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About Me

Found 4 results

  1. Hi there folks! I want to ask a question that, is simple to many, but not to me 🤣 How to do layering well? I started painting minis in the early 2000s with Confrontation wargame. Then I had some chaos stuff for my Hordes of Chaos (6th ed of WFB), then some Necrons for 40k, and then minis for Hordes and Warmachine games. I wasn't a good painter honestly but recently (at the beginning of this year) I improved a lot. Some of my minis to give you an idea (Lord of Chaos, three Skeletons from Shadespire, a Glaivewraith Stalker and a Vampire Lord on a Nightmare steed): I am satisfied with them but I think I could learn something about layering and by doing so, improve my painting skills. Can you guys help me somehow? Do you know an article, a blog post or an online video tutorial that shows in a very detailed way how to do layers well?
  2. Hi everyone, I'm hoping the community can help me out a bit here. I got an airbrush for Christmas, and I'd like to start using it, but I'm a bit nervous about getting started. Can anyone recommend some resources for someone looking to learn airbrushing? Mainly looking for beginner resources, but really any resources are appreciated.
  3. Howdy, folks! This is a guide to show you how to get the most out of your Start Collecting: Seraphon box. I believe the ideal number of these boxes to purchase is 2, in order to minimize the number of unusable models (following Matched Play unit composition rules) from the Knights and Warriors units. However, if your opponents dont mind you paying points-per-model, instead of the increments listed in the General's Handbook, you'll likely be perfectly fine with a single box. With two boxes, you get a solid mix of different units to build, which you can mix and match for 1000 point games. When I use the phrase "full command," it refers to having three models in a unit representing a single leader (Alpha), standard-bearer (Stardrake Icon), and musician (Wardrums). This terminology comes from Warhammer Fantasy Battle. Sprue Breakdown ...for one Start Collecting: Seraphon box. Carnosaur/Troglodon 1 Carnosaur/Troglodon sprue, which is used to assemble the majority of the Carnosaur or Troglodon. 1 Carnosaur/Trogolodon "Riders" sprue, which contains bits for the Saurus Oldblood, Saurus Scar-Veteran, and Skink Oracle. It comes with an additional set of legs for the Saurus Rider to be assembled "on foot". You can find parts of the Troglodon's collar and the back spines on the sprue as well. There are several weapons options and decorations on this sprue, some of which are for units that no longer exist in Age of Sigmar. There are lots of good bits on this sprue for decorating and conversions. If you use the sprues to build a Saurus Oldblood or Scar-Veteran on Carnosaur, you will have leftover bits with which to convert a Skink Hero of some kind. I recommend a Skink Starpriest, as I think he's very useful with the units you will have from Start Collecting: Seraphon. You can also magnetize the Saurus rider to switch between the Saurus Oldblood and Scar-Veteran. I recommend modeling the Saurus rider with armor. If you use the sprues to build a Troglodon, you will have leftover bits with which to create a Saurus Hero on foot. I found this handy guide which explains how to create a Saurus Hero on Foot. With the amazing power of magnets, this Saurus Hero can represent either a Saurus Oldblood or Saurus Sunblood. Saurus Warriors 3 Saurus Warriors Club sprues, which have the bodies, legs, club-wielding arms, shield arms, and shields. 3 Saurus Warriors Spears & Command sprues, which has the heads, spear-wielding arms, banner-wielding arm, two banners toppers, arm holding a drum, arms holding mallets,s. With the bits provided, for each 4 Saurus Warriors you assemble, one model may be assembled as an Alpha Talon, one model may be assembled to carry a Stardrake Icon, and one model may be assembled to carry Wardrums. If the minimum size of a unit of Saurus Warriors was 4 models, you could build three 4-model units, each with full command, from a single Start Collecting: Seraphon box. You are not forced to assemble any Saurus Warrior as a Alpha Talon, Stardrake Icon-bearer, or Wardrummer. As an alternative to Saurus Warriors, you can convert their weapons into polearms by snipping the heads off of the spears, and attaching the heads of the clubs. Tell your opponents they are Saurus Guard. Only 3 of the clubs resemble the polearms from Saurus Guard, so you may look to other bits for an appropriate polearm head. I recommend painting converted Saurus Guard with faded scales/skin to look older and more weathered than Saurus Warriors or Saurus Knights. For Matched Play, these sprues provide enough parts to assemble a 10-model unit of Saurus Warriors with full command. Two Saurus Warriors will be left over. If you make the Saurus Guard conversion, you can assemble two 5-model units of Saurus Guard with full commands, or one 10-model unit of Saurus Guard with full command. Two Saurus "Guard" will be left over. Saurus Knights 2 Saurus Knights Lance sprues, which have lance-wielding arms, the banner-wielding arm, banner accessories (including toppers), shield-carrying arms, wardrums, some club-wielding arms, an alternative head for the Alpha Knight's mount, and some decorations. 2 Saurus Knights body sprues, which contain the Saurus bodies, remaining club-wielding arms, Saurus heads, including an additional head with which to indicate the Alpha Knight, and some decorations. 8 Cold One sprues, each of which contains all the bits to assemble a complete Cold One mount. With the bits provided, for each 4 Saurus Knights you assemble, one model may be assembled as an Alpha Knight, one model may be assembled to carry a Stardrake Icon, and one model may be assembled to carry Wardrums. If the minimum size of a unit of Saurus Knights was 4 models, you could build two 4-model units, each with full command, from a single Start Collecting: Seraphon box. You are not forced to assemble any Saurus Knight as an Alpha Knight, Stardrake Icon-bearer, or Wardrummer. For Matched Play, these sprues provide enough parts to assemble a 5-model unit of Saurus Knights with full command. Three Saurus Knights will be left over.
  4. Hey everyone, I haven't been doing a lot of painting lately, mainly just frustrated from hitting my head against the wall with my last job owing me money and some family worries, and organising travelling back to the UK, and fighting a shop who I think are a scam (a geeky shop, hence my WordPressblog post to warn anyone who might like their products, to be careful. My WordPress blog is for Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40K, but it can also be for all types of geekiness (but there is one rule with my models, I will only post models that are complete; regardless of a lil update or tweak later on). Anyhow the point of this post.. Before I even knew about Age of Sigmar, my boyfriend was introducing me to Warhammer 40K (Dark Eldar 'drools'), and he was suggesting to me some great models to start building an army. One thing that put me off Warhammer 40K to really dig my heels into itz was always having to juggle points (it has pro's and con's),. You can't 'just' have a model from that group that you like and use them, you have to really think about it. Plus you have to calculate the weapons etc. on the model, which is difficult to know potentially a decent weapon to a ****** one, and (something I see being a problem personally when) choosing between a great weapon, but the one you prefer isnt the better option etc. (all of this probably sounds worse from memory, it probably isn't that much of a big deal). Following from there, there is something that I forgot how much I enjoyed doing (and keeps me very quiet and focused)... Organising lists. For example I bravely took a note book, and began making a (as perfect as possible) layout for a quick reference of my models, to get to them easily, rather than sifting through a huge book (or app, which the layout isn't quite to my tastes but great for when your on the go, like if your on the bus and want to explore some new models that might be great to have in your Khorne., Chaos etc. army. To be honest, I am probably not the first to make quick lil charts (I'll let mine be available for all. But currently I'm making them with my army in mind, but I'm going to try and make my charts, and quick lists for as many models, rules and so on, as possible, and for Warhammer 40K). I really like the idea (as my memory Is TERRIBLE) of being able to print an interchangeable booklet (folder + plastic wallets = perfect BUT something a bit smaller preferably). The idea (and again books are difficult for me, because of hating how the neatness might be ruined because of changing my mind of the styles, and layouts) of having a reference book that has the models you are going to USE in a game specifically (rather than ALL of them) seems more practical, its neat, practical and aesthetically pleasing, easier from for your eyes to jump faster to the information you want, without scanning past the information that's uneccessary, so all in all it seems like a great idea to make an organised list. I think my main bit of pain, is if you want to reorder/ add/ change the page order. I personally like them in their groups. Having an order of priority of which units are closer to the front page and being able to change it later. Especially if your new (or again having a bad memory like me) for remembering rules, and abilities, as it can be a bit annoying fiddling with the app or going through a huge book. I bookmarked all the pages of the models I have and that I use to play for my Chaos book but (those books are too nice to use any type of adhesive to stick them on), I would lose the bookmarks etc. Plus doing a nice handwritten notebook, and a version I can modify easily and add to, on the computer as well, can be wonderful creatively. It helps you to see what models you need, if you have any weaknesses, whilst I also find that it helps to see the abilities or spells that you (definitely ME, ME, ME!) might be forgetting, that could be detrimental to the final results of a game. I'm looking forward to showing you whats soon to come, if it helps than fantastic! Toña x
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