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  1. Ferrus65

    AoS 2 - Free Cities (Firestorm) Discussion

    Thank you guys for the info, and Stato love that big gun! Another thing is still not so clear for me. May I have a full stormcast army with four ballistas (I have them, I know I exagerated a little bit..) and give them the Greywater Fastness bonus? Or with a Greywater Fastness alliance I can only use a generic Order Army?
  2. Ferrus65

    AoS 2 - Free Cities (Firestorm) Discussion

    Is there a specific colour scheme for Greywater Fastness living city, and what do you think aret he best ironweld arsenal units to add? With an Ordinator Lord, of course.
  3. Ferrus65

    Let's chat Stormcast Eternals

    I think this time GW will really have my wallet..😳
  4. Ferrus65

    Let's chat : Maggotkin of Nurgle

    Wow, these models are wonderful, I'm just considering how to put them on the table.. Plague Ogres and Bile Trolls count as ? Really beautiful!
  5. Ferrus65

    Nurgle Marked Chaos Warriors Army, what alliance?

    Thank you! Not interested in a cavalry army, so Nurgle allegiance seems to be the way
  6. I'm a bit confused. I just have a Nurgle Maggotkin Army (mortals only, I don't like demons models) and I'm seriously considering starting a new, Slaves to Darkness army. Everything will be Nurgle marked, and with themed conversions. But in gaming which alliance will be better using? If I well understand it's possible to use Nurgle Maggotkin Alliance (mortal heroes), because everything is marked Nurgle. Or sinergies are better using a Slave to Darkness army? Thank you very much!!
  7. Petition signed and shared. May the Horned Rat be with us
  8. Ferrus65

    Let's Chat: Verminus

    no one thought about two verminlord warbringers? I still dream about a pure verminous army
  9. Ferrus65

    Let's Chat: Verminus

    Talking about allies, I was considering a couple of plagueclaw, a grey seer (general with chaos alliance), an arch warlock.. What weapon team would you suggest?
  10. Ferrus65

    Let's Chat: Verminus

    Great topic, Mayple, I will follow it with great attention.. even because I have on the painting table 120 clan rats, and 40 stormvermins! 😬😬
  11. Ferrus65

    Help me speed painting a skaven horde…

    Thank you guys, a lot of interesting points. I think I’ll make some test with different methods on single miniature, and them I’ll choose the betterfinal result. Anyway, I think I’ll have something to do for the next weeks! 😬
  12. For my return to AOS I’m assembling a large skaven army (clan verminus theme, so maany rats!), of 120 clanrats and 40 stormvermins, and I don’t like the sad grey of unpainted miniatures. So I need to find the speedest way for give my little rats a reasonable, decent table-game look in the short time possible withouth being crazy . I was thinking: Body and robes - a decent primer with some washes (I have the classic GW chaos black, or a Tamiya matt white one, bu I could even consider buying an Army Painter coloured one) Shields and weapons - painted and washed Bases – painted and finished In this way, I could put on the table the army in a short time, and slowly (very slowly, I really have short times for hobby) finish the painting process, withouth using for mounths unpainted miniatures. Any suggestion? What are other skaven or horde players doing?
  13. Ferrus65

    Let's chat Skaven tactics

    The fat skaven is beautiful, and I will have it for sure (I agree is a perfect packmaster). Yes, talking about slaves using them as meatshields is the way, even if I'd go in group of at least 20..
  14. Ferrus65

    Let's chat Skaven tactics

    Just one question for all skaven warlords ouside: do you think is there any possibility of using slaves in a verminous army today? Or are they a thing of the past? Of course I know they are terrible, but they could be interesting form a modelling point of view.. and very fluffy in a skaven army!!
  15. Ferrus65

    My Grand Alliance Chaos

    Lovely army Tom, a lot of interesting models, and I like how you based them. May I ask you which model you used for the skaven engineer? (the one near the cannon and the wheels)