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  1. So... Barak-Thryng can take Gotrek without being an ally? Or just Fyreslayer and Dispossessed units?
  2. Old chaos dwarfs will appear in total war 3 I don't know if it's going to be this year 2020 or the next one, but I'm pretty sure that this fact is going to increase greatly the popaluraty of this army and I think GW it's aware of this fact so maybe it's planning something to take adventage of it. PS: My apologies if I'm committing grammar mistakes, English is not my first language.
  3. Maybe LoA is disapearing because GW wants to create its own chaos Duardins? They mentioned them in the core book with Zharr-Vyxa so that has to mean something... Right? I've been playing dwarfs since I was kid but just because when I began to collect warhammer miniatures chaos dwarfs were disapearing from stores. I want to believe 🥺
  4. Chaos Duardin: We've been waiting since 4th edition. Kurnothi Aelves: the miniatures look so cool Beasts of Chaos: they have great potential, they just have to be BEASTS of chaos not just goats of chaos. Imagine and army with tiger-men, wolf-men, monkey-men, elephant-men, boar-men.... All of them with a chaotic touch. Just look at this:
  5. Mmmm The grial could be related with vampires, vampire pirates are still an option if this is the commanderʼs sword.
  6. I'm pretty sure it's a placeholder. Kurnothi are Sylvaneth allies like Fyreslayers and Kharadron. They are protagonist of this new box, it has to mean something.
  7. I would like to hear opinions about the future of the Ogors Do you think that GW will realease a dual box (like looncurse for example) with Bonereapers? I'm not buying Beastgrave right now beacuse i'm saving money for this box 🤔
  8. Then you just have to wait for Tyrion's Aelfs. They are not going to be like High Elves (esthetically) but i'm pretty sure that will inherit the same personality (good guys but arrogants) and maybe playstyle.
  9. Any idea of how this will affect Idoneth's gameplay? If most of the army appear in turn 2 they won't be synchronized with the waves system.
  10. Remember... you are talking with a Kharadron player that means I would be hyped even with a bat swarm unit.
  11. True... I guess I get hyped too fast 😅. Maybe a better alternative would be the unit of Skeletons + Necromancer (a mage would be great taking account I play Kharadrons) or the Maneater unit (which also has a Mage)
  12. Personally I love how they have introduced the mercenaries in the game. I'm going to add 3 giants to my Kharadron Army, that will give me the melee-focused unit i need.... mwahahahaha. Now I just want more development in the lore of these units and a few more units (but really JUST A FEW more): Dark Elf corsairs, Daughters of Khaine, Grot Pirates and something like that. Also, I would love a General to create an army full of mercenaries like the old Dogs of War. Who knows... maybe someday they will release personalized miniatures of this units.
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