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  1. Payce

    Kurdoss Valentian, no love?

    Kurdoss Valentian costs the same amount of points as two Command Points plus either a Knight of Shrouds on foot, or a Spirit Torment. The two Command Points alone is most likely equal or better to what his ability will steal over the course of a game, and the damage output of the Knight or Torment through buffs to your Bladegheists or Grimghasts is likely to be both more reliable and sustainably higher over the course of a game. While I realise that some of the point of the Command Point theft is taking them away from your opponent as much as granting them to you, it remains a bonus at best, and entirely outside of what you can reasonably base any sort of tactics around. There is simply no situation in Matched Play wherein he is not severely outperformed by other options in the Nighthaunt battletome. (For the record, I love the model, just like everyone else.)
  2. I try. I always try. As long as there are objectives on the board and you have models, there's always the chance that you're simply better regardless of army. Yes, there are losing matchups, there always will be. I recently broughy my Ironjawz to a GT with a CP-farm build for max WAAAGH! and it went 1-4 - as expected. The one victory was against the Freeguild gunline that went 0-5. My games against Skaven and Deepkin? Never stood a chance. Against Fyreslayers and Tzeentch? Even matches where player skill and army composition mattered. The point is that Age of Sigmar is an objectives game. If I had foregone the cabbage and put 30 Brutes and 60 Ardboys on the table, I would have killed less and scored more. Not doing that is on me. Of course there's inevitable frustration playing your army because there are always better players, better armies, bad matchups, bad scenarios. If it's a tournament, just finish the game politely and move on, if it's a friendly game, concede or start over. But never give up until you're mathematically eliminated from the game. That's a recipe for frustration.
  3. Given that it's been a month and no further progress or response, I'm assuming this project is postponed or cancelled?
  4. Payce

    Neona Dēmons - the Dreadland walkers.

    So, that took a turn. Last time I checked in I was prepping for a tournament with my orc boys - I went 3-2 and came in 4th overall (out of twelve). After that, I played a couple game against Stormcast and the then-broken Tzeentch and had my rear handed to me, before some general ups and downs in life made me a break from painting and playing altogether. Got sort of back into it last fall when I jumped on the bandwagon with some Nighthaunt, spent way too much money buying literally one of everything, only to realise when I started to play them that I really disliked the playstyle of the current meta Nighthaunt lists, and that making them play the way I would like would take painting up 60+ more models on top of my existing army. Which honestly, I will, at some point - I really like the model, and while painting them is less than exciting (they're just sheets, man, sheets!) and I think there's stull hope to play them at a decent level with some changes to my playstyle. That, however, doesn't help much with a major tournament coming up in less than three weeks, and thus, here we are. The Neona Dēmons are back, babes. Some changes are needed, however - last I played, Brutes were the hott shizz, I fell off before Gorefistdrakk (alpha-)hit the meta, and now, well... one-drops ftw? So I bought a box of Blood Bowl orcs to make myself some new Ardboyz; Champ with Big Chop, banner, icon and drummer with pairs; six dudes with three shields, two more Big Chops and a last set of pairs. (Never mind my significant other building a Thricefold Befoulment in the back there. Evil. Evil, evil, evil.) If I have time, I plan to re-tool some of my existing Ardboyz into an identical unit of ten, if not I'll just run them as they are - all Big Chops, all day. Also pondering whether to add a Fungoid to my list, or stick with the Weirdo - I'll discuss my list and thoughts around it in a later post (I still paint abysmally slow, so I'll soon run out of updates if I rely on painting alone.) Come to think of it, I never did post pictures of my Weirdo. I'll add some shots of her in my next post as well. In the meantime, it's back on the grind. (Why. why, why did I ever go for chessboards. Oh, right - because Ghazgkhull Mag Uruk motherbrokking Thraka, that's why.)
  5. Three pages and not one mention of the Jabberslythe.
  6. Expect a sizeable Frostlords delegation from up north!
  7. Payce

    Vampire lord on abyssal terror

    I have the most dreadful memories of being on the receiving end of this particular model.
  8. Payce

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    Go either 2x10 or 3x5, depending on what you want them to do. Three small units lets you snipe backline heroes, Stormcast ballistae, that lone objective being kept by a unit of five Revenants, while 2x10 gives you two solid smash units that can target more or less anything. Given your setup using Shroudguard and only 20 Grims, I think 2x10 is the best choice. 15 or 20 rarely pays off until you've lost nearly half your unit, at which point you're already in trouble. As for Darrakar, you absolutely should. So underrated, especially if you run Chainguard.
  9. Nighthaunt is going to surprise a lot, I think. Benjamin's bringing an A build that might well redefine the Nighthaunt meta.
  10. @Ben Dropped you a PM as well, look forward to discussing possibilities.
  11. To me, the biggest culprit is Malign Sorcery. The concept of core rules and army books is as old as the game systems, and the yearly updates in form of the General's Handbook is nothing new either (Chapter Approved dates back to the 90s). The idea of having three books is perfectly within the paradigm of the game. Malign Sorcery, however, contains not a single word of rules that needs a separate book. I know enough about design and marketing economics to know why it's a separate book, but the set it borderline mandatory for matched play (regardless of what people will tell you), and the rules really should have been in the core book. I'd ideally have seen the rules as separate chapter there, and the individual spells available as either packs of three or clampacks separately. As for the FAQs and errata, complaining about a comminity service that is freely available is never really going to sound good.
  12. Payce

    GHB2019 Hopes & Expectations

    I'd like to see Grimghast Reapers remain at the points they are, but moved to allies for LoN (and thus lose LoN allegiance abilities). The problem with them is gravesites, not their points cost, and a points increase would be downright destructive for an already struggling Nighthaunt. While on the subject of Nighthaunt, I'd like to see Hexwraiths down to 140 points per five, Spirit Hosts unit size 3-9 with points at 100/260, Kurdoss Valentian lowered to 180 points, Lady Olynder to 220, Dreadblade Harrows to 80, and Dreadscythe Harridans to 80/280. All three endless spells could do with a 20 points decrease, they're all really bad and there's literally no incentive to take them outside of liking the models. I'd also like to see the Black Coach get the HERO keyword, though this should come at a points increase (300 or 320 points would be in line with similar models). Reikenor could do with a 20 points increase as well. Finally, upping Chainghast unit size to 2-8 and costing them at 80/280 might actually make them playable.
  13. Definitely interested. Have a particular interest in games theory, games design, narrative structure, business strategies and competitive gaming, but am also fanatically devoted to the creative and hobby side of things. Always looking to challenge myself, so more than ready to take this challenge.
  14. Payce

    Faction predictions for 2019.

    Darkoath is a lock, and I'm fairly certain we'll see the Shadowkin before Tyrion bros. Don't expect any new death, but Freeguild have been teased.
  15. I was supremely negative to the idea of realms at the launch of 2.0, both the artifacts, the spells, the game realms, the army realms - the whole package. It seemed like an unnecessary extra layer of padding that adds little dimension to the game, but creates further "must-have"-scenarios which makes the game more convoluted, but not more diverse. Take the realm spells; they're random from game to game. Unless you know in advance which realm you'll be playing, you have no way of knowing. For tournaments, will realm spells even be used? It's just a random factor that good players have to learn "in case" but can never rely on. It's like finding a tenner on the street - nice when it happens, but don't budget around it. The artifacts went exactly like predicted - a bajillion Dopperganger Cloaks, with some Gildanbanes to counter it for armies without huge monsters to capitalise on it. Refractor Lens was ruthlessly FAQ'd to death and Aetherquartz is too random to be reliable. Apart from those? Everything is more or less uninteresting. I'll concede defeat on one point; I do like the endless spells. I was supremely negative to Malign Sorcery in general (as I think magic in this game is growing too close to 8th WHFB currently), and it's certainly not balanced as most spells never see use and some are mandatory for a lot of armies, but overall, I like the idea of them. The tactical flexibility allowed by quite a few of them is a good addition and I'll eat crow on this.