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  1. Official (albeit OOP) rules exist for them - so honestly would be easier to just come up with your own!
  2. I was pondering on the Cypher Lords, but hit a roadblock when I couldn't think of a good way to replicate Shadowy Recall. 🤔
  3. Correct. I think the only other thing you’ll need are a pair of extra lethal hex tokens (could proxy the Shardfall tokens as those) and some generic counters for individual fighter abilities (Ritual, Horn, etc...) GW does a specific pack for the latter, although glass beads or any other distinct tokens you have will do!
  4. Shattered City was a Shadespire “add-on” board and has been disallowed for Championship play. Forbidden Chambers was respectively the Nightvault one, and is current for at least this season of Championship play. I expect that next season that’ll it be disallowed. If you play casually at all then both boards are worth it, otherwise just pick up Forbidden Chambers if you aim to go down the competitive route.
  5. The separate warband releases of those two have Nightvault universal cards instead of Shadespire ones - so you’re all good! Regarding boards, along with Beastgrave that’ll make six double-sided boards from just the core sets, so you’ll be good with that too! 👍
  6. I built the first three Furies normally. For the other three, I’ve taken the plunge and swapped out their daggers for spare Mindbound swords. This means I had to cut off their thumbs, which I’ll resculpt so they can actually hold the swords! I’ll also probably add some subtle scarring on them as well with Green Stuff, and paint them up like fresh laceration wounds. In addition, I’m also awaiting another three Mindbound to play around with and try some helmetless conversions / weapon swaps with. 👍
  7. Thanks for that, but I’ve already assembled my set! 👌 For my Warcry hobby progress; currently basing up my Cypher Lords as well as a trio of Chaos Furies - initially plans were to convert them to better match the Cypher Lords, big think I can only probably get away with some additional Nochseed branding (freehand) on their foreheads.
  8. I’ve not yet, been meaning to go back and reread the WD rules at some point! Think I might have have brought a Lord Executioner just for this purpose and never did anything with it. 😅
  9. Thanks for the Cypher Lords impressions, good article! If I ever pick up a second set of them I’ll be sure to build as many of them without double-handed sword / glaives to maximise attacks and criticals! Only thing I would say is that some of the names on your minion fighter breakdown are incorrect, should be (in order); Mindbound (75pts) Mindbound with double-bladed sword (80pts) Mirrorblade with duelling swords (115pts) Mirrorblade with glaive (120pts) 👍
  10. I picked up a set of Cypher Lords yesterday, so I think I’ll have a go at some Adversary rules for them! Questions; Do you think I should have separate profiles for the Mindbound and Mirrorblades, or just lump them together as one profile? The Luminate in Warcry doesn’t have much extra about them other than access to the Shadowy Recall ability. Any suggestions on how to make this ability work in Warhammer Quest? I’ll still add upgrades like the double-bladed sword / glaives as well as the Thrallmaster and Luminate. Looking at using Kairic Acolytes as a base profile to work
  11. I ummed and ahhed about which Chaos warband to go for, eventually went for Cypher Lords! I really like how thematic their abilities are, especially Acrobatics and Shadowy Recall. Also waiting on some Furies to be sent to me, considering subtly converting a trio of them to better fit the Cypher Lords (as I’ll be using them to bulk the warband out as Thralls). Aside from branding them with the Eye of Nochseed and maybe swapping a dagger or two out with a spare Mindbound blade, any other suggestions?
  12. Nice! What paints are you using for those green-grey rocks?
  13. They are some lovey models, still haven’t painted mine from release day of Silver Tower. 😅 Certainly! The various warbands could also be sprinkled in as Adversaries for each particular Realm-themed adventure in Silver Tower; Iron Golem for Chamon, Cypher Lords for Hysh etc...
  14. Just wondering if anyone has thought about including some of the lovely new Warcry miniatures into Warhammer Quest? They'd make some lovely new Adversaries for a Realm-themed dungeon. Would there be any interest in some home-brew rules for these? I'm happy to draft some up if there's any interest!
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