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  1. MacDuff

    AoS 2 - Dispossessed Discussion

    I really want to see that ghostly cogfort, pretty please!
  2. MacDuff

    Hello there!

    You've got one great wife.
  3. MacDuff

    Pirate Army

    Curse this thread. Now I'm imagining sharks pulling airships, KO gunners riding eels, ironclads on the back of turtles, balloon-carried jellyfish, sharknado endless spells, and giant clam airships. And I suddenly crave sushi.
  4. I'm trying to figure out gun placement for a 17-cannon cog fort. Two banks of two per side (4 sides), and a big gun turret?
  5. 10-11 inches seems doable if that includes observation turrets, etc. to stretch it to that.
  6. In AOS scale, how many inches is that?
  7. I'd love to read character bios and names too, for heroes, leaders, common folk, soldiers, and even monsters ... So I could steal them. Muhahaha
  8. I got a lot of those old kits back in WHFB days but couldn't ever even paint them because I couldn't stand to assemble the big troop blocks the game required. When AOS hit I dug them out of storable, painted them up, and they work just fine IMHO.
  9. MacDuff

    Stupid lists! Who can out-dumb everyone?

    These are very funny. I'd love to hear some battle reports of them fighting each other. With proxies, of course. Nobody is dumb enough to buy 30 Snotling Pumpwagons or 48 Grot Wold Chariots (I hope).
  10. Part of the problem, as stated before, is that some armies just don't have enough model kits to create truly diverse forces, forcing constrained styles of play and tactical limitations. But perhaps the inadvertent releasing of the magic of Nagash could give GW a way out, short term. For example, why couldn't Ironjaws get units with magically infused weapons, armor, or boars? This could be accomplished with the existing kits, with only a glowing paint job and the addition of a few bits if desired. Suddenly your force has twice as many options that let them play in radically different ways. This could be accomplished by simply adding a few new magical unit Warscroll cards in with a unique Endless Spells box for armies they won't update for a while. This is almost what they did with Stormcast, but they did make new sculpts because, you know, they're flagship.
  11. MacDuff


    Is your language ALL CAPS? Just kidding you.
  12. Great news! I'll snag that WD this weekend. Glad I reserved one.
  13. 1) Is it new and cool? 2) Do I wants it, my Precious? 3) How many boxes of it can the wife stand? 4) Do I wants it anyway? 5) How soon can I gets it?
  14. Does the July issue of WD have any WQ stuff? I haven't got a copy yet.