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  1. Giuseppe gdb

    idoneth gdb.jpg

    © giuseppe del buono gdb

  2. © Giuseppe Del Buono

  3. Giuseppe gdb


    Hoggors are the most infected creature in a battlefield, they pulled out of perverse mind and corrupted flesh of Nurgle, the Lord of Pestilence. Eating corpses and carcasses these disgraced creatures have a particular assignment during the battles, contaminating air with all sort of deadly flatulence produced by pestilent guts closed in a metal pot nailed to their abnormal bodies. They kill enemies, eat enemies, digest enemies, ****** enemies: this is their simple circle of an hideous life.
  4. Penthouse Pet simple conversion using an ogre head and a platic toy cat body
  5. Giuseppe gdb

    Penthouse Pet

    simple conversion using an ogre head and a platic toy cat body
  6. Yes, ahhaa, I sculpted fallus nose with greenstuff
  7. -My entry for Eclipse contest- In the highest peaks of the Worlds Edge Mountains legends talked about a monastic orders of warrior monks, called “Nigra Mano”, closed in ancient abbey hidden by clouds and fogs. The name of the order was due to black ink monks used to transcribing in the centuries every magic spell against Chaos evil force. During the Great Migration an ogre tribe abandoned in the snow a newborn, nobody knows the reason, maybe his mother saved him by the hunger of other maneaters. Monks found the child and named him Dimitar. The ogre growed up as a human, the monks thaught him their language, spells and a pure hate against every race of demons. Once upon a day, a fetid group of lesser demons killed a monks outside the abbey, Dimitar arrived to late to save the monk, slaughtered all the demons but chained up two of them. Since that day Dimiter’s life has never known peace, he has continued to walk around the old world to hunt every form of evil dragging his two lesser demons as screaming hounds.
  8. For this weird creature I was inspired by a japanese "jorogumo", a spider with human head from folk tales.
  9. Giuseppe gdb


    For this weird creature I was inspired by a japanese "jorogumo", a spider with human head from folk tales.
  10. Inspired by Bosch and other medieval paintings that's my project for a demons warband. I would name everyone
  11. Giuseppe gdb

    Giant Squig

    @Joakim I sculpted the wood using milliput, the dome roof is an old umbrella pommel
  12. Giuseppe gdb

    Giant Squig

    @Joakim Thanks!
  13. Giuseppe gdb

    Giant Squig

  14. Giuseppe gdb

    Sketches #01

    Sketch for an upcoming dreg
  15. Giuseppe gdb

    Der Golem

    I've always been fascinated by the Golem character of the silent movie directed and starring by Paul Wegener in 1920. The Golem is a clay colossal "monster" created by a Rabbi to defend the jewish community in a 16th century Prague. This magical and sinister creature, in my opinion, is a perfect character for my city of the damned, Mordheim. I started to sculpt body in polymer clay using a ogre head and green stuf for details as gloves, boots and his hilarious hair. For the star shaped amulet I used a metal pendant.
  16. Giuseppe gdb

    Dreg addiction

    Deformed body, disturbed mind, rat eaters and pestilence bearer, that’s a dreg, a reject in the streets of Mordheim, city of the damned. I always love the original and rare model of Mordheim dreg, so I decided tu sculpt my own band of these miserable creatures. Green stuff and a bunch of spare parts are all I need for my little freaky world. To create my Mordheim dreg #1 I used a gnoblar body from Citadel Ogre bulls box set, the head is full sculpted using greenstuff as well as the rat in his hand. I added a few books, a candle, a skull and copper sheet for paper and letter.
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