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  1. Payce

    Best leaders for Nighthaunt?

    From the Soul Wars box, Guardian and Torment sees almost universal play. Shrouds on horse is decent, but an allied Vampire Lord will do the same job better at the same points cost. Executioner is a niche pick if you REALLY like the model or want to run his battalion, but he's nowhere near a competitive choice. So of the four, I'd do all without Executioner and fill in those points with more wounds. If you're looking to expand, Olynder is nearly auto-include in almost every build. Reikenor as well is immensely good, if you absolutely positively HAVE TO GET THAT SPELL OFF, he's your guy. Kurdoss is largely overrated - while he might steal a couple of CPs per game, just investing 100 points in a couple of spares is generally a better investment. Harrows have a role in board control, but generally doesn't do much except look fancy when the pop around. My current advice would be to go with a core of Olynder-Reikenor-Torment-Guardian-Vampire, and add in others (Kurdoss, Harrows, foot-Shrouds) befitting your build.
  2. I've subscribed, of course. The cost is less than a beer. However... This really should read "no ads" for a paying subscription.
  3. Payce

    AoS 2 - Darkling Covens Discussion

    I think the Shackles are a no-brainer for DC. Even @Kaleun has a list at 1980 points that have room for them, and the amount of board control they provide is amazing. With the reliance om movement and counter-charge that defines a competitive DC-build, they far outclass a lot of other spell options tactically.
  4. Payce

    Lets chat: Beastclaw Raiders

    While the overall feeling of the leak is one of generally being shafted, I've been thinking a lot about the change to Yhetees. Rules-wise I've always found them underappreciated, and their battleline condition made them very much never really fit into most builds. Now, however, with the Frostlord requirement gone, and only the Thundertusk being required, it changes a lot of their value. We can battleline them with a Huskard, and I think that might just be a game-changer. Have a look at this: Frostlord on Stonehorn 3 Huskard om Thundertusks, one is general 3x3 Yhetees for battleline Butcher 2000 bang on, and the Blizzard-speaker circlejerk is back. The Frostlord doesn't have to be the general to use is Command Ability, and can still get our artifact. I look forward to trying this list... as soon as I get everything painted.
  5. These look fantastic. Great work, and very humbling to see my old idea live on like this. I really like how crisp your white is.
  6. Payce

    Another tome ruined for Named Chars

    Actually, it doesn't. Put three wounds on High Oracle (one turn) and snake form pops up with six wounds (two more turns). People are far too hung up on the iron heart to realise that Morathi has massive design flaws.
  7. Payce

    The Solanaceae Coven

    Well, that was disappointing. With the rules leaked and available, I'll be ending this project. I'll leave my reasons to myself to let others enjoy the hype, but suffice to say, this army looks far too unengaging, gimmicky and unfun for me to spend any time and money on. Thanks for reading.
  8. Payce

    Let's chat: Daughters of Khaine

    Except that the Melusai special rule specifically only triggers in the shooting phase and thus have no synergy with Morathi's command ability. EDIT: Someone beat me to it.
  9. Payce

    Let's chat: Daughters of Khaine

    Let's give it more than two weeks, and a couple of tournaments - once people learn to handle the new rules and toys, LoN will fall off. I still don't see Death as a top tier army without 1-2 whole new units that aren't just creative rebuilds of existing kits (you'll notice I didn't comment on the daggery SoS in my post earlier either).
  10. Payce

    Let's chat: Daughters of Khaine

    Good to know I'm not the only one feeling this. First and foremost, allegiance. It's very obvious that we're being made out to be a late-game army, which kind of doesn't sit well with me. DoK are fast, we're fragile and weak, we're a glass cannon. To be at our very best once the cannon is shot seems... kind of counter-productive? Getting a Deathless Minions helps, certainly, and it being army-wide and not tied to hero proximity is a godsend (I hope, pray and beg that Cauldrons or Shrines will somehow increase the effectivity of this, though it seems unlikely), but I still wonder if it's enough. My thoughts of shapechanging Morathi is well-documented elsewhere (suffice to say, I think it looks like an absolutely terrible design decision), and the fact that her command ability is in "foot-form" only makes me cringe. The model is very definitely be in the 500+ points ballpark, and when you look at her profile and the potential damage output compared to say, a 400 point Durthu, she looks terribly underwhelming. I can see if the transformation fully "recharges" her wounds to 12 that she might be a late-game beast (keep "foot-form for 3 or so turns, use the command ability to maximize damage from your snake archers turn one, Witches turn two and three) that can change into super-saiyan in turn four and clean table, however, we all know how vulnerable everything is to sniping in this game. Morathi has potential, but depending on her points cost and full warscroll, she might well be underwhelming. The preview did little to ease concerns. The snake-ladies looks... well. Awesome models, again a very underwhelming preview. The picture suggests they come in increments of five (like Judicators) rather than three (Skyfires, Kurnoths), and the rules suggest they will be more like Judies when it comes to combat (yes, I'm focussing more on the archers here). If they have even two shots each, MWs on a 6 is basically a mortal wound and a half in a round of shooting - hardly impressive. That it's also limited to the shooting face is a blow (no synergy with Morathi here), making the archer snakes look by far like the lesser valuable option of the two. Similarly, the melee option seems to be a case where they have a glaive AND a crystal touch, suggesting only five rolls to hit for the MW - again, not a reliable source on 6's. Harpie-girls, however, looks amazing. And particularly, the shooties. Their deep strike-and-rend is midbogglingly good, but what really strikes me is the 50% chance to fully redeploy afterwards. I'll be excited to see if there are any ways to tactically improve this, or if there's any synergy with command traits, artifacts and command abilities. Speaking of which, I'll be very excited to see what non-Morathi Hero choice we have. How the new Cauldron looks, if Hellebron on foot (who's appeared in a few pictures) is just a Hag with a sword or a whole new warscroll, if the Medusae are indeed heroes now, how the Avatar works. It seems clear that we won't get any new Hero models outside of Morathi, but seeing what they do with the existing range of models (and if the Sorceress, who's figure does exist and fit in well with the DoK aestetic, makes an appearance). All in all, the previews leaves me disappointed and fearing we'll be pretty far off the competitive top tier, but hopefully we'll find a niche spot in the meta.
  11. There's a very large difference between "common knowledge" and "the accepted rumour". I, for one, have doubts, because from a games theory and design perspective, it's a terrible idea to have the two models represent the same character on tabletop. In a game where character sniping is one of the largest weaknesses of competitive play, the idea that you might never even put your €100 model on the table because she never ascends (because she's DEAD) is terrible, terrible design, and a surefire way to sell less models. Yes, there are absolutely visible similarities. Yes, I'll be the first to eat crow if they turn out to be the same (and booooooy, do they need a good, clever ruleset to back up an idiotic design idea like that to make it work). Doing something new for the sake of something new isn't innovative and progressive, and as a longstanding Har Ganeth-player, I genuinely fear the possibility of the release I've anticipated the most since AoS was released to be sullied by oxenfeces gimmicks. If there are in fact two Morathis and no generic character option, I fear the army is going to be suffering from the get-go. I really hope I'm wrong. This whole thing just reeks of terrible decision making at the studio.
  12. Payce

    Let's chat: Daughters of Khaine

    This remains pure speculation, and I would be very, very surprised if there's anything to it other than internet hearsay. Morathi having two separate warscrolls would not only be extremely poor game design, it would make one or both models obsolete in various settings, which discourages buying both - definitely not something that's in GW's best interests. Besides, if the alleged source of this rumour is so plausible, why are there no other leaks? Literally not a single other unit or rule has been revealed. I could be wrong, but until I see a definite leak that confirms Morathi having two models, I'm pouring all the salt in the Dead Sea on it.
  13. Payce

    The Solanaceae Coven

    A small update on a Friday, because really, why not. First off, some colour testers. I want a brownish yellow for some of the more subtle and discreet leathers (IE., not the boots and long gloves) and checked out how they look next to each other, as well as with shades. Left to right, there's Steel Legion Drab, Baneblade Brown, Tallarn Sand, Balor Brown, and Zamesi Desert. The edge wash is Agrax Earthshade, while the middle is Seraphim Sepia. Still trying to figure out a decent combination - suggestions are welcome! The other test is bases. I wasn't sure what shade to use, so tried all three options; (l-r) Nuln Oil, Nuln Oil gloss, Forge World Deathshroud clear. The rest is pretty set in stone. As for the girls themselves, I'm slowly working on their skin. The one on the right has been shaded over the Rakarth Flesh basecoat; I use a 3:2:1 mix of Reikland Fleshshade, Lahmian Medium, and Agrax Earthshade. The one on the left has had the first layer of skin applied, a thin coat of Kislev Flesh applied over the wash. Next up is layering the whole unit, before highlighting and sorting their eyes.
  14. The Solanaceae Coven AAYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. They're here! They're finally here! Being a Dark Elf-player since Storm of Chaos, I've waited long and patiently for the day when I would drop everything in my hands to pick back up my old army in Age of Sigmar, and now, with the reveal of Daughters of Khaine, that day is come. I've already played a bit of Darkling Covens as allies to my Stormcast to sate the worst of it, but finally, we have a full release with a stand-alone battletome. So to sate the worst of the itch while waiting for the full release, I dove into my old stuff and dug out everything I had from ye olden days of Warhammer Fantasy battles; a lot of stuff still on sprue (two Cauldrons, two Medusae, ten Warlocks, ten Sister of Slaughter), and a bunch of old pewter Witches, in addition to my Death Hag and Witch unit from the latest version of the army. Said Witches that, literally less than an hour after the video was posted on Youtube, found themselves in a somewhat soluble bath. Over the last couple of days, they've been paintstripped, cleaned, rebased and painstakingly restored from all manners of battle damage from wear and tear (broken knives, large patches of superglue on pieces that have had transportation accidents over the years, heads fallen off). For their painting, I've decided to go a bit closer to the "classic" Druchii colour scheme of purple and silver. I also want to find suitable colours that make them properly match each other even with the addition of the snake-bodies and wings that will be included in the army soon, which made me think to nature's own palette, specifically that of the deadly nightshade. The various tones of purple and yellow is perfect for the cloth and leather, the berries will suitably work with their black boots and hair, the green for the snake-like bodies, to mirror the Gonyosoma oxycephalum. Until the release of the book, I'll have my hands full painting up everything I already have in stock, which should bring me to a solid starting platform for the new units. I'll try and get a few tutorials and similar articles in here as I go along, sharing updates as they (albeit, most likely rather slowly) happen. For now, here's my current status - the first ten Witches, sprayed Mechanicus Standard Grey for their primer, with three layers of Rakart Flesh thinned out with Lahmian Medium to give them a solid foundation for their flesh. I look forward to continuing this journey in anticipation of the book - watch this space!
  15. Payce

    Let's chat: Daughters of Khaine

    I need to start a plog... Twenty Witches and a Death Hag from 8th ed. paintstripped, rebased, restored with new arms with intact daggers... Let's do this.