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  1. Wow EnixLHQ, you made a really great work!! In my opinion, something a nighthaunt player can’t go withouth. Really thank you for sharing!
  2. Chaos knights seems too bulky to me, specially when compared to vampire lords of gw range (that look like younger brothers..). I would ho for drakespawn knights, or dark riders. I also saw a nice conversion from demigryph. All these models would probably fit well with beautiful Puppetswar resin vampire heads, and with gw von carstein resin gw conversion kit (shields and stendard). I would also suggest stendard from grave guard kit.
  3. The cover throne is beautiful, there is genious in this work!
  4. You know I’m a big fan of your list, I can’t wait to see how will it go during the competition 😎. Have a ghostly CanCon!!
  5. What do you think about the following list? Neferata 340 pts Vampire Lord on zombie dragon 440 pts vampire lord 140 pts 10 Chainrasps 80 10 chainrasps 80 40 chainrasps 280 pts 20 grimghast reapers 320 20 grimghast reapers 320. It should be exactly 2000 pts. Everything is fast, flyer and summonable. I would like to find points for a command point and some endless spells, but I don’t know where. And sadly no blood knights
  6. Charlo, your lists are always a great source of inspiration, and a reminder for me that this game is not only top tiers lists , all the same. It’s also fun, background, and for an old nostalgic vampire like me choices in soulblights are not so limited as I thought. Thank you!
  7. EnixLHQ, great battle report, thank you for sharing. Did you understand what could be our answer to shooting armies?
  8. This would be too good to be true 😍
  9. And trying to put all inputs in an army list, would be something like this: Dreadable harrow (general, vassal of the craven king) 90 Necromancer (spell dread withering) 130 Knight of shrouds on feet 100 Knight of shrouds on ethereal steed (artefact aetherquartz broch) 120 40 chainrasps horde 280 40 chainrasps horde 280 10 chainrasps horde 80 12 myrmourn banshees 210 12 myrmourn banshees 210 30 grimghast reapers 420 extra command points 50 total 1970.. quite intriguing I must say..
  10. Good guy.. you did a very good job!
  11. Really really interesting reading, thank you for sharing. You gave me a lot of things to think about. It's a pity for Dreadscythe Harridans, and for the bravery bomb concept in general (what made me love legion of grief when I saw it first), but you confirmed what I just knew, it's really difficult to find a place for them. Your review put in evidence many possible changes to the 'classic' legion of grief army list, that in my opinion can change it in a more competitive way. Only problem doubling chainrasps.. you should really do something to diversify them! Eventually searching for alternative models . Aniway, thank you very much, you did a really good job, I will save this page in my favourite sites!
  12. AldenNicol great battle report, thank you for sharing. It’s always interesting see what happens on the table. I saw your army list in previous post, may I ask your opinion on single units? Which one worked good, and which not? Something you will change for the future in your list?
  13. I like your list AidenNicol, and tactics-army list description is REALLY interesting!
  14. Stunning army, IkedaT. Beautiful work!
  15. Do you think today there is place for a mixed blood knights-vargheist army? Or do you think is better to ‘specialize’ battle lines? And choosing an unit for summonable screen better follow the heart with fell bats or bat swarms, or the head with dire wolves as allies?
  16. Wow, they are original gw ones! I must say with the rust metal color scheme they really stand out, good idea. I still can’t convince myself spending 80 eu for five failcast resin models, but I admit yours are notables
  17. TMS, like your blood knights, it’s possibile to have a colse up of them? I like very much their alternative colour, and your bloodseeker palanquin conversion is pure genious.. best compliments!
  18. Good point, I agree on almost everything
  19. I'm a bit disappointed. I try to explain (sorry for my poor english). Models are interesting, and well detailed. But seems to me the fantasy version of a 40k army (almost necron, or halfway necron/tyranid). At first impression is something that will never fit with the rest of my undead army (almost skeletons). Except Morghast of course. War machine and scenic are nice, by the way. I'm almost sure I won't play the new faction by itself. Adding units to my Grand Host of Nagash (if it will be admitted by game rules of course!) , I'm not sure. To be honest, models in the photo Dracan posted looks better than previous pictures. Probably I need some time to watch new models better
  20. Well, maybe I will wait to hear the news tomorrow morning when I'll wake up (I'm from Italy). But my new avatar is ready, and the credit card too!!
  21. You could also think to glue spears in the back of skeleton swordsmen (maybe previously cutting hands from the spears) and put the ‘true’ skeleton spearsmen in the front lines. So the wysiwyg is respected, I read it somewhere else in tris forum, and seems to be a very good solution
  22. Thank you Rune for sharing your army wip and the blackout report. It’s not easy to have such an accurate battile report to understand how our legion is on the table. I took from your post a lot of interesting points to think about. And wait to see how your army will envolve for next tournaments !
  23. Is nightfall pack battalion a thing? On a fluffy side I'm very intrigued from an army with Manfred, skeletons, some vargheists and maybe even a terrorgheist. But I'm not sure the battalion Worth its points
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