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  1. I would be shocked if this was the case. Our book will come out soon (because EVERYONE'S book is coming out soon) and our mass rewrites will occur then (if at all). Until then, we will most likely just get a few points reductions to tide us over.
  2. Yes but it had happened. As I stated before - they just warned that while everything would be included in a book, some armies wmare going to be changed - split up or combined into one book. I don't know how to make that any more clear.
  3. Greenskins was eliminated, but the Black Orks were removed and absorbed by Ironjaws. In Warhammer Fest, they literally said that some of the older armies would be changed - moved into other battle Tomes, and so forth. So, they do indeed do this.
  4. I mean, why would they post tutorials for paints you can't actually buy yet?
  5. I mean...ish? Not talking about good or bad, necessarily. But any of the GHB armies could completely change in appearances, play style, etc... So whatever it was that attracted you to the army in the first place is not guaranteed to remain in the future. This is maybe fine for vets who probably have other established armies to fall back on, but I am not sure I would recommend these armies to folks just getting into AoS.
  6. Despite my 👂 reservations, of all the weird quasi-fringe GHB factions, I would say Free Peoples is right up there for being reasonably likely to get a Tome. But... We don't know if they will If they do get a Tome, we don't know what that will look like - perhaps their whole army play style changes, or perhaps they get lumped up into some of the other factions. Anything could happen I don't know if would recommend Free People (or any other GHB army) for beginning players - even if they are not new to the hobby in general. Players could be spending lots of money in things that either won't be good in the future, or would end up being phased out of the army somehow.
  7. It's actually pretty relevant, since we are advising a new player an getting into an army that may or may not get a modern book.
  8. The last thing GW wants to do is expand on their tired old Empire model range. They don't fit into modern AoS at all. The only reason they are on so many book covers is because that look is the only thing GW has to go on. FEC and Beastclaw are unique looking and both fit into the AoS aesthetic. You can't say that about the old Empire models. But hey, maybe it will happen - GW loves to talk in vague and unclear language. We shall have to see in the fullness of time, I suppose.
  9. Sure. Free Peoples are not supported. Supported means model updates, and having a Battle Tome. GW has always been happy letting Free Peoples remain in GHB limbo.
  10. I dispute this statement. This is wildly unlikely to happen. Certainly not in the not too distant future, as you say
  11. I mean, there are tribes of Gloomspite Gitz living in Hysh, so certainly we could see some barbarian tribes living on the fringes
  12. I believe it was at Warhammer Fest that the devs stated in one their seminars that they were unhappy with how Gloomspite was performing, as an army, and that the army would be given some assistance in the next GHB. Certainly we can expect points drops. There's a chance that some Scrolls get a change too. Not sure it's a GOOD chance, but there it is.
  13. Question folks. In the bigger tournaments, are Forgeworld models generally allowed in AoS tournaments? I get that all tournaments are unique and might have different rules and restrictions, but as a general rule, are the big tournaments cool with Forgeworld?
  14. You get that I made specific mention of this? That Stormcast are the exception to the rule.
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