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  1. Ravinsild

    Noobranomicon (Beginners guide to Death)

    My first game I played Neferata, 2 Morghast Harbingers, 2 sets of 10 skeletons and like 1 unit of 5 Graveguard. As soon as my Neferata and Morghasts went down I lost immediately. At 1,000 points it makes more sense to bring a few cheap heroes and then load up the rest of the points on regular troops. The next game I played was 2 Wight Kings, 1 Necromancers (350 points out of 1,000 so 35% I think) the rest was 30 Skeletons, then 10 skeletons then 10 Grave Guard with Sword and Shield and 10 with 2handers. This list was much better because even after losing 1 Wight King and 10 skeletons I still had plenty to fight with and lots of regeneration. I won by attrition because my units kept respawning members and being revived from the dead. With only 1 leader and that leader being 40% of your total points it makes it much harder to recover when they die. My next list will look something like this: Allegiance: Legion of NightLeadersWight King with Baleful Tomb Blade(120)- General- Mount: Steed- Trait: Merciless Hunter - Artefact: Curseblade Necromancer (110)- Artefact: Morbheg's Claw - Lore of the Deathmages: DecrepifyBattleline30 x Skeleton Warriors (240)- Ancient Blades10 x Skeleton Warriors (80)- Ancient Blades10 x Skeleton Warriors (80)- Ancient BladesUnits5 x Grave Guard (80)- Great Wight Blades5 x Black Knights (120)BattalionsDeathmarch (160)Total: 990 / 1000Extra Command Points: 1Allies: 0 / 200Wounds: 75 Although it’s entirely possible the Battalion is a waste at 1,000 so I may just go ahead and drop it for more troops.
  2. Ravinsild

    Battletomes, a bygone era?

    lol wut. I pay 1.99$ for Azyr and have access to all the Warscrolls. Before I fight an enemy army I haven’t fought before I just read their Warscrolls to get an idea of what’s dangerous. I do pay for the Warscroll Cards and the Battletomes but that’s just because I want to read the stories and have flash cards with fancy art. I could write it down for free and stuff but... I like the official stuff. I just remember FAQ in my head.
  3. Ravinsild

    The Rumour Thread

    I wonder how many years I will need to wait for them to sort out the vampire section of death. Death feels like a mess now that I’ve gotten into it honestly. Only the ghosts are updated and to an extent FEC. Deathrattle models are old, but not terrible in quality, but most of the vampires are resin and their actual ability to put together a cohesive army is... essentially nonexistent. Soulblight is really bad apparently. Plus they straight up deleted all the ranged options. Skeleton Archers and stuff were all Tomb Kings. Also why were the majority of skeletons Tomb King but 3 units (Black Knights, Skeleton Warriors and Grave Guard) set aside for a completely different army? Everything is split up strangely and many of the models are old with only the Nighthaunt getting a big revamp. I hope Destruction gets love, and Slaneesh too as well as STD, to get the “main” stuff for each Grand Alliance some love but do you think the everything that isn’t Nighthaunt section of Death will see any love in the next 2 years or so?
  4. Ravinsild

    Battletomes, a bygone era?

    They could do the Blood Bowl thing and just have an all online living rulebook. It keeps everything in one central place with all the buffs and nerfs and rules changes live, basically exactly like a video game patch system. The latest version overrides the older version so there’s a lot less misinformation as well, regarding things like, “well it used to be an option but now I’m not sure.” With Blood Bowl you know what the current rules are and everything is streamlined and up to date. I buy digital Battletomes for quick references, but I also buy the real life version to read all the stories. I don’t like reading the lore in Azyr. Speaking of, why does the Legion of Nagash Death March Battalion have completely different units included compared to the Azyr version? The Azyr version says updated August 2018 but no matter how I google I can’t find the change in real life. I read the LoN FAQ and Designers commentary, the main rulebook one, the GHB 2018 one and even the GA:Death one. I can’t find this change. Sometimes even Azyr and the website and stuff are different. It’s all a mess. The information is all over the place with random patchwork warscrolls existing simultaneously that are completely different. It’s really frustrating. Plus the APP doesn’t even update the digital copies of the books with all the FAQ... and half the apps functionality is still wrong. Go to “My Battle.” Pick the “Add” feature for Allegiance Traits. Pick Ironjawz GHB 2018. Still has the 2017 text copy paste even though in the online version of the book the words are different in some places. The wording for Mighty Destroyerd was changed to use your move and not be a flat 6” or whatever. So the app has all kinds of internal contradictions and descrepencies too. The rules for AoS are frustrating to keep it all together with a clean modern and updated feel. I don’t even know what rules and FAQ is still in effect half the time because one FAQ will reverse or delete an answer from a previous FAQ!
  5. Ravinsild

    Noobranomicon (Beginners guide to Death)

    When I use the Mortis Engine explode ability... does it only heal, or can it bring back D3 models from the dead if they're 1 wound middles?
  6. Ravinsild

    Conversion Project Help.

    That might work too. I just like the clean flat surface the SCE shoulders have for space marine transfers. Plus their armor is sort of space marine looking. Basically I’m running Legion of Night which has very similar gameplay tactics to Raven Guard, with a strong defensive bonus and the ability to ambush where you please, so I thought a cute little nod to the Raven Guard chapter using the closest thing to fantasy Marines would be fun. Of course I’ve seen a SCE sword and board conversion, but the sword and board version doesn’t make quite as good a hammer imo because their stats are 3/4/-1/1 instead of 3/3/-1/1 although they have a bit better defense versus ‘-‘ weapons.
  7. Ravinsild

    Conversion Project Help.

    Well as it turns out I play Ironjawz and Khorne mortals and have tons of bits laying around. I guess I just wanted to keep the skeleton hands.... and put a skeleton face on for the head.
  8. Ravinsild

    Noobranomicon (Beginners guide to Death)

    I think the Wight King still has a place. The bonus attacks stack, after all. Vampires can target any death unit and wight Kings can target any Deathrattle unit. I suppose it would be entirely possible to bring 40 Skeletons, a Wight King with the Lord of Nagashizzar Command Trait, use his Command Ability on them in addition to a Vampire Lord’s Command Ability, sort of like using Mighty Waaagh! Multiple times, and getting +3 attacks on the blob of skeletons. In a perfect storm, one could have 240 3/4/-/1attacks going out. In a perfecter storm one could Vanhel’s said unit of Skeletons.... Even 10 Grave Guard with Great-Wight Bladed would put out 50 attacks... possibly twice. 3/3/-1/1 with a chance for double damage.... Honestly the more I look at Death the more they seem like a better version of Ironjawz. Wight King and Vampire Lord are essentially the Waaagh! Command Ability, fighting twice beats anything Destruction has, and Deathmarch is basically Ironfist but better - and if you play Ironjawz you know how good that Battalion is. Death has just as good of an offense as Ironjawz but their defensive ability is 10x better. Neither armies have ranged attacks or mortal wound prevention, but death magic is much stronger and the healing and resurrection of Grave Guards is straight up better. Replenishing entire lost units is just insane. Imagine if you could regenerate brutes on the spot or blobs of ‘Ardboys. Legion of Sacrament is Ironfist (Bloodtoofs) on Steroids with slightly worse charging (free automatic 6-8” though so debatably....).... Whilst Grand Host of Nagash has great support command abilities whilst being a tad (3”) slower than LoS but also buffs Morghasts who are just fast and tough anyway... Legion of Night allows you freely place your hammer right where you want it (within reason), and also gives your own territory objective holders a nice defensive buff making from an incredibly durable anvil. I think Wight Kings, Deathmarch and Deathrattle have a lot more potential than people give them credit for... but other people may not play Ironjawz or Khorne. Death has better defense than both Khorne and Ironjawz and just as potent of an offense with attack stacking. Now I just need to find my go to hammer unit. For Khorne it’s Skullreapers all day every day, they can destroy almost anything in a flurry of destruction, and for Ironjawz it’s Brutes. I need to find my elite killing blow unit that’s my main offensive tool. I’m testing out Great-Wight Blade Grave-Guard, Black Knights and Morghast Harbingers.... any other suggestions? Perhaps... Vargheists... 3/3/-1/2 3 attacks which can be buffed further by LoN and Vampire Lords... up to 5 on the charge I believe...
  9. Ravinsild

    Noobranomicon (Beginners guide to Death)

    Ah, too bad, no 6+++ save after all since no more Infernal Banner. I guess the functionality was roughly baked into the Deathless Minions Allegiance trait(s). You are correct, the bait only counts for Deathrattle, but as it stands my army seems to be comprised of almost all skeletons, so it all works out! I guess it would be over powered to have a save after a save after a save and to be able to buff them
  10. Anyone know the most compatible Stormcast Eternals for the Grave Guard 2-handed weapons? I want to make a unit of elite Grave Guard conversions with some Raven Guard (from 40k) color scheme and decals for my Legion of Night because their ambush ability reminds me of strike from Shadows. Looking to make Skeletal SCE for this purpose...since they have the nickname Sigmarines.
  11. Ravinsild

    Noobranomicon (Beginners guide to Death)

    Is the Infernal Banner still an option for Wight Kings and how does that interact with most Legions deathless minions Allegiance trait. Also does the Crypt Shield bonus add +1 to the 6+ feel no pain? Does it modify that save roll or not? Also does the Legion of Night “The Bait” ability interact with Deathless Minions?
  12. Ravinsild

    I want to play a vampire army but I don’t know how.

    That’s why I bring 2 Necromancers.... With Balewind Vortex I will get 3 spells a turn (2 from the one on Vortex, 1 from the other one) and a 4th spell from my Vampire Lord but he chooses spells from a different table.
  13. Ravinsild

    I want to play a vampire army but I don’t know how.

    Ah ok I see! I think at 2k points I would be running two Necromancers. They gain 1 additional spell each... i was personally thinking of running Overwhelming Dread and Decrepify. -1 to hit and to wound on a model would be a really rough debuff to cope with. I also like the looks of Fading Vigor, -1 attack versus Khorne armies stings! Plus -1 Bravery with Skeletons around makes it -2 etc... could do a mini bravery bomb
  14. Ravinsild

    I want to play a vampire army but I don’t know how.

    Well, so far my opponents have been Khorne and Slaneesh with 0 shooting thus far, so the Shroud is not very effective. Against armies with shooting it will be, but if I keep playing these same opponents it will be useless haha. I am building up to 2,000 points myself. Slowly but surely.
  15. Ravinsild

    I want to play a vampire army but I don’t know how.

    Another point to note is Wight Kings can be mounted, so they can keep up with the rest of the army with 12” movement speed, for an overall extremely quick army. I will test both LoN and LoS and see which I prefer. I’m excited to try this all out! Unfortunately I need to wait for my next paycheck to be able to buy some Black Knights haha. I think either Ethereal Amulet or Gryph-Feather Charm on the 3+ Wight King on Skeletal Steed will make for a fairly survivable general, plus having a Flying (or mounted!) Vampire Lord in addition to a Mortis Engine escort (which can heal him for D3 wounds if I activate the reliquary) in addition to Vile Transference can make for a pretty tanky General! I hope haha. I’m trying to imagine how I would deploy everything, perhaps leave a Necromancer in my territory with Cogs, and a Spell Portal so he can cast Vanhels Danse on the Skeletons with much further reach. It’s also possible to bring a Corpse Cart for another +1 cast bonus. The back line may be some minimum sized skeleton units with perhaps a shield grave guard unit, a Necromancer or two, corpse cart and spell portals whilst the offense is Mortis Engine, Wight King, Vampire Lord, 40 Skeletons, 10 2h Grave Guard and 10 Black Knights... or something similar. I also want to try out Morghasts.