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  1. I guess it never occurred to me where to look. However just having a few solid stable brushes would be nice! Mostly it’s my Small Layer brush that gets messed up. I do a TON of tiny detail work and edge highlighting.
  2. You mean like joker face thicc skeletons and cow helmet elves and stuff?
  3. Before any recent price changes way back in 2018 my friends were absolutely adamant they wouldn’t be getting into this hobby and now a days it’s a definite hard strong “****** no.” so I’ve made new friends. I still have my old friends of course. I’ll just never get to play Warhammer with them ever but I did join a gaming club 😎
  4. Not gonna lie I don’t buy GW models but I do buy their paint because I love their app and their system of paint and it’s just easier to follow their own tutorials with those paints than to figure out the closest thing in Vallejo or whatever. Also I get their brushes cuz it’s just like why not. They’re kind of disposable. it’s more like the tertiary hobby stuff from GW I get and it seems reasonable to a degree. But I don’t buy paint all the time either or brushes or glue or like hand drills etc.
  5. I've gone to 3rd Party companies (Scibor, Lost Kingdoms, etc..) and I'm getting a 3D printer. I now just buy on Amazon or Ebay or like FLGS but on the internet? Like miniaturemarket, or alpha omega hobby or gamenerdz, etc. I am looking forward to some .stl's especially the counts as Kroxigors from Lost Kingdom Miniatures.
  6. The Dwarves have arrived and they’re positively gorgeous. I am so excited.
  7. Well and their Equipment is massive. Swords are 150 Drops and they either get 2 or a Sword and Repeater Hand Crossbow which is 60. They get Medium Armor which is 200 Drops. Sea-Dragon Cloak is 260. A full wet skin is 25 Drops. So in total that’s 830 for the two Sword set up and 740 for the Repeater/Sword set up including the 45 drops.
  8. Based on checking against other Archetypes it’s actually well within reason. The Sigmar Warpriests value is like 719 Iirc and the Witch Aelf, Darkling Coven Sorceress is around 610ish and so is the Black Ark Corsair etc Light Armor is 120 Drops 2 Daggers is 40 Drops Acid Bottle is 55 Drops Cloak is 6 Drops Disguise Kit is 85 Drops Lockpicks is 25 Drops Three Vials of Basic Poison is 165 Drops thats a total of 496 + 110 Drops is 606 which is right around the same total Drops of at least the first 7 Archetypes I checked.
  9. Yeah I agree, a section for the RPG would be quite welcome.
  10. I've done went and Homebrewed up a Dark Elf Assassin. Hopefully it's pretty balanced. I tried to look at other Archetypes and choose about the most middling road.
  11. I believe 2 + S means 2 + successes. So basically any successes over the minimum required is extra damage. Assuming I understand this accurately.
  12. If I understand correctly, having Brutish Cunning allows you to use Mighty Destroyers without spending a command point, but so does Ironfist. So you could just take both for 2 uses to move/fight/charge.
  13. Now that I've read it myself, Fullest of Spirits appears to grant 1 Extra spell from the Lore of Savage Beasts, and addition the ability to cast 1 extra spell in the hero phase. This to me looks as though it's 2 spells per hero phase attempted to cast. So it would appear you get to know 2 spells from the Savage Beasts lore, and the Warscroll spell, and you can choose to cast any 2 of those 3. Kunnin' Beast Spirits for +1 to save on Rogue Idol is quite good. You could also consider the double movement speed and fly spell to stack over that, but also Gorkamorka Warcry is really good too. In total it looks as though it would be +1 to cast via the Mork's Boney Bits artefact, with the ability to cast 2 spells per hero phase if I understand the interaction of the Command Trait and Artefacts correctly. Although it occurs to me that you mean 3 attempts to cast probably includes the Weirdknob Shaman, although Hand of Gork specifically can only be used on an IRONJAWZ unit. However between hand of Gork and the flying spell it seems entirely possible to have the Rogue Idol and block of 6 GG's charging your enemy turn 1, should you need or want to do that.
  14. With this point in mind... might it be worth, assuming for now I playtest the list I've drafted up for the moment, dropping the 1 CP for 50 points to bring me to 2,000, and instead buying the Emerald Lifeswarm endless spell to resurrect some dead Ardboyz? Thoughts or opinions on running that spell over 1 CP?
  15. IMO it looks rock solid. I've heard the Rogue Idol is very powerful, Wurrgog seems good (haven't gotten a chance to playtest), I know for a fact in my own experience 6 Gore-Gruntas fully buffed with Warchanter on the charge can pretty much delete anything in the game and blobs of Ardboyz seems to be the default...so looks good to me. You got the teleport hand, 2 big threats, some blobs. Seems to have all the basics. Looks good to me. Ardboyz with shields get 2 6+ FNP and 4+ save, pretty hardy, pretty durable. They can hit hard too, especially with Warchanter buffs. You got access to the Hand of Gork spell via Weirdknob so that's powerful as well. Only question is why Kunnin' Beast Spirits? Why not Breath of Gork to fly him around and position him, or the one that makes an enemy unit take D3 MW and Fight last?
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