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  1. This is my favorite piece. The windmill from https://tabletop-world.com/ but then Ihave created a base, hills, and so on for it. .
  2. I like the concept of external and internal balance but I really dont agree with your examples Kharadron was very competetive for a long time and have recently again performed well. Liberators are still a valid unit, AoS2 did not invalidate it BUT it changed its battlefield and listbuildning role.
  3. Well its a mixed order list so its not just aelves and we also normaly don’t play with legacy models where I live… but this current list: Dragonlord, lance+shield, strategic genius, ethereal amulet Dragonlord, lance+shield Dragonlord, lance+shield Skink Starpriest 10 Arkanuats 10 Arkanuats 5 Reavers 20 White Lions 10 Skinks 10 Skinks 5 Khinerai Then if we play with realm spells I add another Skink starpriest otherwise I usally have 2 salamanders. The list started a lot more aelves in AoS 1, but things change over time but Ive tried to keep some aelven style for it by using small dragons for salamanders and using old aelven models as champs in the dwarven units. The champs have bags and chests of gold with them to remind the dwarfs what they are fighting for, the skinks are more trustworthy then dwarfs so they can be payed in advance so the Starpriest already have some loot on the bases and I use small baby dragon models for the salamanders.
  4. Ive played a lot with mixed order with a healthy portion of aelves and my favorite units are: Reavers: amazing unit that snatch so many objectives. It’s the unit that probably singlehandedly won me the most games. I always tell my opponent how fast they are before the game, but they still quite often get surprised. White Lions: Undercosted 2hander with a 25mm base, one of the games best units. Dragonlords: They are not just for Order Draconis. Since I wont play for the alphastrike as you would with draconis I give them all shields, no horns, and just leverage reroll armor saves as much as possible. They are fairly flexible, really intimidating and if you bring more than one (I use three) even unreliable abilities like breath weapons becomes very usable.
  5. What do we mean when we say that a game is balanced or unbalanced? I really think that the word balance is a pointless word for games like AoS. Games were both players build their own "gaming pieces" and then play each other can’t by definition really be unbalanced. Now if you have a board game and one side has to play with X and the other one has to play with Y and the player who has X always win, then the game is unbalanced but thats not the standard situation in games like AoS, in AoS there are thousands of X and Y and they interact diffrently with each other..... ...but if you have an umpire that build two AoS forces and design a scenario for them to recreate a battle and then one side always win, then that is unbalanced. That also means that if you have a AoS playgroup where you have 2-3 friends, and everyone buys one army, and one setup of models in that army, and everyone will stick by that… then it’s a fairly large chance that you have created an unbalanced game for your playgroup. That makes your playgroup unbalanced, not the game. So the concept of a balance in “build your own game” make no sense. Sure there are some cornercases for games like this if the choices available are so small that only one choice exist (a mirror is ofc still balanced, but as I said, cornercase) but AoS is not even close to that, so as a general rule, games like AoS cant really be balanced or unbalanced. Now this is of course a problem for a lot of reason, and one of the big ones are expectations. We have a built in expectation that when we play games they should be fair and balanced and that expectation is reasonable, but its also very important to realize that the game does not start at the table and if you think that of course the game is unbalanced. Its starts when you choose your army and you create your list. People can say that’s not the intent of miniature games, and sure it might not be, but that does not really matter, the intent of design choices does not change the facts about the consequences from them. So the game start at army choice and list building, that’s just a reality, you might have a preference that it should be otherwise, but it does not matter, that’s just how it is. This is for most people totally counterintuitive and it’s a great mental hurdle you just have to overcome if you are going to enjoy these kinds of games in “normal” play. AoS has in this regard a lot more in common with deckbuilding games like magic the gathering than with “normal” board games. Now if you don’t like this it might not be a big deal anyway. If you have a close group of friends who try to create your armies around each other armies, then you will just create your own balance or if you go hardcore narrative you are not even playing a game at all, you are instead having some sort of experience… and that is perfectly fine. But if you go to tournaments, or if you play with large playgroups, or if you play with small groups of friends that are not willing to create a fun experience for each other, or you just play matched play pick up games at stores and so on…. you need to learn to accept that the game start at list building and sometimes you will have bad match ups or you will have a bad time…. …..and if you cant, and you cant find people who like to play the way you prefer, then that is fine, but that does not make the game unbalanced, its just not what you would prefer and then you should really consider if this is the right game for you rather than if the games is flawed. And sure we can have different definitions of how we should use the word balance, but at the end of the day it usually comes down to a question of semantics, what kind of words should we use to describe what, but I think there is a problem when we describe preference of game design as balance since that will lead the discussions towards that there is something actually wrong with the game instead of helping people to think about how they could enjoy the game and then what they need to do to achive that. That’s my take on balance atleast, what are yours?
  6. Ive done alot of traveling with trains, busses, carrying bags on my back for long walks between hotels and such and so on. So there are som rough handling , like bumping into people and so on, no problem at all. But there is a big diffrence between that and having some one else handling your bags. A friend of mine traveled by plane to a tournament with a magnitized army, he spent the night before the tournament repairing alot of models. Everything basicly came loose and just played pinball machine within the bag. Im not sure I would even use foam, since with a normal foam setup there is alot of air for models to bump around in. I would probably use something like toilett papper and carefully wrap everysingle model in that, stack them as tight as possible (depending on how they are modeled) in some sort of plasticbox (and make sure that the box was completly filled out so nothing could move) and put that box in a bag togheter with clothing and ensure that everything inside the bag was very tight so nothing could move. I would only fly with a magnetized army if I was 100% sure that I would be allowed to take it as a carry on.
  7. I like tournaments so I prefer to play 2000points. While building my armies I usally play smaller battles, usally 1000 or 1250, I really enjoy those games before Ive learned everything about my army. The big disadvantage with 1250 is that table size and sceanrio rules assumes 2000 and Im to lazy to scale it down.
  8. The worst thing in the world is people who don’t “let” people concede. The second worst are people who complain that people don’t concede when they “should”. The third is people who insist on playing on if the game is over. The hardest part is people who would like to concede but are afraid to do so since they are afraid that their opponent will be mad. Its usually an advantage to concede in games you cant win. Ive lost several matches in a lot of different games from being exhausted and tired because the last game dragged on to long. If concede I get a chance to take a walk, stretch my legs, drink something, breath fresh air and re focused…. Or just check on all the amazing tables, armies and talk to people. That will increase my chances to win the next game. The only time I would play on is if I play something I haven’t played a lot AND im not tired so I wont need the extra break.
  9. Aelves and Slanessh should go hand in hand. Writing a slaneesh book without at the same expanding the lore on the Aelves seems unlikely and then it would also makes sense to have a release. I would not be supprised if we actually get new Aelves in 2019. Gooboz+Flesh eaters+Skaven+Slannesh are only four armys (and none, beside gobboz ofc, are actually confirmed) and I would not be surprised if we get 6-7 armies in total for 2019.
  10. Battleline has always been an issue if you want to use only classic high elfs. We lost spearmen (and unplayable silver helms) when we lost all the non GH units, but that was it. If you really really really want to use just elfs (and not go draconis or phoenix) then there are only three solutions. Decide that glade guards are atleast elfs and use thoose, play reavers or.... use old HE as other models. I, for example, have 20 old metal archers, Ive used these as 2 units of 10 Freeguild Archers. As long as there are no risk that they can be mistaken for something else, there should be no problems but if you go to a tournament check with the TO before.
  11. I would say that bases are more important than colors. If I would like to have an army with very different styles I would focus a lot on the bases and make them fairly advanced, but if you have a consistent color theme then basing is not as important, but it still need to be the same. Identical painted units but with different will look like they are in different armies. For me I started my AoS adventure with an old High Elves army from late 90-s elfs. These were painted grey with lots of red details and metal with gold details. This has continued to be my base but red has become more dominant over time. I also use the same basing scheme for everything that also uses red (among other colors). The elfs (old and new) are red/grey as main colors. My sylvaneth have red leaves My skinks have red skin My arkanuatus have red jump suites with grey details I also decided that I wanted to connect my arkanuts better so I decided that they were mercenaries hired by the elfs. So instead of using the normal champion I added one elf in each unit. I took old metal elfs and added bags and chests so that they brings the gold to the battlefield to show the the dwarves what they are fighting for. Currently I don’t use my sylvaneth but I mix elfs, skinks and arkanuts with red as the main color to bind them.
  12. If you play a lot less than everyone else it can be a valid strategy to play something a bit more obscure on purpose. That could create a game that will ensure that your opponent have to play blind and bring them out of their comfort zone. Even if you play the “best” army it can be a real uphill struggle if your opponent know more about it then you do, especially if you know nothing about their army. But generally speaking, we play with hand painted models, even if you have the same exact army as someone else it will not be the same army.
  13. Paint atleast 2000 points of tzeentch. Travel to UK for atleast one of the bigger tournaments. Make enough terrain to have a full table. Create some sort of portable gaming table solution to make home games possible.
  14. If you need something to be done, you need to define goals that can be completed in the timeframe that you can focus. If you cant handle painting one army as a single goal, I cant, then you need to make several goals. Goals need to be motivating and what is motivating is personal for everyone. I often try to add some extra "rules" to make it more interesting beside the main goal. Also, structure you jumping between projects, so even If you do lots of different things make sure that they actually achieve something…. if you need that, otherwise ofc just paint for the fun of it. Here are some goals (not all) Ive had during the fall: Paint tzeentch models from silver tower How: Only using Scale 75 paints. Not use red and grey. Why: Want to find out if I like to paint tzeentch, want to find out if I like Scale 75, use colors I normally not use. Effect: Stopped after doing 3 acolytes and 5 different horros, goal was achived at that time. I decided to start a Tzeentch army, I found that Scale 75 was very nice and bought more paints from them and decided to use them as my main paint also for my Stormcast side project. Also decided that they looked so different from Vallejo that I will generally not use them for my mixed order. Paint one unit of Tree revenants How: As fast as possible in army colors already defined. Why: So I have a legal 1000 Sylvaneth point army (lacked battleline) for smaller games and also so I could test gnarlroot wargrove for mixed order in tournaments (had the rest already painted). Effect: Found that I needed one more defined army color so I updated my army color scheme (I write things down in a onenote file otherwise I will forget). Played several 1000 point games, tested gnarlroot and decided It needed a lot more playtesting to be usable for me so I went with my normal setup for my next tournament and switched back to that "build" for last test games. Paint 20 arkanuts How: One test model, repeat until happy, and then in batches, one batch should be at least 8 models (I have 8 paint handles) Why: So I could use them in my next tournament, so I can test bigger batch painting (usally paint 2-3 models) to see if its more effectíve for me. Effect: Used them in my next tournament and learned what worked for me in batch painting. I do not of course write down or formalize it like this, but in reality I usually form something like that in my mind. When I don’t, nothing really gets done. I try to have goals that are very clear to me. If I just want to paint something to have something to paint I usually try to have a goal to test something new (Ive painted models only using washes for example). I also try to set up personal rules like: * Only use unpainted models if you have no other choice. If you can field an army with painted models instead, do that. * Only allowed exception is for testing before tournaments, then proxies are also allowed. * All unpainted models should be undercoated. * I will probably also use unpainted models for summoning (new feture for me with tzeentch). * If use unpainted models, next game (within reason ofc) more models should be painted than last. So when I returned to warhammer and AOS after several years playing other games I played with a lot of unpainted models, I wanted to try the game at 2000 points to make sure that I liked it. It took a couple of months to get everything painted but every game had new models painted. I also needed a tournament to get the final motivation for the last push. Now I have almost 4000 points of mixed order so the only times I have used unpainted models after my first tournament is when I really really need to test something. After skinks disappeared as battleline I had to do some experiments and use unpainted archers as marksmen and even proxied arkanuats (with the same archers) to check what I could do with the battleline slot. My side projects I don’t field unpainted since I can always choose to play with my painted mixed order instead. Those rules are really motivational, for me, to get the painting done and will also affect how I can create goals.
  15. Its almost impossible to rise to the top of a tournament without playing against sylvaneth. Woods shut down shooting.
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