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Wildercorps Warden Runemarks


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I was curious if there has been any kind of erratum or clarification about this: all three Wildercorps Warden builds have a dog on the base, so why does only the "with Grizzled Trailhound" build get access to "[Triple] Kill"? And why doesn't the Warden have the Beast runemark, when he has a dog right there? It's just an irritating thing to me.

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Not that I've seen.

Things with the Beast runemark can't carry treasure so maybe that's why they don't have it? Either way, I'd say the Wardens were tweaked this way for balance rather than model or lore accuracy. Unless they prove unbalanced, I doubt they'll be revisited by GW.


Unfortunately, as awesome of a game as it is, Warcry is not the place to look if you want lore accuracy (or even accuracy with AoS stats). 🙁


As always, though, if you don't like it, change it. Homebrew up some new rules that allow all your doggos to get their "Kill!" on. Reckon most casual players won't mind as long as it's the same power or a slight debuff (homebrew that's even a little OP = the feel bads).



[Triple] Kill!: Pick a visible enemy fighter. Allocate a number of damage points to that enemy fighter equal to two times the number of friendly fighters with the Wildercorps Hunters faction runemark and either the Leader or the Beast runemark within 3" of them.


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