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  1. Hello from Ohio

    Welcome back and happy gaming!
  2. SCAdians playing AOS?

    I've worked with the Society for Creative Anachronisms to art direct a cover shot for an ancient Imagic Swords & Serpents Intellivision video game in the 80s, and the dude had a great suit of armor (I got to paint the dragon on the shield!). But I've never donned armor and swung a phony sword myself. The best story I heard from SCA members in California was when they were out in their tents for a convention and Hell's Angel bikers rumbled in and started acting tough and making fun of them. The armored SCA guys put down their play swords, went into their tents, and came out with real swords, maces, spears, and bows. The bikers hastily departed. :o)
  3. Of Stormcasts and Space Marines

    As a Creative Director myself, I have faith in the creativity of GW. I've been on their wild ride since the first crude version of WHFB, and if you step back and look at their trajectory it's quite amazing. Everybody else in this industry just hitches a ride on their wake.
  4. Maps of Age of Sigmar

    Personally I'd like them to contextualize fantastical regional maps like the one above into wide geographic ones. Since the edges of the realms are ever expanding, there's always room for more.
  5. what I played // expected // got

    I played humans. I got humans. I expected humans. You get what you pay for.
  6. Don't forget that if you need to capture objectives that smaller units can grab more. Big units can't be in two places at once.
  7. Let's Talk...Online Hobby Talk

    I'm perfectly happy just coming here.
  8. Terrain cards ?

    I don't like having status dice cluttering the table and breaking the immersive spectacle. I modeled small terrain pieces on larger leftover square bases for Mysterious Terrain, with their 1-6 number on the bottom, and spare shields on smaller square bases (they still have a use!). For wounds I found skull beads on Amazon (very cheap for 100), and have white ones for 1 wound, red ones for 5, and silver ones for 10 wounds, typically on the back half of a model's base so I can see at a glance who's hurt, and so the markers move with the model. Now that 40k has so many wounds for almost every model, the skulls can do double duty. I'm trying figure out the best way to model other status markers without buying tons of bits, since I might need several of each type. Right now I'm using clear plastic markers with embossed text for other status effects, but the look bothers me...
  9. Death Heresy for AoS?

    Nagash should bring back the spirits of all the dead heroes from The World That Was. But on his side.
  10. Tzaangor Horror Combo

    Dude, just go read the Pink Horrors PDF on the GW site: "Magic: A *unit* of Pink Horrors can attempt to cast *one* spell in each of your hero phases and attempt to unbind *one* spell in each enemy hero phase."
  11. I'd pay thru any opening if they included stats. (And all of them if they made models.)
  12. I saw in the Sources you used for your site's link to a List of Creatures of the Mortal Realms (without images) that there are more - big and small - that are mentioned in passing. Perhaps you can even find pix of some and elevate them to the main page? Here they are, in order of appearance. CITY OF SECRETS : Sea-Devil Quarrelfish Flathorn Glimmering Magma Dragon Razor-Squid Ghyrek Bed-Lice Dream Spinners Pilot Fish Vulture Kraken Shark Whale Owl Brass Golem SHADOW OVER HAMMERHAL GUIDEBOOK: Moth Spider Snake Worm Chimera flock Cinder Giant Fire Hydra Fire-Drake i hope this helps your tremendous effort!
  13. Official WHQ Adversary Cards Summoned!

    I added rats after all, since one table had Orks but there are no new cards for them. :o(
  14. Official WHQ Adversary Cards Summoned!

    RANDOM DUNGEONS: These are the rules I’ve been using to create fully random dungeons. First, I mix the ST and SOH tiles, randomly draw one, and place it as the dungeon entry. If a room has multiple exits I randomize (1,2,3 on 1D6) at each portal/doorway to find out if they’re blocked. On a 4,5,6, they are unblocked and when the party passes through another random tile is placed. Each room might have a Random Room Effect, and will have Random Adversaries. Only when they are defeated do you roll on the Random Treasures Chart. Note that you might want to change numbers on random rolls depending on the power level of your Heroes (not all are created equal). RANDOM ROOM EFFECTS: On a 1,2,3,4 (on 1D6) they are a normal room. On a 5,6 they have one of the following random effects, rolled on a second 1D6. If rooms get too hard, tweak random effects to suit. 1 = Piles of skulls and broken weapons. -1 to all Hero Agility 2 = Slime and bones everywhere. -2 to all Hero Agility 3 = Dancing magical flames. -1 to all Hero Movement 4 = Spiked floor and walls. -2 to all Hero Movement 5 = Mushrooms and fungus growing everywhere. +1 to all Enemy Agility (peps them up) 6 = Steam geysers. +1 to all Enemy Movement (the know where they are and dodge them) RANDOM TREASURES: Roll 1D6, and feel free to modify this to suit difficulty 1,2,3,4 = Nothing 5 = 1 Gold 6 = 1 Treasure RANDOM ADVERSARIES: The following charts are based on the new Chaos Adversary Cards. If you don’t have a particular model, replace a selected one with a different model to suit your collection. Roll the first D6 again, and keep the second roll (more difficult adversaries are at the end of each chart, and this ensures you have a similar power level). For Low Difficulty, roll 2D6 (different colors) for each random encounter and reference the Random Enemies charts below. The number of enemies that appear is indicated in each entry. For Medium Difficulty, Mighty Adversaries have a * after them. If rolled up, roll a further 1D6. On a 1,2,3, add 1D3 of MINIONS (on a 4,5,6, no Minions join a Mighty Adversary) – then roll again on the SAME chart, ignoring any *s, until a Minion option appears. For High Difficulty, Mighty Adversaries have a * after them. If rolled up, roll a further 1D6. On a 1,2 add 1D6 Minions, and on 3 add 2D6 of MINIONS (on a 4,5,6, no Minions join a Mighty Adversary) – then roll again on the SAME chart, ignoring any *s, until a Minion option appears. To Make Things Easier, you could add a Random Ally (optional, perhaps for High Difficulty): IF you roll a 6,6, roll one more D6. On 5,6, roll instead on the Random Ally Chart. This chart is listed at the end. RANDOM ENEMIES CHARTS: Note that for starting Heroes, 2D6 numbers can be changed to 1D6, and if you don’t prefer charts you can also pull out the new Chaos Adversary Cards for miniatures you don’t have, and just randomly draw 1 to 3, based on a 1D3 roll. For Minions, you might also want to roll 2D6 for the number in their roving band. FIRST D6=1 – KHORNE FOCUS 1,1 = 2D6 Blood Reavers 1,2 = 2D6 Blood Warriors 1,3 = 2D6 Wrathmongers 1,4 = 1 Bloodsecrator* OR 1 Slaughterpriest/Spear* 1,5 = 1 Slaughterpriest/Blade* 1,6 – 1 Lord of Chaos* FIRST D6=2 – NURGLE FOCUS 2,1 = 2D6 Grot Scuttlings 2,2 = 1D3 Nurgling bases 2,3 = 2D6 Plaguebearers 2,4 = 2D6 Putrid Blightkings 2,5 = 1 Herald of Nurgle* 2,6 = 1 Lord of Plagues* FIRST D6=3 – TZEENTCH FOCUS 3,1 = 2D6 Kairic Acolytes 3,2 = 2D6 Tzaangors 3,3 = 1D3 Tzaangor Skyfires 3,4 = 1D6 Screamers of Tzeentch 3,5 = 1 Herald of Tzeentch* 3,6 = 1 Ogroid Thaumaturge* FIRST D6=4 – SKAVEN FOCUS 4,1 = 2D6 Night Runners 4,2 = 2D6 Plague Monks 4,3 = 1D3 Deathrunners 4,4 = 1D3 Rat Ogres 4,5 = 1 Grey Seer* 4,6 = 1 Skaven Warlord* FIRST D6=5 – TZEENTCH FOCUS 5,1 = 2D6 Blue Horrors 5,2 = 1D6 Pink Horrors 5,3 = 1D6 Flamers of Tzeentch 5,4 = 1 Exhalated Flamer of Tzeentch* 5,5 = 1 Herald of Tzeentch* 5,6 = 1 Gaunt Summoner* FIRST D6=6 – KHORNE FOCUS 6,1 = 2D6 Bloodletters 6,2 = 2D6 Chaos Warriors 6,3 = 2D6 Skullreapers 6,4 = 1 Deathbringer* 6,5 = 1 Skull Grinder* 6,6 = 1 Chaos Sorcerer Lord* RANDOM ALLY CHART: you roll a 6,6, roll one more D6. On 5,6, roll instead on the Random Ally Chart (any ally remains with your group throughout the game, but if you gather more than one the first will stray away). You can modify this chart to suit your model collection, and these all use existing Hero Cards, but you could also draw one at random from that deck instead of rolling on this chart. 1 = Oldblood 2 = Unforged 3 =Nomad Prince 4 = White Dwarf 5 = Gryphound 6 = Star Priest
  15. Official WHQ Adversary Cards Summoned!

    I did some 2D6 tables a while ago. Let me dig them out, but they don't have rats. I hate rats.