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  1. Now, I see quite a few people here talking up the Royal Family batallion. And I need some help understanding why. The batallion costs a hundred and fifty point, consists of at least a GK on Terrorgheist or Zombie dragon, and at least two GK's on foot (neither of these requirements are bolded, so they're refering to the specific unit, not a general keyword). As near as I can tell the optimal start would be three GK's on foot, as that wouls allow you to spend six CP's. That will cost you 970 points for the batallion, GKoTG, and 3 GK's on foot. Now the first turn you'll use the Royal Family ability and summon another Ghoul King. According to the erreta that's a once per game ability. That nets you 140 points for free. And you'll use the second commandpoint on the GKoTG's ability, and lets assume that he has Majestic Horror as well, letting him summon in 320 points worth of units with his once per game ability. Over the next four turns you'll use all four GK's on foots once per game abilities to summon in a total of 400 points worth of Ghouls. So in total, the 970 points you spent gives you 860 points of summoning. Fair enough. But 860 points of what? Four units of ten ghouls? The last one will probably be more or less useless, coming in from an edge at turn 5. The Ghoul King you can summon is nice, but at that point you already have three of them, so he won't be able to cast any magic, or grant rerolls to anything that doesn't already have rerolls. Am I missing something here?
  2. So what would people do to leverage FEC's strengths as much as possible? At some point next year I'm looking at revisiting my FEC after a long hiatus, and treating them to some new paintjobs, flashy convgersions, and all around TLC. It's no big surprise that the flesh eaters have been left behind in the dust, but I'm pretty sure that there are still some fun middle of the pack lists hiding in there. My inital plan was to paint up an abbatoir list, but after seeing how quickly they got taken apart by DOK in a friendly game it was back to the drawingboard. So the current plan is to paint up this list: Allegiance: Flesh Eater Courts- Delusion: Crusading ArmyLeadersAbhorrant Ghoul King on Terrorgheist (400)- General- Trait: Magestic Horror - Artefact: The Grim Garland Varghulf Courtier (160)- Artefact: Blood River Chalice Varghulf Courtier (160)Crypt Ghast Courtier (80)Battleline30 x Crypt Ghouls (300)20 x Crypt Ghouls (200)20 x Crypt Ghouls (200)Units6 x Crypt Horrors (320)BattalionsGhoul Patrol (180)Total: 2000 / 2000Extra Command Points: 1Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 130 With the changes to ghoul patrol (MAY rather than must deploy of table, and no max to the GP-additional ghouls), it is as far as I can see the best batallion FEC has access to. Three units of Ghouls also frees up the general spot for a King, which lets me put him on a terrorgheist and give him Majestic Horror for 320 free points at the top of one (before anyone blows him out of the water). Since the Flayer/Horror units I summon will 9 times out of 10 be outside the Kings bubble I'll probably go with flayers, but depending on how much room I'll have in the carry case, I might have some extra Horrors just in case. Terrorgheist, so the Grim Garland is the natural choice for the first artefact. Now I'm not convinced that the unit of 6 Horrors is the optimal choice, especially with potential realm artefacts available for a second King on Terrorgheist/Zombie Dragon. But they were a staple in all my old lists, so I'm giving them a try. And since I at that point have both Ghouls, Horrors, and Flayers in my list, paying the extra 20 points for Varghulfs over Haunter/Infernal Courtiers seemed to make sense. The downside is that at this point the list leans heavily into board controll, which is not the most entertaining way to play the game. But getting rid of the Ghoul Patrol units will take a significant amount of work. With three courtiers bringing back slain ghouls, while the batallion keeps increasing the unit size those units will increase by 15 d6 ghouls in total, with an average of 15 ghouls returned each turn. They probably won't do much damage back, but the little buggers sure can take a punch. So those are my two cents. What are everyone elses thoughts on making FEC more competative?
  3. Yeah, but at that point you’re burning through all your CP’s on turn 1. Not to mention that with 6 drops you’re far from garanteed the first turn in the new edition. A summonable anvil isn’t a bad idea though. But at that point you might as well drop the Morghasts and a unit of wolves for 40 skeletons. Boring to paint, dull to move, but will give you a much greater flexibility to hold objectives and gain board control. I included the Morghasts because at that point you get three units that can with a degree of certainty could make a charge on turn one. Though 40 skeletons can as well, especially if you’re willing to spend a CP to reroll it. An additional factor to consider in addition to list building is how you want the army to play. The VLoZD is zippy-fast with courts and the cogs, but he can’t take on an army on his own. Though he can be very tanky with Dark Mist and Mystic Shield on him, he needs support. If you charge him across the board turn one, what is the rest of your army doing? How are you scoring VPs in the various missions? The Court is VERY hero-centric, so whatever you spend the remaining points on should aid you in that plan.
  4. It's good to see another Legion of Blood fan, though I must say that you've set yourself a difficult task getting this army to work. Not only does the battalion have such a high cost, it lacks some of the heroes you'd want to use in a Death army, such as a necromancer. More than that however, the problem is that while the army is fast, the additional bonuses, such as the pinions spell, will only work on a single model, meaning that while they may be able to zoom across the board, they will often have to do so unsupported. I'm temted to recommend just going all out and fill up the battalion with two VLoZD's, direwolves battleline, cogs, and a command point, but I think that army, while fun to play, will really struggle with holding objectives. So here's my take on a Court of Nulahmia army; Allegiance: Legion of BloodLeadersNeferata Mortarch Of Blood (400)Vampire Lord On Zombie Dragon (440)- DeathlanceBloodseeker Palanquin (320)Vampire Lord (140)Battleline5 x Dire Wolves (60)5 x Dire Wolves (60)5 x Dire Wolves (60)Units1 x Corpse Cart (80)2 x Morghast Harbingers (220)- Spirit HalberdsBattalionsCourt of Nulahmia (110) Cogs 60 CP 50Total: 2000Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 90
  5. It's on page three of the core rules. Unfortunately, because I was REALLY hoping for a change to the first turn order, the "How to play" videos (which are up by the way) seems to indicate that the player that finishes setting up first still gets to decide who goes first in the first turn. https://ageofsigmar.com/new-to-aos/play/ Really hoping that GW makes a definitive statement supporting a turn one roll-off.
  6. Pretty sure someone made them at home. The horned skull on top of the red one is from the old Arcane Ruins set, and the cross on the blue one is from the Garden of Morr.
  7. Charges going first would be the same as fixing a squeaky door by remodeling the entire house. With the double turn it would drastically change the way the game is played. But I guess we'll see in time. I'm with Vince Venturella on having faith in GW and the playtesters.
  8. It's the second. From the general rules FaQ; Q: If I add a modifier (e.g. +1) to a characteristic that is also being multiplied (e.g. x2), do I apply the modifier before or after the multiplier? A: In Warhammer Age of Sigmar, modifiers are applied after any multipliers. Note that this means that an ability that multiplies a unit’s Move characteristic does so before any modifiers for running are applied.
  9. The Balewind Vortex is about fiva and a half inch from top to bottom. Given that you also can't have any models within 3" of the base, you're definitly outside of 6". Yeah, you do get Deathly Invocation off before you summon it in, but since that's likely to be in the first turn anyways, that's seldom relevant. And by the FAQ you'll need to pay for it every time you summon it, so banishing and re-summoning is not going to happen. Yeah, a Vampire Lord is pretty sturdy on top of it. But I don't see a lot of scenarioes where I would want a Vampire Lord stuck on top of a Balewind. With a 36" reach on both Overwhelming Dread and Van Hels I don't really care that a Necromancer is stuck on top. He rarely needs to move after that. But the Vamp Lord gets 36" on Soulpike, and only 24 inches on all his other spells. So you're probably not going to be casting it first turn anyways as you'd be out of range. The question then becomes what the use of the Balewind Vortex is after the first turn? Remember that it needs a 7 to summon. I usually try to be in range of at least a Mortis Engine and Arcane terrain as well if I can when i first summon it in. Because if I fail to summon it then the caster can't try another spell. That's only of it is successfully cast.
  10. I've used one in my Legion of Blood army since the Legions of Nagash dropped. It is a double-edged sword for Death more than it is for other armies, but the ability to debuff my opponent if I get the first turn (which happens a lot since I don't include any batallions) is IMO worth it. But by summoning it you are a) making whoevers on top into a big flashing target for shooting (though with the recent scenery=terrain faq you do get a +1 to your save), b) are out of range for a lot of abilities (Deathly invocation and Undead Minions for the Necromancer are both out), and c) leave the mage on top immobile unless you banish the vortex and thereby pay a hundred points for a very short lived effect. The downside is less severe for a Vampire Lord than a Necromancer, but for my money it's the Necromancer I really want on top. The Lore of Deathmages is much more tempting, though a 24" Amaranthine Orb is also very tasty. If it was not for the admittedly cheeky 3-4" push forwards for my other units, I'm not sure whether it would be worth the points. I certainly would not pick one up now before seeing how the new edition changes it's effects.
  11. Yes. All of the healing brings back «wounds». So unless you can roll a 3+, you’re not getting a black knight or direwolf back, and unless you nail a 5+ you don’t get a spirit host back. Also note that it’s equal to or less, so if you for example get two rolls for a unit of direwolves, say from a gravesite and deathly invocations, even if you roll a 5 and a 6 for a combined total of 6 wounds, you would only get two wolves back. The left-over wound from each roll is discarded before moving on to the rest.
  12. Grimnaud

    Cover question

    The four graveyards you get in a Legion of Sacrament army, or for that matter in any of the Legion allegiances are points on the board. You can use tokens to show where they are, but they have no other effect on the game. Regardless of the size of the token you only ever measure to and fram that tiny fixed point, and regardless of how tall or intricate your token or marker is, it will never count as cover. The Sigmarite Mausoleum is a great set, but I personally would have a problem with someone bringing it to a tournament to use as gravesite markers as they aren't meant to block movement or LoS. From the Death FaQ: Q: How large is a gravesite and a gravesite marker? A: A gravesite is a point you pick on the battlefield that you measure to – it does not have a size as such, but you can consider it to be 1mm across if you wish. Gravesite markers are simply to help you remember where the gravesites are located, and therefore can be of any size; they have no effect on the game other than to mark the location of the gravesites, they do not interfere with movement or visibility, and they can be moved aside to allow the movement and placement of units if need be (in which case you will need to remember the location of the gravesite by other means).
  13. Or even worse, set up the returned modells in CC anywhere you wanted on the table, and then just kept using the regen to teleport the unit anywhere you wanted. Preeeeetty sure someone ought to send GW a FAQ question about this so it gets fixed eventually. But right now summonable units are the new Vanguard wing.... Damned terrain, Legions Innumerable, Grave Guard, and Van hels
  14. Wow. You're right, but that is a potentially really nasty rules-lawyering move to grab objectives in Total Conquest or Battle for the Pass.
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