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  1. As of right now I don't think anyone knows what the deal is with bound endless spells. I expect we'll find out in the day 1 FAQ. I use endless spells pretty regularly so I'm keen to know. My wild speculation is that we'll be able to control endless spells any where on the board not only to 30". Maybe even the Slann can control any endless spell (friendly or enemy) whether or not he cast it at any distance. Masters of magic and all that! 🐸
  2. Oh don't get me wrong, I think the rerolling charges from ambush is definitely a good change. In fact rerolling charges would've made a huge difference in the game I mentioned in my previous post. Specifically I ambushed two units of Gors and a Beastlord and only one of them successfully charged (Hint: it wasn't the Gors). I just wish Gors had something to do with all that speed. They can go anywhere they like but have nothing to do once they get there unless there's an undefended objective just hanging out by itself. The axe & shield Gors are reasonably durable but the twin axe G
  3. Overall I'm happy enough with the changes. I was playing a game today in fact where the changes to the Beastlord and Gors would've been quite useful. Rerolling charges out of ambush ought to just apply to all Brayherd units frankly or at least all Gor and Bestigor units. It doesn't address the problem that Gor have functionally 0 damage output but we'll prolly have to wait for a new book before that's addressed. I like that the Beastlord doesn't need to pay anything for his ability. Its still not great but at least its free. Why do the Beastlord's rules imply that once the fighting s
  4. This. Everything about this. I'll agree that the Ghorgon is alright but those Bullgor models are some of the worst GW have ever made imo. They're so bizarrely and grotesquely bloated and ugly I'd almost think they were going for some kind of 'warped and twisted chaos monstrosity' vibe. But I think the truth is that they're just ugly and poorly sculpted. However give us new Bullgors and a new shaggoth and I might just expand beyond Brayherd! Dragon Ogors in particular are sweet!
  5. There's definitely limits to the granularity that a D6 system can achieve with dice rolls. In the past 40k and Sigmar have sometimes tried to overcome this by increasing the number of dice rolls. If your Stormcast Eternal has a 4+, then it dies half the time, not very heroic right? So what if we let it ignore wounds on a 4+; now it only dies 25% of the time! And if its a HERO with a bodyguard rule to pass off wounds on a 4+, it only suffers wounds 12.5% of the time! Woot except you've just required 3x as much dice rolling all at once. It becomes unwieldy especially when dealing with dozen
  6. This my hope as well. I'm a Brayherd goat through and through but I'd love to see some new Bullgors and a new Doombull. Just my opinion but those are some of the ugliest models they've ever made. A new shaggoth model might even get me to expand into Thunderscorn! But it's just a dream since, as we all know, Beasts, Skaven,and Khorne weren't in Broken Realms and they're getting discontinued. 😉 Oh, also new centigor models please, with lore that states that they are actually Kragnos' lost, corrupted people.
  7. Mine are blue sheep actually. As for Kragnos, I think he looks awesome and I'm happy for the Destruction people. They've been on the back-burner almost since AoS was released. They had a bit of bump with Ironjawz and the new Gloomspite but they've never been central to the lore until now. As for our Centigors, well, I think its obvious. Kragnos is the last of his people, right? That's what he said. All the rest are dead...or corrupted by Chaos perhaps? I think centigors are the last twisted remnants of Kragnos people and he's more than welcome to come and try and take them b
  8. I know I'm excited for my Beasts of Chaos! In the video at the bottom, Jes Bickman mentions that "every faction is gonna get their moment in the sun" in Broken Realms. BoC hasn't featured much yet so surely, as Jes promised, they will get some major updates in Kragnos. Surely they will. He's waiting GW. He's waiting.
  9. When Broken Realms: Kragnos drops and Gors get a surprise warscroll rewrite I'll be sitting pretty!
  10. I'm painting up some Gors right now in anticipation of the "You're one those people that actually bought lots of Gors after the last Beasts of Chaos book was released, thank you!" Secondary Objective, score 15 points. Just an automatic 15pt crutch for running Gors! 🐐
  11. Definitely! I love that new Kroak and I'ma grab him as soon as I can. Hopefully it will be easy enough to swap out Lord Kroak for my little Slann for casual games. The bigger and more ostentatious little Cueyatl's floating chair is, the more it amuses me! 😁
  12. Now that I'm back at my computer I can post a few more pics! 😊 Here are some of my big dinos! Also my Realmshaper Engine with custom Starpriest made from the Anvil of Apotheosis.
  13. Wish I'd seen this sooner. This Seraphon community on here is kinda...quiet (😞) but more posts of pretty models always helps! So here's some of mine! ☺ My Slann Cueyatl! Here he is fighting (and winning) against a Celestant Prime!
  14. Just keep filling it with Black Library Celebration 2021 books! Just keep putting 'em in there. Might have to hack their site to do it but it's worth it. More BLC '21s...more. Hundreds...thousands. Give them to children for Easter! Donate them to libraries! Give them to coworkers you don't really know on their birthday. Or just get a dozen Ogryns like I did.
  15. I just finished my Lord Kroak conversion. It took about 2 minutes but it was worth it. Gaze upon his majesty!
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