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  1. I'm looking forward to the upcoming Battletome - I've always had an interest in the idea of Anvilgard and I do have some Scourge Privateer bits lying around somewhere...
  2. Good to know that all the upcoming Warcry warbands will have StD Warscrolls - in units of 8-32 according the ones up on the NZ GW site. 👌
  3. Updated Marauder models (to match the Godsworn Hunt) and adding in the various Warcry warbands please!
  4. You might have to go back a page or two, but look for a thread on this WHQ board called "Custom Exotic Adversaries" or something along those lines. They haven't been updated in a while, but hopefully should give you some ideas!
  5. There isn’t a formula. 😉 Best thing to do is pick the closest existing Adversary, then work from there. When I’ve done a load of houserules for Adversaries in the past, I’ve compared how GW have translated the AoS Warscrolls across to their respective Adversary cards (what’s the same, what’s different, formatting and syntax of rules wording etc...) It’s hard to explain but looking across like this you can start to pick up how GW have done theirs.
  6. Copywriten material, so that’s a no I’m afraid! I own the cards, but to be honest their rules aren’t much to write home about - it’ll be easier just to come up with some of your own and playtest them. That way you can tailor them to the models you own.
  7. We got slaughtered very quickly into the second expedition, so started completely afresh with the same explorers. Playing more carefully and having a better understanding of the rules has kept us going longer this time around so far. I’m still unclear on how grevious wounds are healed, I think it’s in the Precipice rulebook.
  8. Aside from grevious wounds being very hard to shift when they stack combat after combat encounter, I find the rules balanced and most importantly - fun! The Legacy cards are a great addition, adds a new dynamic to the next exploration onwards. Naturally, I drew the Chaos Lord after my second exploration. 😭
  9. Latest update to the FAQ on the Warhammer Community site. Returning models lose all counters but keep upgrades, nice boost for Skaven and the Sepulchral Guard (not to mention the Blue Horror in the upcoming Eyes of the Nine)!
  10. Technically I would say that Varclav the Cruel is more a Spirit Torment then the Briar Queen - Varclav was Shadespire’s former head warden.
  11. Lots of comparing and contrasting to existing Adversaries mainly! Picking several similar existing Adversary groups and slowly working from there is the approach I take. I always also reference the AoS warscroll as well, to translate across as best I can. At the end of the day though, I picture how I see the Adversary I’m trying to write and how I want it to act and interact with the Heroes, board and other Adversaries around it / them. My favourite Adversaries are the ones like the Deathrunner whose behaviour changes dependant in certain actions / outcomes.
  12. Roxanna comes with a spare hand if you didn’t want her carrying a ball.
  13. Luckily you only need 5 Chainrasps for their Adversary group, although having a spare is always useful.
  14. A lovely little collection of nautical Aelves! What colours are you using for the NMM on the Corsair's flag?
  15. There’s very little artwork that depicts Ulgu, but this one from the Core Rulebook gives a really good impression of just how murky it is;
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