea what kind of terrain or spells they could release that would represent all the Free Cities. Secretly, I'm hoping for a new Freeguild General model on a demigryph, please. I don't know if you are a Warhammer veteran or joined after the launch of AoS but this thread's reaction is pretty much par for the course when a new book is released. Its inflamed this time because they are discontinuing models and people are understandably upset. Once the book is released this doom-saying attitude will blow over. Once we have the book, most people will be too excited to play with their toys to worry much about which General model they're using and the rest will sell off their Free Peoples on eBay and move on since they won't really have any other choice at that point beyond screaming into the void. In the meantime, I really wish people would spend less time complaining at other (mainly) sympathetic people who can do nothing about the problem and more time discussing what makes them excited about this release. It gets wearisome and drives people away from what should be a place of excitement over this hobby we all enjoy. Call me cynical but, for the time being, I think we'll see many more people vigorously defending their right to wallow in anger and resentment rather than trying to be constructive. However in the name of constructive discussion, I have some questions for us to consider. - What do we know? - What don't we know but want to know? - Are you planning any conversions/purchases for the new book? - What do you hope for and expect in terms of rules changes, warscroll updates, allegiance abilities, city abilities, spell lores, artifacts?
  12. That's not Karl Franz. In the new lore his name is Farl Kranz!
  13. That's my point as well. There are no grand designs and GW didn't axe High Elves because they hate elves or hate elf players or suck at their jobs. They did it to reduce the amount of inventory they have to create and store especially for the products that were not selling as highly as they expected. Beyond that are concerns about game design and redundancy in the Battletome itself. Lastly are lore concerns. As annoying as inconsistency in the lore is, they can change it to be whatever they want at any time that suits them. To put it another way, they can easily change the lore to match more important considerations but its pretty damn hard to adjust the financials to accommodate storing tons of high elf models that aren't selling because high elves are mentioned in the Realmgate Wars.
  14. As others have said, look for pretty much any duardin infantry with a melee weapon and just use them as those. The model really doesn't matter that much as long as you are clear with your opponent about what they are armed with and the rules you are using. Or use them as statues in terrain, that'd be cool too.
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