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  1. I just want to reiterate my support for a Duardin soup tome, one that includes Dispossessed & Ironweld as well. I am a very happy Mawtribes & Warclans player and see the benefits as far outweighing the negatives. You’ll still be able to field your singular allegiance, if you want to. But for those of us who want to reunite the Khazalid Empire and show these bloody usurpers what’s what, giving us that option is good for the game and good for all Dawi players as it will increase demand for kits and increase table-time and visibility/viability of the armies. Remember that only KO are currently popular. Fyreslayers are unpopular and Dispo/IW are stuck in neutral. A rising tide, if you will.
  2. You have no way of knowing that though. KO are popular: top tier on table, big sales, and have a series of novels. Not sure what the complaint is. They won’t get gutted (if by gutted, you mean squatted) and their lore isn’t going anywhere.
  3. Spamming Cygors is a solid anti-Meta pick right now.
  4. I’d expect Grombrindal too.
  5. Shaggoth & Doombull & Beastlord are my new plastic priorities — they all need to be scaled up and made to look more twisted & terrifying!
  6. Bullgors are a little stale by the Ghorgon is awesome and easy to kitbash with Cygor bits.
  7. 100% this. It will take a United effort of all duardin-kin to make this happen and it will be awesome! There are so many ways that this could work fluff-wise: Grungni is the Maker and can barter with the mercenary KO & Fyreslayers. Grombrindal is the warrior to lead the Dispossessed “home.” I would flip for a United Duardin vs Skaven battlebox stuffed with new minis. They don’t have to stay together forever: 4.0 can see them separate again. But while everyone complains about aelves, no one offers a proper lore solution for dawi— retaking the Karak’s makes the most sense to me. Otherwise, Dispo/Ironweld fade away in CoS, while FS remain unpopular and KO doesn’t get much new stuff for a few years cuz they are near-top of the meta.
  8. I’m glad they spoiled it and saved me some valuable time/money, lol.
  9. I’m hoping the Path To Glory rewrite mimics 40K Crusade. I’d totally join a local PtG league. One thing I’d really like 3.0 to do is relaunch the AoS fiction line. It has been fairly dormant since Josh Reynolds left and most of what has been released has felt kinda random and disconnected to the lore-at-large. A lot of potential series got canned (or at least the pace of release is so slow it feels that way); even though Realmgate Wars was kinda meh, at least it felt tied to the game as played. I’d like a return to that.
  10. Power creep for 9E 40K is kinda wild right now so I don’t see that changing for AoS either
  11. I’m planning on running an insane Vargheists heavy, non-stop Deep Strike list. It won’t win me a ton of games but it’ll sure be fun to play: Coven Throne, 310 Mannfred, 380 Vhordrai, 455 4x 3x Vargheists, 155 each 10x Skeletons, 85 Cogs, 80 1980pts
  12. So I bought a box of Sepulchral Guard: 7 models; want to take it to 10 to run as a regular Skellie unit. The Wight King models could get rebased to work, maybe? Or I just gotta grab some loosies off eBay
  13. Agreed, I like clean lines on the table, which is why I probably gravitate so hard to former WHFB armies like BoC, Ogors, CoS.
  14. I’d have liked another year or 2.0 given the pandemic shutdown’s effect on in person play: two of my armies got new Tomes recently (Seraphon & Soulblight) that I haven’t even gotten to try yet. I think in the rush to get every army a tome, they could’ve let the Meta settle and breathe a little before rushing into 3.0 — that said there are fixes needed and I hope 3.0 makes the game better, rather than worse.
  15. I’m painting the army up right now and I personally love monopose: so easy to paint quickly. Ogor resin needs to be first, I think.
  16. I wouldn’t take him over Gordrakk, at first glance, and I never take Gordrakk!
  17. ”Its painful because while it doesn't feel like this warscroll is actually very useful in destruction factions, BoC would kill for a hammer exactly like this.” Exactly! He really ought to have been a Centigor God-beast. I’d run him in BoC, no sweat. For Destruction? He doesn’t read as that much better than Gordrakk or a FLoSH
  18. Y’all make Kragnos sound like a beast… of chaos 😂
  19. So it looks like we are getting something after all:
  20. If they don’t let all Behemoths count as more for objectives, there won’t be a point to bringing any, especially the ones with no shrugs that degrade quickly.
  21. It makes perfect sense: it is a Big Waaagh! All of Orruk kind unites for one; and if you don’t like that as a player, just run the separate, unique allegiance. Ironjawz & Bonesplitters have not been “merged.”
  22. But they aren’t merged. You can still run an all-Ironjawz allegiance and it’s a solid one. And they have had two new units, one of which, Ironskull’z Boyz, has excellent utility.
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