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  1. Biel-TienBiel-TienCoelia GreenshadeCoelia Greenshade Hexwraith Flame Hexwraith Flame Drakenhoff Nightshade Drakenhoff Nightshade
  2. Not to get nit picky but Khorne probably has the worst possible summoning that’s basically a “win more” button. In order to get anything out of it something has to die. If your opponent has especially tanky units that are hard to kill it can take forever to earn Blood Tithe. I’ve had games where I earned like 3 Blood Tithe in all of 4 turns and you really can’t do much with Blood Tithe. Not to mention just because you get something for your units dying doesn’t mean you necessarily want your units dying because the rate and pace at which you gain Blood Tithe can never keep up with the amount dying. Then you either have to spend summoning on the basically “special effects” table (which have some VERY powerful effects) OR choose to summon, and you can’t do both and Blood Tithe doesn’t carry over. So if you spend 6 but had 7 you simply lose the 1 extra. There’s no pooling or banking and you can spend say, 3 here and 4 there to equal 7. It’s all at once, pick 1 thing and that’s it. I spent blood Tithe is wasted, you can’t combine effects and you can only EITHER summon or use a special effect but never both. Khorne’s summoning is a joke.
  3. stop bullying me. I chose my skeletons for death on purpose. I don't like spooky ghosts I like normal skeletons lul Oof my narrative/this looks cool streak will be the death of me in this game. I also think the Idoneth thing is frustrating. As I have said, I love using cool models and spamming 1 model over and over is boring, yet the Idoneth Deepkin thread is literally dead. The army is solved. It's extremely binary "Bring Morsarr Guard eels, or lose." So IDK aren't even good. They just have literally 1 super way too good unit that makes literally everything else (RIP Turtle, Mathalann, Thralls, Sharks, the literal rest of the range) objectively worse than it. IDK players are worried how they will even play when inevitably the Morsarr Guard eels are nerfed.
  4. Scratching my brain trying to make a Thrall focused list with a sweet turtle. Especially a Thrall list at 1k points haha. I love the Mor’Phann Enclave. I went ahead and did the Hexwraith Flame as a shade. It doesn’t look Orcy at all
  5. Ooooooh I like that! What do you all think of Coelia Greenshade and or Biel-Tian for a green shade skin???
  6. I like the Namarti equally as much as the sea creatures LOL. I like infantry anyway, the other stuff is just cool cherries on top. The allopexes...charge and eat stuff I think, after you weaken them with shooting. Kind of like a Khorgorath i guess but not as killy.
  7. Everyone says the turtle sucks but I'll be damned if I don't buy one and run a bunch of Thralls and Reavers keeping them under it for cover like it says in the book. It's too sweet of a model not to use. Which is why I don't like competitive armies. It boils down every faction into "this 1 thing is what works" so the Idoneth Deepkin thread is dead because the army is "solved". Run eels that's it gg. There's no room for infantry heavy, or using turtles, or alopexes, or any of the other amazing models because they're...not eels and ergo bad. It's just such a sad way to play IMO. I mean I get it, with the technical skill mastery and all of that, but is it impossible to still use those skills and the tournament mindset but also bring a variety in army composition? I guess maybe I don't get it after all.
  8. That's always been my frustration with these rankings. What is Neferata with a bunch of Blood Knights placing first constantly, or like, literally which version of death cuz there's 47 ways to play across 5 or so sub-factions with LoN. People never even write about Soulblight but it's literally in the book....
  9. Before I paint my entire army like this.... how do you guys like this color scheme? I was going for vibrant and tropical.
  10. I’m going to come clean. I don’t actually get white dwarf.
  11. I’m going to be honest I had the same idea and definition of nerf as Deadscribe. Nerfing ALWAYS means making weaker, but you can have degrees of nerfing from a very light or slight nerf to a full on nerf hammer smashing it into a worthless state and any gradient in between. I will say that I often don’t really strictly apply rules as written in some cases. Apparently nothing in the Daemon Princes warscroll says it has the flying ability, it simply says “some have wings and move 12 inches” which implies flight but it doesn’t have the keyword and also never explicitly says it. I use a bit of I guess “mental grease” to autocorrect such oversights as the developers meaning this or that but I also never explicitly look for breaking the game or look for loopholes or rules I can exploit. I just sort of streamline it all in a more casual way of face value. What I mean by that is the whole vibe, from lore to rules to everything considered to make just a “this unit acts like this” so I run daemon princes as being able to fly 👀
  12. I straight up have a weird criteria period for armies I play. It's a jumble of: I prefer MSU and lower model count, Aesthetics is highly important, the way the army feels to play is important (an aggressive angry lore army SHOULD PLAY aggressive and angry and not like a weird turtle huddling close together and a strategic, magical army should BE strategic and magical and not like great at melee or something) and some other stuff. Basically does it look cool, do I not have to field 60 of something to be effective (i dislike hordes and im a slow painter), is it fun to build and paint, and does it feel right when playing? So I have Ironjawz, Khorne (i don't think they're fun anymore :<) and Idoneth Deepkin and I kind of want some goofy goblins and some day chaos dwarves.
  13. I like how people constantly tote about how great the new books for every faction are but conveniently leave out Blades of Khorne and Gloomspite Gits. Oof.
  14. Slaughterpriests don't get a feel no pain or way to bypass Khorne smiting them ;-;
  15. Hey man. I pay 140 points for a Support Hero and the only thing he does is add +1 to the melee attack characteristic of all units wholly within his 16'' ability range and make wizards re-roll successful casts which half of the time my opponent rolls better and thanks me
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