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  1. Yes. Last year our Sydney community came together for our own campaign which was a smashing success. Our tournament calendar will wrap up in November and I get the feeling a lot of people are looking for a Mighty Empires / Campaign to take us through to the end of the year. This will make the process of organising much easier.
  2. Is that a Carmine Dragon that I see in the corner?
  3. If you use scrollbuilder, it's a weapon choice. The warscrolls is very vague
  4. Perfect, it works a treat now. Keep up the great work...
  5. Your army list check list is a deadlink btw
  6. Good discussion and a great guest. I'll need to check out these super secret Tzeentch photos
  7. BTW the black model in the background of photo 2 looks like an Empire captain/hero on foot. Holding a pistol and hammer?
  8. Photo 1: Empire cannon, battle masters Knights, empire great swords, empire engineer Photo 2: outriders, Battlemage, Photo 3: empire Knights, Handgunners Photo 4: empire spearmen, Bretonnia archers, battle master archers, flaggelants, empire Swordmen Photo 5: battle masters halberdiers, empire Handgunners,swordsmen, spearmen Photo 6: empire Swordmen I see a lot of models from the 5th and 6th edition box sets of Warhammer.
  9. OMFG @Killax. Where were those photos taken? I don't see any Van Saar models :-(
  10. Perth or regional WA?
  11. Welcome @Rover1875. I'm going to assume that you're not an AFL fan and treat you nicely :-)
  12. Glad I search for this rule before posting. Thanks @Squirrelmaster
  13. Welcome @Xavierrm24, where in this great land down under are you from?
  14. My first choice would be the Stately War Banner. The Generals role is to survive and keep buffing the troops. Shield is a must.
  15. When will they see the battlefield? I've got 1,500pts of Devoted that I'm excited to have a run with soon. I only have 90 flaggelants but I have a few more Warriors Priests than this list.