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  1. I'm fairly new to aos, only really played a few games with friends. But why whenever I try to look up the answer to a question I have in the forums, most of what I see is just people ranting about, "this faction needs to be nerfed", "this army should never have been made", "ability is too overpowered", "that character needs to be nerfed". And then a few threads later I see, "why did they need this", "my army can't beat that army because I got nerfed", "if this is how GW is gonna do things then I'm out". And most of the time the reason that I see people complaining is because they are having a bit of trouble winning against a certain army, but the reason they are having trouble is because their army got nerfed, so now they want to nerf another army. I was told when I started this hobby that the community was supportive, but more than half of what I see and find is people complaining, and when someone offers advice most people either ignore it or respond with something like "well have YOU ever face them", or "you have no idea what you're talking about". And then there are the things I see and here about people being bullied away from certain armies because the community decided that if you play that armies your either a noob or a 'meta-chaser' or a bad person in general. Why? What happened? And why do I feel like everyone has it out for the death faction, and by extension me a death player?
  2. Review - The Emerald Host Thanks to Mr Anthony Poole on the ole Twitter machine, I have been able to see the new Nighthaunt battalions designed to represent Lady Olynder's dark and powerful Emerald Host, lets get stuck in. First Expectations When the Emerald Host was announced I was reasonably excited. Earlier Tome Celestial releases have either been a pleasing little addition (Anvils of the Heldenhammer sub-chamber) or an overtly pushed "probably to sell a particular under-performing model" release (Syll'esske and their Host). As anyone who reads here knows, I've never been a fan of Nighthaunt WHEN COMPARED to Legion of Grief. I had hopes that this release may give Nighthaunt some edge, maybe make them a more compelling choice. And worst to worst, hopefully the battalions would be cheap so Nighthaunt could have easier access to artifacts and CP while MAYBE getting a decent ability in the mix. Was I disappointed? Not even slightly. Lifting the Veil But you aren't here to read the faded dreams and distant longings of the local madman. You're here for substance, for something to sink your teeth into, the real meat and bones of the affair. And I would never deny you either. Well well, aren't these lovely. Thematic, with a delicate splash of lore to whet the whistle of those that enjoy that sort of thing (you know I do), a spice of viability at Warhost level gameplay (pour that right on) and a finishing touch of not being overpowered enough to attract undue attention (slide right under that radar baby) we have the finished product. But let's talk about each in scintillating detail. The Forgotten Scions - The Gang goes Horse-Trekking Already I'm in love. Use a command ability... for free? Well just move aside Archaon, a new Everchosen is in town. A Knight of Shrouds on Ethereal Steed is always going to be something Nighthaunt wants to take, and Dreadblade Harrows are THE unit for teleporting about in hero-centric missions and serving as a vehicle for the generic Command Abilities like All Out Attack and Inspiring Presence. Now take all of that and add a free spend on the Command Ability, while ALSO giving you a Command Point for taking a Battalion in the first place. KoSoES command ability is a premium tag on units that either have decent rend, or have potent on-hit effects. If only we knew a suitable unit that needs the help, and can actually keep pace with Malkor and his Lads. If only... The Dolorous Guard - Nobody Expects the Spectral Inquisition Oh lord Nagash yes. This is a battalion to finally make Hexwraiths worth taking. Using Malkor's command ability on these lads will have them attacking 4 times each on the charge, that's 40 attacks from a unit of 10. To make matters even sweeter, Melkor can hang out with them on the front lines and never die thanks to them shouting "Look Out Mr President" every time harm flies his way. Good thing Mr Melkor can take a Command Trait (he isn't actually a named character) called Ruler of the Spirit Hosts to return D3 slain MODELS to a unit nearby. Yes models, not wounds. A match made in Shyish. The Emerald Host - Mr Melkor's Wild Ride Yes, yes yes. No this might not be OP at Battlehost level games, but we weren't starving for a one drop option at that level anyway. What this WILL be viable at however is Warhost level, where it will be VERY viable. An amazingly cool, cavalry themed army that yields a whopping FOUR command points at the start of the game, one-drops the list (definitely take one of the two Chainrasp battalions here, Death Stalkers is a bait) and pops the ability to take the enemy general down a peg. Troubles with Katakros? Archaon up your nose? Got a Rotigus you just can't shake? Drop that armor save by 1 and watch as your Myrmourn Banshees turn Katakros into a 6+ save. I do however have a very interesting notion. "Any number of warscroll battalions"... does that mean we can take zero and only need to take Forgotten Scions and The Dolorous Guard to take this? I would await an FAQ but if we can... lordy lord. Overview Only one disappointment, where on earth is Olynder? The whole article talks about her history and grandiose power across the realms of death, but this battalion doesn't have a way to take her. Otherwise, I love this stuff. I'm a happy ghost. Look forward to some playtesting blogs with it.
  3. Hi All, I've decided to get back into the hobby. I've been out of the hobby since the dropping of WHFB 8th edition so I'm completely new to AoS. In 8th edition I've played both High Elves and Ogre Kingdoms, but I want to start a whole new army. Soulblight! The fast playing style, low model count, general tactics and the models make this the go to army for me. Also budget wise this should be a good army for me as I already know what I like to pick up from the shop. I tried making a list with those models and I'm curious what you guys think of it. The models I'd like to use are: 2x AoS SC Flesheater Courts which contains: 2x VLoZD 2x Flying Horror (Ghoul Kings conversion using the little Vargheist wings) 6x Vargheists 1 box of Tyranid Gargoyle Brood to convert the Ghouls from the SC kit to 10 Fell Bats Probably another 2 boxes of Vargheists The list I came up with using these models would be the following: Death - Soulblight - Swift Death = 2000 Points VLoZD - 440 -General -Lance, shield, chalice VLoZD - 440 -Lance, shield, chalice VL - 140 -Flying Horror VL - 140 -Flying Horror 4x3 Vargheists - 150x4=600 3x3 Fell Bats - 80x3=240 This is exactly 2000 points. I haven't made up my mind about artefact or lore of the vampires. I'd like to know what you think about it so far. If you have any tips or recommendations. If you have any tactical tips for this list? I'll be playing in an AoS group 2 or 3 times a month and there will probably be a tournament two times a year. The list doesn't have to be the most competitive list possible. It has to be a fun and good looking list which is competitive enough that I won't be losing every game.
  4. Hello, I am new to this forum and was just wondering what I could do with my Reiksguard horseback knights in AoS. I have about 20 of them and am a very much dedicated Free Peoples player, but I am struggling to find a use or 'count-as' ruleset for them. Any advice since Cities Of Sigmar is just around the corner? To make things easier, this is what I currently own in CoS: General on Griffin General on foot 40 Freeguild guard 20 Handgunners 30 xbows Helstorm rocket battery 10 Greatswords 3 Demis Luminark of Hysh Battlemage Bunch of SCE (although I don't prefer mixing them too much) So.. How could I incorporate the knights here?
  5. Why hello there stranger. Welcome, please, come sit with me a while, let me tell you about what will become an interesting (I hope) surmise of my modelling/painting/battling and other incoherent babbling to do with my (somewhat middle-aged) journey through Age of Sigmar. But before I begin I think it's right you should know a little more about me? My love affair with Warhammer started about 20 years ago when I first stepped into a Games Workshop at 11 years of age. Like many of you I'm sure; I was immediately hooked by the battles unfurling before me on teeny tiny battlefields in my local (and incredibly small) GW shop in The Lanes, Brighton. I was drawn initially to Warhammer Fantasy (as it was known then) not because of the system or models but because I had up to that point been an avid reader of fantasy since as long as I could, and, I'm not ashamed to admit I liked swords and boards more than lasers and robots. Now? - I quite like both. 😁 My first purchase was actually a box of static posed wood elves, and I painted them as close to the box art as I possibly could. I couldn't do eyes however so I painted big black stripes horizontally across their face and said they were "wearing masks to conceal their identity". Ingenious, I thought. πŸ™ˆ After flip-flopping around buying bits and bobs of whatever I fancied I started to "get into it" and decided I needed to pick and army and stick with it. I knew I wanted something of Elvish decent, but with a twist. So, I went for Dark Elves. With my goal set I went about slowly saving money, doing chores and working towards a playable and painted army. I had a somewhat chequered set of results with my Dark Elves, I mostly lost ( but that could be because I took as many assassins as humanly possible and stuffed them, hidden into blocks of spear men) but I had fun, I always relished revealing them to my enemy upon receiving a charge from their cavalry. Die scum! If there's one thing I learnt is that its worth sometimes just having fun. That, and well... don't put all your points in characters. I then quit as I progressed into my teenage years and got more engrossed in video games. I always still kept a inquisitive eye on the place though. Fast forward 15 years and here I am - 31, a father of one, soon to be two children... foolish Took. Now living at the other end of the country and with a plethora of adult-type stuff going on (read: adulting is boring) and I'm coming back, I want to get involved and play some more games. I still love games. So thats my first post - I think that will do for now, I'm looking forward to hanging out here and meeting the people. πŸ‘‹ All the best. Tom
  6. Anyone want to meet and play age of sigmar tomorrow. Don't mind afternoon or evening just let me know. The place is DARK SPHERE in London. I've just recently got into age of sigmar and finished painting a 1K army. Wouldn't mind playing a few beginner games if anyones up for it. Place is 186 Hercules Rd, Lambeth, London SE1 7LD
  7. Greetings to all fellow hobbiysts from our on-growing community here in Milan, Italy. Our name is Ludic Incoming Milano and our mission is to bring together people and gamers to play what the love the most and discover new games! In particular our Age of Sigmar community has grown a lot in the past months. We are currently holding Wednesday - Gaming nights featuring atleast 5 tables for Age of Sigmar. We are happy to be here and share our passion for the hobby with people all over the world!
  8. So i guess by the 60 notifications and 13 (a good omen) missed messages I woke up to on here it finally happened. Pestilens review of the book to come, I plan to leave the rest of the content to more educated minds than me. See you all then
  9. Hiya Fellas About a month ago me and a couple of mates decided to get into Warhammer and in particularly AoS. We have had tons of fun painting, collecting and playing our models however recently we have all decided to *buff* our army and make them more competitive for locals. My mates are playing Legions of Nagash And Ironjawz. My current army consists of...: Leaders 1x Bloodsecrator 1x Bloodstoker 1x Lord of Khorne on Juggernaut (Usually my general) 1x Slaughterpreist (With killing frenzy for Bloodletters) 1x Wrath Of Khorne Bloodthirster Units 3x Mighty Skullcrushers (Ensorcelled Axes) 3x Mighty Skullcrushers (Ensorcelled Axes) 3x Mighty Skullcrushers (Bloodglaives) 20x Bloodletters 5x Wrathmongers (These guys are so fun xD) 5x BloodWarriors (Gorefist) 10x Bloodreavers (I usually use them as a mobile blood tithe point.) Battalions Brass Stampede In total my army is: 1990/2000 I also have a Bloodthrone, 3 Bloodcrushers, 10 more Bloodreavers, 10 bloodwarriors (with two axes), 1 Khorgorath, and 1 Mighty Lord of Khorne, Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated as i am sure some other Khorne players may also find this discussion helpful. Please also share your combinations and past experiences which may also help out newer Khorne players. (Also i am doing doubles tomorrow with me and my IronJawz friend vs my Legions of Nagash friend and a Nighthaunt player. Tips on that would be ace!!) Thanks!!
  10. Melcavuk

    Bogdrinker Gargant

    Even the deep marshes and the boggy moors of the Realms are not untouched by the destruction of the Gargants, through the lurking shadow and impenetrable mists they lurk waste deep in the repugnant waters soaking up their fetid stench. Such a pungent odour whilst repellent is a boon to all those these Bog Drinkers would seek to consume, the soft mud of their marshes homes conceal the footfalls of even titanic Gargants and were it not for their odour these monsters could have their fill of livestock and innocents. Previously these hideous Gargants would have been content to lurk within their own swamps and bogs, preying upon those who staggered unwittingly into their domain. But even such forgotten corners of the realms have not escaped the wars that now spread like wildfire. The pestilent touch of Nurgle has encroached upon the Bogdrinker homelands, poisoning all they would have called food, worse still comes the touch of Nagash where even their old meals now seek to bite back against the Gargants. As their habitats become increasingly hostile the Bogdrinkers are stirred to move further from their homes, marching onwards toward unwitting new victims Many Bog Drinkers bear noticeable traits from their homeland, massive gills to breath as they lurk just beneath the waters of the marshland, bulbous eyes to see even in the low hanging mists that conceal them. Other have webbed toes and fingers to wade faster through the thickened waters.

    © Ricki Smith

  11. Howdy. Me and my mates decided to get into Age Of Sigmar about a month ago now and all decided to get an army each and have some fun with it. Personally i thought Khorne looked really fun and also kind of gave me nostalgia from the Heroes of might and magic series inferno faction. I have been having tons of fun painting, building and playing Khorne and having games 3 times a week at my locals and with my friends is a really enjoyable experience. A month later and we are still having alot of fun playing however we are all trying to get a lot more competitive (Which i see as a good thing). Some of our other friends may also be getting into AoS so hopefully i will be playing for a long time. Today i decided to make an account to receive tips and advice from other experienced players and will also try to help you guys out as well. Looking forward to hearing from ya!
  12. Good morning all, The spark of creativity has caught me again and whilst looking for a decent narrative arc to design a new faction I stumbled across the lonely looking model of the Ogor Firebelly in a faction all on his own, the model is packed full of details and the small snippet of Lore with Gorkamorka being revered as the Great Suneater along with the factions passion for fire and all things burning really got my creative juices flowing. So working from that small narrative blurb on one cool model I have resolved to attempt to design, create and eventually share in a nice pretty package a battletome for the faction I have since renamed from the quirky but a bit flat "Firebellies" to the "Suneater Tribes" So to the concept, unlike alot of other Grand Alliances I am not all that fond of mono race builds for Destruction, instead I want to approach this as a common theme that caught up many of the races into a shared ideal in how to burn the world to a cinder. So I will be looking into integrating Grots, Ogors, Trogoths and Warbeasts into this faction. The background is still a heavy work in progress so I'll start with key themes instead: - Fire Centric - Faction uses INFERNO tokens representing massive ritual fires to the Suneater, unlike other factions they do not place their own terrain but instead slowly burn everything on the table (Destruction not creation) - Destruction PRIEST and WIZARD heroes, Gorkamorka being a god and all I'm looking to integrate priests (mostly grot) and wizards (mostly Ogor) both into the faction, the priests stoke the fires and the wizards then use said flames to punish enemies. - New units - As well as liberating a few unloved scrolls from other destruction factions the aim here is to boost the roster of warscrolls available to destruction and tie them into an engaging force, for this reason I will be working on a number of new unit conversions aswell. UNIT CONCEPTS: The concept all started with the Firebelly model but to really kick start the faction I had to make it more epic, for it to be the creative lynch pin of the force I needed a sense of impact and grandeur so here is my current WIP of the Exalted Prophet on Magma Drake: And a Concept Warscroll: Aswell as a WIP warscroll for a Grot Firestarter Priest: If anyone wants to contribute ideas, background, scroll concepts or feedback I'd love as much help as possible! Cheers Ricki (Keep up with the conversions here: I will continue to update this first post after this point with any changes, new scrolls or information that we build up as a community for this project aswell as my own musings so anyone new to the thread can see the latest information ALLEGIANCE ABILITIES The Tribes of the Suneaters do not construct villages or monuments to some petty god of Man or Aelf, nor do they waste their time digging in the dirt hoping a tree sprouts to do their bidding. The Suneater demands that all be burnt in his name that the flames might reach up to the sky itself and set it ablaze. An army with the SUNEATER TRIBE allegiance gains the PYRES OF THE SUNEATER special rule, additionaly: PRIEST of the Suneater tribes may select a prayer from the INVOCATIONS OF THE SUNEATER WIZARDS of the Suneater tribes may select a spell from the LORE OF FLAME HEROES of the Suneater who are able to select an artifact may do so from the SAVAGE TROPHIES list, alternatively if they have the TOTEM keyword they may select from the MARKS OF AQSHY. Pyres of the Suneater Before either army deploys on the battlefield select one piece of TERRAIN and place a single INFERNO MARKER, it is possible for other INFERNO MARKERS to be placed throughout the game through abilities or artifacts. Each turn you may enact the below rule in your hero phase: PYRES OF THE SUNEATER In your hero phase count the number of INFERNO MARKERS currently on the battlefield and select an armywide ability from the chat below. You may select one ability to enact until your next hero phase upto the number of pyres you have (you may select a lower number ability if you wish) to channel the favour of the Suneater. Only one such Pyre Ability may be in force at any one time. Once an ability has been enacted roll a D6, on a roll of 1 you must remove 1 INFERNO MARKER from the battlefield as it is drained of its energies. INFERNO MARKERS ABILITY 1 Choking Smoke – With the smoke from the Pyre hanging low over the battlefield the Suneaters can conceal themselves with ease. Subtract 1 from any attacks targetting a SUNEATER TRIBES model in the shooting phase 2 The Leaping Flame – SUNEATER TRIBE models may reroll failed charge rolls this turn, in addition any successful charge that rolls a 9+ immediately inflicts 1 mortal wound on an enemy unit within 3 inches. 3 The Roaring Blaze – SUNEATER TRIBE units may run and shoot, or run and charge for the duration of this turn. A unit may not elect to do both however. 4 Undying Embers – SUNEATER TRIBE HEROES immediately heal D3 wounds, additionally increase the attack characteristics of their weapons by 1 until your next hero phase. 5 or more Shimmering Heat – SUNEATER TRIBE units that suffer a wound or mortal wound may ignore them on a D6 roll of 5+ this turn as the heat of the blaze warps away otherwise mortal blows. Prayers: The priests of the Suneater dance frantically around the Pyres to his glory, each seeking to harness the flames of his almighty majesty that they might garner a small portion of his attention to smite their foes. Each PRIEST in a Suneater tribes army may select one Prayer from the list below, this prayer may be invoked in addition to any known on their Warscroll. You may select a prayer or alternatively opt to roll a D6 to reflect the random nature of the whims of destructions. INVOCATIONS OF THE SUNEATER Wrath of the Blackened Wyrm – A priest channels his will into the thick black smoke billowing from the pyres, coiling it like a serpent to obscure the Fireeaters from their foes. Pick one TERRAIN feature within 15 inches of this priest and roll a D6, on a roll of 4 or more enemy models may no longer draw line of sight through or over that terrain feature. Judgement of the Suneater – The best blades are formed in the hottest of flames, pick a friendly unit within 12 inches and roll a D6, on a 4 or more that unit immediately heals D3 wounds. On a roll of 1 however they are found unworthy and instead the target unit suffers D3 mortal wounds. Volcanic Blows – Pick a friendly unit within 3 inches and roll a D6, on a 5 or more that units weapons are charged with the force of a volcanic eruption. Until your next hero phase whenever your target unit rolls of a 6 or more to hit resolve their attacks at a rend of -2. Under the heel of Gork – Select an enemy unit within 18 inches and roll a D6, on a roll of 5 or more that unit counts its SAVE as its movement value until your next hero phase (A unit with a save of 3+ now has a move of 3) as they feel the weight of Gorks mighty foot pushing down upon them. Burning Blood – Select a friendly unit within 3 inches and roll a D6, on a roll of 4 or more that unit is enchanted. Until your next hero phase, if at the end of any combat phase that unit has lost wounds in close combat their attacker suffers D3 mortal wounds as their foes blood burns at their skin. Burn it all – Select a friendly INFERNO MARKER and roll a D6, on a roll of 5 or more your prayer has been successful. Roll a dice for every ENEMY model within 6 inches of that marker, on a roll of 6 or more that model suffers a mortal wound as the pyres flame suddenly erupts outwards. TROPHIES OF AQSHY The Elusive Spark – This shimmering spark was once a fire imp, its essense ripped away by Suneater priests it now fuels a lantern lengthening and distorting the shadows of its bearer into a haunting spectre. Enemy models within 6 inches of this model reduce their Bravery by 2 Drakeblood Oils – Pick one MELEE weapon for the bearer to apply these oils to, this cannot belong to their mount. Any wound rolls of 6 or more with this weapon inflict a single mortal wound in addition to their normal damage Embers of the first Pyre – Blessed are those given but a part of the first Pyre of the Suneaters, this model counts as an INFERNO MARKER for all purposes except for the Pyres of the Suneater special rule. Molten Cloak – The bearers cloak ripples and shifts as though a coarsing magma flow, enemy models attacking this Hero in the combat phase must reroll any hit rolls of a 6 as they are captivated by the cloak. Volcanic Shield – Hits struck against this shield reverberate with the deafening boom of a volcanic eruption, Cunning Ogors bang their blades against the shield on the charge to send their foes off balance. Enemy units within 3 inches of this HERO may not be selected to attack in Melee until all other units have been resolved. Bonehewn Effigy – This model has a small token effigy of the Suneater carved from the bones of a great drake, it is said when the strength of the bearer begins to leave their form they may drain the last of the drakes energies from the bone to reinvigorate themselves. Once per battle in your hero phase you may elect to use this effigy, restoring D3 wounds to this model. SUNEATER TRIBE UNIT ROSTER Heroes: Volsungr on Magma Drake (mounted wizard ogre) Gothi Fyri (goblin priest) (new scroll) Besekr (Ogre buff wizard) (new scroll) Battleline: Ashen Grots – Grots by their very nature and small stature often find themselves at the bottom of the pecking order in the mortal realms, yet these cunning creatures are drawn to power either desiring the accquisition of it or to be elevated by their very proximity to it. Those that follow the will of the Suneater do so with a fanatical devotion, revelling with glee in their ability to slip past the walls of the cities of order and start a blaze deep in the heart of their enemies fortifications. These blazes are much like the grots, small and weak when isolated but when many rise up together they are able to topple even the biggest of foes. Ashen grots make up a large portion of the Suneater tribes, and their fanatical cackling laughter ripples through the forces with every fresh pyre lit, they bombard their foes with an endless onslaught of black powder spark grenades or get in close to slit throats with crude but glistening obsidian blades. (Battleline) The Svangur – Sunbleached and half Starved ogors saved from the Desert by the will of the Suneater, these fanatics descend on their prey with startling speed and ravenous appetite. Those who have looked upon the face of the Suneater are often driven mad by the experience, gouging out their fingernails in a gruesome display of devotion and forcing in jagged shards of obsidian in their place, others go even further, ripping the teeth from their mouth to replace them with wickedly curved metallic tusks with which to gorge their foes during the feasting on the battlefield. These Svangur never truly lose the hunger they felt when wandering the deserts, it is ingrained into every element of their being and the urge to feast drowns their every sense, on the field of battle they a gruesomely gore drenched sights as they feed on fallen foes before descending packlike onto the next. (Battleline if your army has SUNEATER allegiance and your general is a BESERKR) Gullveig Ogors – Basic Ogor infantry of the Suneater Tribes, they combine the old Iron Guts weapons as specialist weapon choices within a traditional Ogor unit Other: Bal Kasta – Ogors firing shards of burning rock from crude blunderbusses. Aldin Draken – The Aldin Draken are enormous even for Ogors, drawn from the ranks of the Svangur these chosen of the Suneater have walked the blasted wastes alone and without supplies to look upon the face of the Suneater and be judged. Those who emerged from the wasteland are a cruel sight to behold, their skin is blistered and scarred, coarse to the touch but toughened in the eternal heat of the Suneaters embrace. Their eyes have blackened to coal seemingly at once unseeing and all too piercing for their kin to endure, some say to be looked upon by the Aldin Draken is to face the wrath of Gorkamorka himself. When they return these champions do not seek food or comfort, instead ascending the peak of the Wyrms nest, a bustling feeding ground for the Wingless Drakes of Aqshy, here they face their final test. To ascend to the rank of Aldin Draken the champion must first claim his mount from the vicious lizards that populate the Wyrms nest, each must engage in mortal combat with the mount with many succumbing to the cruel claws and wicked beaks of the fattened lizards and feeding the nest.. Those who emerge triumphant use brute force and strength of will to beat a drake into submission, triumphants ridding their new bruised and beaten companion down from the mountaintop. In battle these Cavalry are slow and cumbersome, the drakes themselves lumbering and covered in heavily armoured scales whilst their riders wield crude heavy crossbows firing obsidian tipped barbed bolts across the battlefield, Often first into the fight they are more than a match for many a mortal hero and used as the elite guard for the Prophets of the Suneater Tribes. Pyre Belcher – a great beast from Aqshy bloated and tormented by its Grot handlers, when needed it can be provoked to unleash a great torrent of burning saliva in the rough direction of the enemy (altered squig gobba) Behemoth Slatr Warbeast – "When one looks upon the Slatr Warbeast it is hard not to be wowed by the majestic nature of this primal creature, it is not by any stretch of the imagination a creature of traditional beauty but one evolved perfectly for longevity and resilience. Indeed it has never been recorded of such a creature perishing due to natural causes lending credence to the theory that such a beast may be immortal lest for death by less natural themes. Its flattened and bullish face is akin to many a nightmare as a child with the full stretch of its maw measured at over a cart in width and at least the same in depth to the gullet though I have yet to find an apprentice willing to test that, when looking into its eyes you are struck by the sheer simplicity of the creature not burdened by higher thought or malice. The juveniles of the species are often found in migratory herds travelling alongside the Suneater tribes of Aqshy, seemingly drawn moth like to the pyres to their primitive gods that these tribes are prone to igniting, indeed the subdued state these creatures enter in the presence of such a blaze has allowed ramshackle howdahs to be assembled across the beasts broad backs. It is then sadly witnessed that when these savage tribes march to war they goad the Slatr alongside them, bombarding their enemies from afar with crude catapults launching burning debris down the battlefield. Such burning projectiles seemingly spur their mounts onwards chasing the bright lights racing across the sky" Mighty Slatr – Dwarfing even the regular Slatr these beasts of war can carry units into battle, they are also inspiring to those Suneaters nearby as living manifestations of the might of the Suneater. Crewed by an Ogor chieftan with Balkasta as their personal guard. (Edit mammoth scroll)) Magma Dragon (use normal scroll) Warmachine Stone Hewn Effigy - This crudely hewn effigy is said to show the true face of the Suneater, a cruel and jagged visage of a massive Ogors face carved out of an enormous volcanic boulder said to of been thrown by the Suneater himself during the first eruption of Aqshys biggest volcano. It is chained to a demi-gargant who has the hnour of bearing it into battle, dragging it through the dirt behind him in a testament to its gods glory. SUNEATERS BATALLIONS Fire and Ruin The Ogors and Grots are not the only ones who revere the great Suneater, though perhaps the most prolific, many an Orruk or Troggoth has been swayed by the roaring flames and blistering heat of the devotions of the great god of Flame. These would be worshippers form a court around particularly adept or potent Volsungr hoping to learn... or steal the secrets of the Suneater tribes and their seeming favourable position in the eyes of their savage God. - Volsungr on Magmadrake - 3-5 DESTRUCTION WIZARDS Forbidden Knowledge- The Volsungr from this Batallion knows the SOLAR FLARE spell in addition to any other spells known. Other Wizards in this batallions know one additional LORE OF FIRE spell in addition to other spells they know. Trials by Fire- WIZARDS from this Batallion may reroll one failed casting attempt once per turn. To do so inflict D3 mortal wounds on one model from this batallion before attempting the reroll. In the Presence of Greatness - WIZARDS from this batallion may add 1 to casting and unbinding rolls if they are within 3 inches of any other models from this battalion. Deluge of Phlegm and Fire The Gothi Fyri revel in malicious delight at setting blazes, the more prolific... the bigger the flame, the louder the screams of their victims burning alive the better. Some Gothi Fyri take the opportunity in the heat of battle to slip from the front lines (if they every truly made it there in the first place) to poke and prod at the mighty pyre belchers as they launch their burning deluge down the field. In their manic delight they often find themselves loading the giant squigs gullet with all and sundry to stoke their flames higher, praying and screaching to the great Suneater for a stronger flame to consume their foes. 1-3 Gothi Fyri 2 x Ashen Grot Units 3 Pyre Belcher Tsunami of Spit - In your hero phase roll a D6 for every pure belcher from this batallion within 6 inches of a Gothi Fyri. On a 4+ that unit may shoot as if it were the hero phase. Survival of the Cunning - Ashen Grots from this batallion gain the β€œCunning not Brave” rule from the Gothi Fyri Warscroll.
  13. Hello! I am new at foruk. I am from Argentina and play Sylvaneth!
  14. Hi there! I'm looking at building my very first army ever for age of sigmar and the Idoneth was my first pick due to aesthetics. I've never built a list before and only ever played three tutorial games in total (I have played other tabletop games like warmahordes and bushido). So what I have on hand which I bought on release day is the following: 1 xAkhelian Leviadon 10 x Namarti Thralls 1 x Akhelian Allopex 1 x Isharann Soulscryer 1 x Isharann Tidecaster 1 x Akhelian King 1 x Lotann, Warden of the Soul Ledgers 1 x Eidolon of Mathlann (have not decided which aspect to build him as of yet) I would love your input on a list and what I need to buy in addition to create a decent competitive army. Thanks a lot in advance
  15. Daughters of Khaine book has revealed some interesting snippets on something called the Idoneth Deepkin. Now, normally this would just be another lore snippet, but they're also listed as Allies to the #DoK! Could this be a new Aelf faction?! #ageofsigmar Games Workshop guy with perks has just posted this on twitter: Sea Aelves rumour confirmed
  16. Greetings friends. I was a long time (off and on) player of WFB collecting Wood Elves, Dwarfs and a Goblin focused army. I discounted AoS when it first came out but with its 2nd edition right around the corner I was planning on giving it a try. From looking over what I can (with a borrowed copy of the Core Rules and Generals Handbook) It appears all of my original armies are split into sub factions. My main question is can a goblin focused army be fun and/or moderately competitive? How would it be built? Currently I own (roughly) Shaman on foot x3 Boss on Giant Spider Boss on foot x2 Goblins with Spear/shield 200~ Goblins with bows 100~ skulkers x6-9 (cant remember) Wolf Chariots x6 Doom Diver x1 Spear Chucka x3 Rock Lobba x2 Wolf Riders with spears, shields and bows x20 Spider Riders with spears, shields, bows x10 Arachnarok with or without shaman Giants x2 Looking over the factions it looks like I have Git Mob Grots and Spiderfang Grots. Playing around in the Warscroll builder it appears they have access to no Battalions? While I appear to have tons of models based on cost I cant make heads or tails out of how to throw da boyz together. I would love to hear some thoughts (as of course I can go Order with my Elves, Trees and Dwarfs instead) as Goblins while they didn't win made for some humorous games in WFB. -Waaagh
  17. Hi All I am fairly new to AoS (played a bit of fantasy in secondary school a long, long time ago) and decided to start collecting Khorne Bloodbound. I am enjoying playing a lot but I am getting to a stage were I'd like to take a step up and maybe invest in taking my collection to the 2000pt level. I currently have the Bloodbound half of the AoS starter set (Mighty Chaos Lord, Bloodsecrator, Bloodstoker, Khorgorath, 5 Blood Warriors and 20 Bloodreavers) and was wondering what would be best to add next? I like the look of some of the other chaos factions, Brayherds and Warherds especially but I don't know if these would be fluff friendly allies or indeed if the benefits of expanding to new factions would outweigh any negatives. Also do Daemons and Monsters of Chaos count as part of the core if given the mark of Khorne? (I like the look of Be'lakor, if not maybe a Daemon Prince) Any help or advice would be much appreciated. Sam
  18. Hi guys I am person who has just gotten into AoS and into Miniature war gaming in general, I decided to dive deep into this hobby because I greatly enjoy painting miniature and I always have drive to keep improving my art skills. Also I have always been a fan of Warhammer after I played video games such as Warhammer Online and Dawn of War. Currently I am working on my Ironjawz armies because I always loved Warhammer Orcs from both Universe and I hope to eventually get into the gaming part of the hobby.
  19. I WILL BE BACK - said Arnold Schwarzenegger a lot of time ago. Well, now I'm back. A lot of time ago I was trying to play WHFB. I loved the setting and the models. But I didn't like the rules, at all. I always thought that they were somehow clunky. Those were the times of the 6th and 7th edition. I played 40k instead with my Necrons. But now, I was hearing so many positive things on AoS, even if at the beginning I didn't like how GW was handling one of their main games. But the rules are free, so why not to try those one day? So, I still have models that I can use as Slaves to Darkness. Are they a solid choice for Slaves to Darkness army? - Exalted Champion (two weapons, one is a model from Avatars of War range) x2 - Chaos Knights x5 (old ones with swords and axes, metal minis) - Warriors of Chaos x15 (weapons and shields) - Chaos Marauders x16 (flails and shields) - Chaos Spawns x2 - 15x Chosen (great weapons, they are from Avatars of War range) Second question, how the marks work? In WHFB I was running a Nurgle themed force but I'm painting again all of the models to be a mix of Undivided and Khorne. Are the marks working like in 6th and 7th edition (when the army's General has a Mark, all troops with different Marks than him are rarer in the army - Troops become Special choices and Special become Rare) and you pay extra points for them? I need to run a god-specific army (like Khorne Bloodbound) or can I (without any penalties) run a mixed force? Have a nice day, guys! Happy wargaming
  20. Hello All. Name is Jarek but Y'all can call me JZ. Originally from Poland, now South Western UK. I wanted to start this hobby for, like, forever. Finally i bought this small, unholy box called Storm of Sigmar and this started my real path down to addiction. At this moment i'm waiting for a courier with AoS starter but, sadly, i haven't decided with army to collect (for now the Bloodbound + deamons are on my mind).
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