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  1. I took the large oval base from the original box, I'm not at home, but according to the chart in post one, it should 120mm x 92. it would be good, if another person can confirm this.
  2. Seekers of Slaanesh on 60mm x 35mm? or one size up?
  3. Uh, you said majority? Do you have evidence? Majority is kind of the same to most people... Just a joke 😉 But stop calling my name, we both made our points and it's enough. and in general I'm totally on your sight, It just doesn't happen so often in my area! (That was my point from the beginning).
  4. Of course, I don't have statistical data, so you are right in general. I'm just assuming that, because people play with the GH matched play rules in my area and what I heard from others. But if there were a survey, I would guess that there will be a majority for matched play with full rules (Battleline/Artefacts/Battletomes).
  5. Perhaps I should clarify, I have nice opponents and good games against them and we are not discussing a lot about rules... but we are playing with full rules 😉
  6. not pure fantasy, more gothic, but looks good!
  7. AoS Skirmisher (soon), from the new WD. haven't seen it here yet.
  8. For my small Slaanesh daemon force I'm trying different bases; got bored with brown bases with some grass on it (and brown brayherds on top) i like it, but I really wanted to do something different 😉 AoS is based in the mortal realms with unknown surfaces, it could be anything and it's not always grass, snow or dusty sand. If you have an idea of awesome bases (with others colours), go for it!
  9. This. Most people will use all layers of rules and it will be difficult to find players, that will play with less rules ("the rules are there, why should we not play with it?") - and the person, who wants to play with less rules has to defeat his position, not the person who wants to add rules (at least in my own experience) so in theory it's possible to play with less rules, in reality most game will tend to be played with full rules. I don't play often due to a lag of free time (family/work etc) and it's not easy to find people in the same situation, who just want to have a easy relaxing game with limited rules. People who play regularly and with more time for a game against me tend to use all rules, so I have to use them too to have a game at all.
  10. Feels like a step backwords to Warhammer Fantasy (just with round bases...). We already got artifacts and more special rules for factions. If we would go back to points per models, the simplicity of calculating armylists disappears - just don´t like the direction adding more complexity.
  11. It´s difficult to play the battalion with 1000 Points, because you have to field 3 units of daemonettes. The 10 seekers are a little bit lost without mystic shield and the command ability from the KoS - perhaps switch 10 daemonettes and the prince for the KoS. Then you could keep the battalion and you have a really fast first turn charge unit. But in general i think the battalion is not that strong (at least at 1000 Points), the only real advantage is: one drop. A little bit more streamlined: Leaders Keeper Of Secrets (280) Battleline 20 x Daemonettes Of Slaanesh (240) 20 x Daemonettes Of Slaanesh (240) Units 10 x Seekers Of Slaanesh (240) Total: 1000/2000 But don´t know if one slaaensh hero is enough for the locus of the daemonettes. My favorit list at 1.000 Points is: Leaders Daemon Prince Of Slaanesh (160) - Axe Herald Of Slaanesh on Exalted Seeker Chariot (160) The Masque Of Slaanesh (80) Battleline 20 x Daemonettes Of Slaanesh (240) 20 x Daemonettes Of Slaanesh (240) Units 5 x Seekers Of Slaanesh (120) Total: 1000/2000 Chariot for MW, Masque for distraction, Seekers for warmachine, Daemonprince for damage and Daemonettes as battleline and kind of damagedealer (if they don´t get shot...) -------------- But i´m still painting and have not played with slaanesh yet, so this comment is without any practical backround ;).
  12. As a Brayherd Player: The Beastlord, he dies so easy, that´s kind of impossible to use his command abilitiy, because he has to kill a enemy model first. When he slays a model, he dies most of the time in the same turn -this is the reason Gorthor (from compendium) is kind of an autoinclude for Monobrayherd... And Chaoshounds und Centigors...give them proper key words!
  13. Somebody made a post in a german community board with the following image: So could be something related to aelfs 😀
  14. I think everybody should have fun! If somebody does not get the OOP Model or don't like the sculpts from GW (I like most of the models, but some just don't fit the fluff or my aesthetic...) it's totally fine taking another model or a model from another range/producer - I just want to have a good game and when my opponent feels better with other models, I feel better too.