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  1. Soooo...about my painting for August. I painted up a flock of chickens! I just never told anyone about it. I guess I figured I was not participating in an online, communal painting and hobbying group on TGA. But I've realized my mistake. It turns out that I AM participating in an online, communal painting and hobby group on TGA! So for August I'ma paint these Ungors and their fluffy kitty!
  2. Thanks! I've really enjoyed painting my Beasts. I can't really say why but they are just fun to paint! 😁
  3. Here's the warscroll for my Skink hero, Citlali, Prophet of Xhotl. He's standing on a pyramid though that's included in his warscroll. He's just showing off his majesty.
  4. Finished up my goal for July! First, Grashrak and crew. Also the bestie-gors! Including the Quartet of Pooty T, Cutey T, Booty T, and Footy T.
  5. Speaking from America, this year is only for hobbying. Some people may be lucky and have situations with close friends that allow them to get some games in but it is not possible to safely run events like NOVA or LVO with conditions as they are right now. My FLGS is considering running small, local events of up to 10 people and, in my opinion, that is doable but still risky. The situation in America is not a "new normal" that we have to adjust to. Conditions in America vis-à-vis the pandemic and our failure to appropriately respond are unendurable. We are not at the same point in this crisis that many of our European, Canadian, and Australian friends were when they reopened. We cannot safely reopen right now and should never have tried. As a result we are now seeing a faster increase in cases than back in March and April. For some added perspective, Denmark has had a TOTAL of 13,173 confirmed cases. New York, Florida, and California have, at different times, approached or exceeded that number of DAILY confirmed cases. Florida's record was over 15,000 new cases added in one day (July 12). I know these states have a higher population than Denmark (5 million to Florida's 21 million), however that alone does not explain this rapid of an increase in cases. We also have many people with the mindset that we can't let this pandemic harm our way of life; that "we need to live and enjoy life". But in the face of a pandemic that is a dangerous attitude to have. In case you missed it here's one such gentleman: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/california-man-who-posted-regret-attending-party-died-day-later-n1232675 All this is to say that I personally have no intention of attending any large event, Warhammer or otherwise, until at least 2021. I fully support any event that chooses to close for the safety of its attendees. Its gonna be weird here in the States for a while. The rest of the world seems to have dealt with the crisis far more responsibly than the US and so you can begin to return to normal. We'll be over here watching you all play games and go to events but we won't be able to join you for a good long time. 😞
  6. Here's my Warscroll and conversion for Arnor, Foon's Greatest Champion. He is based off a character from the Hello from the Magic Tavern podcast as is my entire Free Cities army. I made this conversion before we got the new Cities Battletome and I love that I can use him again with his own Warscroll! Here's some background! Arnor the Warrior is one of the greatest warriors in Foon. His heroism and derring-do are legendary throughout the land. As a result, "Arnor" is a popular name. Arnor is a demi-god, the result of a union between Queen Titania and Bruce the Sky God. After disrupting an assassination attempt against King Albain Belaroth, the king welcomed him into service.
  7. I'ma go with the Stegadon as my favorite because I like beasts with stumpy legs. It's cute! Like a giant spikey weiner dog! Alarielle's wardoth beetle is very slick! I just wish it had a kabuto rule where it wrestles other monsters and you can make bets on who will win!
  8. No doubt! I'd never have finished up my 30 Gors without this!
  9. This is true! Needless to say, capturing a realmgate, even building Free Cities is a far cry from dominating the entire realm. I'm playing through a Soulbound campaign with some friends right now and, yeah, most of Aqshy is still dominated by Chaos. Our GM told us we have to find a realmgate to Shyish and the closest one was in a place called Khul's Ravage...so yeah. We're not going there. That's not how we want to get to Shyish. πŸ’€
  10. Its also good to remember that Sigmar's goal was the recapture the main realmgates in each realm. Here's a summary of how that went: Azyr: Homebase. WOOT! πŸŽ‰ Fire: Captured by Sigmar! WOOT! πŸŽ‰ Life: Captured by Alarielle; eh, close enough. πŸŽ‰ Metal: Held by Chaos 😭 Death: Held by Chaos 😭 Light: Unknown πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ Shadow: Unknown πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ Beasts: Retaken by Shai Hulud, the mighty sandworm of Ghur (who builds a realmgate in a giant worm's belly?) πŸ› So, all in all, Sigmar is currently winning??? Kinda... If you squint hard and turn your head... πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
  11. They certainly did not win all of their battles. If anything, the authors in the Realmgate Wars made Stormcast far more human (and, I think, more interesting) than Space Marines. Don't forget: 1. Tarsus Bullheart and the Hallowed Knights failed in their quest to bring Nagash into Sigmar's new alliance. He failed so badly his soul was consumed by Nagash and lost forever. 2. Upon arriving in Ghyran, the Hallowed knights are so mentally assaulted by the Beastmen's Dirgehorn that some of them literally walk out into the swamp and commit suicide by drowning rather than complete their quest. (This is one of my favorite parts of the Realmgate Wars and one of the main reasons why Stormcast are more interesting than Space Marine, in my opinion). 3. Lord Celestant Jactos Goldenmane was seemingly killed by Korghus Khul's Reality Splitting Axe during the initial assault on the Brimstone Pennisula, the opening battle of the Realmgate Wars. I say "seemingly" because Khul killed him but Jactos' head did not return to Azyr after he died. Instead Khul intended to place his skull on top of his skull pyramid in order to ascend to daemonhood. 4. Thostos Bladestorm's fight against Archaon at the Mercurial Gate ended with the Stormcast's soul devoured and destroyed by Dorghar. 5. Archaon's first appearance in the Realmgate Wars was at the Battle of Mount Kronus where he faced Vandus Hammerhead and the Hammers of Sigmar and summarily whooped all their butts in short order. No contest. And those are just examples from the Realmgate Wars! There are plenty of ways to permanently kill Stormcast in the lore. Combined with the fact that people with the will power to become Stormcast are very rare, I wouldn't worry about Stormcast overpopulation just yet, Malthus.
  12. I'm ready to go for the next month. My goal is Grashrak and his Despoilers. I also have 14 Bestigors to finish up.
  13. Humans (and horses!!) aren't going anywhere in AoS. Like others have said, in order for a world to relevant, most people need characters that look, think, and act like they do. A completely alien world becomes frustrating and unpleasant for most people to have to constantly struggle to understand and that's not conducive to an enjoyable game or engaging lore. Speaking of lore, Stormcast Eternals are derived from humans and there's no evidence that Sigmar's done making more of them. In fact, there's ample evidence that, as the reforging process is repeated, 'the flaw' in the process slowly destroys the Stormcast sometimes making them completely insane, violent, and unstable lightning gheists (I think that's what they're called). Even if only a small percentage of Stormcast degrade this way after each reforging...well, no humans means eventual extinction for the Stormcast. As others have also said, no humans means there's nothing for the Stormcast to fight for and protect. It becomes an endless, pointless war of attrition, fighting and dying for nothing in a battle they will never win. Its very grimdark, I know, but also its not very deep or interesting. Making new models takes time and the Cities of Sigmar book has 50+ warscrolls in it, each requiring its own model. Some of the current models are fine (Demigryphs, Steam Tanks) and some really need a refresh (Freeguild Guard, Crossbowmen). Making those new kits takes time, money and effort. My money's on a slow refresh/retirement of models as the Cities book is updated and changed in the future. GW might simply not have the time or incentive to update the human ranges just yet. Which brings me to my last point... Prior to the release of AoS and the change in GW's corporate mindset, accessible data concerning of sales numbers, the actual purchase of individual model lines, and the breakdown of each army's relative popularity was almost nonexistent. Any claims from back then to know which armies were 'the most popular' are essentially baseless and anecdotal. What I'm trying to say is... 'grabbing anti-troll shield' 😰 ...maybe the Empire and Bretonnia... 'backing away slowly' 😨 ...just weren't as popular as people want to believe! 'runrunrunrun' πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈπŸƒβ€β™‚οΈπŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ
  14. Woot! I've been hoping for this for a while! I can finally make my Beasts and Seraphon warbands. 😁
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