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  1. Well rather than getting points for damage it’s points for death. So a unit of 40 Bloodreavers is 1 point same as 10. Granted they give no depravity to Slaanesh but a unit of 10 Blood Warriors is 1 Blood Tithe for Khorne but 10 Depravity for Slaanesh... etc...
  2. Mostly because Bloodthirsters aren’t particularly tanky or resilient and their damage can be very swingy either doing massive amounts or laughably little.
  3. Isn’t he a greater daemon? All Greater Daemons are 110$+ and similar sized things like Archaon, Allarielle, The Sigmar Prime guy and Eidolon. 🤷‍♂️ At least in American money usually 110-130$
  4. Whip of Subversion is in a way kind of like the old Wrathmongers ability. Sweet. Thanks for taking that away and essentially giving it to a new army, but also better because the damage just happens instead of it going through the entire combat phase against itself.
  5. You know what's most infuriating of all? Slaanesh is literally more thematic and better at combat than the literal god of war. Exploding dice, running and charging, forcing opponents to fight last, etc. Khorne the literaly army plays like a support group, everyone huddled together, helping each other out, giving each other self esteem boosts and hugs so they can fight better instead of the frothing mad berserkers that kill their own in lore. What the actual ****** man. Khorne should be about getting to you as fast as possible, as self sufficiently as possible (Khorne armies BARELY work together in so much as they all basically head in the same direction to kill whatever is there in the books and lore and often times kill each other because blood for the blood god) and as brutally as possible. Not handing out hugs and kisses and sticking together and marching as friends all within a limited area so everyone improves each other to fight their best. Who designed Khorne? This is Stormcast ******. This is working together and cooperation ******. Why are we so buff reliant and our individual units are so mediocre? Why are we so slow? Why are we worse at combat than everyone other combat army? WHO MADE THIS BOOK? WHY IS THE GOD OF WAR TERRIBLE AT WAR? Why are we staying anywhere from 16'' to 8'' wholly within each other and are utterly ineffectual without combined arms of this buff and that buff and this guy helping and that guy helping before we actually get to efficient levels of killing? Slaanesh just runs at you turn one and has rampagingly exploding dice that create even more attacks that swarm you in dice more than Ork boyz and then make you fight last whilst also handing out debuffs to make it EVEN HARDER to fight them back in return.
  6. Remember how the Aelves used to be divided on the website and when you looked at the Order factions there were like 40? Now it's been consolidated and all the Aelves are lumped together. I don't know if it means anything, but the Order side of things looks well cleaned up.
  7. I just want to say you've inspired me to critically think about my upcoming passion project with Idoneth Deepkin and to think in critical and creative ways as far as conversion opportunities and a powerful unifying theme. I've been inspired and I want to create my own rich and deep army with as much of a personal touch as possible. How do you do that spooky ghost glow on the skull eyes?
  8. I've definitely decided on going with the Morr'phan enclave, and I enjoy a more infantry based game so this suits me well. In fact, it sort of plays like Legions of Nagash, especially with the battalion, of constantly replenishing models who die. I'm looking at black, dark violet, navy blue and golds for my color scheme as far as armor and equipment goes alonside silver for blades, etc. For skin I hope to pull off a sort of nighthaunt paleness and ethereal spooky ghost glow. I'm trying to wrack my brain for full on conversions whilst keeping the essence as I was inside by The Darkwood Coven or whatever thread in the painting & modeling and how that guy TRULY made his Sylvaneth his very own. I'm looking at the realm lore of Shyish for inspiration as well as the Morr'phan entries in the battletome alongside deep sea creatures in real life, thinking albino creatures or perhaps deep violet, black and other colors. I wonder if I could greenstuff anger fish or gulper eels or bioluminescence. I really want to go deep with this project as a passion project. As for basing I found these videos. I think it may be relevant to water basing, and building haunted scenery. I may borrow some nighthaunt figures or cut pieces off or somehow integrate ghosts and souls into my army. I want, possibly, slightly blackish water or some sort of dark water. I believe that's what the ocean they come from is described as. I've been taking notes and trying to really hone down on a theme for my army so I can truly make it personal and rich with detail and flavor.
  9. According to this one of the MAIN rules writers over Age of Sigmar is Jervis Johnson! Which is extremely exciting because he's created the very best and most well balanced game Blood Bowl! So we are in very capable and great hands which is a relief to me. I'm glad it's such a reputable name over AoS. This is going to be an amazing game once everything has caught up and been sussed out, although I also currently think it is a great game right now too.
  10. That’s exactly what I’m doing and I am also a Khorne refugee haha. I wanted a solid mix of good rules (at LEAST IDK place semi-regularly!), sweet aesthetic that’s inspiring and more dynamic than red and brass, and close combat oriented but with a wider range of tools if needed (seems IDK has priests, Magic AND shooting even if it’s minimal).
  11. Is this thread 100% purely for only lists and tactics and stuff? Of all the armies in Age of Sigmar and 40k this one inspires me and motivates me the most. It gets my imagination going. Can we talk about basing and color scheme and general army aesthetic and theme or is that only allowed in the painting and modeling section? Does everyone use the default heads? Has anyone tried using Wyches from Dark Eldar 40k to give some people some hair so they don’t all look like clones?
  12. They didn't even put the round bases in the plastic baggie like they did in the other start collecting box. Everything was just haphazardly tossed in there. I think that's why 2 pieces broke off the sprue. One was in the box, but idk where the other one is and they only give you 10 so there's no extras. IDK what to do, guess one of my guys just has to have a back crack
  13. Meanwhile my recently purchased Start Collecting! Khorne Daemons was just thrown in the box with 2 pieces missing (the Bloodletters back fins) and every single one of them has a visible outline of flash/line molds 👀 Im not dismissing your claims, but Bloodletters are not new lol. It’s taken me hours to build 30 as I’ve been having to deal with these horrible flash and mold lines. At least the new Flesh Hounds were a breeze to build!! I get that it’s disappointing that Slaanesh didn’t get as much as y’all hoped but don’t pretend every single thing for every single god is brand new. Khorne still has a LOT of resin heroes... we just now got all of our basic troop choices in full plastic 👀 and Khorne Berzerkers in 40k are literally 21 years old. If they were people they could legally drink. The main big pushes have been Nurgle and Tzeentch with Thousands Sons and Death Guard becoming whole stand alone ranges and that’s reflected in AoS too but honestly Nurgle only has 1 mortal and that’s the Putrid Blightkings. Everything else are Daemons I’m pretty sure unless it’s 40k. Still though I understand where you’re coming from and Slaanesh has waited a long time. I’m just excited so many armies are getting so many sweet new things. 40k Chaos FINALLY got some badly needed kits in plastic on common as dirt units! Their equivalent to a Devastator Squad (Havoks) JUST got updated, same with the Dark Apostle! I’m excited for this round robin style visit to each army because im hoping personally that in the next 10 years ALL armies in 40k AND AoS will have full plastic miniatures and we can kiss resin goodbye!! It took me 4 hours!!! To build 6 freaking goblins for the Blood Bowl game plus a troll because they were resin. All the extra scraping, cleaning, flash removal and stuff is ultra tedious!! Heres hoping for a T’au, Eldar (all of them), Orkz (again), Necron update and all the factions in AoS starting with the forgotten boys like Dispossed and the regular Aelves. These guys all need to get out of resin land and new books to keep up with the other armies. Man even Seraphon kind of sucks and looks old and they’re mostly plastic. Im hype for updates to everyone and then a second visit in the next 15 years hopefully. TL;DR: You’re not wrong but also the grass isn’t always greener and things aren’t 100% perfect even for the other 3 of the big 4.
  14. @Smooth criminal I didn’t pick that fight. My Bloodreavers (10 of them) were camped on my home objective for the sole purpose of scoring. ONE Dwarf Hero (The Grimwrath Berzerker) charged into them by running across the board and survived 2 rounds of their attacks (46 in total, his 5+ FNP shrugged off so many potential wounds and hitting on 4’s wounding on 4’s is just terrible) and killed all 10 in a single round of fighting, then fighting again.
  15. That’s a great list! It’s got the quintessential eels but a lot more as well
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