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  1. You would need a surviving friendly fighter with 4 wound tokens to achieve the first objective. When a fighter is taken out of action, you clear all tokens from the fighter. Since a fighter is taken out of action during the combat sequence before objectives are scored, a 4 wound fighter could not meet the condition. Furthermore, the Beastgrave book now states that fighters out of action play no further part in the game, meaning your out of action fighter would not be eligible to score the card, even if the tokens were not cleared prior.
  2. Score immediately/surge objectives are scored in the last step of an activation before the power phase. You would have to wait until the end of the next activation to score your cards.
  3. My Spiderfang loonshrine, complete with webbing and leftover spiders from my Arok kits, before setup vs Bonereapers yesterday:
  4. Each action in the charge is treated as its own separate action, so the second option is correct.
  5. I noticed the other day that Merwyrm, Dread Maw and the Magma Dragon are all labeled Last Chance to Buy now. Been waffling on the Magma Dragon and Merwyrm for years now, so I just went ahead and purchased them before I regret not owning them.
  6. Played a game vs Bonereapers yesterday on Focal Points. My opponent is putting together a competitive list for a tournament at the end of January. I won a major but it was his first time playing the army. My opponent made some pretty big mistakes, mainly not engaging my screen first turn and overextending on the opposite side of the board. My List: Shaman on Arok - General, Totem, Gift of the Spider God Shaman on Arok - Gryph-Feather, Sneaky Distraction Fungoid - Itchy Nuisance Fungoid - Hand of Gork Spider Riders x5 Spider Riders x10 Spider Riders x10 Stabbas x60 Arok w/Flinger Skittermob Scuttletide Opponent: Katakros Soulmason Bonereaper Guard x20, x20, x10 Crawler x2 Mortek Shield Guard A spell or two
  7. I personally prefer to run my Riders in 10, and even at 10 there are still some bravery issues. Clever positioning with your loonshrine and having one of your Aroks as general will mitigate some of that. You are also right that Riders are ridiculously terrible screens. Super terrible. If my opponent wants to play competitively, I run Stabbas as screen. I would also strongly recommend dropping the Mushroom for a Fungoid Cave Shaman. A surprise Hand of Gork on a unit of Riders that's spent the majority of the game holding obs in the backline has pulled out so many games for me. Spiderfang isn't the greatest competitively but we are super fun to play and can be annoying to play against with our MW output.
  8. With the wolves attack being a reaction, a savvy opponent will be able to deny that attack by filling that reaction window. Dependent on how strong this warband turns out to be, after attack ploys may become a bit more popular.
  9. I posted this in the rumor thread about the value discrepancy between the Ogors and Bonereapers in the Feast of Bones box, but thought I should also post here for people that are considering starting an Ogor force: I know more people here are EU based than US, but the point still stands. If you split this box for the Ogor half, demand to pay signficantly less. Do not 50/50 this box.
  10. Looncurse also wasn't close to 50/50, although not anywhere near as egregious as Feast of Bones. People blamed that on the Gloomspite models being so new, less of a discount. With this box, that logic is completely blown out of the water as the Ogors get a single updated model and the Death an entire new model line except for the Archai. As much as people don't seem to want to admit it, Destruction just seems to be the red-headed step child of AoS, getting the short end of the stick at every turn. Assuming flat 20% discount, 25% price increase on the Tyrant because GW, and pricing for Bonereapers equivalent to other death units of the same size, the Death half is worth $152 and the Ogor half $116. For equal savings off the value of the models, the Ogor player is paying $60 and the Bonereaper player $96, each saving $56. Valuing the Tyrant at his current resin value, we're looking at $56 for the Ogor half and a flat $100 for the Bonereapers, each player saving $52.
  11. Karthaen will become a level 3 wizard in that case. As long as the upgrade is applied before Karthaen inspires, it stays.
  12. It was revealed on the Warhammer Live Twitch stream. I don't believe a full points leak is out there yet.
  13. Lady Harrow's Mournflight can also score shortcut without a gambit. Talking about the warband however, I'm surprised Despoilers are in the starter box. It seems a bold move to put a high skill floor warband in the starter, rather than super easy to play beginner friendly warbands like Thorns and Cursebreakers. Looking forward to them myself as I love playing Flex. A surge Our Only Way Out mixed with a 2 fighter push card that doesn't give move tokens is super fun. And the models look great too!
  14. At GW hosted events you are expected to shuffle thoroughly and allow your opponent to cut your decks, so reasonable expectation that other competitive tournaments follow the same rules. I wouldn't play at a tournament in which the TO or judge ruled your opponent didn't have to give you their deck to cut if you requested to do so.
  15. Whatever damage Magore would take on the successful attack would be the same damage rebounded. In this case, 2.
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