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  1. Meh. Is High priest translocation still a must? I don't see anything else.
  2. Quite nice. Would you change anything in your list?
  3. How does longshank works? Raw you cant charge or pile in as you cant finish a move within 3 of the ennemy. (The left the last sentence in place)
  4. Just include the unit without the champion.
  5. Sweet! Thank you, this is quite permissive.
  6. Hello, Just a quick question, English is not my native language, can someone clarify the Starshard errata for me? ‘Add 1 to hit rolls for attacks made with Starshard Bolts by this unit, if the attacks target an enemy unit that is visible to a friendly Lumineth Realm-lords Hero that is within 18" of this unit.’ Can you clarify what has to be within 18 of what? Thanks in advance.
  7. AOS3 test Yesterday, I recklesslely charged 6 flayers with a block of 20 marauders. Opponent used "unleash hell". None made it into combat. I'll remember that.
  8. Question as English is not my native language : How many objectives can you kick? -1 maximum? -X where X = number of Krakeneaters? Thanks in advance.
  9. Hello, I just went from a 2 day event in Paris, 5 rounds with the Gargants, here is how it went : I took a stomper tribe, Warstomper, Eager for the fight Mantle of the destroyer Gatebreaker 3X1 and 1X3 Mancrushers. I chose the stomper tribe, partly because of the Parisian metagame, which resolves sometimes around spamming good units ad nauseam, and partly because the Warstomper is the coolest looking guy of the lot. Eager for the fight was always my favourite trait of all but the artifact was a switch from the Ironweld cestus, when the bravery 10 was taken in account when fighting Cathallars and Stonemages. It proved invaluable. I also switched from a Krakeneater to a Gatebreaker at the last moment because I knew there would be a need for even high rend in this tournament plus a couple of boat/nexus to destroy and finally, objectives manipulation proved to be a diapointment or a niche activity in my testings. Sometimes gamewinning but too many times useless. Game 1 Khorne on Blood and Glory reaper of vengeance. Archaon + Daemon prince + Bloodsecrator +2x5 hounds and 15 chaos warriors + 2 warshrines. I let him take the turn1, where he stacks piles of buffs on archaon which is now on a lot of 2+ rerollable on every stats and he sits on his objectives and pass the turn, shielded by the Prince that deny any charge. On my turn I take one of his objectives which was only guarded by 10 hounds with the pack of 3 Mancrushers +1 solo who kills them all but one. He took the initiative on turn2 and made the long charge and SLAY my Gatebreaker and use his big fat base to engage also 2 mancrushers. He made a crucial mistake by attempting a duel with his daemon prince on a mancrusher but he ends up dying with headbutts + two timber on his face. This move frees me from the charge deny and this is a relief. On my turn I advance on his side, he has a heart attack when he realise that the pack of mancrushers can go 14” move and can steal his last objective on a long charge that I don’t make, so he lives another turn. But he looses both his warshrines on the Warstomper plus 3 mancrushers. He has the turn again but Archaon is considerably weaker now. He charge my mancrushers and kills them but receive 19 wounds from the warstomper, ooops. In my hero phase he elects to flee from the Warstomper with 3 tithe points and flee behind a huge wall of chaos warriors. I only have the warstomper and a single Mancrusher left, I charge his chaos warriors, kills the Bloodsecrator on impact, but before I obliterate his warriors I pick one of them and chuck him into Archaon for two mortal wounds that he didn’t save and dies. Outstanding. Then I took all four points and won. 1-0 Game 2 Idoneth on 3 places of power. Classic list with Volturnos, 9 Ishlaens a farting eidolon, turtle and 4 sharks. The TO ruled the SOB designer’s note so I can’t alterate the rule of objective control UNLESS i can contest it by being within 6’. He took the turn 1 and simply gain one point by putting the eidolon on a point and refrain from advancing too much. In my turn I advanced with everything but he was out of range so I simply scored 3. I got the initiative so I went hyper aggressive. With careful concerted charges impact on ishlaens I manage to open a path for the gatebreaker so he can reach the Turtle. He spent all his points on reroll saves which completely negates anything that wanted to kills an eel (except for the warstomper that seized one of them on a 6 and chuck it back into the unit. The Turtle died to the Gatebreaker to my greatest relief and I score 6. On his turn he retaliate and killed the gatebreaker and 4 mancrushers. I got the turn 3 and simply disengage on objectives for scoring 9 so he can’t get back. Victory. Hero scenarios are stupid with SOB, even with some tempering on the Designer’s note. 2-0 Game 3 OBR on Starstrike. Katakros, a caster and 120 mortek are boredom incarnate but a common sight in paris where spamming is a thing. Both our turn 1 are simply gain CP, GO on each side (no CP for me due to Katakros). He got the init Turn2, advanced with everything, tagged the objective that landed on a side and elected for a charge on 4 mancrushers that where positioned so a solo MC is in front of 3. This proved to be a huge mistake as my positioning both put him outside of +1A of Katakros and only allows hi to springle Dammages on several Mancrushers at once. Even dammaged the retaliation is cruel for him and the +2 dammage from the stomper tribe hits hard and there was only 5 morteks left. The rest of the game is simply me combo-charge each pack of 40 morteks one by one with as many gargants as I can while disengaging and ignoring Katakros. The damage is too much for him, the stomper tribe bonus and my ability to remove the hekatos is gamewinning. 3-0 Game 4 Idoneth, same list as before on Scorched earth. Scorched earth is a pain for gargants, even with 6 units and Idoneth is one of our worst matchups as the damage is to high on their side. Knowing this I elected for a bold plan. I tricked him, making him believe that I would go defensive so he would deploy very aggressively, which he does. He gives me the first turn and he had a heart attack when he sees me toot “Get a Move On, You Slackers!:” for auto run at 6 on all Mancrushers and beeline toward him with everything, not even flagging any of my objectives. I only have a couple of 4” charges so it is easy. Every Ishlaens dies on the charge but when the moment of striking the sharks and turtle happens the dices fails me and instead of killing all of them, I kill none. Loosing models in your own turn is terrible but it is what happened. He double turned me after that and throw me out of the table on his turn2. Loose. Sometime a good plan is not enough. 3-1 Game 5 Daughter of Khaine on Blade’s edge. Morathi, cauldron, hag, 30 30 20 sisters of slaughter. Activation war Is not dead and Gargants don’t like that. I let him start and he shily put a foot on every objectives on his side while throwing the Shadow Queen on one of mine. On my turn I toot “Get a Move On, You Slackers!:” ignoring completely the Shadow Queen while moving around her. But I failed all charges (with rerolls) except for one for a lone Mancrusher who kills 15 Sisters but dies in the retaliation + spiked shields + martyr prayer. Happily for him, he got the turn (or would have died otherwise) and charged Morathi into both mega gargants that where too close. Mindrazor pops and another Mancrsher dies but he wisely screens the 4 last remaining, knowing the damage a single could cause and waiting for a better opportunity while he murder the other flank. Morathi cut 25 wounds on the warstomper and take 3. On my turn I make the good ol’ "disengage on an objective" with both mega and charged with the 4 screened gargants. I got clever and used 3 “stuff them in me bag” to open a hole for a single gargant so he can get into a unit behind so he can remove 20 sisters all by himself. I got the double, chuck a rock into Morathi to make her mid-life. And kills everything but his cauldron and both Morathi. He made a mistake and double charged the intact Gatebreaker instead of the wounded warstomper. His cauldron avatar kills all my remaining Mancrushers. Morathi didn’t kill the Gatebreaker and gets on 3 wounds left. I got the turn with relief because he would have killed the Gatebreaker in the hero phase. I killed morathi and closed the game with a duel with the avatar. 4-1 Not bad with the gargants. Interestingly, the top 4 of the tournament is 1)Idoneth 2)Idoneth 3)Garganrs (me) 4)Idoneth 2 turtles Afterthought: The army is deceptively fragile, unable to tank Rend-2 dammage in any way and you need a bit of luck on the Initiative roll. There was also a bit of luck involved into the pairings as I wouldn’t have been able to defeat some Kroak or Ironjaws that came in the tournament. Army list was a good call. The breaker of the taker tribe wouldn’t have done anything for me where the stomper tribe helped me deal with the mass of models some players presented me. The mantle of the destroyer was a huge winner, making me reroll freely 8 to 10 charges in every game so, nearly 50 charges in the whole tournament. Gargants lives or die by their ability to charge the opponent. Zero stress army plus finishing every game 1 hour before anyone is a reciepe for getting drunk at the bar.
  10. RAW it is clearly written that non-predatory endless spells models cannot move under any circumstances. This faq doesn't counter that fact. i do agree with the intent. i perfectly understand what they wanted to say, but they write the exact countrary..../facpalm
  11. Saturday : Interview with rulewriters "THERE WILL BE NO AMBIGUITY IN THE RULES FROM NOW" sweet! Today, they release a FAQ and then "Q: Can the caster of the Sanctum of Amyntok move while the endless spell is on the battlefield? A: Yes." We knew that from the begining, genius, the point is "can you move the ****** sanctum with its caster?"...... You had one job....
  12. Cities of Sigmar, i made a slight move forward qith dawnraiders, it pushed back the bridge and allowed me to give turn1 freely, the loss of a couple of horses was hard but bearable compared to what would happen otherwise.
  13. The pre-move was game-changer, denying early ennemy alpha strike or helping putting Horses in cover. The artefact was meh. The command ability made me won the game, otherwise i was unable to capture an objective. I forgot the general trait.
  14. -Thermalrider cloak isn't legal for matched play anymore unless the GT allows it specifically. -Your list is not Legal because you lack one unit in your Bloodmarcked Warband. -Greatblade are better than flails on chariots -Refrain from using the Lord on Juggernaut, unless you want to play juggernauts in battleline. He is bad for his price. You can replace him with Bloodstockers/chaos lord on foot. -Ravager is only good if you have 4+ STD heroes that doesnt rely on their command ability, otherwise it is pointless. (basically when you play Ravager you want a lot of chaos sorcerer) -The weapon option on the Knights is your personnal taste, I would advocate for the ensorcelled weapon, especially on big units as i find the ennemy has an easier time neutralising them with lances. -Either runs your list in : ++Khorne, the Tithe table is the ultimate toolbox of the apocalypse. Go either Vanilla suballigeance, giving reroll charge WW12 as general trait and the banner of wrath to the bloodsecrator plus an extra crispy artifact. Or go The Flayed for a nice Command ability. ++STD Despoiler and find room for a Daemon Prince of Khorne, possibly the best of the 4. ++STD Idolators, make one of your chariots your general and go for either double prayer of Khorne or +2 attacks on the great Blade. Your call, there is no perticular best. Other option to consider about the Bloodmarcked Warband : -It works at its best with Knights of the empty throne as your hero Varanguards are buffing themselfs for the second pile-in. But that is a completly different army. -The bonus it offers is hard to trigger outside of Empty Throne so it just act as a 1-2 drop army provider. If you are not attached to the Mark of Khorne, any other warband is better as they allows you to include sorcerers which are bonkers in a STD army. -Replacing the BMwarband with the Ruinbringer Warband is a very valid option as this is an enormous mortal wound generator.
  15. Not totally a nerf, the bodyguard rule is actually relevant at getting 6 extra wounds to any herso. Before that you had only the magmadroth (which is a much more expensive option) for the runefather or heartguards for the battlesmith. If you don't mind the extra drop this might be worth it. Extending the life of your bannerguy is key in the survival of some matchups. Plus it offers some flexibility, the oath only had to be pronounced at the start of the first round which allows you to adapt to any opponent if your backline heroes are not in danger. Plus he strikes much much harder than the said magmadroth in case of combat.
  16. Good quote, i should have said Mask of darkness with +1 to be basted.
  17. here it is : CV : 8 Target Any LRL unit WW12, put it anywhere 9" away as usual. Hand of Gork Style
  18. They come by 5 and costs 130, so two squads would bring you to 2020 points.
  19. About assault of stone, Do i understant it correctly that if i cast it on a 3+ save unit, it is useless? What if cast with a fully charged Twinstone, and a couple of more bonuses, Could be devastating to throw15+ dices. I would say that no one has a good protection against MW in this faction, plus Stoneguard are the best value per wound in the faction. Plus there is now an easy acess to run and charge plus teleport. Although i would be cautious with this one because you really want to stay ww the stonemage and Mootain. Also, correct me if i am wrong but does the Stonemage stance stack with itself? (i think yes)
  20. What is the popular opinion about the whole alarith range? and the Lore of the Peaks? They seems to see very few play.
  21. Sure. But warscroll doesnt say you can move.
  22. I agree with all of this, the intention is palpable BUT the rules are (surprisingly) very clear, it can't move with its movement 12.
  23. Simple : If i cast one of the following : The Dais Arcanum The Arachnocauldron The sanctum of amyntok Extract from the rules : "An endless spell model cannot be moved unless it is a predatory endless spell " Can i move? RAW : No, non predatory endles spells models cannot be moved. Complete answer : the caster can still move around the immobile endless spell. Change my mind. PS : I don't care you have mouvement 12 from Dais or fusionned profile with movement or RAI. Just tell me that something allows you to move the endless spell model.
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