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  1. Terrain design looks related to the one rumour engine pic with the crow and key
  2. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/09/20/sunday-preview-crusading-into-the-nexus-and-tactical-terrain/ ‚...as well as having a giant look at the Sons of Behemat.‘
  3. Have seen a live stream of white dwarf 456 and the page headline for the CoS Warband Warcry rules is "Hammerhal" . So i think thats the reason for the dwarf and freeguild heavy setup and there's a chance we get a warband rules for each city.
  4. Will 18th sept the earliest release/arrival date?
  5. Could belong to the 'gun/pistol' rumour engine pic few weeks ago. Same dark glove/hand and weapon style.
  6. Would be interesting to know if they use this "pre-launch" boxsets as indicator for the following army pricing. IIRC the 'Feast of Bones' box sold fast. Maybe there for OBR was 'cheaper'. I'll hope so, else we maybe see again an price hike for future models?
  7. Yeah same here. On the german GW page the boxes sold out instant. First i was also thinking about getting some UW-box, cause i havent bought the most of beastgrave stuff (but maybe there are 90% Season 1 and 2 stuff?). Then i saw it is only in english language (i don't like to mix the languages in 'one game') and while i was bickering .... aaaaand it's gone!
  8. Really cool models, Freeguild females, wohoo. Think this will be my first bb buy. 😊
  9. Would love Freeguild bb Team as new conversion material. 🤗 Got myself a Freeguild army in lockdown. Also hoping for new Underworlds /Warcry Warbands for non chaos in winter and 2021.
  10. Is the poll for the contest online already?
  11. GAMA 2020 is in 9 days, any suggestions? DoK Warband for Underworlds -> Adepticon new Warbands or Season? Warcry Warband -> Adepticon new Starter? A new Pointy Aelves Model? -> Adepticon full reveal Teaser for SoBe -> Adepticon full reveal? Last year we got KillTeam, Necromunda, BloodBowl. So maybe only Sidegames?
  12. Would love to get a new AoS WH:Q with the solo/coop version. Would be a nice setting for the current lore progress in AoS.
  13. They reveald a lot of side-game stuff in the last weeks: WH:Q BF Expansion, Warcry, Blood Bowl, Middel Earth; At Nuremburg Spielwarenmesse: Necromunda, Aeronautica, Titanicus. Smaller board games are now a lot of stuff on the marked from GW (Stormvault, Dreadfane, Combat Arena, Space Marines Adventures, Warhammer munchkin ....) So what's left? Maybe the IJ and DoK Underworld Warbands, new KillTeam stuff, new card game ? Will be interesting.
  14. Hi there, i'm on the brink of getting myself a copy of WH:Q Blackstone Fortress (owning already Silver Tower and SoH) and there occured some thoughts about the future of the brand. I just wanted to ask if there are any assumption from you guys when GW maybe dropping a new WH:Q? And are there some numbers for the success of Blackstone Fortress? Currently GW releasing a lot of expansions for BF, so i think it's doing well. So no need to bring a new Game in near future? Silver Tower 2016 Shadows over Hammerhal 2017 Blackstone Fortress 2018 Maybe new game end of 2020 ? Just want to hear your thoughts
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