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  1. I've listed about 150 to go on ebay this Sunday, you're already making me miss them 😭 Am holding myself to (max) 3 armies for each system (if you count anything Dead and all flavours of Elves/Aelves as one army each...), needs doing unfortunately.
  2. Mirbeau

    The Rumour Thread

    Yes, but I addressed that - it's only within a certain range (can't remember if 6, 9 or 12) which expands each turn. If they're plowing forward for turn 1 charges etc, they will not be in range of that until the end of the game. If they hang back, I'm parking on objectives and winning the game with regenerating skellies. Sorry you're right you did not, but you did imply power-creep, which is too soon to tell (imo Nighthaunt have not been the threat everyone thought they would be as the most recent example).
  3. Going to start gaming again soon, still with my Legion of Blood. Will work on a few extra units for them I haven't already painted just so I can keep things fresh (have a new spooky wing ready to go - banshees, mortis engine, hexwraiths, wraiths...). Will hopefully buy nothing else for some time and revisit my vanguard stormcast along with some order allies once everything death is done. With the exception of soul wars, am promising myself that at some point.
  4. Mirbeau

    The Rumour Thread

    Sorry, I really don't think the sky is falling this time. My Legion of Blood in particular are going to (on paper) murder these. I have equally good board control with skellies (2 blocks of 40 properly buffed are a match for anything in the game too), I'm fast enough to engage support units/the things I need dead before the herdstone bubble kicks in and most armies have the sort of flying threats they don't. They also have awful bravery and I can debuff that by 3 or even 4-5 pretty easily -from the stream a lot of their units were bravery 4, so good luck to them dealing with that. Not to mention their awful saves and lack of rend outside of their most elite units.
  5. Mirbeau

    2e Core Rules

    This is huge and I don't think it's had enough attention. I quite like it in principle as all the daisy chaining felt a little too 'gamey', but think it will be interesting to see how players interact with the rule in practise - I often play horde undead (90+ infantry), and all the additional measuring to maintain coherency in combat will really slow the game down, especially in competitive timed situations where the opponent will (rightfully) be looking for you to lose miniature this way, or if you are playing against the clock in a store pick-up game and don't have an agreement to fudge it up a little.
  6. Mirbeau

    Points Changes

    Agreed on the command ability on the Vamp, forgot he had one as the Palanquin doesn't, that makes it easier to swallow outside of the battalion requirement context. Think I'll have to take the 50 point hit for a command point or two and go for a Triumph to balance the 'lost' artefact instead of a battalion, which is pretty fair really.
  7. Mirbeau

    Points Changes

    Legions of Nagash are still great, maybe stronger, but as a Legion of Blood player the internal balance of the book/Death is not always great and makes you wince when picking characterful units. Neferata is my general but just shouldn't be 400 points with only 11 wounds (especially when Arkhan is 320 and the better competitive pick). 140 points for a Vampire lord is too much too. The Bloodseeker Palaquin at 320 also stands out, it could lose 60 points and still be an iffy pick while Dire Wolves and others are a bit undercosted. The only Legion of Blood Battalion has gone up to 110 points from 70, and you need Nef (400), a Palaquin (320) and 2 x Vamps (min spend 280) - you just can't fit that into a 2000 point list and have solid or thematic battleline units (believe me I've tried!)
  8. That's the best painted snake lady I've seen thus far, better than the studio job. I was a bit confused by the paler scales being brighter in the recesses, not something you expevt to see on a mini, but looking at pictures of snakes that's the case in nature so you've nailed that
  9. That he is! Couldn't quite bear to rebase all the survivors from the old world, he stays as a reminder. Nice to see TGA being more observant than local tournaments More progress This pic was a couple of days ago, just to prove the spirit hosts are done. Nef is also basically fully updated now, will take better pics of her at the end. Come close to finishing the Morghasts and Konrad since. Konrad needs more blood (varnish took some shine off and his gems done.) Morgast work was mainly on the golds and purple armour, with some tidying elsewhere. Gems need finishing, eyes need to pop more, everything needs a highlight and the purple armour needs a tidy prehighlight to boot. Tempted to leave the helmets off. Army so far. Everything has been varnished now (besides the Morghast I'm still working on). Couple of minis could do with a fresh batch of gloss on gems or blood (for the zombies and konrad). Boards looking pretty full though, and that's without most of the garden of Morr. Not sure the board itself looks wonky, didn't edit the pic in any way. Boards looking pretty full, not sure how I'm going to fit the new additions being assembled ('completed' project, hah) and that's without most of the garden of Morr. Not sure why the board itself looks wonky, didn't edit the pic in any way.
  10. Still plugging away. Second Morgast has been started, there's more done on the first I haven't taken a pic of yet. In addition, finished up the spirit hosts (a little tidying and bases). Additionally have gotten a way into a Konrad Von C I had lying arounf, highlights, basing etc yet to be done. Couple more pics from another game, multiplayer. Legion did the business again.
  11. Honestly I recommend the munitorium varnish at least for a test run, and I didn't like the purity seal/am not a stickler for gw supplies. My family is from Kerry and London where I am at the moment isn't dissimilar in terms of humidity. So long as it isn't rainy/too hot or cold (and I do mean extremes of either) and you keep your passes in a consistent direction (was always moving my can rightwards from about 30cm away in small bursts) the results have been as described. This video might help Should add in retrospect it seems to change the finish on my golds a little, though not negatively, not sure if that's because the rest of my metallics are so dull so don't show- something to bear in mind. None of the other non gloss colours seem affected at all which is brilliant but I'd be wary of doing stormcast or something with either gloss shades,blood for the blood god or bright metallics without a test first .
  12. More done this morning/afternoon. Hosts done, minus grass on the basing. Not gone for much decoration on the basis, as contrasted with the stormcast. This is more of a gaming/campaigning army and want to avoid breakage - keeping things simple on that front helps, especially with the new style GW cases Progress on a morgast. So easy, all washes besides one (well two thin coats) layer of Dheneb Stone on the non ethereal parts and one of liche purple for the armour plating. Left it there for today to allow for drying. Have got varnishing, good chunk done. Rate the new spray higher than the old purity seal - no running of colours for me which is huge, if anything highlights are starker than before, no loss of detail and very little change of texture. It does strip gloss away hugely, more than expected - see the previously blood for the blood god covered Zombie on the right now with a dull dry red. Takes a lot of the wet look from heavy washes too. The gems on the second vamp were ok due to being covered in gloss varnish, though could do with a another layer of it now. Very impressed to summise.
  13. So got quite a lot done recently, including games. 5/5 victories so far with Legions of Nagash, but nothing to do with canny generalship, most have been multiplayer games where all I've had to do is be resilient and hold the flanks, not a problem when you have a horde army. Have had a lot of fun with Malign Portents, will certainly continue gaming regularly after. 2 shots from one game - holding the flank with Nef a bit more central amongst the chaos stuff- for debuffs and cover, there are some cannons out of shot opposite my knights. Both Skellie regiments are up to thirty now, will get pics when varnished. Bought the new munitorium stuff, so will be going over everything with that now they're getting out and about, will do some 'before and afters' for anyone curious. Extra 10 ghouls done, will do a full unit shot with the others when varnished Morghast sub-assemblies and undercoat - need a manoeuvrable heavy hitter, haven't been impressed with them when others have used them though so the juries out. Looking forward to painting them, sod to build but gorgeous. And bought the malignants start collecting... Spirit Hosts wip. Very simple scheme, another wash then a drybrush of white to finish. Also repainted Nefs face, wasn't happy with the initial job. Will also have a touch-up of the mini in general and finish the black and ethereal bits, have come on a bit since painting it a couple years back. Also made her more stable through gluing a hind leg to some scenic basing, she wobbled like mad previously.
  14. Mirbeau

    New to Game, looking for some helpful tips, thanks in advance

    You sound like you're pretty new to this all, so my advice would be to start small, forget about the 2000 point list you're working towards for now, get what you have built (and painted?) and play some small games without battalions or other complications - what you already have should be enough for over 500 points. See if you like it before sinking time and money into a long project - and buying/building/playing/playing in stages keeps motivation up. Some people do alright getting an army all at once but I find it daunting. Legions of Nagash are a brand new army, some things already stand out as strong picks but no-one has totally figured out the 'best' competitive lists yet and the book has so many different ways/subfactions you can create an army for (3 different legions + grand host + soulblight + others). I'm currently on 5/5 wins with a Neferata led Legions of Blood infantry heavy list at the moment which isn't a 'meta' popular army build, but it's early days and that will be adapted (and there will be many losses to come!) once people (and me) figure things out better. All the core rules are free on the gw site and there are loads of relevant/useful painting and modelling guides on warhammertv's youtube page. There is a list building resource on the warhammer community site. Good luck!
  15. Mirbeau

    New Death

    That's the new black coach! So that nighthaunt book looks like it might be happening then.