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  1. With the wolves attack being a reaction, a savvy opponent will be able to deny that attack by filling that reaction window. Dependent on how strong this warband turns out to be, after attack ploys may become a bit more popular.
  2. I posted this in the rumor thread about the value discrepancy between the Ogors and Bonereapers in the Feast of Bones box, but thought I should also post here for people that are considering starting an Ogor force: I know more people here are EU based than US, but the point still stands. If you split this box for the Ogor half, demand to pay signficantly less. Do not 50/50 this box.
  3. Looncurse also wasn't close to 50/50, although not anywhere near as egregious as Feast of Bones. People blamed that on the Gloomspite models being so new, less of a discount. With this box, that logic is completely blown out of the water as the Ogors get a single updated model and the Death an entire new model line except for the Archai. As much as people don't seem to want to admit it, Destruction just seems to be the red-headed step child of AoS, getting the short end of the stick at every turn. Assuming flat 20% discount, 25% price increase on the Tyrant because GW, and pricing for Bonereapers equivalent to other death units of the same size, the Death half is worth $152 and the Ogor half $116. For equal savings off the value of the models, the Ogor player is paying $60 and the Bonereaper player $96, each saving $56. Valuing the Tyrant at his current resin value, we're looking at $56 for the Ogor half and a flat $100 for the Bonereapers, each player saving $52.
  4. Karthaen will become a level 3 wizard in that case. As long as the upgrade is applied before Karthaen inspires, it stays.
  5. It was revealed on the Warhammer Live Twitch stream. I don't believe a full points leak is out there yet.
  6. Lady Harrow's Mournflight can also score shortcut without a gambit. Talking about the warband however, I'm surprised Despoilers are in the starter box. It seems a bold move to put a high skill floor warband in the starter, rather than super easy to play beginner friendly warbands like Thorns and Cursebreakers. Looking forward to them myself as I love playing Flex. A surge Our Only Way Out mixed with a 2 fighter push card that doesn't give move tokens is super fun. And the models look great too!
  7. At GW hosted events you are expected to shuffle thoroughly and allow your opponent to cut your decks, so reasonable expectation that other competitive tournaments follow the same rules. I wouldn't play at a tournament in which the TO or judge ruled your opponent didn't have to give you their deck to cut if you requested to do so.
  8. Whatever damage Magore would take on the successful attack would be the same damage rebounded. In this case, 2.
  9. Must Haves: Treacherous Foe, Endless Malice, Sudden Appearance, Inescapable Vengeance From there, decide if you want to play Objective (pretty much requires you own Sep Guard) or Flex. You should be able to build a very solid lineup of ploy and upgrade cards, but you're missing the better objective card sets so you might have some trouble filling out your 12 objectives with good solid cards.
  10. Intrinsic


    Took a shot on B&N after the news broke, lo and behold Dreadfane arrived today. Mournflight are really good. Stormcast are also good, but weaker faction cards and harder inspire mechanic. I have a Shadeglass tourney this weekend, TO said I'm good to use either band if I want. Definitely taking Mournflight.
  11. No, it only counts for the first target of his Savage Whirl. When attacking multiple targets each attack action is resolved separately so the first target would fulfill the "first attack action" portion of Total Offence.
  12. There is one upside for you. You didn't pick Ironjawz. That out of the way, most of your games are going to be an uphill slog. You will be the heavy underdog in the majority of your games, outside of the cases where someone else brings a warband at around the same power level. Playing with mostly faction cards against many opponents packing everything won't help, but luckily you picked one of the factions that can actually pack a lot of faction cards and still be successful. Are you working with any cards outside of the Shadespire core set? Post your deck and what sets you're working with and we'll see what we can do to maximize your deck.
  13. It's a very fun list. Just be aware that we're not competitive with top tier armies or even middle tier running serious lists, so if you run into those armies played by competent players it will be a very rough game for you. The only thing you should add is a Scuttleboss. Not only is it an amazing model, even being resin, but it can put out a surprising amount of MW with Monstrous Mount and the Black Fang. Other than that you should run what you want to run!
  14. I'd say a Wildwood Rangers warband or maybe Sisters of the Watch are pretty safe bets. Witch Aelves wear a helm kinda like that but I'd be surprised to see a lion in that warband. I'm just hoping for anything but Stormcast. An entire season without Stormcast would be great, but probably asking too much.
  15. 2nd place to Cursebreakers. Lost 0-2 with my opponent getting off Last Chance and Rebound both games. I can live with Last Chance, but Rebound can burn. Toxic Gases is OP. Needs to be in every deck. My opponents took the 1 damage every single time, they were afraid of what I was trying to set up with the push. My Orc opponent even killed his own Gurzag because he was afraid I was setting up Victorious Duel. The Seek the City/Supremacy package was pretty easy to score, Blessing of Hydragos on Ironhail to set up 2 hex pushes allows him to really maneuver around the board, even if he's doing minimal damage.
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