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  1. 8 Lores of Magic

    I have that old 5th edition Magic box set, but it was way too fiddly for me. We have a bit of different magic leadking into rules for the Realms, and a toss to it with Battle Mage differences. I could see a bit more (a unique spell or two per), but I don't want to go back to the magic imbalance and complexity of WFB.
  2. As you know, Tzaangor kits don't come cheap if you want to bulk up that force. I had a bunch of old Kroot I never painted, so I pulled their arms (and some gear) off, and glued on extra Tzaangor chest plates (green stuff smoothing on their backs), and outfitted them with left over TZ heads, shields, and sword arms from the TZ kit. I ran out of extra heads but used blades as horns on Kroot heads. Painted up, I got 20+ extra Tzaangors for free and the legs are close enough they all blend in well together.
  3. Calling all Order Serpentis

    You're going to need some battle line troops. I don't speak Aelf, so hopefully somebody fluent in these forces will help guide you.
  4. Heroes of the Old World

    Well, my last comment sure ended discussion on this thread. ;o)
  5. Hammerhal Army List

    This looks like a fun army to play.
  6. I agree that having everything painted really makes things feel more epic, especially if the terrain helps create a sense of place and is finished to the same level as the armies. I like to make small 'ecosystems' in a few places on the board - a hamlet here (probably attacked before, so somewhat barricaded), a rocky area where roving bands perform rituals, a wooded area that is spooky to travel through, the ruins of a temple from an earlier attack (maybe with civilian survivors huddled there), a wild animal den, or whatever else I can invent with my fairly extensive terrain collection. Then it's fun to add mysterious terrain icons generated randomly. To me the game board has a story to tell even before the story of the battle is played out.
  7. Shadespire Terrain

    I think some of the shorter Arcane Ruins pillars and the taller AOS hero bases would fit the hexes.
  8. Reservations...

    I would add that low-standard painted minis would create terrible PR blowback from existing GW hobby gamers. They'd have to strip the paint off to create a high-quality miniature to add to their collection (which a lot of folks on this site intend to do, me included. I need a second female Stormcast.).
  9. Reservations...

    I'm not sure a crappy assembly line paint job on these amazing sculpts would sell more games. Shadespire is designed to be a gateway into the hobby. Minis inspire AOS collecting and gaming. Unpainted models inspire picking up a paintbrush. The setting inspires exploration of the AOS lore. Competitive gaming inspires the formation of gaming groups. A low price point inspires new gamers to try it out (the price would be much higher if minis were painted). In fact, I wouldn't be surprised to see cheap paint kits with mini paint pots for each warband. This get your handful painted at low cost and puts new players on the franchise pathway.
  10. Compatible with AoS?

    My concerns are resolved. Thanks to all! I'd really like these to become new AOS heroes. It would start to add narrative personality into now somewhat generic armies.
  11. Fyreslayers at FANATIC battle reports

    I still remember the first year criticisms of AOS: "There are no tactics!" And "Combat always ends with a big mosh pit in the middle!" You've come a long way, baby. Haha.
  12. Compatible with AoS?

    What's making me hesitant to add them to AOS is that some said upon unboxing that they're made of a softer plastic. After starting long ago with Airfix 1/72 rubberized minis, I don't want to go back there. Any reports from the TGA field?
  13. Black Coach

    Brilliant reinvention of an old model!
  14. Introduce your Path to Glory warband.

    I love the idol they're carrying. Have Gork, will travel.
  15. Letting go (is hard to do)

    I can't imagine parting with my precious little dudes. I've been collecting since '75, starting with Ral Partha and Grenadier before I found GW's Space Orks. I must have 10k painted, in open topped boxes everywhere. Even a 28mm Helms Deep (from designing EA's LOTR games), a city fight board chock full of ruined buildings & about 20 knight Titans, half scratch built), and a AOS board environment I'm building now. God, when I say this I realize I must be a sick puppy...