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  1. Just had a game agains some Slaanesh random Scum. I had Aspiring Deathbringer general with reroll charge bubble Exalted DB with +2 attacks 3 priests 1Bloodsecrator with banner of wrath 5 warriors + 2X5 hounds 3X5 Skullreapers 2X5 wrathmongers Slaughterborn bataillon Wrath axe and bloodicon 10 drops He had a godseeker host 2 Flying Keeper of secrets 1 exaltedchariot with hero 1 epitome 3X5 Helstrider 10 seekers umbral spellportal Cavalcade and sybarite bataillon 2 drops We where playing on gift from the heaven in Ghyran. I packed everything in the middle, he gave me the first turn. I casted my judgement to block paths and blessings and pass the turn. He advanced at 16.1" from me and ended his. I won the rollof and gave him the double. He charged with his keeper and his seekers on my left flank, killing a unit of warriors and reapers in one strike. Then i countercharged and killed them all with 5 reapers and 5 mongers (with 2 or 3 extra attacks) amazing. But i failed to catch my objectives that they where sitting on. I got the double,s made a long 11 charge with hounds and seized both objectives. Then he took his turn and made something i didnt expected, summoned a chain of heralds on foot to summon a pack a daemonette on my obejectives (but he failed to have more than my 3 reapers) he got the double, seized both objectives turn4 summoned another keeper and exalted chariot and smashed me a little. The rest of the game was an exchange of objectives and i happened to win by a single point. Afterthoughts : Keepers are scary veeery scary. Having your whole army striking last after the ennemy striked you twice is no fun. The epitome is crucial too in this gameplan. We counted that he played with 3200 army points with his summonings vs my 2140 worth. That seemed a bit unfair. Fighting slaanesh can't be done like any other random army, you have to have a very specific plan, sceens and patience. About my own army : Slaughterborn was valuable. Very. Was it worth an extra unit of reapers/skullcrusher? ....mmmmmh. Dunno. The effect is passive, unconditionnal, reduces drops and adds an artifact. It indeniably saved my ass against Rend1 daemonettes/Seekers. What was the most valuable was all the retaliation i had in the army. I failed to rememebr to activate the Tithe N6 when i needed and that would have been muuuch less close. The exalted with spears and his 11 attacks was not the tax i thought he would be but defenitely not a suport piece as his useless command ability suggest. What i missed was speed. Mov5 models are nice but this is where hounds and juggernauts really shines. To fight slaanesh i really feel that working on long range dammage is a key. I summoned a Canon dut it did nothing, contrary to priests. I almost feel i need 5 priests and a bloodsecrator for our heroes.
  2. 150 points can get you another batch of 20 chainrasps, 10 reapers or an extra hero. Not worth CONDITIONAL rerolls and an artifact/cp. Same for chainguard. Nighthaunt allegiance is made for speed over resilience. Your best strength is wave of terror. Once you have taken the felleind pendant there is little interesting artifacts. Your best bet is to multiply your speed, bodycount and your number of charges. (WoT happens 1/6, imagine you roll a dice in each charge, on 6, bam you get an extra combat phase)
  3. What I don't like about him is that he is unreliable in his attacks and his command is probably the weakest of the faction in tie with the mighty lord. It is very restrictive and command points usages are crowded. The good part is that he is tanky for a hero, but not as much as you might think. He still dies to anything that kills your priests. He is rightly priced for what he brings. I guess I wanted an akhelian king.
  4. Hail mighty warriors! Just had a small 20 man tourney with 1500 points and Vanguard restrictions (2+ battleline and 0-2 behemoths...) Here is the list. Goretide Lord on Juggernaut General Hoe the Foe. + torc Bloodsecrator 2 priests with sacrifice and brozed flesh. 3Mighty Skullcrushers 3Mighty Skullcrushers 5 Skullreapers 5 Skullreapers 5 Skullreapers Wrathaxe and bloodicon choices explained : 9 drops is a lot at 1500 (and i didnt have any 1st turn.) but i gave up on bataillons since they are a significant invvestment at that range and some contain too much taxes. i also gave up on 3 places of power (scenarios are random on 1D18) Goretide because of the reroll and the 3+ unmodifiable seemed a good idea. At that range 3+/2+ armor can be a pain to manage and i beleved that juggernaut battlelines could be hard to manage. Skullreapers because they are our grimgastreapers. I am against the trend that seems to find that the skulls are great. Yes the effect is great when it connects, but the stars have to align. You have to face a magic opponent, play 1st in the round or play second and make the skull survive, put the sulls in range, makke the ennemy cast, fail to cast, weak enough to be dissipated or roll a 8. not for me. Plus i had to know that a good half of the tournament are not gonna play magic heavy or at least significant (and nagash is absent in that format) Too much condition for e. I prefer the icon, d3 mortals is d3 mortals and the bravery effect can sometimes connect. I tried to play the countercharge game with screens of juggernaut with reapers behind. Battle 1 Blood and glory VS Nurgle GUO, giant daemonrat, mortal sorcerer 60 monks, 3X5 blightkings The guy was nice but seems inexperienced. He didn't seems to know the insane tricks a Nurgle army can deploy on instant-win scenarios. He took the fisrst turn and to my greatest displeasure charged with his monks and took 3 jugger a priest and my lord. Then 10 Reapers piled in and the blob disapeared. I took the double and charged his giant rat that was far too advanced and poped it. The rest of the game was me trying to hunt for his points hile trying to prevent some summoning shenanigans. By the end of turn 5 i had all points. Blood tithe usage : Extra combat-10 hounds summoning-extra movement. Battle 2 Scorched earth VS Stormcast Stardrake 2X2 fulminators 2X5 liberators 1X5 Judicators 1Castellant He took the turn 1 and made the long charge with the stardrake and 2 fulminators, distributing mortals in the shooting phase. He anihilated a unit of reapers anda priest (and ate a bloodsecrator) The fulminators bizarely bounced on the juggerlord and left him at 2 wounds. I was forced to attack the stardrae and ate a bunch of extra mortalsdue to the shield. On my turn l left the Stardrake with 3 jugger on 2+ to manage and charged both his fulminators and fished for mortals (and killed all) From that point, the stardrake took far too much time to kill all the jugger which allowed me to take all his points 18-12 for me. Bloodtithe usage : 10 hounds summoning ;to capture a point before beeing anihilated exta movement. Battle 3 Battle of the pass VS Idoneth King, Caster, Priest 9 Morsarr 6 ishlaen and 20 Thralls. (King & Morsarr in the ethersea) He made a mistake and took the 1st turn, put an eel in range to capture a point and leave the other alone. In my turn i Bloodbind him and his ishlaens where suddenly far too close. I advanced with everybody, charged with 10 reapers, killed them all, took the double turn spend 3 tithe, charged the thralls with 5 reapers, and a unit of jugger, killed them all. Took all points. At the end of that turn he had only his caster on the table. On his turn 2 he poped the king and the morsarr, charged my lord in the back, killed him, took the double and killed5 reapers and 3 jugger and took my point. At the start of my turn 3 he had mathematicaly lost. If he leaves my point i retake it with a summoning from the altar and if he stays i am still to far ahead. 38-19 for me. Bloodtithe usage : 5 hounds summoning, extra movement AND A DAMN EXTRA CHARGE IN HIS TURN 4 HOW STUPID I AM since he can disengage and charge. 3-0 not bad. Afterthought : Goretide is ok without warriors but the reroll is unimpressive. Priests are awesoms, hounds too. Juggernauts battleline are far more interesting that i thought.They are extremely hard to remove and they move relatively fast. The juggerord is a crappy Bloodtithe point. Only good because he unlocks army compositions. I missed my aspiring deathbringer. I missed dogs. I always need ore of them. There is no such thing as "too much Skullreapers. " I still missed the skulls because they are better roadblocker than the icon but the icon was a marvel. (the axe is godly)
  5. It might be an option to go general trait + command brooch + kudoss and go full CP with both kind of KoS, resurrection.
  6. I think it is written in each legion description that this gives them access to lon spells. Soulblight gives only to vampires and Death not at all for example.
  7. Nice blow. I concede my defeat. That is a bit sad! That is not the legion of Grief for nothing. Dreadblade harrow is already a famous nighthaunt general , I really love him as a LoG general too.
  8. Quote the rule page or it doesn't exist.👻
  9. Yet we still have the kos on mount which does something similar. You might miss the caster part.
  10. I don't see any allegiance keyword on this bataillon. I see no reason not to integrate it in your LoG army. Welcome to resurrecting 12 myrmourn for 1 cp.
  11. What is the hotness around the mantilord? I failed to see the real added value? what is the concerned artifact?
  12. No. Mostly because those different loadout do more or less the same thing or are at least target dependant. Contrary to 40k where some upgrades are more powerful than others. Debatable. Yet I think people don't mind too much if list building is "boring" as long as the real game is not. For my part, i find aos listbuilding extremely hard since you cannot grind points here and there. You have to make hard choices. As fascinating as this discussion is, I don't think it belongs in the Khorne thread. Let's create another subject elsewhere and talks more about skulls and blood.
  13. Would be a direct downgrade. The current system is an example of simplicity and elegance. Adding granularity in costing is overcomplexifing the game by a large margin. List correction are a nightmare in 40k. The only person made happy are list architects and rockinchair generals.
  14. Priests can already cast only 1 prayer as rumesmiter. Don't mix prayers/blessings and judgements which they can cast one each by turn.
  15. Had another 1500 point game today against the same flesheater player with regent 2 courtiers and 3x6 flayers on battle of the pass. This time I used a skullFiend tribe. Insensate rage thirster general with artefact. 2x5 hounds 5 wrathmomger Banner and 2 priests. All 3 judgements. 4 Individuals khorgoraths. I started the game , advanced made a wall of judgement to protect one objective. Scored 5. He failed to cast anything them charged the unprotected obj. Killed 2 korvoraths 5 hounds. Then he got the double as one of the two judgement faded. He charged again killed everything but my BT, 2 korg and a priest. On my turn I summoned 20 bloodletter and countercharged. Failed to make any 6 to wound with the thirster. Killed all but the heroes and 6 flayers. In the end I won only by a tiny margin due to intense summoning to recapture obj. (Total 20+10 letter +5 hounds) was ok with the slaughter host. Not outstanding. Additional thoughts : Hounds are amazing battlelines. They are fast, they hit hard, they dispell and natively rerolls charges. Compared to other battlelines they do not need (or benefit?) support. And bravery is not an issue compared to Warriors and Reavers. I like Bloodletters too but they NEED that +1A. Hounds delivers 20 attacks at their worst and will tear throught anything without armor. Skullfiends Khorgoraths are great but i felt that you need more than 4 to really benefit from this Slaughterhost. Insensate rage with 8 attacks is brutal. Nothing more to say. I tend to like "no slaughterhost" mortal armies, the mortal command and artefacts traits are amazing, reroll charges, banner of mortal wounds, 5++, +2 attacks artifacts, -2 bravery artifact. blabla.
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