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  1. Whats up with GW's prices??

    If you want to talk about pricing, check out the Australian web store...
  2. I'm finding the opposite, I want to play 8th ed 40k but I'm enjoying AoS too much
  3. Let's Chat: Free Guild

    @someone2040 Doom & Darkness video is uploaded, and solid work Sir! What was the rational for the cannon? I lean towards rocket batteries these days with the 180pts. @Josh it was a pleasure to meet you as well as the AusHammer team @Major and Brynley. Can’t believe you hung around watching Warhammer for 2 days though! I’m looking forward to seeing your Free People dusted off and kicking serious butt.
  4. Let's Chat: Free Guild

    Ummmm I personally believe Crossbowmen are great value. 60 shots hitting on 3+ and wounding on 3+ with rend at 5+ is psychologically scary for your opponents and gives you output. The 20” range is a big reason why I take them. Most armies can’t handle the potential of 80 shots a turn... let alone the additional shots from a Great Company. I’m obviously mentioning stats with Hold the Line!
  5. Let's Chat: Free Guild

    Cheers mate. Demi’s play a role that we don’t otherwise have... a speed unit. I’ve never had a Major Victory in Knife to the Heart and getting to your opponent in Scorched Earth can be tough. Demi’s, Pistoliers and Outriders are our core options with speed... which I find pistoliers and outriders as junk. Taking a 2nd Griffon is the obvious choice but it doesn’t help me have 5 models for Knife to the Heart. 100% on the rules. I break it down to the point where I give them what if scenarios... if you charge my Guard this will happen, if you charge my Crossbows this happens. I think the complication comes with the Piper & Drummers ability. You might try to stop the Great Company by ending your charge 4” from my Guard, but the counter-charge from the Musician gets me into combat (example).
  6. Let's Chat: Free Guild

    Thanks for the shout out, and i’d be happy to share more on my experience. I’m pretty sure most people have seen my list from a previous post. It was essentially a mega Great Company with 40 Guard, 30 Handgunners and 30 Crossbowmen. The general feedback from my opponents and other Masters players was that the list was rock solid. I walked away with 3 major victories, 1 minor loss (I blew this game and should have minor won), and 1 major loss. What Worked - The list was highly optimised and worked incredible well. Each unit really helped the rest of the army. - Firepower from the handgunners and crossbowmen were brutal, so much that it obliterated 50 Bloodletters and sent a Khorne army retreating his force in an attempt to avoid the shooting and turned Durthu into wood chips. - I was able to control the table due to the sheer amount of bodies on the table. My Great Company spread across the table to protect Scorched Earth, it denied a Major Loss in Knife to the Heart, zone denied any board access for a teleporting army - Knight Azyros is a cheap ally that pays for himself d3/d6 mortal wounds with his lantern is helpful (especially with me meta having so many Chaos armies) and re-rolling 1’s to shooting is just... amazing. - Embracing Mystical terrain because you gain more than you lose. The Luminark ally was a great example because even with a failed test I can still receive the 6+ ward save for my army. What Didn’t Work - Archers aren’t worth 100pts. While they did provide some value throughout the games, I don’t think the free movement was enough to justify their spot - Writ of Domination maybe wasn’t the best artifact to select. I didn’t find myself in too many positions where I needed it, with the most useful opportunities coming from my 60 shots from the Crossbowmen. - Movement trays helped speed up the game, however; I don’t feel like I optimised some of my deployments because I was just deploying using the default layouts. - Demigryphs with lance & sword. I don’t remember my Knights (not demigryphs) actually inflicting a wound. Might revisit them to have halberds for the rend. Reflection & Challenges - Explaining the rules to your opponent & the complexity with Pipers. In a highly competitive tournament like the Masters, I ended up clashing with an opponent and had to spend a good amount of time explaining the way a Great Company works. The situation is compounded by the Pipers/Drummers which cross over from where the Great Company stops. The rules ARE complex and I need to find a better way to ensure my opponents clearly understand. I think this impacted by sportsmanship scores because we do have a lot of synergied benefits. - Losing your General early is a tough hill to climb. I ended up clashing with the winner of the Austrlian Masters who ran Tzeentch which included the Gaunt Summoner and Changling. While my Luminark has solved many Gaunt Summoner on Balewind problems, my opponent popped off my General via the Changling using a spell (I think it was the 9 dice, 4+ mortal wound spell). Not sure how I can protect him any further in a situation like this. - Demigryphs vs. Griffon. I ran 6 Demigryphs as 2 units of 3 to provide flexibility and minimise battleshock. If I compare pure points, I’d have to run another Griffon. The Demigryph’s did make the difference in Scorched Earth, providing the final touches for a zone denial and burning an objective. - Guard are the true MVP’s and losing them is tough. My first opponent cast Curse of Years on them and deleted the unit in turn 1 :-(. Luckily I had enough practice with Free People units under a mixed Order force (not relying on the Great Company) and swung the battle back in my favour. I’ll edit the post if I think of anything else, or you’re welcome to ask any questions.
  7. Death Heresy for AoS?

    Personally, I welcome the Nagash’ing of the Mortal Realma. I mean who wouldn’t want more of this! Seriously though, there is SO much we can do with the undead. I’d be happy to see skeleton and zombie troops that aren’t human (remember the Dogs of War unit with an skeleton Lizardmen?). More terrain would be great too GW...
  8. WiP Wednesdays

    I’ve been working on my pet monsters;
  9. Let's Talk...Online Hobby Talk

    The one area where FB adds tremendous value that forums can not provide me is connecting with my local gaming community. I’m not sure what it’s like in other countries, however; in the land down under there are very few of us on forums such as TGA. We tend to communicate and share hobby progress via FB Groups, and set up a lot of FB events to come together. Forums do provide a wider breath of content and inspiration.
  10. Of Stormcasts and Space Marines

    Perhaps not everybody sees the underdog story of humans battling far superior opponents as boring as you @Menkeroth. The challenge is within the Halfling Barbarian, not the Orc Barbarian. Back on topic with Stormcast. Any business would continue R&D into their most profitable line items, and GW is no different. I’m surprised we haven’t seen more customisable shoulder pads and shields available to help flesh out the Chambers.
  11. Of Stormcasts and Space Marines

    Completely disagree with this statement. For every Space Marine you need the Imperial Guard. You need the average man as a baseline to 'normal' so that you can highlight strengths and weaknesses of the other factions. Dungeons & Dragons players will know this far too well from their race bonuses while rolling up a character. Plus the Black Library has been featuring them more and more ;-)
  12. Advice Required: Producing Content

    Hey @Major, I just watched this weeks episode of Aushammer and you guys mentioned helping from your experience from streaming. Any advice on my above questions?
  13. Cheers @Major, I'll probably get punched in the crotch by some of the armies... but I'm just happy to be there. I'm looking at you Clan Skryer with your double Gauntfyre with 9 Stormfriends (yes, I mean friends... because you don't make friends with Stormfiends).
  14. That's correct @gilotinx, however; if your opponent positioned more models around the objective... they would claim it off you. "...failing that, if they have more models from their army within 6" of the objective than there are enemy models within 6" of it."
  15. In 2016, I won 1 battle.... in the 2nd last week in December! One year on, I'm heading to the Australian Masters to compete with 15 of our best players. It could have been easy to stick to my square bases and throw in the towel. If I could add one more critical component to your piece: seek out a coach/es. Even today I ask my opponents for feedback on how my army or performance could be improved. I might not always listen to them, however; it allows me to identify common trends or attempt new ideas in future battles. If something worked (or didn't work)... write it down! It's scientifically proven that you retain more knowledge if you write it down. I keep a notebook with me for every battle; I take a lot of photos during my battles including deployment, as that can often put you at an advantage or disadvantage before a dice has been rolled. I had a really big issue in handling armies with special deployment like deep strikes while I transitioned from WHFB 8th to AoS... so I planned out my ideal deployments for each scenario. It didn't always go to plan but I felt that I was more strategic with my drops and why I was dropping than if I made it up on the spot. This also includes mapping out each scenario and what pieces of my army become more important. This was a short exercise I did on the plane heading to Blood & Glory as it's often hard to transition between two games at a tournament and mentally get a head start; I use TGA and the Freeguild thread to obtain feedback on army lists, tactics, and seek advice from other players. It's amazing what you can learn from people who have had a similar experience. As always, insightful essay @Major and nobody actually loses if you have fun and you learn. I always believed that there is no such thing as failure, only feedback.