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  1. This is my first of a new "faction" in death that uses stormcast models with nighthaunt bits added on. based off the concept of Pharus Thaum. Nagash has quite a few stormcast eternal souls but couldnt figure out wht to do with them until he reforged Pharus Thaum as per Arkhan's suggestions. this is my first attempt at this faction. i got rid of fly in favor of 4 DP because it didnt make sense for this character to have fly. what do you think?
  2. Unfortunately I don't have access to any way t ok acquire tomb kings models
  3. Same Haven't started soulblight collection yet(hoping for new/plastic model) Just starting my FEC collection, any suggestions of where to start? OBR is bone-tithe master, and one of each mortisan, 1 havester, 1 unit of stalkers, 3 units of 2 mortek guard NH is my biggest, 2 soul wars boxes + grimhailer and the mortarch of grief LoN I have Arkhan, 1 unit of black knights, 2 units of skeletons (skeleton horde starter box) Looking to get the get started boxes for both malignant and flesh eater courts (hope the make a vampire one) I like to cycle my list. But usually only play with friends. (Still don't have Nagash 😣😭)
  4. Looking to do something like cities of Sigmar, but more church of Nagash like.
  5. Uummm.... how would I go about doing that?
  6. @Sttufe is there a way to move the thread?
  7. Any way to run priests/Humans of Nagash? Like the human priesthood that worships Nagash? Do they ally with death armies?
  8. This is the same kind of thing I came across with my Nighthaunt and Ossiarch Bonereapers, hence the reason I started this thread. I try to do so, but sometimes people can be..... people?
  9. I got the joke. And decided to make a jab at the god/man-child in the stars that plays with toy soldiers he makes from tin(sigmarite) (he even named the metal after himself) in return😲🤗
  10. Maybe? I'm just going off what I remember reading, in which Nagash while not necessarily the nicest person, isn't the incarnation of pure evil that a couple people on this thread are hyping him up to be. From what people on here are saying he wants everything dead, but in the battletomes he doesn't. He's just super pissed off that people keep stealing souls from him. I mean how would Sigmar feel if Nagash started stealing stars from him? He'd probably throw a hissy fit like the overgrown child he is and smash some things belonging to Nagash. All Nagash did was try to recover what was stolen and install a big ol' vacuum lock.
  11. I'll have to check that out. Someone is borrowing my malign portents book.
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