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  1. I've been eyeing off an Order Great Eagle for 60pts. The Witch Hunter (60pt) is a handy character if you're facing a heavy magic list
  2. I'm guessing that Age of Sigmar is just an elaborate catfishing scheme, and Sigmar is just a teenage girl in a small country town manipulating the Mortal Realms
  3. Interesting points lads, though I completely disagree that this is not a competitive list or there was no plan. I've counter-punched and defeated many Stormcast, Seraphon, and other special deployments armies. The deployment was better suited to absorb hand to hand combat than ranged mortal wound fire. I imagine that you (KnightFire) are not too familiar with the Collegiate Arcane, as the Luminark of Hysh (white model) provides a 6+ mortal wound save to the 10" bubble. This is why the models are bunched up. Free Guild also have some wonderful counter charge and counter shoot ability within battleline, so what you're seeing above is preparing to absorb the initial hit then counter. I have acknowledged above that there are a few different ways to improve the deployment. It sounds like a lot of the feedback is revolving around deployment to defeat them.
  4. I've dropped offline for the last few days and it seems there has been a healthy discuss in my absence. Thanks for the ideas. I have a feeling that my opponent was using the wrong rules against me, specifically dishing out d6's instead of d3's with his Stormfiends. Unless I'm missing something, I don't think he could have mathematically dished out the mortal wounds that he did. I've attached a picture of my deployment to this response. In the future I think I'll deploy my large bases (Hurricanum / Luminark / Dragon) against the edge of the table to reduce the areas he can deploy against. I don't think I considered the base sizes in my deployment, and could have spread out my dudes a lot more. I don't know if I have enough bodies to hide my big points from the 9" range. Upon greater reflection, perhaps I should deploy in the corner? This would even drop the areas of deployment down even further and increasing the bodies. If this happens again, I dare say that I'll just refuse to play Clan Skryer and auto-defeat in a tournament. While tournament should be competitive it's also important to have fun... and I don't want to lose my passion in battle where I'm just a punching bag who can't really hit back.
  5. I'm not really sure how to interpret this;
  6. This is awesome @Rob Hawkins. Very jealous that this isn't on my tabletop
  7. We're at 25 players so far and two weeks to the event. If you're in Brisbane or interested in traveling to sunny Queensland... get in now. The Heralds of War put on great events.
  8. It's a shame you lost your keyword synagery. I thought the FAQ's cleared up the ability to use Free People with Free Peoples. I don't don't play Brets so I haven't taken a closer look, but I have been messed around with old Empire units not synergising with Free People (damn you Markus Wolfhart!). The blog looked like a load of fun.
  9. He deployed two warpfire teams and the rest tunneled and destroyed my army
  10. ^^^ exactly what @Fellclaw01 said. It's seems to be a common netlist (as I've later found out). I lost almost 1,500 points before my first round of combat, it's boarder line insane! I'll auto-defeat and just quit next time I face the list at a tournament. Gryph-hound might help, however, I'd need 5-6 of them just to have a chance at counter attacking.
  11. I've personally never used them, however I'm finding tremendous value from the Prosecutors from the AoS box set. I'm using 6 and they served me well today (minus a bloodbath against a Clan Skryre list). I cut their heads off and will be putting Space Wolves heads on them.
  12. Honestly... it was the worst game of AoS, perhaps Warhammer that I've ever played in 15 years. Constructively I don't know how I could have done anything different. I'm looking for ideas as I head to a large tournament in a fortnight. Event my 6+ mortal wound save from the Luminark and 5+ Carmine Dragon mortal wound save did nothing to defend the onslaught. Just saved a few wounds in overkill. Again, I'm allllllll ears!
  13. Who's had success against Clan Skyre and how did you do it? I've just been completely tabled before I even started. Hurricanum, Luminark, General, Carmine Dragon dead before I got a turn. I think it took me longer to deploy compared to the actual battle. Instead of being filthy, I'm trying to be constructive. How did you play against this super powerful force? Any advice is always appreciated.
  14. I'm looking to replace my Free Guild Demigryphs (200pt) for 6 Prosecutors with Hammers (200pt). Smart move or regretful decision? The Demigryphs/Prosecutors will support a Carmine Dragon on the flank in an old school Hammer & Anvil strategy. Prosecutors will keep up with my Dragon better than the Demigryphs, will deal out missle fire, and greater charge range... but I'm sacrificing 2 wounds, sweet charging bonus in combat and will have to paint new models for my tournament in a fortnight. Would love your take on this.
  15. Strict Matched Play isn't important to me, however; i was building a 2,500 pt tournament list. Thanks again