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  1. Glad you and your mates are having fun with Warcry!! ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ‘ -- My understanding is that your friend is right: if two fighters are more than 1" away from each other, they can both move normally and don't need to Disengage (Core Book Pg. 41). Even if one of those fighters attacked another with a 2" range weapon. Only when they are within 1" are fighters considered "in melee combat" and not able to move away or attack other fighters (Core Book Pg. 44). And yes, measurements are base-to-base (Core Book Pg. 35). -- Line of sight is just that, can one part of a model can see any part of the other, excluding bases (Core Book Pg. 35). As such, yes, you can attack fighters through ladders, gaps in gates, past corners, over walls, and even between the legs of other fighters, etc. Be aware that if what you're attacking past/through is Obstacle Terrain (Core Book Pg. 46) then more than likely the target will receive a cover bonus. Note that Cover has been errata'd to work more simply (Pg. 1): https://www.warhammer-community.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/3bd97281.pdf I tend to house-rule other fighters as cover, such that any failed hits are then rolled again against the "covering" fighter. This makes clustered fighters more fun to shoot at and makes you more reluctant to shoot through your own fighters. -- Happy gaming!!
  2. I found the starter perfect for getting started - the terrain, boards, and cards all just work together nicely (also dice, ruler, and box that fits everything is handy). Only reason I could see not to get the starter would be if you don't want Iron Golems and Untamed Beasts or if it's too expensive. You said you want those warbands so no issues there. $250 is a great price if it's Australian or NZ dollars. Not so much if US. I just had a quick look on eBay and found one new for the same price GW was charging (AU$280) so hopefully if you shop around you should be able to get it for close to the old retail price. I find this handy for researching builds: https://ageofminiatures.com/warcry-warbands/
  3. Updated and now in BETA status. Here's the ALPHA cards for reference: WarCry - Seraphon - vALPHA.pdf
  4. You can edit after you have 5 posts or more (i.e. you have one more to go).
  5. Another way could be to expand upon the existing "Falling off Terrain" rule so that if an attack scores any crits, the attacker can make the defender roll a push-back check . On a 1, the attacker can move the defending fighter 1" in any direction (and hence cause them to fall). This. It made me chuckle to think of a Grot with a Barbed Net snaring a Zombie Dragon. If they ever did manage to "ensnare" it, things would not go how the Grot had hoped - at all!!! ๐Ÿคฃ
  6. Here's a home-brew for a Skink with BoltSpitter and Star-Buckler that's in-line with the official cards.
  7. Come to think of it, giving them variable stats based on wounds like other gargantuan monsters might make things a bit more interesting. ๐Ÿค”
  8. Here's the original version for reference:
  9. I was going to keep it my shameful secret that I've started taking this card seriously, but since you guys also seem keen: -- I haven't no. It'd be a difficult one rules-wise but might see what I can concoct. Yes, do it!! The model was heaps of fun to put together and looks awesome!! Might be a bit of a slog to paint, though - haven't gotten that far yet. -- So, I've played a couple of narrative games with these puppies and updated the card accordingly. 16 dice for attacks was just ridiculous and it made sense to give them the ball-and-chains ranged attack. 1.5 warbands took it down 60+ wounds so I reckon 2.5 warbands would be about even. They play pretty bland in a straight-up fight (melee fighters close in, ranged shoot at it from a distance, Manglers chew through the melee guys, and then hop around cleaning up the ranged). It's mostly just rolling dice and seeing how much damage you can do to it. We only rolled for the Manglers a handful of times, though - for anything less than 20 wounds we just called it an insta-kill (it averages 24 and 35 damage per attack!!). It'd be more fun in a narrative setting or with a some of the more interesting victory conditions, though.
  10. Shouldn't be too hard to knock up a home-brew version. I might do it when I get some time. Edit: I'd make them the same as a Skink with Boltspitter and Moonstone Club except: 3 Toughness, 2 Melee Attacks, 1/2 Melee Damage, 60 points. -- Yeah, most of the AoS warbands have nerfed fighters to get more variation/cooler models. It really bugs me that some very tough fighters that totally destroy Chaos Cultists in AoS are evenly matched with them in Warcry. So far I've managed to keep the ranting to a minimum on this one, though. ๐Ÿ˜‰ E.g. In AoS, Skinks are 7 point models and Terradon Riders are 40 points. Therefore, to have them non-nerfed in Warcry, they'd need to cost around 400+ points. GW doesn't wanna do this so they weaken them down to the 200+ mark. Same with Suarus. If you want non-nerfed Seraphon, check out my home-brew cards (I'll be updating them soon): -- So my son played in a tournament at our local GW store today with 500 points of Skinks. They played very well and, provided you use their speed and agility to keep them out of melee and peppering the enemy from a distance, did more damage than anyone expected. Nimble Retreat (free disengage) and Rush (for extra speed) were the stand-out abilities. The quad is super fun as the opponents were keen to get into melee and, with some high dice values, found themselves on the receiving end of 6 Attack, 6 Strength celestially-charged monstrosities!! -- P.S. I mean really!!! Bloodcrushers squaring up with Cultists and not just turning them into a fine red mist?!?! Is Khorne on holidays or something!?!?! OK, sorry, rant over. ๐Ÿ˜‹
  11. I actually had quite a hard time fitting the terrain in with the cards, dice, board, and books. I finally managed though and here's the configuration: I think at some stage I'll get some foam sheeting and cut the shapes in so that everything goes in nicely and doesn't bump against each other when painted. Note: the loose little bits on top of things will go in the gaps beneath.
  12. Also, from my limited experience, a balanced warband will help you out with all the different types of Victory (and Twist?) cards. Some favour speed, others strength or toughness.
  13. I don't have much value to add, given I'm still starting with the Starter Set and won't branch out to this for ages (haha!! pun intended ๐Ÿคฃ), but my $0.02: I wouldn't make the trees dangerous by default, but make it an option in some scenarios where agreed with your opponent. E.g. when warbands clash on the outskirts of the forest, all is sweet; should they fight deeper in, make them dangerous; or, Khorne forbid, in the deep-dark heart of the forest, give them attack (and move?!?!) stats and allow either player to activate them instead of a fighter (pretty sure I read a similar rule somewhere). The water looks pretty narrow and shallow so I wouldn't have any rules for it except where appropriate in a scenario (as above). Hooray for streams flowing with Nurgle rot!!! My rules are if a model can be placed somewhere and will stay there by themselves, they can climb and horizontally jump there. I'd treat the leaves like doors that beasts can use, they block line-of-sight but can be moved through. Means measuring climbing is simple: move to the trunk, move up the trunk, move out onto a tree platform. Where there are leaves, there are supporting branches, so I would only have fighters fall if they don't end their move action on a platform (as per the rules). Sources: long-term wargamer, rule-breaker, and tree climber. ๐Ÿ˜‹ -- Don't stop throwing out your thoughts and ideas and encouraging others to do the same. You never know what lurkers may appreciate them, even if they don't say. Help keep the ".community" aspect of this site thriving. ๐Ÿ‘
  14. If you're just looking to learn, I reckon either will work and don't worry if you lose - remember, "success isn't a very good teacher". If you do have trouble picking it up you can always start simple and add rules incrementally. I did this with my kids (6 and 8 years old). First game was a terrain card, each deployed along one short edge of the board, roll-off to decide who goes first then alternate turns, move and attack, last one standing wins. Next game added climbing, jumping, falling, and initiative rules. Then terrain (dangerous, cover, etc), disengage, and wait rules. Then victory and twist rules. Lastly, I'll introduce abilities. If you're worried about winning against more experienced players with them while you learn, then yeah, as @recoilia said, melee focused might be a tad simpler.
  15. They're not supposed to be glued so that they can be configured in multiple ways. The terrain cards have multiple set-ups which don't have the stairs, platform, or end balustrade attached. For example, see the terrain card pic here: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/07/17/warcry-3-ways-to-playgw-homepage-post-1/ It has the bell tower without stairs and the ruined statue head attached to 2 sets of stair with, I presume, no balustrade.
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