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  1. Precisely how many times do we need the mods to warn folks? Prices are increasing a little. We get it.
  2. Aside from using mounted mages, I have a similar army list design
  3. So - the Hurricanum and the Luminark. What purpose are these in our lists? And by that, I mean are they focal points? Where you basically construct a whole army around them? Or are they more like support, where you bring one along, and it's helpful, but it's more of a smaller element of a bigger picture?
  4. Oh yeah, Shadespire is by far the best AoS novel I've read.
  5. Ah man, it's Grom the Paunch! Talk about a blast from the past!
  6. So I need some help brainstorming a project. I need a Soulscream Bridge for my Cities army. I don't have Forbidden Power, and have no desire to spend 90 bucks on one single Endless Spell (I don't want or need the other stuff in the set). So with that in mind, I plan on making my own version of the Soulscream. So, with that in mind, I am looking for some ideas of exactly what to build. My Cities army has a definite Steampunk vibe. Maybe I make a Bridge out of magical cogs and gears? Or maybe I make sort of a Steampunk Stargate looking thing? Or something else entirely? I appreciate all suggestions - I am an experienced modeler and amateur sculptor, so I feel that I can make most things with this idea happen, with a little work.
  7. Much as I would love crab people, the detail on that model is too crude to be a large model. Odds are that it's a small element of a larger model. Given that the Rumor Engine guys seem to love posting random basing elements of larger models, this is most likely one of the random underwater wildlife that follows the Deepkin around. Essentially it looks like part of the base on a new Deepkin model.
  8. I mean we don't really need a new wave for GW to generate interest. Maybe a fun New character, or war machine or something. Some new model to justify the release of the new book Hell, give them some Faction terrain and call it a day. I think that some sort of Sigmar-themed building (that's not a ruined temple) has been a hole missing from their terrain line for a while.
  9. Certainly they need to be "user friendly" since a large number of players are learning the game with them. Additionally, speaking from the whole concept of AoS, the Stormcast basically ARE Age of Sigmar, in a very real way. They deserve to be a reasonably competitive choice. Maybe not to the level that Marines are to 40k, but the current situation is a bit out of balance.
  10. Oh they'll get models. Come on now. The latest Rumor Engine proves that. Doesn't need to be a huge release though. Honestly Vince had some cool ideas on how to redo the next SC book in the latest Warhammer Weekly. It's a fun episode and an interesting chat, from a design perspective. Give it a listen.
  11. I know lots are not wanting this, but the Stormcast really need a new book. For the protagonists of the game, they are in a very poor place. They deserve to work a bit better than they do. Hopefully we will see something in the preview (although the Gargants would be my first choice 😁)
  12. Everyone loves units of 10 for them, but I usually take a unit of 20. I'd rather have the reliable shooting buff to the regular grunts, and a unit of 20 makes a reasonable General's Honor Guard, since they are usually hanging out in the same table space
  13. I am collecting stuff for this game, mainly to play at home, and with friends (and their kids, who are old enough to game). I have painted Iron Golems (as well as some other bands). Thinking of getting Spire Tyrants as well - purely based on looks, so far. How do the two compare? Are they both too similar in play style? Or are they different enough to feel fairly unique?
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