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  1. 1 ogors 2 fireslayers 3 korne 4 orruks I think the fireslayers are the best in combat, but the ogors have a good cpmbay and good moblity. Khorne just cant xD. And the orruks, i think his list isnt optimal, i dont like so much thst list. Edit; ok i readed the last reply, the fireslayers won xD. Buy i won fireslayers usually picking objectives and defending. They are a bit slow.
  2. Guys, i see sub-factions of the wrath of everchosen on ur lists. The battletomme get out after the wrath of everchosen, how can be still valids? Can i missing any rule? Thanks!
  3. I want better rules for scenery, for example is a bit abstract eh fact of have a monster in a single point of a column. Also i want an area for ruins withouth base, right now is very hard take cover. Keywords for scenery (I think thats comming, bcause the SoB rule). Priority on combat for the 2nd on the round, or a chance to get the priority of activations, to do the double turn less destructive. More general items. One realm item for army is really annyioning, i dont want get a batallion on my Archaon or Idolator army bcause i havent items to pick. Maybie 3 general items
  4. Guys, somenome know how to add mercenaries on azyr app? I want build a list with One-eyed Grunnok+ glutton but i dont know how to do it on azyrr, i select the mercenary company but i don't see it on allied units.
  5. Guys, can we still use the sub-factions of wrath of the everchosen? The new battletome doesn't invalidate all the previus??
  6. .... I feel like AOS rules and gameplay is very secondary for GW, 40k is by far her main game. They just admmited it today. The AOS faqs are out a month after the 40k faqs, and they had datta for 40k, and not for AOS. Well, this is not about virtual or phisic game. Is only about Age Of Sigmar is only a bunch of miniatures for collect and friendly play. If you want collect beautiful miniatures go for AOS or 40k, whatever you like more. But if you want a good and competitive game you need go to 40k, thats what GW told us today, intentionally or not.
  7. Ironjawz, bonesplitters, firrslayers, silvaneth...... Sometimes cant understand the release prioritt of gw. That armys really need new stuff even more than lumineth...
  8. The maw crusha, with the mighty destroyers Command can fly 24" and chargue with +1. Thats a real huge movement, also have the most dmg output dmg from all game, except vorgaloth (the khorne foegeworld dragon). When my enemys play it to me, they usually built it with brutish kunnin or ironclad battle trait, metaleippa's claw and mean 'un mount trait. You only need give to him the warchanter buff and thats all he need. Really, he delete every unit he touch, even a mega gargant, the maw kill it on 1 combat phase (except warstromper tribe, they can reroll saves). And with ironc
  9. Hi boyz! In my group of play we have a discussion about how work this 2 habilities. The first one is the Grandfather's Favour. This is the plaguetouched warband, and the queastion is, how many MW they do in return? For example, the enemy unit attack, and they score two 6 at wound. How many MW the NURGLE unit return, 1 or 2? Is the same problem for Lord of Pain; If the LoP ignore 2 wounds with Share the pain, he return 1 or 2 MWs after all atacks have been resolved? If is only one, why the Daemon Prince changed via FAQ, only for change it to "melee w
  10. I cant understand why ppl see chaos knights or chaos warriors as bad units. I played a lot with them, with 2 hand weapons and a warshrine they just areanyoning. 2 attachs at 3 rerolling wound at 3 rerolling, and have a save od 3+ rerolling, and had a special save of 6+. How can that be bad? The same for chaos knights, you can cast the daemonic power on 10 chaos knights and they literally delete all he touch at charge. Well, after say that, for me, the worst unit in game are the bloodreavers and some warcry warbands, they are just a meat wall. But thebloodreavers more t
  11. Yea thats the problem, i dont see a single faq or rule about that. With that in mind, the rule of pink horrors and arboyz are very clear, they can loose his battleline status. In that case we apply the raw rules, and on our games they loose the role... yes is weird but is weird for me, some others think different.... we need a faq or rule clarifyng this.
  12. Hi guys. We have a question in my group of play. Can a unit loose his role in middle of battle? For example, if i deploy 10 pink horrors, and one of them die, this unit is no more battleline? Or if i have 10 ardboyz and some of them die, they loose the "battleline" role? I think not, if i deploy a battleline unit, it remains battleline for the rest of the battle. But If we read the raw rules, they aren't battleline under this conditions. Some1 find someting about that? Thank you guys.
  13. Sorry for the Spaniard card xD. This is my little ******, a 2 hand mace badass commander, on a 3 headed juggernaut from the hell itself. He is 310 points, but i love it
  14. I have the same doubt. I feel like they want invalidate Malign sorcery, but they only invalidated specifically the realm items. In fact, i think the wording don't do it. But i feel like they want invalidate it. Maybe they say more cleary in the faq.
  15. I payed azyr since the month 1, but azyr is a cofee at month. The 40k app isn't. I'm going to use online free tools or manual writhing, like always. I pay my books, i dont want pay 5€ per month, for a bit more i have netfix or similar tv streams. I can pay 2€, maybie 2,5€. But 4-5 no thanks xD, i prefer use this money buying paints xD. Anyway, i have the sensation about AOS beign a secondary game on the company, azyr app updated today, im paying for it.... Dunno, GW is doing bad ultimately.
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