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  1. Don't get me started on zombie movies!
  2. Albino sounds cool. Blue is overused. My old ones were green but they were living lizards back then.
  3. Trust me, it's worth the effort. It inspired me to paint a whole TZ army.
  4. For one, I'm very excited to see this new energy being injected into Warhammer Quest. Blaze away; ill be here to support your efforts (and play them).
  5. Those Vampiric Bats look mighty cool to me. Best I've seen, so I wants them.
  6. I don't see a real issue with the Knights either. Battle Masters was a fun starter game to introduce Warhammer Fantasy to the mass board game market. Milton Bradley licensed it from the GW IP and the minis are identical to GW's ones back in that day. I bet GW even sculpted them for MB.
  7. Yeah, they can walk thru, but you can encourage dumb opponents to run or charge so on a 1 they die. And I guess you do need the Roused by Magic spell so they do D3 mortal wounds to dudes w/in 1"...
  8. Who needs spells? Just surround the enemy with those 9 woods and let them kill themselves trying to get out.
  9. You sir, have won a blood debt - in perpetuity!
  10. 2 words: female Stormcast. I'm in love.
  11. Stone bread not only uses up all you actions, it also gives you terrible constipation.
  12. Be sure and come back Aebal, and tell us what you got. We're all interested it seems. :o)
  13. I've congratulated this community more than once for its uniquely positive way of treating each other while we typically swim through the bile of the Internet. When you get down to basics, human interactions and relationships are defined by the type of energy each party serves up to the other person. When both bring positive energy, friendships form. When one brings negative energy and the other positive, the negative one is using the other's attention and good graces for selfish ends. Think about a so-called negative friend who always complains to you while you try to make them feel better. That's a one-sided transaction where the negative one is using the positive one. It's not much different between anonymous folks on the net. Negative ones are using the positive ones, feeding off their attention for some strange type of self-gratification. All Ben is asking for is that we all bring positive frames of mind here and share in mutually enriching ways. It's really fundamental, and practiced by every religion on the planet: do unto others as you want them to do unto you. Sorry for the sermon. After 68 years, I think I've fairly earned these experience points.
  14. It's what's inside the box that counts. I got a kick out of the Hammerhal one; it's like they are bringing the city guard part of the SOH game story to life. But what is the line of troops in the bottom right carrying? Crossbows? Guns?