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  1. Must Haves: Treacherous Foe, Endless Malice, Sudden Appearance, Inescapable Vengeance From there, decide if you want to play Objective (pretty much requires you own Sep Guard) or Flex. You should be able to build a very solid lineup of ploy and upgrade cards, but you're missing the better objective card sets so you might have some trouble filling out your 12 objectives with good solid cards.
  2. Intrinsic


    Took a shot on B&N after the news broke, lo and behold Dreadfane arrived today. Mournflight are really good. Stormcast are also good, but weaker faction cards and harder inspire mechanic. I have a Shadeglass tourney this weekend, TO said I'm good to use either band if I want. Definitely taking Mournflight.
  3. No, it only counts for the first target of his Savage Whirl. When attacking multiple targets each attack action is resolved separately so the first target would fulfill the "first attack action" portion of Total Offence.
  4. There is one upside for you. You didn't pick Ironjawz. That out of the way, most of your games are going to be an uphill slog. You will be the heavy underdog in the majority of your games, outside of the cases where someone else brings a warband at around the same power level. Playing with mostly faction cards against many opponents packing everything won't help, but luckily you picked one of the factions that can actually pack a lot of faction cards and still be successful. Are you working with any cards outside of the Shadespire core set? Post your deck and what sets you're working with and we'll see what we can do to maximize your deck.
  5. It's a very fun list. Just be aware that we're not competitive with top tier armies or even middle tier running serious lists, so if you run into those armies played by competent players it will be a very rough game for you. The only thing you should add is a Scuttleboss. Not only is it an amazing model, even being resin, but it can put out a surprising amount of MW with Monstrous Mount and the Black Fang. Other than that you should run what you want to run!
  6. I'd say a Wildwood Rangers warband or maybe Sisters of the Watch are pretty safe bets. Witch Aelves wear a helm kinda like that but I'd be surprised to see a lion in that warband. I'm just hoping for anything but Stormcast. An entire season without Stormcast would be great, but probably asking too much.
  7. 2nd place to Cursebreakers. Lost 0-2 with my opponent getting off Last Chance and Rebound both games. I can live with Last Chance, but Rebound can burn. Toxic Gases is OP. Needs to be in every deck. My opponents took the 1 damage every single time, they were afraid of what I was trying to set up with the push. My Orc opponent even killed his own Gurzag because he was afraid I was setting up Victorious Duel. The Seek the City/Supremacy package was pretty easy to score, Blessing of Hydragos on Ironhail to set up 2 hex pushes allows him to really maneuver around the board, even if he's doing minimal damage.
  8. So the value of the Destruction models are $32 fewer than the next lowest GA. The other 3 GA are within $6 of each other. It's comical at this point how GW just continually screws over Destruction.
  9. Magore's vs Steelhearts at release. No interest for me but at least it isn't Stormcast vs Stormcast.
  10. My local monthly is on Saturday, my main competition has proposed a day 1 challenge. We both play one of the new warbands, no practice beforehand. I insisted we also not be able to get the models until just before the tournament, even though playing with unpainted models drives me nuts. We flipped for warband, I came away with Profiteers. So here's what I'm thinking, comments appreciated: https://www.underworldsdb.com/shared.php?deck=0,318,327,331,348,N248,N250,360,N461,369,N245,243,N235,N238,292,N239,N309,N302,L24,N319,N385,272,N322,N476,N529,N499,N550,N503,N252,N254,N256,N480,376
  11. Your local meta is taking it far too seriously, that's the kind of behavior I experienced at the major event I attended. It's not fun but not unexpected at that level and ensured I'll never attend a grand clash like I had originally intended. Your local meta needs to cool it a bit. As for the stuff, I want more as long as they're able to keep each warband unique. They've done well so far although we are starting to see card reprints. Really enjoy the game though as long as I stay around my local-ish tournaments, happy to see it continue.
  12. My decklist is pretty old now, before Extreme Flank ban, and I play a more reactive heavy risky style of Gitz. I recommend looking at the flex Gitz list from Adepticon, that's a much more standard version of Gitz, which I recommend for you as I see you're also pretty new to the game.
  13. Objective Thorns won the Grand Clash at Adepticon, with Objective Spiteclaw and Objective Eyes of the Nine taking 5th and 6th. Going for my 4th shadeglass this weekend, was thinking about finishing off the Destruction trio and trying to win with Orcs, but maybe time for my objective Thorns to come out.
  14. The cards have the same information as the short descriptions listed on the main website. I'd be interested in a bit more fleshed out Underworlds lore, but it seems unlikely.
  15. Objective Thorns is for sure much tougher than Relic Briar Queen beatdown or aggro/flex Thorns, but playable. For one, your opponent never suspects it and will often spend cards they should be saving for last activation, allowing you to gain an advantage first round. From there you often have them on the backfoot and they spend the rest of the game reacting to what you're doing instead of implementing their own gameplan. Then, in the second game is when you start playing your tricks. 1 and 4 are the objectives most vital to your strategy and your experienced opponents will recognize this. One of my favorite things to do is go on Guard on the objective I don't need, say 4 if I'm planning on scoring Tac Suprem 1-2. I once made my opponent burn 4 cards killing the chainrasp I put on Guard on objective 1, only to score 3-4 and Keep Them Guessing in the end phase. Earthquake isn't really a problem, I literally never see it. Disguising your intentions is by far the best way to minimize pushes and knockbacks and of course packing plenty of your own. Sometimes though luck just doesn't go your way and your opponent manages to knockback an objective holder or has several power cards in hand you can't contend with. But hey, those are the breaks and if you're playing Objective Thorns, you're the sort of person who likes a challenge.
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