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  1. MacDuff

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    Carefully laid battle plans aren't going to survive first contact with Endless Spells. Once those things start bouncing around the battlefield, it's going to make hash of your original intentions. Armies are going to have to adapt with dispelling wizards, nimble forces, and evolving tactics. Big blobs of troops might be the most vulnerable. GW giveth cheaper hordes but taketh away with these spells. I love it because it forces new risk/reward decisions.
  2. MacDuff

    The Rumour Thread

    I just wonder how they're going to deal with the combat part of WARgaming... When you pull out a sword or axe, things tend to get messy.
  3. MacDuff

    Religious Armies

    Praying to stay alive isn't really faith.
  4. MacDuff

    Malign Portents

    I hope they fold all these characters (the ones still alive, anyway) into an RPG.
  5. MacDuff

    Namarti Thrall Icon Bearers

    Yeah, stick a fork in this argument. It's done.
  6. MacDuff

    The Rumour Thread

    Close, but no cigar.
  7. MacDuff

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    Is the magic supplement part of 2.0, or coming later? If later, I could see holding wizards back, to sell separately.
  8. MacDuff

    Hammerhal with 6 heroes

    If you're running as GM, try pitting a group of 4 adversary heroes against 6 good heroes, and amp up if needed.
  9. MacDuff

    The Touch of Death

    I want to know more about the anomilities, please...
  10. MacDuff

    Malign Portents

    The maps at this link are awesome. I love maps to help me make sense of a fictional world, and these really do the job.
  11. MacDuff

    Malign Portents

    I have a feeling that Free Peoples are going to get a make-over. Greatswords might become Great Chainswords (steam driven of course).
  12. MacDuff

    Malign Portents

    I tell you, Cog-Forts are coming, and they're gonna be HUGE. Expect small personal walkers, too.
  13. MacDuff

    Lets Chat: Idoneth Deepkin

  14. MacDuff

    Warhammer Quest - Malign Portents?

    Check out the latest Malign Portents story! Silver Tower is back, baby. WQ fans should have increasing hope of an undead appearance. I've cast the beetles.
  15. MacDuff

    Malign Portents

    I think this is the smartest thing GW has ever done. While I enjoy the BL novels and scene-setting in hardbound books, each seems like a one-course meal because of the restricted theme. The MP short stories are another thing entirely - an endless buffet of unique appetizers. Here they've found the perfect fusion of limited attention spans, Internet episodic publishing, narrative evolution, characterization of nameless plastic persons (some, anyway), and creative inspiration. I'm getting bites of every faction, the whiff of wonderful treats to come, and a compulsion to come back and consume every new tasty morsel they serve up. They should never stop doing this because they've discovered a unique and powerful tool of franchise building.