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  1. ¡Hi all! I only have a question, Gotrek come with 2 bases (32 and 40mm). The description at the web says about the big one have de prupose of just make him look awesome. My question is, at the matched play games, he can use both bases? ¡I mean yes, but it can be good to know, thanks!
  2. I'm curious, the STD army only have a few drop points on chariots and marauder horsemen. But STD is actually the last army on % of victorys. In fact, the problem of this ppl are 2. His battle traits are pretty poor, and his point value are simply expensive. For example, the chaos warriors are so similar to the ardboyz, but the ardboyz cost 140 points, while the chaos warriors are 180 points. The chaos lord on Manticore don't have rend, a monster for 250 points... same for sorcerer lord, 160 for a guy with a good spell and skill, but one spell at least, similar in raw power to a necromancer.. The chosen for 140-5. Maybie it looks well if they have 3 wounds, but they have 2. Why they remain at this prices? The only explanation it's GW is going to made a darkoath/std book. I have the hope, but... if not.... just delete it from the AOS scene, is better for STD players give us hope and do nothing after.
  3. I think i have a good combo with the bloodthister of insensate rage. You pay the magore's fiend warband. Then when you deploy, you put it near 2 slaughterpriests. The slaughterpriest "cast" the blood sacrifice on the magore's, then you cast the axe and icon judgements in his face (thats the most failure option here). If you success on kill magore and riptooth, you then have blood thithe points to rub with the bloodthister, then you moove again in your movement phase, and you cand chargue where you wabt, attacking twice with reapers of vengance. Probably, if your bloodsecrator is in range, the bloodthister get 1-2 6 on wound, and this is a hard time to any enemy. I think is worth, because all of that cost less than archaon, maybie archaon war a hsrd rock but.... this is simply destructive raw power in turn one for less points and with more blood thithe points after the all combo dies
  4. Hi! I think it's clear, but only to be sure... The trial of skulls allow you to reroll hit rolls, even the archived ones? For example to do more mortal wounds. 5 skullreapers with +1 attack can do average 4,16 MW +15,27 normal hits withouth re-rolls, and 5,55 MW if the enemy unit have 5+ miniatures with +19 normal hits rerolling failed ones. But if they can re-roll all hit rolls, even the succes ones they can do 7,68 MW + 15,35 normal wounds, who is a stunning MW opout for this guys. Can it be done? It seems legit no? Thanks!
  5. The poblem i see is... "In addition to any other prayers they can chant, each PRIESTin a Khorne army knows one blessing from the Blood Blessingsof Khorne. " Knowing an aditional blessing allows you to chant it in adittion of his own bloodfuelled prayers? What allow to one Slaughterpriest chant the blodfuelled prayer, and a blood blessing of khorne in the same turn?
  6. Guys, do you think GW doesn't showed us all of the new models for slaanesh? I dont see any mortal new model.... Darkoath/slaves and slaanesh are my last armys to represent the mortals of chaos in the mortal realms, i hope they show new mortals units and heroes, or maybe i quit of represent slaanesh in AOS, because i don't want a full daemon army. I love the path to beign a daemon, but is booring if only have daemons in the army...
  7. Hi! In my group of play there are some guys who say about the blood blessings of khorne aren't prayers, and we can't re-roll it with the altar. Other ppl say about the slaughterpriest can chant his own bloodfuelled prayer, a blood blessing of khorne prayer, and a judgment with one Slaughterpriest, and they can re-roll all of them with the altar. And I think they can only now chant 1 prayer (bloodfuelled or blessing of khorne prayer) and 1 judgement. What is the right choice? thanks!
  8. Hi! The rapid fire abiliti of the Vanguard Raptors with hurricane crossbows say this: Add 3 to the Attacks characteristic of this unit's Hurricane Crossbows if this unit did not move in the movement phase of the same turn. My question is... that attacks expires after the turn? or it stacks? My logic say's me yes, that +3 attacks are only on this turn, but i don't see anywhere, even on faqs. If i read the rule, it just stacks +3 attacks per turn if they don't move... Thanks!
  9. Hi! I have this question: If "Focus of fury" allows to any daemon hero the hability of reroll hit rolls of 1, why the "rage unbound" hability from the Bloodthirster of insensate rage allows you reroll hit rolls of 1 if he charge? I have in my mind someting about "if you also can reroll hit rolls of 1 then you can reroll all hit rolls instead" but i don't know where i read it xD.
  10. I think, in a LoN army, they have a spot. The harbringers version can charge with 3 dices, making 8 atacks at 3+ and 3+, rend -2 dmg 3. If you have already 30 grimhast a d 40 skeletons, and you put another horde, you could have problems with movement and space. In that case, this guys only have 2 bases, fly and charge with 3 dices. Also, you don't need buff them, the you can better buff your hordes. And finally, if you loose a grimhast or skeleto unit, you can return to the game the horde for 1 command point. Theni think it on that way: If i have 2 units of 30+ miniatures, but i can summon it when they die, probably i suicide one of them to stop one flank, and i concentrate the power on crush the other side of the board, then when i do, i just resumon the unit. For that prupose the little ans mobile units like morghast are worth. I think this, the harbingers version can be competitive on a LoN army. And also they are good on a Legion of Night.
  11. Why noone use Tzaangors enlightened on discs? 6 of them in a unit are absolutly worth now. They won +1 attack, 3 of them cost 140now, and they have the daemon keyword, you can ress 1d6 of then with a single spell.... I see him way better than normal tzaangors, and more resilent bcause the ress. And they moove 16"! But i didn't see to much lists with them xD.
  12. If I can be elegible for an especific allegiance faction, like Stormcast. I can choose the grand alliance battletraits instead? For example, if all my units have the khorne keyword, can i choose the traits/artifacts of the grand allegiance Chaos, instead of khorne? I remember read someting about it somewhere, but i cant remember where xD.
  13. then i cant use this batallion with his allegiance, is matematically impossible xD. Well i sell my slaves to darkness then, anyway i need space for the new incoming darkoaths
  14. But if you add the batallion like an ally points you can do it no? I can use, for example, the fatesworn warband on a tzeentch army if i put this 160 points of the batallion as ally points no?
  15. Hi. How it works? The words 'this unit' on the skill dont let clear if it refeer to the evocators or the target unit. I think they refeer to the evocators unit, but i want hsve it clear please xD. Thanks!!
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