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  1. Mayple

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    Eh, I'm not concerned All they did was tell us a bunch of stuff we already figured out, and cleared up some potential confusion regarding Verminking's spell (since it is currently VERMINUS models that are set up. i.e: Warbringer) Doesn't mean we don't get anything in the new handbook
  2. Mayple

    Let's Chat: Verminus

    I think your list is pretty solid. Only elements I'd consider changing is swapping the mortars for two units of gutter runners. Having the option to flank/threaten objectives on their side of the map will allow your heavy snipergunline more freedom in picking their targets. With mortars, your opponent can more easily prioritize where to go (hint: right at you )
  3. Mayple

    Let's Chat: Verminus

    Alright, so I've been wracking my brain to make the list effective. Here's what I got: 1. Warlord, 40 clanrats, 20 clanrats, 20 clanrats, 20 gutter runners, Warplightning cannon, Warpfire thrower. Or 2. Warlord, 40 clanrats, 40 clanrats, 20 clanrats, 20 clanrats, 20 gutter runners, 5 gutter runners Gutter runners being important for mindgames, sneaky tactics and forcing the opponent to deploy accordingly - warplightning + warpfire to serve as a detterent for big beasties charging my lines. Could potentially swap the warlord for a warlock-engineer to really hammer down on that deterrent, but I also like to be able to make my clanrats dangerous in a pinch. Thoughts?
  4. Mayple

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    I'm really hyped about the daily snippets thing they're doing. Got me coming back every day to see what's new, mentally invested even when I'm not doing that. Pretty solid move on GW's part I want to throw in two cents on the small optimism/pessimism philosophical discussion that popped up; I tend to see optimism as something that can, in the face of failure, bring one down - whilst pessimism brings -others- down, even if one succeeds. Food for thought.
  5. Mayple

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    Ah. Yes, if we assume human-speed infantry, which I would be very surprised seeing charged headlong into a blob of skelletons to begin with. You'd probably be looking at something more along the lines of a hard-hitting hammer unit, which tend to be capable of at least a bit more speed than that. Because if you're not going to hit them hard, you're better of not hitting them at all. Skelletons are sooo slow. It will take them all game just to cross a map, allowing their opponent to dictate how, when, and where any engagement take place. Anyway, you get the general idea. Skelletons, specifically, coming back is the least scary thing that could happen, and there are a bunch of ways of working around it
  6. Mayple

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    Retreat! What are they going to do about it? Slowly shuffle after you?
  7. Mayple

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    There's a lot of needless panic here. Take two massive pills of 'stop making mountains out of molehills' and call me in the morning Since we've been down this road before: let me just remind you all that skelletons have a movement value of 4. They might have returned to the table, but they're not coming back to a fight anytime soon. And, as was pointed out, you don't -have- to wipe out the whole unit. Pull your punches. Disregarding entirely that if you murder their general, nothing will be coming back at all. Oh no! Strategic choices!? All in all, I'm happy for death players. They deserve this.
  8. Mayple

    Let´s Talk Skyre

    Skryre has none so the new command abilities increase our command effectiveness by 300%
  9. Mayple

    Let's Chat: Verminus

    A 25mm base is around 0,9'' - this means something with 1'' reach can fight in two rows. Spears can fight in THREE rows
  10. Mayple

    Let's Chat: Verminus

    Doing a 1000 pts tournament on Sunday to bid the old edition adieu! I plan to do some devious stabbing and killing, so with that in mind; Any suggestions on which approach I should take? I have several in mind, but some additional insight is always welcome. I know for a fact that the following armies will show up: Death (One of the legions, probably night, packing a ferocious Terrorgheist) - Seraphon (My pesky arch-enemies. No Kroak. Probably) - Tzeentch (Possibly a changehost approach, I'm not sure. Should be able to swarm) - and Sylvaneth (Treelord ancient, one unit of Kurnoth bows, and Dryads) My approaches are as follows: Warlord, 40x stormvermin, 40x clanrats, 20x gutter runners. Or Warlord, 40x Stormvermin, 40x clanrats, 40x clanrats Or Warlord, Warlock-Engineer, 40x clanrats, 40x clanrats, 40x clanrats, 40x clanrats Or... Warlord, Warlock-Engineer, 40x clanrats, 40x clanrats, 40x clanrats, 20x Gutter runners. Alternatively, I could go all out and throw a Warpgnaw Verminlord into the mix. Somehow
  11. Mayple

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    I'm used to playing against Seraphon who would unbind all of my spells at global range, while I have no chance of unbinding theirs. The increased unbind range is a great change!
  12. Mayple

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    Ah! Then I'm eagerly awaiting day 13
  13. Mayple

    The Rumour Thread

    I've always enjoyed the excessive 'perfection' aspect of Slaanesh myself - along the lines of Emperor's children. If they throw out something like that, I might just get myself a Slaaneshi army Happy to see the host getting some love, regardless.
  14. Mayple

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    Not sure what you're getting at here. Feel free to elaborate
  15. Mayple

    Let's Chat: Verminus

    Maybe even a price reduction on Stormvermin! 40 for 400! Yes! Yes! This would be most pleasing! On a note of the clawpack - I paid for the app (for science!) to look into this whole thing; So it turns out that -all- the clawpacks cost 80 points each. You can find them under "Skaven" - but not under their respective alliances (with the exception of Eshin and such) - Which isn't all that important, because what is important is that they have a point cost allocated to them! All of them! 80 points! To put that in contrast - the other battalions (Verminkin's horde, Raiders, etc) are not visible at all, which adds further credibility to our clawpacks. I would say it is safe to use them, since the thing that has been denying us all this time was the lack of a point cost, which is now included. LET'S SHOW THEM WHAT WE GOT! MAN-THINGS ARE BACK ON THE MENU! I'm also super hyped about the whole "All heroes can use their command abilities" thing that has been mentioned in the new edition We've been wanting that for so long. Good thing I've already made five warlords! They won't be useless now!