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  1. I’m predicting 5+ saves for the new orruks all round on the troops, more armour than bonesplittas less than Ironjawz, +1 in combat/vs shooting for the shield boys, 6s do mortals on everything as they all have poison coated weapons
  2. I think they’ll get the LoN/ Nighthaunt treatment where Kruel Boyz will have their own book as well as be playable in warclans then throughout the edition we’ll see bonesplittas and Ironjawz parted back into their own times once they each get a model wave
  3. I recon the Kruel Boyz are gunna be the more kunninly brutal kind of Orruk using the swamp to their advantage and sneaking around using ambush tactics
  4. This is fine until you get to destruction... it makes, ogors, orruks, SoB and troggoths completely unplayable
  5. If you look at the ogor warcry band you can see the metal rings like these on the arrow the gnoblars holding
  6. so having some more thoughts about this image, it appears to be the 3 grot clans Moonclan/ Gloomspite gitz on the far right being our cave dwellers, Evil sunz/ Grotbag scuttlers on the left (definitely a future race/clan to be expanded on) which will be our sky/ plains grots and then the bigger black face in the middle that looks tougher than the others with a bigger nose and more teeth, I recon that’s our new lads but what clan are they and what could their name be? Hobgoblin Khanate? Boglin Fenlords? Hoblin Boglords?
  7. The only one I’d say isn’t from the same faction/ design que’s is the curved spear tip with the spiked collar (7), it’s definitely destruction but more Ironjawz or Ogor in design, if you look at the rest of the weapons there more just bits of tree with some metal spikes and bits nailed on and bashed together that one looks a bit more refined, and again the vultures could be from new ogors maybe some new beast riders with hunting vultures like the stonehorn/ thundertusk riders can take
  8. They gave us one cool rule with the shield and the +1 bravery to all destruction to show he affected everyone without giving away a special rule... you know who else has an ability that affects all destruction? Gordrakk!
  9. The oracle has spoken only faction updates from here on out
  10. I posted this on Twitter, me and Colin came up with in in the IJ Facebook group
  11. Thought id make this topic for all us destruction lads to discuss the coming of Kragnos, his lore and lists (once he’s released)
  12. Adjust the direction a bit... think bigger, hobgoblins bigger than orks? Hobgoblin-hai?
  13. As others have said there needs to be a way to tell the models apart, if you have 4 Stegadons one has an engine, one a bow, one sun streak throwers and the other has a chief. as your opponent how can I tell? If there different colours that helps but I’d be likely to forget that during a game with so much other stuff going on.
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