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  1. Make it 50/50. Roll 1D6 first. 1-3 = ambush on a 6 (second roll). 4-6 = 5,6 for ambush.
  2. Just like a kitten who played with a ball of yarn.
  3. With this approach you could probably fit all groups, cards, etc. in one box. It would be a great way to evangelize AOS - take it anywhere, and anybody can pick a force and get some games in.
  4. I like the idea of creating a baseline hero. It helps inform the creation of other standard heroes to dial back the power of some of the existing ones, and lets you run a 100% Stormcast party while avoiding filth.
  5. I like your design ideas Killax. Let me push it further. Multi-colored armor is good, but make that armor be sculpted as if small writhing figures form it (Lust Demons). That would be sick.
  6. No, I was referring to zombies missing body parts. Although with that kit they should be missing all their body parts.
  7. But when you put lead in glass you get crystal, and these little dudes are gems. I just wonder if they talk in high squeaky voices after inhaling what's in their airships.
  8. I expect zombies to be ugly myself.
  9. I found the ST novel at times spooky, grim, sad, grand, and surprising. I read it after playing and that felt right. It adds to the game experience in novel ways because just wading through each room would make for a boring book.
  10. I wish they'd make Adversary cards, too. Stats & pix on the front, AI on the back. It would let every enemy be played.
  11. This feels like the blind men identifying the elephant by touch.
  12. I trust Ben to keep a handle on things.
  13. Sad to say, I value ease of painting above all. I got a ton of Sylvaneth and banged through them to have a finished army. My Disciples of Tzeentch still sit, mostly unpainted. Tgors are time consuming!
  14. Remember too that a lot of things mentioned in the fiction but never seen would die, too. If Nagash comes out swinging we could see a lot of exotic undead creatures. Undead troops need not all be humanoid.
  15. EVERY other alliance (and every race) dies. Period. To Death goes the spoils. Everybody keeps thinking about GW expanding the old lines of minis as the only options, but if Nagash recruits undead armies of ALL of them who die (maybe even a place for Stormcast), think about the variety and potential wargame power. ANY unit type is possible, in some fantastical kind of 'dead' form.