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  1. Something or someone related to Shadespire and the Katophranes would be my guess. I mean, we know that all the current Underworlds crews escaped Shadespire and went to Ghur, right? Maybe something else really powerful escaped with them. Perhaps this event is what stirs up the Mawtribes (Gutbusters) - who also presumably live in Ghur. Perhaps that is what the Feast of Bones is about?
  2. But not as a playable tabletop army, which was my point
  3. I honestly don't mean to sound harsh, but I think you really need to accept the fact that GW is not really interested in rehashing old Tolkein fantasy tropes. Not trying to pick in you particularly, but that is just the gaming world we are all "living" in right now. At least this strange human/Duardin/Aelf alliance army is relatively fresh and interesting.
  4. Nope. Evidence suggests Krell more. Specifically his "broke out of prison" and "loyal to my master" comments
  5. I'll be happy to listen to it again, but if I remember correctly, Tom's assertion was more "I think GW is probably going to do this..." instead of "I've heard that GW is doing this..." In other words, speculation =/= rumor
  6. Heard it. Wasn't impressed. Speculation from a nothingburger
  7. Dude, there hasn't been a Tomb Kings rumor because they are not happening in AoS. And that was pretty clearly a cheesy Slavic accent, rather than a cheesy Egyptian accent.
  8. This may have already been mentioned before, but that new Tyrant is another Rumor Engine solved. My initial assessment was definitely wrong - not Ironjawz at all. Talking with others, I certainly came around to the belief that it was an Ogor weapon. Turns out you folks were right!
  9. I've seen too many gamer-centric "there's gonna be a movie/tv show" things come and go throughout the years, only to never see the light of day. I remember about five years ago there was going to be a Monsterpocalypse (Privateer Press' kaiju game) movie. Even had Tim Burton attached to it. Never happened. I would wait a bit before getting hopes up
  10. Flesh Eaters definitely have one of the coolest concepts for armies in all of AoS
  11. Some people use Skraggrot in a non-general capacity, but without the extra CP's, I personally don't see the point
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