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  1. Wary Fighter - Good thought on disengage being more useful for ranged fighters. I'll definitely have to nerf it. Summon Seraphon - Ahh, yep, I see what you mean now. Will update.
  2. Thanks for taking the time to look and provide feedback, Revlid!! I wasn't aware of universal abilities so I appreciate you including them in your post about creating Abilities. Powerful Jaws - I see what you mean about it not being worthwhile compared to Onslaught. The basic premise was for them to be able to stack on a bit of extra damage even if they aren't in a "cohort". I might look to make it a [Double] +1A, +1S instead. Wary Fighter - This is a copy of the Gryph-Hound [Triple] Darting Attack. I see what you mean about it being available for a larger number of fighters, though. I might nerf it to something like a [Double] bonus disengage if it doesn't play-test well. Makes me wonder how a warband of 1x Hunter-Prime with Hurricane Crossbow and 5x Gryph-Hounds would play. 🤔 Disappear from Sight - Yeah, I'm fond of this one. It was based off the Cypher Lords [Triple] Shadowy Recall. That one's a greater distance (12" + value) for a wider range of fighters but restricted by the position of the Thrallmaster/Luminate. Being camouflaged between activations is definitely a big advantage, though. Maybe something like a bonus move (+value) and +2 toughness until next activation. That or up the Chameleon's points value. Summon Seraphon - I thought the fact that it's a [Quad] would balance out not losing 1-6 points of damage. You reckon they should still be damaged? Yep, I shamelessly stole all the phrasing I could from GW's cards. 😁
  3. My 6 year old insisted I make him a Gloomspite Gits Mangler Squigs fighter card. Behold the silliness!! 😋 I'm not sure how 2.5 warbands would fair against this monstrosity, but I'd love to find out.
  4. One of my sons is into Seraphon so I made some WarCry rules for fun and thought I'd share. Thanks to https://waywalkerstudios.com/ for runemarks and blank fighter cards. Also, thanks to Games Workshop for the decades of awesome. Disclaimer: I haven't actually played WarCry yet, let alone battle tested this warband so it is definitely in ALPHA status. Please feel free to provide feedback and ask questions. I'm keen to turn this into a fun, balanced, playable warband. WarCry - Seraphon - vALPHA.pdf
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