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  1. ierthling

    Barak Thryng

    Can someone help me understand how to get the most out of the Barak Thryng "Take help where you can get it" Rule? I understand 1/4 units can be any Duardin, and with that not counting against ally points you could bring some extra non-KO Duardin as allies as well. I'm wondering, though, how you take advantage of the units gaining "Barak Thryng" as a keyword, since most of our buffs and things seem to operate off "Skyfarers" or other keywords like that. Are there particular Duardin units or combos of units that work well in an otherwise normal KO force? Runesmiter + Fyreslayers seems like a good possibility; I love gyrocopters and gyrobombers, but do they add anything really? Other combos that look good or that you've had success with? Thanks!
  2. Hey guys - new to KO, and as I’m putting my guys together I’m trying to settle on a first 1k list to build, using the miniatures I have: an Aether Wars KO half, and the Skyfleet Battleforce box. The core I’m working with is Admiral, flying Endrinmaster, 9 Endrinriggers (maybe too many, I know, but I love these guys and they’re what I have), but I can round out the 1000 points with either a Frigate and 10 Arkanauts (1000 pts exactly) or 2 Gunhaulers. In a small game, I like the idea of two boats as giving me a lot of mobility options, and the Gunhaulers seem like good bang for buck; with the compartments endrinworks on one there’s a spot for the Admiral to do his thing, and the rest of the guys can float along with the boats. That said, Frigate + Admiral + Garrison of Arkanauts seems like a strong combo, and it gives me more boots on the ground in terms of objective claiming. I’d love any suggestions from you guys! I’ll be buying my way towards Thunderers, more Arkanauts, an Ironclad etc someday, but for now I’m looking for options with what I’ve got. Thanks!
  3. Thanks, Baron! I'm all for a bigger blob of stormfiends, so I'll definitely be working in that direction eventually. Right now 2x3 is all I've got, but once they put out new acolytes or I buckle and convert some, I'll definitely try bigger stormfiend blocks.
  4. Guys this is all super helpful and interesting, thanks for taking the bait! I’m really hoping they’ll release a new version of the acolytes soon - seems like it could happen, since they made Skryre the centerpiece of the new starter. For now, though, I think I’ll be sticking to my stormfiends personally, so I’m glad to hear they can work well with the arch-warlock buffs. I think to start with I’ll be running something like 2 x3 Stormfiends, Bombardier, WLC, Doomwheel, and I guess maybe I’ll try to grab a weapons team for the few leftover points. But it’s good to have these ideas to work towards!
  5. Thanks guys! I’m glad to hear it’s not totally worthless. I love the “blow yourself up” aspect - I feel like it would be a fun army to just go for broke with and see what chaos ensues. @Balloon Dwarf how do you decide among the heroes (arch-warlock, bombardier, engineer) or the weapons teams? Just looking at them on paper I’m a little puzzled in both cases how to sort out which ones I want for which purposes.
  6. Hey guys - so I bought Carrion Empire because I play FEC, but instead of selling off the Skaven half I've kind of fallen in love with the idea of trying a small model count Clan Skryre army. To aim for the 1000 level, I was thinking of just getting a second Skaven half of Carrion Empire, which would give me two units of Stormfiends for my battlelines, two Bombardiers, and then a choice of some combo from the 2 lightning cannons and doomwheels to make up the rest. Building towards 2000, I would imagine getting or proxying enough acolytes to run a little block of them (not as easy to do right now as I'd like, of course, but I think I can manage it with some converting), adding maybe a Verminlord Warpseer, and some combo of ratling guns, warp-grinders, warpfire throwers, and doom-flayers. But (as someone who runs big hordes in FEC), I'm just not that interested in getting into another horde army right now. I know hordes are the way Skaven have usually worked, and the Skaventide army bonuses in general still favor big units, but I'm wondering about the viability of a Skryre force that keeps the model count pretty low. I'm not looking to win any tournaments or anything, just to have fun, but of course it's not fun to lose every game before it even starts. Could an smc Skaven list work? Any thoughts or suggestions on how to make it especially fun, flavorful, or effective to play? Thanks!
  7. I'm really loving how diverse these list archetypes are! I haven't gotten to play with it yet, but I feel like the new tome really makes a bunch of different FEC lists feasible. I'm looking forward to trying a super fast Blisterskin list, but I'd also love to do a Gristlegore monster mash (just need a third monster!). I even see people sticking it out with Ghoul Patrol despite the nerf, and with Horrors despite the lack of change. I really hope things stay this way - I know most of the time when a new tome / codex comes out, just one or two list archetypes emerge pretty quickly as the most / only effective ones, but I'd love it if FEC turned out to be a faction you could successfully build so many different ways!
  8. I like it! Although if you dropped the ghoul king from one of your terrorgheists you could run it as battleline in gristelgore and only need two little ghoul blocks, could free up some other interesting options...
  9. Hey y’all - the general FEC thread tends to have a lot of different overlapping discussions at once, so I thought it might be useful to start a separate thread to focus on building lists with the new battletome. Here’s what I’m looking to start with: Blisterskin Allegiance: Flesh-eater Courts Grand Court: Blisterskin Leaders Abhorrant Archregent (200) Spell: Blood Feast Abhorrant Ghoul King on Terrorgheist (400) General Artefact: Eye of Hysh Command Trait: Hellish Orator Spell: Spectral Host Mount Trait: Gruesome Bite Varghulf Courtier (160) Battlelines Crypt Flayers x6 (340) Crypt Flayers x6 (340) Crypt Ghouls x20 (200) Behemoths Royal Terrorgheist (300) Endless Spells Chalice of Ushoran (40) Total Points: 1980 I’d love thoughts and suggestions, but even more, I’d love to see the lists you have in mind for your first games with the new Tome!
  10. Thanks @XReN, I didn't realize "attack sequence" was just that single die! Definitely need to buy some more terrorgheists now...
  11. @Honkand @XReN, thanks for the terrorgheist thoughts! Can somebody help me clarify how the new Gaping Maw works though? (Screenshot from the Warscroll below). Unmodified attack roll of 6 does 6 mortal wounds - so far so good. But I’m a little confused about “and the attack sequence ends.” Does that mean, for example, that if you rolled multiple sixes, only one would do the mortal wounds, or would they all go off simultaneously? Does it also prevent you from using Skeletal Claws? Fairly new to AoS and I’m a little uncertain how to untangle the timing of “attack sequence ends.”
  12. So by total coincidence I just started collecting FEC a couple of months ago, and I’m super excited about the new tome. I’m wondering about people’s thoughts on Terrorgheist vs Zombie Dragon (with or without AGK) in the new era. Before, I could really see the value of a AGKoZD because summoning two courtiers with Majestic Horror just seemed crazy good. But now, I’m wondering how to build these guys out - is there still a place for the Zombie Dragon (either with a king on him, or without as battleline in Gristlegore)? Or should I just focus on TGs for now? Appreciate any thoughts comparing the two!
  13. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/02/08/8th-feb-flesh-eater-courts-preview-endless-spells-and-the-charnel-thronegw-homepage-post-4/?fbclid=IwAR0kiMXA40wwous7nE1QDqGv6m2Fg3DVWWXY3vOwVLnONSU9Np8zThcr7lU Y'all this stuff looks sick. Not totally sure how good the endless spells will be, although I see some potential, but the throne sounds amazing and it's free!!
  14. Thanks guys - I fooled around with it for a bit and then just gave up and made all horrors. It was all too fiddly. Oh well.
  15. Fellow flesh-eaters: have any of you magnetized the arms/wings for your horrors/flayers? I’d like to have both options, and I’m used to magnetizing, but the connections are so uneven and weird I’m having trouble figuring out how to manage it. If you’ve done it, I’d love to hear about how you approached it, or see some pictures of how you arranged the magnets! (posted the same question in the facebook group, so apologies if anyone ran into it twice!)
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