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  1. Kamose

    New to AoS and TGA :)

    Welcome! ๐Ÿ˜
  2. Most people will tell you that no one really knows what happened and rightly so. But fear not! I know the truth! Contrails. It was contrails. ๐Ÿ˜
  3. The correct spelling is "zalboe". ๐Ÿ‘
  4. Kamose

    Beasts of Chaos Curious? I have some questions.

    Thanks for the info! I love the idea of neutral Beastmen! I need to read up on this. From what I've gathered on various podcasts, beastmen seem to be a natural part of the Mortal Realms and they've been there since before Sigmar. They predate the gods and are trying to return the realms to a primeval state. They are the passionate, highly proactive Luddites of Age of Sigmar! ๐Ÿฎ I may need to pick up the book today and dig deeper!
  5. Hello fellow Chaos monstrosities! I've been playing Sigmar since the game came out and have been staunchly in the Order camp (Seraphon and Free Peoples). Since the BoC book arrived, I've been having funny feelings...down there...in my soul. I think I may be falling for Chaos! ๐Ÿ˜ณ I find the Beasts intriguing and want to learn more about them. So I have some questions: 1. What's the general opinion on the BoC lore? Original? Interesting? Lacking (I play Seraphon...I know what that's like)? I'm particularly interested in the idea of Beasts that do not worship any of the Chaos gods! 2. How many play styles are possible in BoC? The Gors seem like a horde, melee army. Is it possible to run monster-heavy or mixed monsters and infantry? Outside of Tzaangors, is a shooting army viable? 3. I love the models for the endless spells and the herdstone! Are they worth bringing or are they generally uninteresting? 4. How's the Start Collecting box in terms of monetary value and, more importantly, play value? Any advice on first purchases? I know Tzaangors are pretty good but I'm definitely not interested in them (I've painted my friend's Tzaangors and I found out that I hate painting Tzaangors). I haven't bought anything yet and want to learn more before I dive in, so any advice would be appreciated! PS: This would be the first time I've ever played a Chaos army in either 40k or AoS, so its a big milestone! ๐Ÿฎ
  6. Kamose

    Wrath and Rapture

    That's some real Hellraiser shtuff right there! I love it!
  7. PtG is not balanced at all. In the 'matched play' sense, it completely lacks any balancing mechanism of any kind. Armies are determined randomly and in isolation if you just roll from the tables. But...(and it's a big one ๐Ÿ˜) ...that is absolutely and completely by design! The balance in a PtG campaign comes entirely from the players, their mission choices, added special rules, and win conditions, but not from list construction. In my opinion, this makes PtG both very interesting and a great way to introduce players to narrative gaming. My advice for starting AoS with PtG would be to grab some of the Open War cards. Be sure to make frequent use of the Ruses and Sudden Death cards as these go a long way to helping a smaller force achieve victory. It also helps new players learn there's more to AoS than simply matched play games. Asymmetrical battles can be loads of fun and something that simply does not exist in matched play (not intentionally, at least). After building up your armies, you might also try out Firestorm. It's a great campaign system and, once again, pairs really well with the Open War cards. So don't dismiss PtG just because it's unbalanced. That's by design! Embrace the imbalance and enjoy the story of your armies that you're both building! ๐Ÿ˜Š
  8. Kamose

    Painted Shadespire Warbands - Please post

    I've finished both undead warbands! They're ready to play in a game of bones vs. ummm...ectoplasm? It like when kids play street ball only spookier and with less death.
  9. We all have that rule. But, seriously, this is safe space. We all understand if you break that rule "from time to time". We do too. ? You can admit it here and we won't judge you. You're among friends. ? ?
  10. Kamose

    Races of the Grand Alliances

    A skunk did that to my dog once. Smelled up the whole apartment! On a related note, I find it interesting how, in spite of the fact that a skink is an actual type of lizard, a "real word" if you will, I've never found a spell checker or auto-correct program that doesn't want to change it to "skunk". It seems lizards are not a popular topic of study amongst computer programmer types.
  11. I have seen this article discussed so many times in so many contexts by so many different people I have to think it struck a nerve (or chord as the case may be). I also can't think of a better article for Americans to read! We regularly work ourselves into the hospital and seem proud of it. We feel guilty about not being at work for any reason. Work is so important to us that it is the second question you're asked when meeting someone for the first time and being unemployed or underemployed is a major cause of stress, depression, and suicide here. So it makes sense that we'd turn our leisure time into work, I suppose. Working is all we know how to do. Thankfully most reactions have been a light bulb going off and an "Oh yeah!" moment. Many people read it and seem to realize that maybe they've been taking their hobby too seriously. Sometimes a person can become so involved in something that they lose perspective and it becomes stressful. Its good to step back and check if your leisure time is actually leisurely. My "Philosophy of Hobbying" (so pretentious!) really has nothing to do with improvement or competition. I think its important that my hobby is relaxing and enjoyable. Nothing more or less than that. I should want to do it and I should want to go back to it after time away. In fact, I personally believe that the entire purpose of working and a career is simply to have the resources so that you and your loved ones can be healthy and happy enough to truly enjoy the time away from work. Work is secondary and it does not define who I am because its not a voluntary activity. I have to do it. Now that doesn't mean that I don't try to win when I play games (that is one of the goals of a game of Warhammer after all) or that I haven't improved as a painter, gamer, or hobbyist. I have simply accepted that if I enjoy something, I will participate in that activity regularly. By simple virtue of hobbying regularly and enjoying what I'm doing, I will improve my skills. I know I won't improve at the same rate as someone who makes a job out of it but its not a race. If I really want to learn something specific, I know how to go about educating myself but the hobby does not exist to prove to others how good I am at gaming and painting. If I realize that I'm stressing over my hobby then I know its time to take a break. Why would I spend my free time getting frustrated and angry over something I am choosing to do? In fact, the phrase "taking my hobby seriously" seems like an oxymoron to me. On a related note, I just discovered that there are dinosaur emojis!! ?????
  12. Kamose

    A disconnect in GW's team?

    There are not enough likes in all the Facial Tomes for this! I completely agree. I've played AoS since literally week 1 and I absolutely enjoyed it from the start! We actually have a group that still does Open Play monthly events and its worked quite well for going on 2 years now. In defense of the Matched Play point of view I will say that adding points to the game made it accessible to a wider audience and broadened the game's appeal. I still don't buy the jive that points are necessary for balance and fun though. Those people with the most games under their belt and the most gaming experience are probably the tournament players. They likely have the best grasp of game balance just through sheer number of games played. They'd also probably make the best judges of a balanced and fun Open Play game and yet they're the same people who insisted the game was "a mess" and "unplayable" until points were introduced. Isn't it ironic? Don't ya think? Also no one ever played 100 Bloodthirster list that the silliest, trolliest people were claiming would dominate the game!
  13. Kamose

    Calling All Women!

    I agree except for one thing. Seraphon are clearly all female as many male reptiles develop a hemipenile bulge at the base of their tail upon sexual maturity. This bulge is lacking from all Seraphon models and therefore they're all female. I'm completely confident that the person designing the Saurus Warriors and Stegadon and other Seraphon was an extremely dedicated herpetologist and intentionally designed them this way. Being totally serious now. Totally. Like everyone who says, "Being totally serious now." ?
  14. Kamose

    Your Collection/armies

    Alright, I have a couple of hours free! :p Seraphon - 7620pts Lord Kroak, 1 Slann 1 Saurus OldBlood on Carnosaur, 1 Saurus Oldblood, 1 Saurus Sunblood, 1 Scar-Vet on Carnosaur, 1 Saurus Scar-Vet on Cold One, 1 Eternity Warden, 1 Astrolith Bearer 3 Skink Priests, 2 Skink Starpriests, 2 Skink Chiefs, 1 Chameleon Skink Stalker 75 Saurus Warriors, 25 Saurus Guard, 24 Saurus Knights 80 Skinks, 20 Chameleon Skinks, 21 Skink Handlers, 6 Terradons, 3 Ripperdactyls, 4 Razordons, 3 Salamanders 2 Stegadons, 1 Engine of the Gods, 1 Trogolodon, 1 Bastiladon 6 Celestial Swarms, 6 Kroxigors Free Peoples - 3230pts 2 Free Peoples Generals, 1 Free Peoples General on Griffon, 3 Excelsior Warpriests (with 3 Gryph Hounds), 1 Witch Hunter, 8 Battlemages, 1 Celestial Hurricanum 24 Freeguild Guard, 10 Freeguild Crossbowmen, 22 Freeguild Archers 6 Demigryph Knights, 13 Freeguild Greatswords 1 Steam Tank I'm one Skink Starseer away from having every Seraphon model in the range! I really like Seraphon since, in 15 years of playing GW games, this is the first army I've ever (nearly) completed. As for the Freeguild, they are my new army. The weird unit numbers come from conversions I'm making. I'm really taking my time with the painting and conversions, trying to match my head-canon. Right now the army includes mostly humans but also 3 barbarians, 3 goblins, a skeleton, 2 (a)elves, and a badger!
  15. These are definitely worth a pick up for anyone into the lore of Age of Sigmar. I know AoS had a reputation for having no lore in the early days but its just not true. Within the first year, AoS had hundreds of pages of lore! The books were unfortunately pricey and that's where the rumor comes from. Most people didn't want to buy them because of the cost so they just assumed the game had no back story. They couldn't be bothered to learn about the game when being cynical (and wrong) is so much more fun! The warscrolls may be slightly out of date though I don't know why someone would buy the Realmgate Wars books as their latest source for warscrolls. Also its worth pointing out that the warscrolls and battalions still function perfectly well in the game today. They might not be the most balanced rules ever but they still work!? The real meat of the books is in the sheer number and variety of battleplans. There are nearly 200 unique battleplans in these 4 books. Some are better than others but most are a lot of fun! They are designed to reflect the unfolding narrative of the books. The battleplans are great for casual play but don't look for hardcore, ultra-balanced tournament games. For example, my friend and I were playing a battleplan from one of the books (don't remember which one) and the game ended in a draw at the top of Turn 1. I have never even heard of that happening in any wargame and it was amazing and hilarious! I have all 4 books and I think they were well worth the cost. They're not for everyone but I like 'em!