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  1. I'm calling it now...Kharadron reboot.
  2. I think its important to remember is that if Jack Armstrong needs to be nerfed, well, that is entirely GW's fault. Clearly GW doesn't know how to write rules and they don't playtest their games and their playtesters don't know how to play and they can't balance battletomes and their models are too expensive and the points are way off and they can't keep Jack Armstrong in check and they hate the swarming throngs of millions of Bretonnia players and they don't know how to run their tournaments and they don't care about Matched Play and they don't communicate with their fans and Open Play is just muckin' about and they killed my Tomb Kings and AoS has no fluff and they they retconned the Eye of Terror campaign and their last ad wasn't funny and their paints come in pots, not dropper bottles and everything is Kirby's fault and they nerfed my army and something about Thunderers and they hate my Grand Alliance and the Kunnin' Ruk isn't fun to play and they blew up the world and I burned my army and...and... ...that about covers it. Please let me know if I've forgotten anything! 😀
  3. Abilities that affect 'units within X inches' do affect the model with ability as well. So yeah, the General will be affected by his Indomitable command trait.
  4. Obligatory "Where's Firebellies?" post. Seraphon is my main army, but I'm currently working on finishing my Free People this summer. I just started Beasts of Chaos this past New Year and I love 'em! It's my first Chaos army in 14 years of Warhammer. I find the play style similar to my Tyranids in 40k and the Nids were my 1st Warhammer love. 😁
  5. It's pretty clear that Skaven are the strongest what with all those metal models. I have a (mostly) metal IG army and every game is equivalent to an hour at the gym. Gotta blast my 'ceps! 💪
  6. Good point! I forgot they aren't Brayherd. Summoning helps get around that but I suppose that's another knock against them!
  7. So I've taken a shine to Razorgors for reasons that can only be described as the taint of Chaos. I know the model is old and kinda ugly but I'm intrigued by the conversion possibilities. My thoughts include using various spawn bits, changing what the mutant piggie is trampling on his base and possibly some (un)fortunate Freeguild soldier escaping from the gaping rents in the boar's flanks a la Jim Carrey (see below). Does anyone have any experience with the guys? My initial thought is that they are cheap (both points and summoning), pretty fast, reroll charges, and deal mortal wounds on the charge. That seems to make them good summoning fodder to attack the opponent's backfield. That also puts them in direct competition with chariots. The chariots are tougher, and seem to hit a bit harder than a single pig. The pig is cheaper, though this won't matter if they're both summoned, and with a bit of mortal wound potential. Is it perhaps worth it to pay for a couple pigs and deploy or ambush them and summon the chariots? Are the piggies just overshadowed by the chariots? Is this a "Why not both?" situation? I'm not looking for super-competitive advice just people's experiences. Thanks!
  8. Some of these collections are mind blowing! You see I have a medical condition wherein I pick my 2-3 different armies and stick with those forever. For example, I've played Tyranids in 40k for 16 years. Sometimes I wonder what I'm missing when all the shiny new toys pass me by but then my wallet comes over with cookies and a "Thank You!" card and I feel better! That said all of my AoS stuff was purchased since the game launched. In 3 years I have picked up 3 new armies so perhaps I'm not immune to the pretty new toys as I think! Anyways, here I go. Seraphon (my main army) - 7310pts Lord Kroak Slann Sunblood Astrolith Bearer Eternity Warden Oldblood Oldblood on Carnosaur Scar-Vet on Cold One 2 Skink Chiefs 3 Skink Priests 2 Skink Starpriests 1 Chameleon Skink Stalker 6 Celestial Swarms 2 Stegadons Bastiladon Troglodon Engine of the Gods 6 Kroxigors 21 Skink Handlers 4 Razordons 3 Salamanders 20 Chameleon Skinks 80 Skinks 75 Saurus Warriors 24 Saurus Knights 25 Saurus Guard 3 Ripperdactyls 6 Terradons Free Peoples (the good people of Hogsface) - 3550pts 8 Battlemages 3 Excelsior Warpriests 3 Freeguild Generals General on Griffon Witch Hunter 30 Archers 10 Crossbowmen 35 Freeguild Guard 20 Greatswords 6 Demigryphs Luminark of Hysh Steam Tank Beasts of Chaos (my new army) - 1450pts Beastlord 2 Bray-shamans 20 Bestigors 20 Gors 20 Ungor Raiders 2 Chaos Gargants 2 Tuskgor Chariots 2 Razorgors Herdstone BoC Endless Spells
  9. I would love news of a shiny new Battletome for Seraphon. I'd also love some endless spells and magic lores for the Slann who are the absolute and unchallenged masters of magic. It always bugged me that every Slann's birth (hatching?) predates Sigmar, Teclis, Nagash, and every other being in the Old World and Mortal Realms (except possibly the Chaos Gods) by thousands of years, are functionally immortal since they basically live on magic, and can summon everyone they've ever known with a thought yet in game all they can do is make dinosaurs float and help my Bravery 10 units pass the Battleshock test they weren't failing anyway (and mess with Chaos daemons' tests a bit). My only concern is that they'll release scenery with the book...not because I don't like the scenery but if recent trends hold true, the Seraphon scenery will be a 1/10 scale model of Chichen Itza and will be nearly 10 feet tall.
  10. Can i just take this moment to say that, as a Seraphon player, I can remember when everyone was freaking out about unkillable Bastiladons and Ripperdactyls with infinite attacks? In the words of Hunter S. Thompson: "Playing Seraphon in the middle of 2015 was a very special time and place to be a part of. Maybe it meant something. Maybe not, in the long run . . . but no explanation, no mix of words or music or memories can touch that sense of knowing that you were playing the unbeatable cheese army in that corner of time and the world. Whatever it meant. . . . So now, less than three years later, you can go up on a steep hill in Las Vegas and look West, and with the right kind of eyes you can almost see the high-water mark—that place where the meta finally broke and rolled back." 😎
  11. I have to agree! The idea of any Battletome for Aelfs fills me with indescribable, unutterable loathing! Nasty, nasty aelfses!! 😠
  12. Reading these responses, I think you guys didn't do your homework. The podcast Legends of the Painty Men already explained why AoS humans are so similar to the old WFB Empire. Allow me to enlighten everyone! Before he was a god, Sigmar was a normal human who founded the Empire. He died but was later reborn in Karl Franz's body to save the world-that-was from Chaos. He obviously failed and the Mortal Realms were born. Now Sigmar is sad that all his old friends died so he makes the current batch of humans dress like his dead friends, eat sausages, and call each other Hans to make himself feel better. They don't have to do all this, of course. They can always go hug it out with those Bloodreavers outside the Realmgate if they like... 😁
  13. Same thing with the dice. I guess they're perks for when an army gets a new battletome. Doesn't help those of us who start an army a few months after release. I swear, tracking down those Beasts of Chaos warscroll cards was like trying to discover an actual hobbit!! In fact, the only store I found still selling them was in New Zealand!
  14. I have nothing useful to add. I just enjoy opportunities to use that gif.
  15. I don't play Skaven and don't have anyone who plays Skaven nearby anymore, but here are my two cents: Battletome: Cool! You guys got a new Legions-style Battletome. We don't know anything about the rules changes, updates, and new goodies in it so I can't say anything about how good they will be. I will say I like the new Grey Seer art on the cover! I will also say that I can't think of any 'Legions' Battletomes that are not decent and fun to play. I got into Beasts of Chaos and I'm having a great time. New model: I'ma be honest...I don't know enough about Skaven to know which model in the picture is the new one. Is it that little guy, front and center? 😔 Terrain: They look appropriately Skaven-y and I'm sure they will let you do redeploy, reinforcement, deep strike shenanigans. Compared to the other terrain like the Loonshrine or Herdstone they prolly won't appear all that imposing, but they are literal holes in the ground. How imposing do you think they can be? Dice: Really not understanding the hate for these. They are some of the most clearly readable dice I've seen from GW in a long time. Many people are comparing them to the Nurgle dice and maybe they are similar in construction. I have a friend that uses them and they work fine. They wouldn't pass muster in a casino; we don't play in a casino. These warpstone (that's what the green pips are!) dice look very nice and can be easily read from across the table. That's all I ask for in dice. So from the position of the near ignorance we all currently enjoy: TLDR; cool Grey Seer on the battletome, new model(?), wouldn't know good terrain from a hole in the ground, pretty dice! PS: Every release can't be a Gloomspite release. GW doesn't have the resources for that. Just enjoy what you have, play the game, have fun. Hell, my new Beasts didn't even get handy warscroll cards and I'm not complaining. They're fun! That's all that matters.
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