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  1. That's what Victoria Lamb's store is for! https://victoriaminiatures.com/collections/female-squads-and-bits 😁
  2. I'ma have to go with any Freeguild guardswoman. Especially in a setting like Age of Sigmar, I find that there's nothing sexier than a woman who won't immediately... ...kill / enslave / enslave then kill / kill then enslave / eat / stab / shoot / slice / skin / decapitate / skin then decapitate then skin my decapitated head / mind flense / kill with sensory overload / feed to an eel / feed to a dinosaur / feed to a dragon / feed to a squig / hammer smash / throw lightning at / vomit acid on / blood boil... ...me
  3. Is he a master of karate and friendship for everyone?
  4. We all know there is only one Sigmar model! Kneel before God! Rules: "At the start of your hero phase, this model will automatically climb Mount Kilimanjaro."
  5. Unfortunately for little Alan there, he's only got a 6+ save and a bow and arrows; my Gor herd is 60 strong. I'd give the Gors no more than 3 full turns before they finally take him out. No doubt he'll finish off 20, maybe 25 of them (most of them if they don't have the shield) but my money's on the Gors.
  6. I know I've been mostly painting Beasts of Chaos on here but I found the time to finish up all the large dinos in my Seraphon army. Welcome to Jurassic Park! They're moving in herds... They do move in herds! I'm actually nearing the end of my Seraphon army. I only have 30-some Saurus Warriors and 5 Saurus Knights to go until they are complete! Its a similar situation with my Beasts (only 10 ungors and 30 gors to go)!
  7. So I'm about a week late with my August submission but here they are! Hypno-kitty Noel and her 20 Ungor Raiders! One of the Ungors, Basketball American is his name, didn't make it... 'sad goat noises'
  8. Not sure if you can find this where you live but I've used Testor's Dullcote Varnish for years. Works great in a variety of weather conditions, protects paint well, and has never frosted on me. https://tangibleday.com/recommended-varnishes-for-miniatures-best-practice-and-use/
  9. Narrative gaming in Warhammer seems to have followed a V-shaped path throughout its history. In the early years of Warhammer the game was very Narrative focused. Early 40k and Fantasy resembled traditional RPG's complete with a GM. The games weren't streamlined at all but attempted to be a much more in depth representation of a small skirmish. As the years went by the games became more streamlined with an emphasis on playing larger games. Much of the highly nuanced gameplay was stripped away in favor of larger armies, objective based gameplay, and tournament style games. This was the low point of Narrative gaming. Running a Narrative event meant writing a paragraph of "fluff" to go with your tournament. (By the way, there's a reason the word "fluff" is used. "Fluff" is light, soft, and worthless; it doesn't matter and can be safely ignored.) Then AoS launched, GW chopped off its entire competitive Fantasy community in one go, and everyone lost their minds. When the smoke of the burning armies cleared there was left a small group of players; a group that enjoyed the free-form, creative style of game play GW was pushing with AoS. These people were a minority of the old player base to be sure but they thrived within the sandbox that was AoS 1.0. Seriously check out a Tabletop Gamer's Diary. He played through each Battleplan in the Realmgate Wars to recreate the narrative of the first year of AoS. Its incredible and one of my favorite things ever from AoS 1.0! A Tabletop Gamer's Diary: https://ttgamingdiary.wordpress.com/category/miniatures/age-of-sigmar/the-realmgate-wars/ These crazy men and women started running small Narrative gaming sessions with their friends at local stores. They created comp systems to run tournaments again and began draw back some of the disaffected masses whose rage was even now cooling like the scorched core of Mallus. After the release of the first General's Handbook and GW solidifying the idea of Open, Narrative, and Matched game styles, AoS in all its forms exploded in popularity! To get an idea of how much people enjoy Narrative gaming, take a look at the overwhelmingly positive response to the Anvil of Apotheosis. Creating a little personalized hero to play in your games is highly Narrative. Fears that the customized heroes would be overpowered in Matched Play seem unfounded. If anything the custom heroes are mostly worse than their points equivalent counterparts in the battletomes. I'm fairly confident that was intentional on GW's part by the way. This is all to say that I think Narrative gaming is healthier now than its ever been. For all the reasons stated by others above, Narrative gaming is probably not the most popular style of gaming; it likely never will be because of the effort, time, and creativity required to run a truly in-depth Narrative experience. Its just harder to do than playing a quick Matched Play game. That doesn't mean Narrative is unhealthy or dying by any means. Check out this stuff if you're looking for some Narrative ideas or groups. NEON: https://wearetheneon.com/ Animosity II: https://animositycampaigns.com/ Vince and Tom talk Narrative gaming:
  10. So I haven't finished with (any of) the Ungors yet but I have completed the kitty. She is named after my friend's cat, Noel. So here is Evil Warhammer Noel. She's currently hanging out at my house raising an army of evil chickens... ...to overthrow my dog Chubbs.
  11. Soooo...about my painting for August. I painted up a flock of chickens! I just never told anyone about it. I guess I figured I was not participating in an online, communal painting and hobbying group on TGA. But I've realized my mistake. It turns out that I AM participating in an online, communal painting and hobby group on TGA! So for August I'ma paint these Ungors and their fluffy kitty!
  12. Thanks! I've really enjoyed painting my Beasts. I can't really say why but they are just fun to paint! 😁
  13. Here's the warscroll for my Skink hero, Citlali, Prophet of Xhotl. He's standing on a pyramid though that's included in his warscroll. He's just showing off his majesty.
  14. Finished up my goal for July! First, Grashrak and crew. Also the bestie-gors! Including the Quartet of Pooty T, Cutey T, Booty T, and Footy T.
  15. Speaking from America, this year is only for hobbying. Some people may be lucky and have situations with close friends that allow them to get some games in but it is not possible to safely run events like NOVA or LVO with conditions as they are right now. My FLGS is considering running small, local events of up to 10 people and, in my opinion, that is doable but still risky. The situation in America is not a "new normal" that we have to adjust to. Conditions in America vis-à-vis the pandemic and our failure to appropriately respond are unendurable. We are not at the same point in this crisis that many of our European, Canadian, and Australian friends were when they reopened. We cannot safely reopen right now and should never have tried. As a result we are now seeing a faster increase in cases than back in March and April. For some added perspective, Denmark has had a TOTAL of 13,173 confirmed cases. New York, Florida, and California have, at different times, approached or exceeded that number of DAILY confirmed cases. Florida's record was over 15,000 new cases added in one day (July 12). I know these states have a higher population than Denmark (5 million to Florida's 21 million), however that alone does not explain this rapid of an increase in cases. We also have many people with the mindset that we can't let this pandemic harm our way of life; that "we need to live and enjoy life". But in the face of a pandemic that is a dangerous attitude to have. In case you missed it here's one such gentleman: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/california-man-who-posted-regret-attending-party-died-day-later-n1232675 All this is to say that I personally have no intention of attending any large event, Warhammer or otherwise, until at least 2021. I fully support any event that chooses to close for the safety of its attendees. Its gonna be weird here in the States for a while. The rest of the world seems to have dealt with the crisis far more responsibly than the US and so you can begin to return to normal. We'll be over here watching you all play games and go to events but we won't be able to join you for a good long time. 😞
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