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  1. Yeah basically I’m super far behind. I want WHQ Hammerhal and Blackstone Fortress in addition to SpeedFreeks and Vigilus but I just haven’t got the money or time to paint it all.
  2. Yeah... I had a Predator one game with my World Eaters that never got a single shot off, but my opponent kept trying to melee it to death and it was such a massive distraction that it well made its value in points simply by existing and allowing me to move freely elsewhere. My opponent put tons of resources into shutting down my Predator tanks, which totally worked, until my Helbrutes and Berzerkers destroyed everything else and capped all the objectives. Overall it didn’t earn a single point in kills, but it was exceedingly valuable indirsctly nonetheless. It had nothing to do with points (145 iirc for quad lascannons load out) and everything with what it did during the game which was be really scary and distracting. Put simply: it did a lot by doing nothing.
  3. It’s extremely reminiscient of the point values assigned to home brewing a D&D race some guy made up and it was tested on the PHB races and official races and they’re all roughly even with a few outliers. Pretty cool man
  4. Ravinsild

    The trap of wanting to be unique

    I’m a Johnny/Timmy. I always try to min/max or powergame but with my own list or whatever. Basically I pick an objectively subpar idea, but then try to squeeze every single ounce of juice possible from that orange by min/maxing it as best as possible so I win with my own style but it’s still got teeth as well. Hence why in say 40k, I don’t min/max mixing klans, I stick to my 1 true Klan that I love (Evil Sunz), and I try to build fluff friendly (always) and models I like the look of, whilst realizing I can’t have it all and I need actual good things in the list too so it’s a careful balancing act of just enough Johnny to satisfy but power gamed and/or min/maxed to actually win sometimes. As for the topic at hand: It took me awhile to find what armies I liked and I bought a few I didn’t before I found my style, and that may be the case for you too. However once I found my style everything just clicked. I knew from visuals alone I wanted Ironjawz, even if they’re fairly popular, they do exactly what I want them to and it’s fun every time. Same with Khorne. Aside from that I’ve tried Death and Seraphon and didn’t enjoy them very much. Sold them off. I like highly aggressive melee armies that charge turn 1 and smash hard, but so far I like just Ironjawz and Khorne and it doesn’t matter to me if they’re the most popular or least popular, I find their actual game play and the way they look, their lore, their allegiance abilities and everything else works. They just “feel good”, like good controls in a video game. I never enjoyed the “feeling” of playing Seraphon, it felt stale, boring and flat. I didn’t enjoy Death either, it was counterintuitive (RUN FORWARD AND SMASH) to me, because they’re more like sit around and wait and grind out the enemy. Felt like an awkward controller or bad controls. Really disliked those armies.
  5. That’s the problem with English. I didn’t mean Tu I meant Vous The plural you as it were. I just happened to grab your post in the quote. The main points I see being brought up are never actually discussing the issue at hand though, it’s always talking around it. Basically from what I can tell people come with responses to questions not even asked. Question: How is our point system built and can we find out the formula for it? Answer: GeTtInG pOiNt VaLuEs RiGhT wOn’T fIx BaLaNcE. Er... okay... that has nothing to do with the question though... Basically I keep seeing people say this, more or less: No amount of point or math systems will ever balance the game. This doesn’t address how the point systems are built in the first place which is the main question. Im just not sure why this is the case, nobody is actually talking about or even theorizing how the point system was developed or made, they’re talking about the merits of undertaking such a project in the first place, or about the state of the current point and whether or not it can ever be balanced, neither of which actually address the question being asked. Its like someone is asking what is the atmosphere made of and people either keep responding, “it’s blue dumbass” but nobody asked what color the sky was they asked what comprises the components of the sky, or being like “we will never see the Martian sky on actual Mars so there’s no point in knowing what the sky is even made of.” It’s like... what does that have to do with anything?
  6. Ravinsild

    Crowdsource Points Project: AoS Gunkulator

    If you figure this out for this game do you think it would also apply and/or work for 40k?
  7. Well... I’m willing to admit that’s entirely possible. On the other hand though, Riot Games who makes League of Legends has a whole formula for creating heroes and they’ve adopted a consistent philosophy and redone many heroes to align with that, and even sort of coined/stole/made popular common terms like “toxic gameplay” and “anti-fun” etc. Yet still they buff/nerf heroes and swap the meta around and it can look totally made up on the spot.... some people swear up and down the design team doesn’t read comments from the community and are baffled when certain strong heroes stay strong etc.... The point being just because a company adjusts things in ways you disagree with or that they didn’t nerf the exact thing you thought should have been nerfed doesn’t mean they’re making it up as they go along. They could have a formula they follow (GW), just as Riot does, but it may look super random and thoughtless. Theres also possibly a third explanation like a mix of what you said and what I said with a formula but maybe they also like trying new things out (Malign Sorcery) and just creating new abilities or rules to see what happens... maybe like DotA, where everything is OP so technically nothing is because it’s all extremes and new stuff that pushes the game and breaks it for a bit til they fix it... etc. I still think it’s worth looking into.
  8. And yet you’ve missed the entire point. LemonKnuckles is not saying “Let’s get tighter math and make the best possible but still not perfect point system.” What LemonKnuckles is actually asking is, “How did GW come up with their point value in the first place?” Basically what is the structural foundation the point system is built upon and can we understand it and why did they build it that way in the first place? Its not a question of “what’s our purpose in life?” It’s a question of “where did we come from?” LemonKnuckles is asking where did we come from as far as how did this point system become what it is in the first place and how does it work internally?
  9. I kill your Arachnaroks and now you have no bases on the table therefore I win....
  10. I think people are missing the point here. As I see it the question is not “is this point system good?” Or even “can this point system be perfectly in balance?” Rather, the question actually being asked is, “How does GW come up with their point values and can we figure that out?”. So basically can we recreate the method GW itself used to decide what points are what. Its less about the end results of the system and more about how did the system even get built in the first place?
  11. Ravinsild

    AoS 2 - Ironjawz Discussion

    You are. Use it at the hero phase. Then after movement phase etc.... at the beginning of combat phase count up all models in range of the ability.
  12. Ravinsild

    AoS 2 - Ironjawz Discussion

    Yep that’s a list I can run. Or the same thing but Ardfist I reckon. Doesn’t really matter to me. I just like hitting things super hard in melee. Ironjawz used to be good at that a few months back. Death is not good at that and believe me I tried really hard. At best I could do some decent alphastrikes with Black Knights but Ironjawz suits my raw aggressive playstyle much better. I could never figure out the attrition game.
  13. Ravinsild

    AoS 2 - Ironjawz Discussion

    Well as of now I personally own 4 Weirdknob Shaman but that’s about it. So that more or less settles it for me. Sounds like I need to transition into a Ardfist Battalion. I only own 9 Gore Gruntas or 3 sets of 3 and I don’t think it’s enough for a Gorefist. Also I don’t own Gordrakk yet only 1 generic Megaboss on Maw-Krusha so it would seem finding a decent Ardfist list is the way to go for me for now. Sad to see the fall of Ironfist and Bloodtoofs. I really enjoy hyper aggressive turn 1 Charge playstyle. I’m planning on expanding my Ironjawz collection more though so it may be viable to run Gorefist in the future. With what I’ve got I have 1) MBMK 1) Footboss 4) Warchanter 4) Weirdknob Shaman 15) Brute dual wielding 20) Brutes with 2 handed axes 60) ArdBoyz with a solid mix of Big Choppas and dual wielding but no shields 9) Gore-Gruntas with Pig Iron Choppas
  14. Ravinsild

    AoS 2 - Ironjawz Discussion

    Honestly I play Ironjawz and hated Death to avoid the whole horde army thing so that list would be my nightmare. @Luzgurbel Megaboss on Maw-Krusha
  15. Ravinsild

    AoS 2 - Ironjawz Discussion

    Well I’ve got 60 ArdBoyz and I like them so maybe Ardfist is the way to go? It’s interesting to see how Ironfist has fallen from grace. It had a ton of focus on it back when AoS 2.0 was new haha. Ardfist was panned as garbage because of the only once thing and ArdBoyz were “worthless” because suddenly they couldn’t save versus mortal wounds. My how times have changed. Man I wasted over a thousand dollars on Death and had absolutely no fun but I always have a blast when playing my Ironjawz even if they are objectively worse as far as power level or whatever goes. Also not too many people play the meta in my area. There’s a bunch of Khorne, Slaneesh, Tzeentch, SCE a few Idoneth and Sylvaneth and some other random stuff with quite a few fellow Destruction players and a super good Nurgle player or two.