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  1. Could be that they where included in last years FAQ/Errata? So, basically new to to the GHB.
  2. Same as OBR. All events i've attended so far has been TO'd so the Nexus is placed "after" the pre-placed terrain. It's super tricky to get it in a good position most of the time.
  3. Imagine my face when I dropped the tray with my fully assembled and painted hosts (only 6, but still). All of them splitting into their "individual" ghosts. Lady O ain't got nothing on the grief I felt.
  4. Hi everyone. It's time for me to finish off my Death collection by delving into FEC. All my previous Death armys have been hordes. Hordes of ghosts, skeletons and skeletons 2.0. So I'm really looking forward to trying out an actually viable monster army. I like to play competitively, no doubt about it. How is Gristlegore holding up these days,? And any suggestions on where to start. I assume the starting collections are pretty nice as they bring you both the "correct" mosnters and summonable chaff?
  5. Great minds think alike! I even started doing a design for it, but got stuck when I couldn't find a price-worthy way of printing/cutting it (besides using a transparent paper and cutting it myself).
  6. Went up against Nurgle with a 2000pt list, including 2 Crawlers, Liege and Soulmason for that sweet 4 attacks, +2 rerolling 1's. And holy hell do they pack a punch. I took Helmet of the Ordained for character sniping (I don't think it's really necessary though), and first round they took out a 7 wound-hero each – like it was nothing! Followed by a double turn when they killed off the Glottkins. Pretty demoralizing for the opponent.
  7. Oh, don't get me wrong. It's a stunning piece of terrain! Im thinking out of a pratical sense, it's huuuge to carry around (Nagash I can put into my bag sideways, this wont fit at all, unless the bottom part is easy to magnetize). Also, I've attended tournaments where the terrain is pre-arranged on the tables, and I wonder how the rules will interact with this piece.
  8. Jesus Christ, what an actual nightmare to carry around at tournaments.
  9. So GW-previews this week, pre-order starts next weekend. So the YT-channels should start dropping "reviews" (reading the whole book) after that, right? Or is just the Bonereapers this week?
  10. Well, for all we know there could be a Gristlegore equivalent in there! Personally I'll get everything, like I did with NH.
  11. Do we have any rumours on the Bonereapers – rule wise? Besides from the image leaks that is.
  12. I agree. My interpretation is the same as yours: anything goes as long as the keywords line up (and that's why you can take Nagash, even though it's weird from a LoN perspective). I've mailed GW on at least three different occasions about this, I suggest anyone who is wondering to do the same!
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