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  1. Nogginnocker

    Ironjawz weirdfist list help

    Holy ******. This is brilliant. This is why it's cool to hear from the players themselves. Thank you for the insight! Seriously, man. Don't beat yourself up. You brought a smile to my face when you wrote up your tourney breakdown earlier. Also, you had arguably the best on-stream moment at the end of your game when your cabbage just started rampaging through, like, I don't even remember how many units. It was insane. The whole online stream erupted into a ruckus. LOL. I even remembered it before re-watching it this morning, and yet it still made me fist bump in my basement. Haha. It was glorious.
  2. Nogginnocker

    AoS 2 - Ironjawz Discussion

    No worries, though. It gets easier from here. LOL. I did the same for quite a while before realizing it myself. 😅
  3. Nogginnocker

    Ironjawz weirdfist list help

    Oh yeah, I totally get you there on the fun aspect. Your game was pretty interesting to watch, by the way. It was a fun romp. I saw it live, but re-watched it just a few hours ago as I've been painting an annoying amount of ardboys recently. 😫 Still, you make me want to try the double cabbage + weirdfist, just for the pure fun aspect alone. Don't sleep on the idol in combat though! He's a monster (literally and figuratively)!
  4. Nogginnocker

    1. Introduction: Why Theory, and Why Should I Care?

    I came for the AoS and stayed for the impromptu Clausewitz. Nice.
  5. Nogginnocker

    Ironjawz weirdfist list help

    I like the idea of weirdfist, which I've recently played around with. However, I wouldn't want to run it without the rogue idol. The difference between an 8 and a 7 on 2D6 is the biggest in any craps percentages. With the rogue idol and 20+ orruks in range of the weirdnob, the chance to successfully cast FoG is 58.3. Compare that to 41.7 without the idol. Plus, the idol is a beast in combat, especially if he charges. Is he as good as a cabbage? Hell no. But you can still take one cabbage and the rogue idol. Also, I'm a fan of the cogs for the extra spell and the reroll save aspect, not for the extra movement, which I would never do in a weirdfist list. Also, Cogs allows the weirdnob to attempt FoG, Green Puke, AND arcane bolt all in the same turn. On a balewind and buffed up with the weirdfist craziness, you might want to call it a "weird bolt" because you could potentially snipe a character with a 24" 8 (!!!) mortal wound arcane bolt, however unlikely that may be.
  6. Nogginnocker

    AoS 2 - Ironjawz Discussion

    You would only need 9 Ironjawz units for your 3 ally units because allies are one out of every four units.
  7. Nogginnocker

    AoS 2 - Ironjawz Discussion

    OK. I can read it like that. It seems fairly convincing. I'd love a definitive ruling by GW, but I'll play it depending on the scenario. For instance, I'm playing my friend, who is also a neighbor (he literally lives across the street from me) and is a coworker as well. So, I'll probably avoid any hard core rules lawyering and just keep it simple for simplicity's sake. But if I were playing in a tournament at my LFGS, I may ask the TO ahead of time what their pre-ruling is because I think you lay out quite a convincing case here. Thanks for the clarification. TBH, I had to read your response and the original + modified text about half a dozen times before I became comfortable with it. LOL. It's sad because I'm actually a linguist, too. My initial confusion boiled down to GW's lack of the use of "any" or "each." In other words, they could have specified "for each unit replaced" etc.... But noooooo, they left it ambiguous. In the absence of further clarification, I think it should be interpreted as you presented above and rephrased as: "Once per battle, ff the battalion's Warchanter is still on the battlefield, in your hero phase, you can replace any units from this battalion that have been destroyed. The replaced units are identical to the units that were destroyed and must be set up with all models within 6" of the edge of the battlefield, and more than 6" from any enemy units. Within these restrictions, they must be deployed as close to the battalion's Warchanter as possible. This counts as the units' move for the following movement phase." Edited for clarity.
  8. Nogginnocker

    AoS 2 - Ironjawz Discussion

    Sorry to revisit this, but it seems unclear to me at the moment, or at least very inconsistent in the revised wording (post FAQ, that is). For #3 in your post, you say that it says "Any units," which is obviously plural. However, the rest of the wording is all singular: "The replacement unit is identical to the unit that was destroyed, and must be set up with all models within 6" of the edge of the battlefield, and more than 6" from any enemy units. Within these restriction, it must be deployed as close to the battalion's Warchanter as possible. This counts as the unit's move for the following movement phase." The repeated use of the singular "unit" combined with the "it" seems to indicate their intent was for only one unit, not as many units as were destroyed. Am I reading this wrong? Because I TOTALLY want to be wrong in this case as I'm thinking about using an Ardfist against my friend's SCE gavbomb list tomorrow night and I would love to use many MSU ardboys units to multiwrap a mini death star up the middle.
  9. Nogginnocker

    Help with Ironjawz Lists / Allies

    Holy ******. That's awesome. Thank you for pointing that out to me. I'm absolutely going to use this!!
  10. Nogginnocker

    Help with Ironjawz Lists / Allies

    This would be pretty sweet, but it's not currently legal under Pitched Battle rules. On page 49 of General's Handbook 2018, "In a Pitched Battle, your general must be a Leader, and may not be an ally." However, if you're just wanting to play against friends in a non-tournament legal setting, that would be pretty sweet. It would be nice for my Maw Krusha to fly away from a bunch of alpha striking protectors and charge something else on the same turn while my massive mob of ardboys tie them up for the rest of the game.