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  1. The Stuff of Legends PDF in the link above is incredibly inspirational. I want to run out and get stuff to make some idols, paint little rocks as Ur-Gold, etc., etc. I highly recommend you snag a copy of it - it brings the tabletop alive and narratives will naturally follow!
  2. Has anybody played this Witch Hunter? I'd love to know how he fares.
  3. Mr. White had me at "Flesh Eater Courts". Grimdark indeed.
  4. I just wish they'd have put this in a different location than Skirmish. It's going to confuse people.
  5. I have the rules (incredibly inexpensive), and I think it's a great way to ease into AOS. With a hero and a box or two you can grow a warband as large as allowed. This is helping focus my painting as I stare of several unpainted armies.
  6. Lots to go: 1) paint the Stormboys (over 6k) 2) paint the Liz boys (3k) 3) get & paint Big Bug girl (rest of all Treeboys done; this hits 4K) 4) paint the Bloodboys (6k? - 3 starter kits + but a few dozen done) 5) wash & detail the many old Deadboys (4K?) 6) dig out & bring to life the Manboys of the Empire (3k?) Tzeentchboys almost done but I have a problem.
  7. 2 is always better than 1. Embrace the diversity ... But I still want to run AOS Lizardmen against 40K Guard when they unite the systems.
  8. For me, I have all the 40k armies but it was just too darn much work to play 7th. I think I'll just get the starter box and the 5 index books. That will keep it simple like AOS and I don't crave all the combo complexity the new Codexes will bring.
  9. If you have half a brain you have some zombies.
  10. I've been lost in this site for a couple hours now. Great recommendation! Especially for nay-Sayers who don't think AOS is tactical.
  11. And when Overlords bring it up they're "passing" the gas.
  12. Yes Bottle, please tell us more!
  13. I got a bag of these but they're disappointingly small. Got a bag of zombie dogs too but they're tiny. They all glow in the dark though. :o) i got the Mantic ones too and kit bashed them with extra 40k shoulder pads, guns & gear. They make great Nurgle trash troops.
  14. I hate to think of what's in his Bidet.
  15. Got my US copy today. Earliest arrival for a monthly.