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  1. Hail, Archaon, those who are about to die salute you
  2. That's great news! As a spaniard, I'm going to do my best to promote "Soulbound" in the Spanish forums and between my friends! Thank you! 👍👍
  3. According to Fyreslayer's Battletome he is back somewhere in Chamon trying to reunite the Dispossessed.
  4. The content seems very nice! Thanks for the info. Any news about translations?
  5. Chaos Dwarfs are being mentioned quite often. Even recently with that civil war/betray that the duardin suffered a long time ago. In kharadron's battletome there is an area called "Betrayal of the Last King"
  6. I would prefer a new army of centaurs helping human peasants in exchange for food and feeling that they (centaurs) are a superior class/race/status compared to the peasants they protect, like the old knights of Bretonia but more "fantasized".
  7. I think they used more layer paints in the second miniature compared to the first one. that's why we think the second is better. However, I still think it's a great product and maybe cheaper.
  8. Waiting for Dog's of War Battletome.
  9. So, any news? WarhammerFest is very near ... Could you give us any clue about what we will see? ☺️
  10. Yes, even the Carrion King betrayed him if I'm not wrong.
  11. Kemmler? If he returns he will be probably a Mortarch too
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