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  1. See it's amusing because the behavior that you are lauding as "good", is behavior that I have something of a pet peeve about. If someone insisted on rolling a fistfull of 72 or more dice, I would have a problem. Is it really 72? With an amount of dice that huge, it's hard to tell. Maybe you counted them all at the beginning of the game, but what if one of the dice bounced under some terrain and you didn't notice? Or what if you accidentally scooped up an extra die or two when you grabbed your massive fistful. And if you laboriously counted out the dice (even if you quickly made groups of 5 or 6 to save time) to make sure the roll is accurate, it's going to take so long that you would probably be better off just rolling 2 or 3 batches of a smaller dice total. So to be clear - I'm not going to say you are "wrong" or whatever. It's just amusing the different issues that we gamers chose to focus on.
  2. You are right - I can't imagine how many times your opponent would ask you, because I can't imagine it would be that much. Certainly not enough to become a problem, at any rate. Your opponent is going to quiz you about lots of stuff - armor saves, damage output, etc. Exactly how much time do you think you are saving counting damage down? I don't regard so-called "constant questions" from my opponents as being a legitimate reason Damage is tracked up in AoS, as far as I'm concerned. The least amount of steps taken will reduce the amount of potential errors. Counting up damage eliminates a step, and so is the superior method, IMO.
  3. It, in fact, makes a lot of sense. I frequently play with 2-3 behemoths that have stats that degrade on a damage chart. If you look at the chart, you will see that the damage counts up (0-2 damage, 3-4 damage, etc). It's very frustrating to have to do a minor math formula every time I want to see how fast my Rogue Idol (or whatever) gets to move this turn. I would rather just be able to look at my wounds marker and then know exactly what's going on. Other models in the army don't use a damage chart, of course, but I still count up just to keep things consistent, and it decreases the chance of a mistake happening. Damage should always be counted up in AoS, in my opinion. Personally, that's how I do it, and I have a very solid reason for doing so. I don't mean to sound callous, but if others get irritated by that, then so be it. I'll he happy to keep my opponent appraised about the "damage remaining" situation on my models at any time he or she wants to know, but counting up on wounds is something I pretty much insist on.
  4. To be clear - making little jokes or impressions while gaming is one of the fun parts. I mean who among us hasn't made little pew pew noises when their shooter guys attack? Or made some sort of funny impersonation of the guys in your army? Here's the deal though - I have never in my multi-decades of gaming come across someone who uttered "WAAAGH!!" without screaming it at the top of their lungs. I have also known a couple of people who talk "Orky" for an entire game. Every. Single. Phrase. It's just so cringe-worthy. Have you have ever had a friend tell a really off-colour joke to the wrong audience? It's a similar sort of feeling. That's what is the pet peeve for me - the really loud, or really overboard behaviors that gamers engage in sometimes.
  5. I say this as an Ork/Orruk player of about 25 years or so... Orc players who scream "WAAAGH!" at the top of their lungs, or loudly speak in Orky accents while gaming. I applaud the enthusiasm, but maybe try and figure out how to behave in a social setting - even one that involves pushing little plastic men around
  6. mikethefish

    The Rumour Thread

    My post was intended to be more lighthearted ribbing than an actual serious point. You are free to like what you like, obviously. That being said, it does blow my mind that someone could look at the major elements of the Slaves to Darkness line (an army filled with bland and lifeless models), and think "yeah, that's a product line that needs to be preserved." Although in a way, I suppose I do agree with you - I prefer that Darkoath and StD remain isolated as well, if only so that the StD models don't stink up what could be something that actually looks cool
  7. mikethefish

    The Rumour Thread

    Wait, I'm sorry...is your suggestion that the Darkoath art and the one Harbinger model available to us is worse than Slaves to Darkness? That faction is extremely dated, and includes the Marauders unit as battle line - which is in the discussion for the single ugliest GW kit currently in production. The unbelievably static and boring Chaos Warriors and Knights kits aren't that far behind, either. The few Darkoath things we have seen suggest an army that appears to have leaped from a vintage Frank Frazetta novel cover. I mean I get that art is subjective, and that we all have different tastes when it comes to aesthetics and all, but wow man...I feel like you really need to reevaluate your priorities!
  8. mikethefish

    Stuck on where to start

    I mean if you've already gotten some Start Collecting boxes, then why not continue with those? If money is no option then how about Sylvaneth? They are one of the more expensive armies to play these days (since you need a bunch of Wyld Woods to summon, along with your actual army), and they are pretty boss at fighting. That being said, I think in your place, I would continue with Fyreslayers. Grab another Start Collecting or two, and fill out the rest with some other elements. Could be a lot of fun!
  9. mikethefish

    AoS 2 - Kharadron Overlords Discussion

    At some point, GW will get around to bringing out new books and models for all the armies. A whole lot of AoS armies have a very poor selection of models. In fairness though, armies like Ironjawz and Fyreslayers have been waiting longer, though. As long as we can get better points values, and maybe an errata or two, we should be ok with GHB updates for a while.
  10. mikethefish

    AoS 2 - Kharadron Overlords Discussion

    I am pretty much the same as you, Amradiel. There is something about the army that I do really enjoy - it's hard to quantify. I figure that given some more time (when they don't have a new edition to worry about), the devs will get KO into a better place in terms of game play. Meantime, I shall enjoy the army for what it is.
  11. mikethefish

    AoS 2 - Moonclan Discussion

    It is very unlikely that basic greenskinz and gitmob will ever be expanded upon by GW. Their appearance is too "generic" looking - too many other third party competitors out there with models that can pass for their GW counterparts. Age of Sigmar seems to be focusing their efforts on models that look uniquely GW in nature - presumably in an effort to protect their brand. They either create all-new armies with a unique look (Kharadron Overlords for example) or expand on old armies that have a very unique aesthetic that is easy to recognize as GW in origin (Beasts of Chaos). There are of course exceptions to this rule (the skeletons from LoN), but for the most part, that seems to be the direction GW is heading. Anyhow, point being that Gitmob and Greenskins are, in my opinion, most likely to not going to receive new models or a battletome. Out of all the old Destruction models/armies, I would expect Bonesplittas, Moonclan, Ironjawz, Gutbusters, and the spider grots to get some new stuff.
  12. mikethefish

    Sigmar/40k quick discussion

    After reading the OP's post, it's pretty obvious that GW games are not for you. You should give Warmachine a shot. That game will deliver something closer to the gaming experience that you are craving
  13. mikethefish

    The Rumour Thread

    They really kind of don't. GW is really only interested in expanding on armies that have a unique aesthetic. Ironjawz, Moonclan, Bonesplitaz - all that stuff has a different look, other than the basic tired old Tolkien tropes. It's easier to promote AoS as an independent game, and to protect GW's brand against third-party imitators
  14. mikethefish

    Overview of the tournament scene

    I will voice my support of the fact that Skeletons are frakking amazing. I get that it's arrogant of me to say that you are doing it wrong, but ... you really must be doing it wrong.
  15. mikethefish

    AoS 2 - Free Peoples Discussion

    Not technically Free People's, but pretty darn close. So I am not looking to do anything like blow the doors off of Adepticon with this list, but I am looking to field something that is flavorful, as well as at least reasonably effective. With that in mind, what do you folks think of my "Cogfort defenders" list? Does it have potential, or will it get laughed off of the board? MIXED ORDER LIST Freeguild General (warlord) Battlemage Gunmaster 10 Liberators 40 Freeguild guard (with either swords/shields or halberds) 30 Freeguild Handgunners Cannon Cannon Steamtank Steamtank Either a Command Point, or an Endless Spell worth 50 pts or less. Probably the Palisade or the Shackles (basically something to slow or hamper the enemy army a bit