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  1. Some inspirational art

    The spirit of Frank is strong in this thread.
  2. In 40k I could see the Space Marines falling back into civil war as more competing Primarchs are released. In AOS I could see mindless Stormcast armies devolving as they lose their humanity after numerous reforgings.
  3. The Rumour Thread

    Imagine the damage a whole unit of Shards could do... I could also go for a unit of female Marauders. The old ones are very meh.
  4. Let's Chat: Ironweld Arsenal

    I love the pile of cannon balls, but aren't they a bit big for that gun?
  5. This is starting to get as involved as the Mueller investigation. My Aelf-foo is weak, so I'm struggling to get up to speed. Thanks to all for the insights.
  6. Da Kharadron Orkanauts!

    The hits just keep on coming. Outstanding.
  7. Ogors and Gorkamorka

    It looks like I need me some Beastclaw big boys, but they are BIG models to carry around. How many would buff one unit or two of each Ogor troop type sufficiently to be fairly stompy?
  8. Ogors and Gorkamorka

    I'd like to see them get kickstarted again. I just found a bunch in a box and I'd like to field them. From what I've heard they're not very competitive these days.
  9. How are the Mangler Squigs as models?

    Isn't that thing real likely to break?
  10. Mortal Seraphon

    Flamingwalnut took the words out of my mouth. A lot of time has passed now in AOS and I like the idea that they have been 'reimagined' back into living lizards. Poor little guys.
  11. A Bretonnian + SCE force

    I love the Grail Knights. I'm finishing up a unit now, but wish they had more combat oomph.
  12. We're all still waiting for more. I hope they don't forget us.
  13. Getting back into the Hobby

    Welcome! Check out the 2017 General's Handbook. They have some siege rules involving fortresses. They're pretty basic, nothing like the old WH Mighty Fortress siege rules, which could be modified if you can find a copy. There was an AOS Dreadhold book out a while back, but I never got it because it cost many hundreds of bucks to buy a very chaosy fort.
  14. Malign Portents

    I think about these 'choices' being more about the motives of your army. Order might want to seize the opportunity, or Destruction might decide to read the stars, if not at first, perhaps later in the campaign. This is an interesting way to role play your force with some user-defined motivations. Then we'll all see how these conflicting agendas play out.
  15. New to AOS and where do I begin?

    Wow. You bought 5 armies. You're a good dad!