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  1. For those that don't know, GW used to make a 2 Aleguzzler/Mancrusher box. I wrestled my boxes from my pile of shame, still in shrinkwrap even because my pile runs shamefully deep. Price tag is with 20% discount, putting this box at USD $75 retail. With a reported USD $125 pricetag, that is a frankly sickening 66% price increase, same as the pound increase reported a few posts back. Who knew the pile of shame would save me some big dollars in the end?
  2. From Rippas, I would immediately slot in Gathered Momentum to your objectives and Sting of the Ur Grub to your upgrades. Temporary Victory is also a very good objective card if you decide you wanna go with a more aggro brawl over objectives style of play. As far as buying for replacements, we're in a strange place right now. Season 2 cards are due to cycle out sometime in Dec and right now they make up roughly 40% of most competitive lists you'll find. In my personal decks, season two cards currently occupy 15/32 spots in my flex Coven and 14/32 in my aggro Coven. It may be best to wait and see where season 4 takes us before deciding what your next purchases might be, but if you want to get something now, the Beastgrave Gift Pack is your best bet for useful cards now and after card rotation.
  3. First off, not defending the prices because I too think they're too high. That said, the prices aren't actually that far off from buying each section of products individually. Board sets on their own are $25, and card packs $20, even though the card pack in this set is 20 cards lighter than say Power Unbound. As a semi-competitive player I'm going to buy it for $35. I still feel as though I'm paying about $10 too much, which is a shame because I feel like GW has really priced out a lot of players from one of their best games on the market at almost every turn.
  4. To have a complete Nightvault set, you would have to buy Power Unbound and the repackaged warbands. There is a card set called Echoes of Glory which is just the neutrals that come with the repackaged warbands, but it has been out of print for years now and is tough to find.
  5. Basically breaks down to this: Neutrals only come from warband boxes or the boxset to start each season. GW does not currently offer any other method of obtaining cards. There are neutrals available from the boxsets to start each season, but if you have one of the three then you'll have most of the important cards offered. If you're going to buy one, buy Beastgrave as it'll give you the most used neutral cards from Nightvault and a few other decent cards that have seen some play this season, mainly Snare. Of course, the Nightvault set box also holds two of the top warbands in the game so there's always that too. Faction specific cards from all seasons, along with their warbands are always legal. Only neutrals will ever rotate.
  6. Stormcast already have 4 warbands, we need another entire season with no Stormcast. Death are suffering a bit with 4 total warbands, although Chaos and Destruction aren't that far ahead. Ideally we see a 3 Death, 2 Dest, 2 Chaos, 1 Order lineup to bring things more even, but GW loves Order so much that hoping for just one seems unlikely.
  7. Of the two, Rippas would be my recommendation for ease of use while getting back into the game. You can build a near competitive level Rippas with just the cards from that single box. The deck I built when I won my glass with Rippas had 7/12 objectives, 6/10 gambits and 5/10 upgrades from that single box. Insane value.
  8. Welcome back! 4. For aggro, the Snarlfangs are king at the moment. Packaged with a strong set of neutrals, they should be your first buy if you wanna smash faces. 3. Mollog is still good, but he's not in the very top tier. With objectives ruling competitive play and Mollog struggling mightily against large warbands that can spread out and hold objectives, he doesn't quite make the cut. 2. The original Dreadfane box comes with the board and extra fun tokens to turn it into a standalone board game. Other than that everything is exactly the same. I recommend you buy whichever you can get cheaper, unless you really wanna try out the standalone version, then buy the original. 1. You already own 3 very solid card sets in Mollog, Zarbag and Profits. Rippa's Snarlfangs should be your first purchase for the strong card set and your penchant for aggro. From there, it's kind of a tossup. My personal recommendation would be Power Unbound, Grymwatch, Beastgrave Gift Pack, Mantrappers in that order. For long term viability, drop Power Unbound completely. It has a lot of strong and restricted cards, but will also rotate with the rest of the Nightvault, unlike the remaining 3. And dependent on how much of Season 1 you have, you may not need the Gift Pack at all, especially if you're eschewing objective play in favor of aggro.
  9. Very excited for this army! I am hoping the old Aleguzzlers are used for this in some way as I still have 2 unopened Colossal Crushers boxes that I've never gotten around to doing anything with.
  10. The warband doesn't look completely broken right out of the box like Grymwatch. Looks strong enough to join Mournflight, Thorns, Breakers and Grymwatch at the top, at worst he'll likely slot in right below them with Profits and Mollog.
  11. Yes, we've known for awhile now that Daughters of Khaine will be one of the final two warbands of the season along with another Orc warband.
  12. Innate only give their bonus to attack, defence and casting rolls. You can find this on page 28 of the Beastgrave rulebook under Innate symbols. And although you do roll a defence dice for Rebound, it is not a defence roll. The definition of that can be found on page 22 under Combat Sequence.
  13. Your innate dodge would not carry over to the Rebound roll. You would still have to roll the die as required for Rebound and resolve the card as stated.
  14. You would need a surviving friendly fighter with 4 wound tokens to achieve the first objective. When a fighter is taken out of action, you clear all tokens from the fighter. Since a fighter is taken out of action during the combat sequence before objectives are scored, a 4 wound fighter could not meet the condition. Furthermore, the Beastgrave book now states that fighters out of action play no further part in the game, meaning your out of action fighter would not be eligible to score the card, even if the tokens were not cleared prior.
  15. Score immediately/surge objectives are scored in the last step of an activation before the power phase. You would have to wait until the end of the next activation to score your cards.
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