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  1. Any idea of how this will affect Idoneth's gameplay? If most of the army appear in turn 2 they won't be synchronized with the waves system.
  2. Remember... you are talking with a Kharadron player that means I would be hyped even with a bat swarm unit.
  3. True... I guess I get hyped too fast 😅. Maybe a better alternative would be the unit of Skeletons + Necromancer (a mage would be great taking account I play Kharadrons) or the Maneater unit (which also has a Mage)
  4. Personally I love how they have introduced the mercenaries in the game. I'm going to add 3 giants to my Kharadron Army, that will give me the melee-focused unit i need.... mwahahahaha. Now I just want more development in the lore of these units and a few more units (but really JUST A FEW more): Dark Elf corsairs, Daughters of Khaine, Grot Pirates and something like that. Also, I would love a General to create an army full of mercenaries like the old Dogs of War. Who knows... maybe someday they will release personalized miniatures of this units.
  5. Gutbusters absence makes me think that their battletome is near (this year)
  6. What would be the difference between Deahtrattle's lore and the new TK's army? (if finally happens) Aside from the aesthetic. I think they are basically the same concept.
  7. Yes! Gunhauler battleline! Too good to be true... But I'm hyped
  8. I'm with you. I love my Kharadron army but I would love to have a unit of Maneaters fighting in my army occasionally. "Who could forget the Ogres? Not anyone with a sense of smell, that's for sure. Worse manners than Trolls, and that's saying something, but there are few troops you'd rather have on your side in the heat of battle." —Elodhir Seamane, Elven gentleman adventurer
  9. Kharadron Overlords... I don't need more.... except minor things like Warhammer Underworlds & Warcry Warbands
  10. Hail, Archaon, those who are about to die salute you
  11. That's great news! As a spaniard, I'm going to do my best to promote "Soulbound" in the Spanish forums and between my friends! Thank you! 👍👍
  12. According to Fyreslayer's Battletome he is back somewhere in Chamon trying to reunite the Dispossessed.
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