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  1. Awesome work! Love you conversionskills and your brushwork! Keep posting 😁
  2. I'm looking forward to buy them. i hope my group is 'open' minded for the cards ?
  3. right now you need Gorthor with his +1hit bubble, then at least 30 Ungor Raiders (pew pew), Shaman (+3 movement) und many Gors und some Ungors for blocking charges. Most of it will die And as bonzai already said: you have to play to the objectives, you are fast and you have the bodies. In my first games i tried to kill the enemy - was a bad idea - since i´m playing just for the objectives, i win a good amount of games (~50%). But my opponents are mostly easy going without broken combinations. I´m really looking forward to the alliance abilities, i guess it will be some ambush tactics (or to obvious?).
  4. It is a repack; was postet last week in a german board. There was also this:
  5. Sign! I preferred just to put the units/models on the table and not looking for some magic items combos beforehand. Most heroes have unique abilities, in my opinion there's no need for "uniquer" items...
  6. How was the tournament? I like your list und would field a similar list. I prefer the exalted seeker Chariot with hero, but difficult to add the Chariot to your list. I would reduce one daemonette unit to 10 (enough for the home objectives), kick out the herald and add the exalted Chariot. Leaves your 20 Points for a role on the table.
  7. I took the large oval base from the original box, I'm not at home, but according to the chart in post one, it should 120mm x 92. it would be good, if another person can confirm this.
  8. Seekers of Slaanesh on 60mm x 35mm? or one size up?
  9. Uh, you said majority? Do you have evidence? Majority is kind of the same to most people... Just a joke ? But stop calling my name, we both made our points and it's enough. and in general I'm totally on your sight, It just doesn't happen so often in my area! (That was my point from the beginning).
  10. Of course, I don't have statistical data, so you are right in general. I'm just assuming that, because people play with the GH matched play rules in my area and what I heard from others. But if there were a survey, I would guess that there will be a majority for matched play with full rules (Battleline/Artefacts/Battletomes).
  11. Perhaps I should clarify, I have nice opponents and good games against them and we are not discussing a lot about rules... but we are playing with full rules ?
  12. not pure fantasy, more gothic, but looks good!
  13. AoS Skirmisher (soon), from the new WD. haven't seen it here yet.