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  1. Yes Bottle, please tell us more!
  2. I got a bag of these but they're disappointingly small. Got a bag of zombie dogs too but they're tiny. They all glow in the dark though. :o) i got the Mantic ones too and kit bashed them with extra 40k shoulder pads, guns & gear. They make great Nurgle trash troops.
  3. I hate to think of what's in his Bidet.
  4. Got my US copy today. Earliest arrival for a monthly.
  5. Just got my WD. We got 4 new Arkey heroes!
  6. This model gives me a woody.
  7. 3 birds come with each 3 Raptors. Fitting me thinks.
  8. No WD in Northern CA yet.
  9. Yodhrin, to me it seems a shame that after starting this thread, spending days interacting with it, and even desiring some of the toys that represent these worlds that so invite creative freedom, that you end up with such a binary choice. Either you are a very clever troll or you are trapped by the false choices of your perceived desires. Kudos to everyone else for indulging him. I got a lot from your input.
  10. We are happy with it too. He has painting chops.
  11. You got here extra rules here for SOH, ST, and tons of list building suggestions. Pages & pages of glorious painted minis. Oodles of personal fiction, scenarios, and even Realms. Revised-for-another-game character stats. Insightful speculation about what's next. Community building. Personal stories. Links to cool stuff. Friendly people. What more do you want? #killthememe
  12. Zombies rule and Mantic is your go-to source for the cappy dead. Who cares?
  13. Dead is dead. Who gets to harvest you is up for grabs. You did heroic stuff, Sigmar gets first dibs. Nagash gets the second pick. Chaos gets what nobody else wants.
  14. Make it 50/50. Roll 1D6 first. 1-3 = ambush on a 6 (second roll). 4-6 = 5,6 for ambush.
  15. Just like a kitten who played with a ball of yarn.