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  1. Yeah was really suprised to see that there are warcry rules in this game and ordered it immediately (in germany) from thalia. (They got currently some 'toy sale days' so you get the thing for ~ 38€. Including two warbands, warcry dice and a gamesystem seems like a good deal). Will be interesting to see what 'Red harvest' will bring us, hopefully also something for AoS. I mean they mention the Varanguard directly in the teaser video, so give us thus dudes on foot!
  2. Same here. First thought water themed mancrusher (like kraken erater for megas) as one man Warband.
  3. Would be interesting if we see new stuff from the upcoming WHU season for older armies again and better rules for the warbands. maybe in Aos3 they play more important roles in the smaller army context.
  4. Dunno if someone posted already. But from reddit: brighted up pic to see the mount
  5. Hey folks, so i watched the last view days some of the reviews out there and saw a good mix of opinions from different content producers. Just wanted to chat (while waiting for the game) about some rules i could see be a bit problematic. Ahead of the following things, i'm aware that nobody can have a "real review" currently, cause alsmost nobody finished the game completly. And all my knowledge is based on this reviews (i've no copy, sadly ^^ ). Rules i want to hear some opinions about: Enemy groups seems to spawn always at the furthest portal from the heroes (would'n be a ambush table or something be cool) This allows a lot of easy killing the enemies cause the players have a lot of time to plan and prepare. No range attacks from the enemies (except torgilius) Kiting the enemys Stun abilities from the heroes (e.g. Zeitengale) In some reviews i saw that they're stunning the enemies (is based on a role, so not guaranteed) was also easy even for the big guys. Thought it would be cooler if the big baddies e.g. ogres, Halgrim, ... also get an additional "defence-role" agains things like this? "Treasure" missions give you +influence and +fear: the idea is to go there for cool items while you let down the citizens and baddies, so you lose something. You remove a lot of the "realmstone" cards from the item cards and can go for them. But the reviewers said it feels like wasted time, cause the players can only carry one item per hero. Sure you can always drop a "bad" item for a "better" but this seems to feel verry grindy, for maybe 4 good items after ~1-2 hours. Good thing is, that this is "optional" so you don't need to do this missions iirc. In all reviews the first 3 missions seems to be really easy, which i think they ment to be easy, right? But what makes me curious is that a lot of reviewers seems to be bored after only 2-3 missions and feeling the grind already. We'll see. I'm totally neutral, cause i ordered it already, so no regretting, just want to chat about the game
  6. So i watched the playthrough videos from Guerrilla Miniature Games (nice work from Ash) but was a bit worried about the difficulty (like BSF). Details in Spoiler section:
  7. Think so too, GW love to give us the standard nighthaunt models in all forms (side-games, mortal-realms-magazine, soul-wars starter-set, ....). Like they did it with the death guard guys in BSF. What i would love to see, Kharadron zombies expansion for the Skyport-location! (We can dream, right?) As a lot of people mentioned, a werewolf expansion with new models would be great too.
  8. So the connection is there with his keys and animals to this roumour engines:
  9. Had the same thought. GW always try to mislead with this hints like "eternal". We'll see, hopefully soon.
  10. Had the same thought (a man can dream?!), maybe more info on the preview. It'll be interesting to see if there are 'minions' for every bad guy (like the skeletons for Captain Halgrim). If that's the case maybe some zombies for the gravekepper, some vampires for the long-hair-red-armor dude, werewolfs for the boss and animals for the dude with the candle and the cat. Also there's the 'Gheistgale' on the map = nighthaunt? The 'Clot' + 'Crypt-halls' = Flesh-Eater? The 'Hangman's Copse' = Bats? Would also love to see some duardin zombies for the 'Alten Skydocks'.
  11. IIRC they confirmed coop mode in the reveal stream and they also compared it in their first article with Silver-Tower and BSF. They didn't mention Shadows over Hammerhal, what also indicates coop.
  12. Good catch there. The skeleton companions of Halgrim also look fantastic. They mentioned in the article a weekly News till release, so with 7 heroes and 3 overlords left, maybe we could see a release in early march.
  13. Nothing offical yet, but i think so too. Someone said they mentioned a solo mode in the reveal stream (dunno if true). so it make sens for GW trying to release it as fast as possible and give it a higher prio like a battletome or codex looking at the current global situation. But who knows maybe they want wait for the new ‚business year‘ Numbers (july?). That said i think the next two weeks will give us hints. If they continue to share more news of cursed city on the Community page, release can‘t be far away. I think the game is already in the Warehouse and it‘s just a matter of Business/Release strategy.
  14. They referred the 'boss' as 'wulf' at the end of the trailer. So my guess would be, that the endboss could be kind of Vampire-Model shape shifting in werewolf or bat (multiple models like Morathi). Combining the rumour engine pics of the werewolfy leg and the bat-thing.
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