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  1. Help: Death Playstyle

    Thanks team. It's not the feedback I was looking for, as I'm relatively happy with the construct of the army. Thanks anyway
  2. AoS Coach

    The latest AoS Coach video is dedicated to the new players and the returning players to our hobby. Getting Started In Age Of Sigmar looks at building a starting force, essential tools, and leveraging the various AoS communities. As always, I appreciate any comments and feedback (preferred on YouTube).
  3. Help: Death Playstyle

    Alright... I need your help. I recently came over from Order to Death and I’m struggling to adapt to the playstyle. I don’t think my list is letting me down, I think it’s my in game decision making. I wanted an army VERY different to my Free People, and I got it. So my questions to you is... what do I need to know to maxamise Death? What are priorities in your in game decision making process? I’ve built a very quick army and I think i’m playing them too aggressively. I’m charging models outside of Deathless Minions. For those interested, here is my list; My list; Allegiance: Legion of Blood Leaders Neferata Mortarch Of Blood (400) - General - Lore of the Dead: Overwhelming Dread (Deathmages) Vampire Lord (140) - Mount: Flying Horror - Artefact: Soulbound Garments - Lore of the Vampires: Vile Transference Cairn Wrath (60) Battleline 5 x Dire Wolves (60) 5 x Dire Wolves (60) 40 x Skeleton Warriors (280) - Ancient Blades Units 2 x Bat Swarms (80) 6 x Vargheists (320) Behemoths Terrorgheist (300) Terrorgheist (300) Total: 2000 / 2000 Allies: 0 / 400 Wounds: 142
  4. The Rumour Thread

    I'm going with Nighthaunt model that goes with new starter box in July. Nighthaunt vs. SCE. This is probably a new unit, maybe a new Black Coach or equivalent character
  5. As a Freeguild player I gotta say, you guys have it good. Yes there is improvement that can be made Yes there are things that don't quiet make sense in your battletome Yes there are only a handful of good artefacts and formations I'd kill for half of the options that you have in your toolkit. Intact, you've taken the utility knife approach to what used to be my army as The Empire. The good news is because you are the games poster child, you'll get another book soon. You've already had 3 so far while there is a long list of armies who don't have 1 Then two points I agree with in this thread are; Celestant Prime should be on the table more, gotta find a way to fix that Staunch Defender should be Liberator only
  6. https://heraldsofwar.podbean.com/e/episode-twenty-nine-moving-on-part-two-from-wfb-to-aos/ So I'm hijacking this thread to share my Guest appearance on the Heralds of War. In this follow up to a previous episode, we have Anthony Magro, a long time Warhammer player on to discuss moving on from WFB and embracing Age of Sigmar. It's been a few years, but there's still some hold outs, so Anthony discusses his comings to terms with Age of Sigmar, the seven stages of grief and how he is now an AoS advocate. He also offers advice to the people who are trying to move their friends into the new world. He also talks about his new Youtube channel, AoS Coach. We also discuss games played, hobby progress and events coming up!
  7. WiP Wednesdays

    WiP - Mannfred von Carstein to lead my Legion of Night army. I don’t feel safe with the origional base, so he’ll wrap around this tree and the spirit is coming through the tree. I’ve found a few raven models that i’ll put in the trees and might even use some Flagellant bits to increase the feeling of spooky and doom Might need to put the tail in some hot water and bend it a little
  8. Let's Chat: Legion of Night

    Ignore the Cursed Book, warscroll builder messed up with the export. I don't know what artifact I want to run though. Interesting call out about the ambush rules. I'm yet to try this so it's all theory hammer at the moment. I'm looking at the Terrorgheist for raw power. In a prior life I was running the Flesh Eater Courts Royal Menagerie batallions, so I want to see what works better. What are you running ATM?
  9. Let's Chat: Free Peoples

    No. If you play Free People allegiance, we have specific armies that we can ally with under Matched Play. Check your Generals Handbook for more information on who we can ally. If you want to use him as the formerly Louen Leoncoeur you must take him within a Mixed Order force, and you lose the Freepeople allegiance abilities, artefacts, etc. Alternatively, you can use the mode to represent a Freeguild Generan on Griffon to keep you allegiance.
  10. Competitive Death - Where do we sit?

    Get Brynly to kick them down the stairs... the parts will loosen up and you can make them Harbingers instead.
  11. Let's Chat: Free Peoples

    Correct. You would be able to use the older model in a Mixed Order army, no other way. He can not be allied into a Freepeople force.
  12. Empire and DoW Army

    I hate this thread so much. It reminds me of our awesome Knights and how they completely disappeared in AoS. The incredible paint jobs doesn't help.
  13. Let's Chat: Legion of Night

    Alright, I'm seeing a load of threads posted on TGA and thought it would be great to consolidate our LoNight insights. I'm a long time Warhammer player, first time Death player. I'll kick the thread off with my current list. The general idea behind my army is for the Vamp Lord, her 2 Terrorgheists, and 9 Vargheists to Ambush... the bats to summon, and the skeletons and direwolves will either summon/hold objectives/challenge across the board. I'm not 100% on my artefacts. Would love feedback and ideas on what you see. Allegiance: Legion of Night Leaders Vampire Lord On Zombie Dragon (440) - Vampiric Sword & Shield & Chalice - Artefact : Cursed Book - Lore of the Vampires : Vile Transference Units 2 x Bat Swarms (80) 10 x Dire Wolves (120) 10 x Dire Wolves (120) 20 x Skeleton Warriors (160) -Ancient Blades 9 x Vargheists (480) Behemoths Terrorgheist (300) Terrorgheist (300) Total: 2000 / 2000 Allies: 0 / 400 Leaders: 1/6 Battlelines: 3 (3+) Behemoths: 3/4 Artillery: 0/4 I also need to expand this army out to 2,500pts for an upcoming tournament.
  14. Let's Chat: Free Peoples

    You can use the model as either a Freeguild General on Griffon, or the formerly King's rules under a Mixed Order army.