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  1. ...except a few of the units required for the State Troop Detachment don't have points in matched play.
  2. + to Green Stuff World I have two rollers (not cobblestone) which produce outstanding results. Worthy investment
  3. I'm an avid note taker in my games, often documenting deployment strategies and tactics I learn about my opponent. Will check the podcast out for sure
  4. So I played against a 2k KO list today and you guys are tough! The Iron Clad deploying from the sky with a bunch of dudes is just plain nasty
  5. @ltpliskin in the spirit of securing objectives, I'm not sure you have enough to win certain missions. I'm not sure how you would handle a deep striking Stormcast, tunneling Fireslayers, special deployment Ripperdactals, etc (I think you get my point. You might not have enough Guard to hold up a Stonehorn or hero's to secure Three Places of Power. Drop the Mortar and reinvest into another Battlemage, specially take the Lifesurge spell to keep the Hurricanum healed. Consider taking the Phoenix Stone artifact for your Hurricanum, and Strategic Genius for your General.
  6. Agreed. I'm running the units at the minimum of 10's. I guess I want to know how to maximise their punch in melee
  7. Any advice on increasing the hit/wound charasteristics of Pink Horrors? I'm looking at this from a Daemon army perspective, and could only see an increase if you run a unit of 20+
  8. If you're playing with friend it won't be a problem, it won't be allowed if you are playing competitively. I like where you are going with your list. I don't know if it could hold objective or defend themselves against melee armies or armies with special deployment. If you want to keep running the gunlines, I would recommend a few gryph-hounds.
  9. +1 I see the Free People's place in the AoS world aligning to the Imperial Guard in 40k. Without the average human, the Space Marine becomes the baseline for average. To what SaJeel said, the battletome would likely be an all encompassing book for the many different factions. You could see an expansion into barbarian type humans from the Realm of Beasts or other hybrids.
  10. Great news champ. Will check it out for sure...
  11. The Empire is dead. Bretonnia is dead. The Free People are thriving and have a place in AoS. Anyone who has read the City of Secrets will agree. Unfortunately, the humans from the old world couldnt be trademarked, and had to suffer mass death. I wouldn't hold your breath for anything new for a while. What I do think will happen is that the humans will evolve to their chosen Realms in the same way we have Dwarves from the Realmn of Metal. There is already evidence of this in one of the books set in Shysh, with Vampire worshipping humans that see Vampires as their saviours while Sigmar abandoned them. I think the first new releases for human will come from thto Devotee of Sigmar faction. I'm actually surprised they didn't plug into the new Stormcast book as the fantastical warriors of Sigmar. The City of Secrets talks about the humans such as Witch Hunters being the first point of call for the humans before calling th SCE. That's my thoughts anyway...
  12. If only I could get him into the Changehost. Mannnnnnnnnnnn that would be scary awesome. This is the list I'm looking to run. Would love comments. Blue & Brimstone are for summoning, however; I've listed it as my ideal use of points. I'll have other models up my sleeve.
  13. Would love to hear everyone's thoughts on using Galrauch in a DoT list. I'm looking at using him in a 2-2.5k DoT Changehot list (but not in the change host since he isn't a horror hero). I feel like he could dish out some serious wound output
  14. Can Kairos fill the LoC role in either the Changehost or The Hosts Duplicitous? Not sure if it's looking for the specific unit or the keyword will allow me to do it.
  15. Would it help if I told you that I cut their heads off and replaced them with human heads... sporting plenty of facial hair? I like to think of them as Sigmars angels. I might event replace their wings with feathers at some stage