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  1. So, a while ago, there was talk about how big maxed out units of Squig Herd were working pretty effectively. Now that some time has passed, what's the current consensus? Are 24-strong Squig Herd units still a good option?
  2. Not to be rude, but this should probably have gone in it's own thread.
  3. Oh I would agree with that. The Detachment system of 40k is the single worst army creation mechanic I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. It's about 75 percent of the reason I've stopped playing the game for now.
  4. I believe this is what the new Everchosen campaign series will soon become
  5. I would argue that lowering the drop count is the primary benefit of a battalion.
  6. You are really close - the exact title is "Rose Red". Good miniseries. Trifle long maybe, but it was really cool regardless.
  7. Probably expect something like the Cities of Sigmar treatment. Sure they got zero faction Endless Spells. But wow, did they get a hell of a compensation for that
  8. The main issue is not that Changehost teleport was abusive (it kinda was, but that's beside the point). The main issue was that Changehost teleport was abusive AND Tzeentch in general is a better shooting army than KO. Not that KO absolutely has to be the superior shooting army. It's mostly that comparing the two armies with each other, it's pretty clear where the problem is
  9. So yeah, the KO Warhammer Weekly was pretty much as expected. Cannot recommend, sadly.
  10. This would perhaps have been better dealt with with a PM.
  11. So normally I am a big fan of Warhammer Weekly, but I am not looking forward to listening to Tom moan and groan nonstop about how bad the KO book is in this week's show (which is ridiculous, but he's welcome to his opinion I guess). Might have to give it a pass. How has the book/new rules gone over in everyone here's area? Is it seen as a success or failure? After a few games, games, has the opinion changed at all?
  12. Yeah that was exactly what I was thinking
  13. Are we sure the damage is not double NORMAL damat or something?
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