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  1. FireAbend

    Drycha Hamadreth's 'Colony of flitterfuries' Question

    As beginner I think I just need to learn my Ironjawz. But at least now i know how the ability of my opponent works. First step to success, I guess 😁
  2. FireAbend

    Drycha Hamadreth's 'Colony of flitterfuries' Question

    So I guess I need some range Attacks for my Ironjawz to reduce the range of her ability. Or try to rush with things like ironfist battalion towards her and Hope she got bad luck with roling 6es. I tried to cover behind terrain but you need giant staff to hide Ironjawz. My plan to bring gore gruntas close 3“ to block the missile ability wouldn’t work in her case.
  3. FireAbend

    Drycha Hamadreth's 'Colony of flitterfuries' Question

    I posted this also on the reddit thread: One thing that makes me suspicious is that in the Designer‘s Comments they stated that Drycha Must be in LoS for the colony. Maybe they just want to say, if e.g. an unit is completly LoS blocked by terrain, it's not affected.
  4. Hi there, based on a question i posted on reddit about Drycha Hamadreth's 'Colony of flitterfuries' ability. (reddit link) I've got an other question for her 'missile' ability: The Main rules for missiles says that if an enemy unit is in range of 3“ you can only target them. Is this insignificant for this ability? One answer there was: "...it is a shooting attack as a special ability, it's always target the enemy within 3 inches and everyone else" (in range) Your thougths? Is there a part in the rules specifying things like this? I'm totaly new, so just want to hear some thoughts.
  5. FireAbend

    The Rumour Thread

    Was there a hint that Orctober includes AoS or only WH40k?