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  1. as @annarborhawk says. Lances are out of the league because they are bad except when they charge, which you don't do often. Khorne used it because having +1A on them is strictly better than ensorcelled. For Nurgle this more or less even, they spike differently because of Mark of Nurgle on more attacks or rolling 3 on a D3. For my part, the occasionnal mortals won the equation.
  2. I saw the Khorne list you named and it was my start base. For me the Nurgle Bataillon won because of thoses metagame points : -Low drop : It was a bet, (that i lost) that there would be Hero scenarios or Battleline scenarios, where having the choice of the first turn really change the face of the game. Seizing all objectives with your heros really put your ennemy on the backfoot and he has to make something happen. Piercing the rerollable 3+ of the varanguard for 30 wounds can take some time. -1 drop vs 2 drops : 1 drops in my meta are Changehosts (common), slaves mirror (uncommon), Vang Stormcast, BoC, Lurid haze, I really wanted to compete against Changehost, because this is the most common of onedrop. Two drops are quite uncommon but there is some Lumineth lists that i simply cannot afford to let choose the pace of the game. So i elected 1 drop. -More damage vs anti-shooting. Real though decision. Wounding on 2" can be murderous but i expected a lot of thoses matchups : CoS, seraphons and tzeentch where shooting can be prevalent (or not). Statistically the basic Mark of Nurgle is better than rerolling 1 of Khorne. So i already have a dammage boost. I found out that stacking buffs on units that can strike twice was more key than having a general to survive and spread his +1 to wound aura. -Both bataillon are really cool but i was really surprised by how much dammage the Plaguetouched can deliver at the end of the game vs +1 A that is sometimes hard to trigger on another unit once you have used your double pile in with varanguard. I would say this is even here. -Nurgle is a popular army in my meta and i made the bet (that i lost) that there would be a Nurgle opponent. In this case you enjoy all his buffs, the wheel, the trees. +3 mov if you start a movement near a GUO. Plus you are immune to all his speshul abilities, plague winds and so on. -The Prayer of Nurgle is probably the best if you match the keywords out of the five of the altar. When playing Khorne you end up rerolling hit wounds and saves. which is ok too but having +1 armor on a 3+ reroll really helps to completly ignore some combat armies.
  3. Outdropping your opponent is key in the toughest matchups. Factions that out-combat you are the toughest to beat, Gargants, Ironjaws and Fyreslayers notably. High rend is the key to beat you. Factions that rely on quantity over quality are much more easy to fight as they can't pass rerollable high armor and kills themselfs on the Nurgle bataillon. Mark of Nurgle was a soft mitigation against shooting but noticeable. Not too big against COS but much more against KO and Changehost. Useless against Lumineth. Lumineth are a nightmare to beat, Spearmens deals terrible terrible dammages and Varanguard have no defenses against mortal. Teclis casting total eclypse really shut down a tons of your options. You laugh at factions that rely on magic to deal dammages. The Nurgle bataillon can deal a surprising amount of dammage, even against non combat armies. Force your opponent to attack you with every model he can and count the 6'. 20 mortals by games is not an exceptionnal result. The chaos lord can't make Varanguard Attack three times in the same phase but they can make you save that ability for later. Timewalking your attack phase is huge.
  4. Hello, Just made a 5 round tournament with the following list and made 4-1. Was a blast to play. There is no real subtility in this list. Stack buff on a unit and throw it at your opponent. Here is quickly how it went. 1)Changehost conflagration on Blade edge. Took the first turn, took all 6 objectives. Began to chew through pinks and blues for an eternity. At one time i manage to cut a hole in the wall of pinks to make a second 6" pile in into the flamers, which closed the game. WIN 2)Lumineth Teclis on forcing the hand. Hard to face but there is an enormous gap between our armies. I let him go first, archers took a few knights away. On my turn i casted teleportation on a fully buffed Varanguard unit and throwed it away in the back of Teclis (ooops moment on his side) then failed the rerolled charge (oops moment on my side) But took the double turn (ooof), made a normal move on the T-pose guy and OBLITERATED him and the cathalar and a dozen of archers while the rest of the army made some long charges on spearmens or just get closer. He ended killing far more guys than i expected but he fought too much time on his side and never took a single of my objectives. WIN 3)Seraphon Dracothion on battle for the ass. Unsual list. I knew that there was going to be 40 saurus in the sky and a salamander. I let him go first, he tried to cast balewind but i auto-dispelled it. On my turn i tried to cast teleportation but he unexpectedly failed to dispell it so the Varanguard made a 9 charge on the first row of 20 skinks and killed them all while the rest of the knights/varanguards was running forward, hoping for the double. Didn't get it. On his hero phase, Kroak was unable to pierce reliably the 4+ warpsteel (frown) and he teleported his 40 saurus and 20 guards in front of my nose and made the 9" charge. The i began to cut througn the scales while he couldn't pierce the 2+ reroll save. My turn + my double turn i overcharged the 3-man varanguard unit and obliterate all saurus things. unfortunately leaving Kroak to 1 wound, which allowed him to stay in the game but the sorcerer got a lucky arcane bolt that ended his journey. 32-21 WIN 4)Tempest eye on Total conquest. The plan was to invade his space and make him loose time in his deployment zone while i score. Unfortunately i missed all my spells and prayers. He had a couple of very mobile units and an annoying aziros that lived far too long and gave him too much points. To his surprise, the irondrakes where unable to destroy the varanguard in one go, which i suspected. But this, coupled with two hard missplay and bad luck was too much. Sometimes you need more than a good plan to win a game. Loss. 5)Changehost duplicitous on Escalation. I played his list a couple of time so i know what it is all about. The deployment meant that the LOC and the altar where out of the show for one turn. Pinks are annoying but if you punch them enough they disapears. I gave him the turn one and he took the whole tablewhile making corner charges to immobilize warriors and knights, which was expected but not that soon. He admit he missplayed here as he believed he could score points on turn one which he don't. On my turn i overcharged the Varanguard General and threw EVERYTHING in the 20 pink pack. He lost his big pack too quickly and failed to re-summon it (pfeeew) Then i began my turn 2 which was a quick walk through the rest of the army but he had no teeth capable of realiably kill my threats. WIN. Curiously a lot of people when complimenting me for my list beeing so cool/badass to watch. I like the list but there is no real trick. Your things are incredibly tanky. Sure varanguards are overpriced but once you stacks buffs on them you see the return quickly. The artefacts are amazings. I haven't made a single 5+ comeback out of 6 tries.
  5. Indeed. I was just pointing that when aiming for a triumph you are hoping for hit or wound rerolls but even the armour can get useful.
  6. I am pretty sure it is 1980 points (with an extra CP) Anyway. I tested the list with 6 &3 Varanguard chaoslord and sorcerer 15 warriors and 2X5 knights Warshrine plaguetouched. Pretty interesting to have a 2+ reroll hit wound saves big varanguard unit that can obliterate everything and pile in twice at 6" (be careful to still have an ennemy at 3" the second time)
  7. I can't blame you, i was too. Let me tell you how i went to this. I went to a 32 guy tournament withe the Kharadron list (and won the tournament). I saw one of my friends and asked him what he was playing and how he went. He was playing the bik rukk list, without the snagga rukk and with a minimal brutal rukk instead. *Read the list* That is cute, did you really spend 500 points in bataillons and think it would work? oh dear. What? you made 4-1 in the tournament? Wait, you only loose your match vs Nurgle on Places of Arcane Power because you missplayed and gave him the first turn? I need to see your list again. mmmh. ooh. Ah, i see. How elegant. One drop? an extra tryumph? interesting. Let me rewrite a couple of parts of this list. Mmmh maniacboarboys, yesyes. An extra caster too, that's sweet. Wait, ... This list only costs 250€ from nothing? Delicious, BCR tier. Then i made a test against an average DOK player on TTS and obliterated him on T3. Mistakes where made on both sides but i saw a pattern. Second test on TTS against Beastclaw, same result although the first initiative was far more crutial. Then i spent 2 weeks painting 74 orruks on contrast while listening tribal musics. When the lists for the tournaments where revealed the reviewers where hesitants to comment the list with too much disdain. The list looked goofy but i was reknown to make strange lists work better than they appear (one day i will talk about my skullcannon bloodhost list). Then tournament. Then i gave the Big Rukk to a friend for the next tournament (with every explanations, tricks and tactics on every scenarios) and tested my futur lists against this. Of course it beated the Jaws of mork with ease, as expected. then i tested a homebrew STD KotET list, that i was sure could beat the list. Futur proved me right, i crushed most of the orrucks on battle for the pass, and was on the lead, but then he rolled Breath of Mork on the mystic warpaints and could cast it twice and i lost the game outright. /sadface. He will play the list on the next 30 player tournament in a week. Actually you can switch the Snagga Rukk for a Kop Rukk but you trade the Weirdnob for 2 Wardokk. I think it is legit but you loose some mobility and the exploding 6 spell, but gain some utility. That was one of the hardest part to decide. Bonegrinz was quickly removed. The "force to charge is both situational and easy to avoid", the "can't retreat" is more useful but not that much against a shooting army. The command ability also goes toward a more close combat oriented army. Icebone was an easy choice, no locked general trait, allowing me to choose great hunter or +1 to cast (another choice) and the comman ability synergize with maniak boarboys, giving some tricks and plays. The -1 rend on 6 is universal, it is useful against anyone, anyone has a save after all. It needs to be "lucky" but it is something you don't have to think about. It is a strict dammage boost. Easy to choose. Then Drakkfoot. The no-general trait was something i could live with, as the command ability and the useless artifact. The Ethereal rule is a joke, unless you expect to throw Big Stabbas on ghosts, which i wasn't going to. The ignore-ignore-wound is more interesting. But who is exactly having this rule? lets see. Heartguards and phoenix guards are the main offenders, for sure. This rule is a major boon against them, no discussion. All death armies and daughters have a 6+, sure this is a boost but having an occasionnal rend-1 also counts. My statistics skills are bad enough to be unsure of what is best. Gloomspites, and all non-nurgle chaos armies have almost none unless a couple of perticular units. Same for Kharadron, lumineths, Stormcasts, Sylvaneths. Seraphons have a 6++ aura banner. I think i already have a terrible matchup against them (no experience means i don't really know). Lets put that aside. Then There is Nurgle and Beastclaw armies that have a very present 5++ shrug. Now i have to think about my meta. Beastclaw are one of the most popular armies around (easy to build/ collect / paint) but i think my initial " vs monsters bonuses" and listbuild puts me ahead in this matchup. Nurgle is popular too and this is a true problem. Not because of the shrug but because of the -X to hit in shooting. Problem that can hardly be solved. So in the end the Drakkfoot is prevalent VS heartguard, phoenix guard and Nurgle. Icebone is (more or less) equal or prevalent vs the rest (counting the general trait that allows me to deal with thoses menaces in a different way). I also remembered that Drakkfoot doesn't do anything when you deal Mortal wounds which can be a significant part of my dammages in the magic phase. I admit i wasn't sure what was best. I decided that if i hesitated between two dammage boosts, Icebone was my go just because of the command ability and the general trait. That is debatable and i can ear every criticism about my reasoning.
  8. I wonder if squeezing it in Plaguetouched would'n be better. Imagine : 6 and 3 varanguard as before chaos lord + sorcerer 15 and 5 warriors 20 maraudeurs / 5 knights warshrine plaguetouched. less dammage, but better surviability in shooting, one drop vs two, synergy with ennemy nurgle.
  9. Hello, The tournament just ended. Spoiler i went 4-1, losing in the final. Was 6 out of 50 in the final ranking. It was a 50 guy tournament for qualifiquation for the great Final in Paris. Nothing perticular to says, the scoring was 12 for a minor win, 16 for a major + X secondary objective out of 3 +1 if you made them all. the looser gets 20-"the winner score" points. Lists : https://www.aosff.fr/sites/aosff/files/2020-10/Listes Coupe SE 3.pdf Game 1 Ballec with Lurid Haze Slaanesh. Knife in the heart on Ulgu. Archaon, chaos lord and sorcerer on foot, 2X20 maraudeurs, 15 warriors, warshrine, pleasurebound. Onedrop army. - Great opponent. He tries to flank me with 20 maraudeurs and a chaos lord, there is a trick to make his second pile in 6" but i prevent him, only loosing 5 pigs in the process. He lacked any plan for them and i outshoot them on my turn while archaon fully buffed advance on my objective. I send the weirdnob, 20 archers 5 pigs and a boss to his objective, making a long run. He made a huge mistake by insisting archaon on my objective instead of trying to kill my attack team. Archaon finally dies on turn 4 after more than 300 shots in the face while my 20 archers make a huge flying 10 move + charge on his objective. Win. Trophy room : Archaon and a warshrine. Game 2 Dark rogan with a Changehost in guild of summoners on better part of valor on aqshy. - Great opponent. Lord of change, 2 pink heroes, changelin, 3X10 pink and 20 brim. Interesting list but the scenario shows its weak spots. To summarize he only gets 2 of his objective and capture one of mine T1 but i obliterate his unit of pink before he can burn it. Now he is sitting on 2 obj while i controle 4. Having 6 battleline shows its strenghs. He abandon the main objective and concentrate on the secondary objectives. Win. Trophy room : 3 Lord of change. Game 3 Goblinlord with Flesheater in feastday on Places of Arcane Power in Ghur. Terrorgheist, Archregent, Horror courtier, Wargulf, 9 Horrors 2X10 ghouls 6 flayers and Royal mordants. This is one of my other tournament list so i know it by heart. Having 1 drop vs 5 is strong here. I simply seised all 3 objectives while making a wall of wounds that he will only pierce on turn 3. I almost never attacked except for the terrorgheist that i was afraid of. I blocked the big ghoul unit with a side charge, which render them useless for 2 turns, saved me some time. When he reaches my heroes it is too late. He then concentrate on secondaries. Win. Trophy room : 1 Terrorgheist. Game 4 Bulders and his fyreslayers on Forcing the hand on Hysh. General runemaster, magmadad, runesmiter, baner, 20 and 10 berzerkers, 3X5 auric heartguard and fyrewall LotL and forgebrethen 3 poses. Fyreslayers was one of my favourite tournament army so i know his list better than him. Terrible opponent, Spend a considerable amount of time complaining about his dice rolls, never realizing that he go all 4 initiatives and the mistakes he made. He also (unintentionaly?) cheated two times by misreading prayers to make them FAR better than they are. I let him go first and he made a turn1 into nothing score 4. On my turn i shoot my maximum at his 10 zerk unit to reduce it to 4 models and score 3. He goes on turn 2 and advance toward me. He take the bait and try to attack some pigs with the runefather. on magmadroth but fail. On my turn i blast his magmadroth, which was a core objective to my plan in this game. Then with on flank completly free with only auric heartguard to guard it, the game transform into a moving game where he catch my units one by one while they fly over him, seising a maximum of his objectives each turn. I can't prevent him from scoring my big objective 3 times but in the end the score is 25-20. Win! I didn't even try to attack his big unit of berzerkers but once you have killed the rest, they can't be everywhere. For me the game was "just as planned". Trophy room : 1 magmadroth. Game 5 Gulthar with Kharadron Zilfin on Fecal point on Shysh. general flying endrinmaster, aetherkhemist with the warpvortex, navigator, 3X6 riggers, 10 arkhanauts, 2 gunhauler, ironclad with dealbreaker and harpoon, ironskycommand , 3 poses. Andrea is my friend and we came together in car to this tournament, it is funny that i only face him in finals. He plays my own army/models which i lent him and which i won a 5 round tournament with it too. Whoever wins, one of my armies wins! We trained a lot together before and he is basically the only one in the room that knows how my army plays, which puts him far away from my opponents. As i created his list too, i also know what is going to happen. He deployed on a single obj FAR WAY, I took the first turn, and use my pregame movement + kunnin rukk movement to seise all 5 objective right away, i shoot his arkhanauts reducing the count to 3 and charged the ironclad and a unit of rigger with archers and pigs (to force them to fky high instead of moving normally). Then he dropped the spell and get away to the part where the weakest units where and blasted them away. He made the right choice by prioritizing the death of the weirdnob shaman and his breath of gork spell, while i made a mistake by misplacing a 20 archer unit and making it useless for 2 turn. Then the worst happened and he double turned me. continuing the grinding of orks. I got lucky and manage to get a 1 on a bravery test, which prevent him from scoring a twin objective. My misplacement will cost me the game in the end, he will finally outscore me on turn 4, but i managed to kill all gunhaulers 6 riggers, while he tables me on turn 5 killing the magic paint warboss last (he resisted 700 point of army shooting at him and died to an attack of crewman of the ironclad). Loose. I unintentially cheated by casting the balewind vortex near an arcane terrain, until someone pointed me that the terrain is also nullificator, dispelling it immediatelly, Derp! Afterthoughts on the list. Incredible. The combinaison of having 1 drop, 4 heroes and 6 battlelines puts you so far ahead in a lot of scenarios. You can't really get unlucky when you are throwing 60 dices at once and looking for 5+, but you can get lucky. The Fnp 6+ reroll was a huge part of my sucess, really, no joke. I was infuriating for my opponents. When you are throwing 6 dices and look for a 4+ you don't notice that you made three 6' but when you search for 6... suddenly you see where it is going. Against Rend 0 you are throwing 3 dices for each wounds. Against Dammage 3-4-5 you can get very granular and end with heroes on 1 wound left onstead of beeing oneshotted. I hardly thing Bonesplitterz without bigrukk now. The shining paint make it 4+ on one of my warboss and made him almost unkillable, eating rounds and rounds of shooting, bolts of tzeentch, dhorghar's claw, etc... Onedimentionnal armies like BCR, daughters, Ironjaws seems defendless against this list as they have to eat 2 walls of chaff before beeing shooted away. The pregame movement is one of the best assets. Completly change the turn1. Double Kunnin Rukk makes the opponent think twice about your potential movement when he realize that your unit can move 20" while flying and can threaten anything on the board and then charge at +2. Everyone sees the doubleshoot but in the end i won by movement more than actual shooting. Fists of Gork cast at +2 was a terror for my opponents. The mystic warpaint was a very good blind choice. Making someone a lvl2 caster. and sometimes you can cast breath of gork twice, which made one of my opponent abandon in the testings. The only choice i can think of is throwing the balewind. It was good but i could have make it without and use the pre game mouvement to catch what i needed with fists of gork or by having a better placement. It was a good out-of jail card sometimes but i missed an insured tryumph. Tryumph are good when you are throwing 60 dices on 5+ with exploding 6'. Plus you never saw the face of your opponent when you are rolling 20 saves at 6+, rereolled them, then 6+ FNP and reroll them again.
  10. Personal choice. -I prefer a passive ability that works against anyone rather thoses armies with shrug saves. It is a solo tournament so you have to be generalist. -The command ability is gamebreaker when used cleverly. Having a unit in combat but pigs at 2,9" then suddenly you are burning an objective the next turn. -i really wanted a passive +2 to cast on the wurgog , only vanilla and icebone allows you to take 'master of da weird' Dunno if it is a correct call, time will tell.
  11. Mistake in the list about the missing artifact. I put the mystic paint but it doesn't really matter. To be honest i stole the list from a guy that made 4-1 in a 32 man tournament loosing to a misplay vs mass blightkings. But this was pre 2020 points and he had a minimal brutal rukk instead of the snagga rukk, leaving 30 points to insure a tryumph. The balewind was mostly here for casting fist of Gork, insuring a line of sight and a range. In matchups where no hordes are involved it ensures that i can reach any unit i want with Bone Spirit for the weirdnob. But frankly i wonder if i can cut it to insure a tryumph which is massive for this army.
  12. Going to a 5 round tournament witht he following. Wish me luck. Only made a couple of tests, 4 wins against classic lists, Beastclaw, Ironjaw, Kharadrons and daughters. Onelost against Tzeentch flamers. Allegiance: Bonesplitterz- Warclan: IceboneWurrgog Prophet (160)- General- Command Trait: Master of the Weird- Artefact: Mork's Boney Bitz- Lore of the Savage Beast: Brutal Beast SpiritsManiak Weirdnob (140)- Lore of the Savage Beast: Breath of GorkamorkaSavage Big Boss (90)- Artefact: Kattanak PeltSavage Big Boss (90)- Artefact: Glowin' Tattooz5 x Savage Boarboy Maniaks (140)5 x Savage Boarboy Maniaks (140)20 x Savage Orruk Arrowboys (240)10 x Savage Orruk Arrowboys (120)20 x Savage Orruk Arrowboys (240)10 x Savage Orruk Arrowboys (120)Big Rukk (80)Snaga Rukk (120)Kunnin' Rukk (140)Kunnin' Rukk (140)Balewind Vortex (40)Total: 2000 / 2000Extra Command Points: 4Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 175 Yes yes i know, i just spend 500 points in bataillons but believe me, this is worthy. The Onedrop thing is HUGE, beeing able to dictate the first turn is a big advantage when playing a shooting army. Plus that reroll is atrocious.
  13. Does anyone have any expériences with knights of the empty throne?
  14. Just to be sure, i haven't found a clear answer about that one : How does spells and endless spells interact with a garrisoned unit?
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