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  1. They gave us one cool rule with the shield and the +1 bravery to all destruction to show he affected everyone without giving away a special rule... you know who else has an ability that affects all destruction? Gordrakk!
  2. The oracle has spoken only faction updates from here on out
  3. I posted this on Twitter, me and Colin came up with in in the IJ Facebook group
  4. Thought id make this topic for all us destruction lads to discuss the coming of Kragnos, his lore and lists (once he’s released)
  5. Adjust the direction a bit... think bigger, hobgoblins bigger than orks? Hobgoblin-hai?
  6. As others have said there needs to be a way to tell the models apart, if you have 4 Stegadons one has an engine, one a bow, one sun streak throwers and the other has a chief. as your opponent how can I tell? If there different colours that helps but I’d be likely to forget that during a game with so much other stuff going on.
  7. I’m personally a big destruction fan for smash lists BCR is an easy one to start and build with just start collecting boxes make a Eurlbad and extra frostlords. probably the most bang for your buck here Ironjawz again with start collecting boxes and a mawcrusher or 2 makes you a Gorefist, Ironfist or Ardfist bit more expensive because of the extra mawcrushers but more options available Troggherd is also low model count but probably the weakest of the 3 a couple of dankholds a hag and mix of rock gut and fellwater, better if you pick up the special white dwarf rules and batal
  8. yeah i agree savage orruks and grots should have been one faction of savage green tribes
  9. The pure chaos going on in the war camps would be hilarious to see, I imagine the ogors and large orruks would get on fairly well (in relative terms) and have a good share of grot kicking, squig eating, mounted races and brawls, groups of night goblins going round shanking the one guy that kicked/sat on their mate, the odd shaman exploding, from the short skarrgrot story we see a glimpse with the orruks jeering at him but doubt they’d actually try anything against him for fear of being turnt into a giant mushroom (a non sentient one) the giants are probably kept well clear of by everyone and
  10. The mancrusher and the manhoodcrusher, with her death by snu snu attacks
  11. So for the last 3 years I’ve wrote a small predictions list of what I think we’ll get releases wise with about 60% accuracy... ie: stormcast splash release (which has came true every year) is a fairly easy one to predict that the poster boys will get at least 1 model. Some of it is influenced by my own wish listing ofc which is mainly where most of the inaccuracies lie 🙃 and the early stuff for the year is all but confirmed however here’s my list of predictions/ wish list Predictions: general stuff 1.New edition with the end of the broken realms story 2. New edition of unde
  12. So I have some theory’s on what’s going on possibly with the destruction story and what I think will be happening at the start of 3rd edition. as for the 3rd edition starter and rumours being hobgoblin vs bretonnian stormcast. I think we’re going to have Gordrakk smashing excelsis and breaking into Azyr in a Broken realms book if there’s more after Kragnos or partially in Kragnos. The starter is going to be the vanguard forces of the order of Azyr mounted knights such as the knight seen in CC (similar armour to stormcast so easy to see why they thought stormcast) vs the vanguard of Gordra
  13. Warhammer community site under Downloads is the monstrous arcanum faq that’s dated 16/7/20 After the GHB in which the rogue idol is 400 points
  14. I’ve spoke about this before, in a black library book can’t remember which There’s a mention of Orruk Rok boyz that are huge By Orruk standards and covered head to toe in huge steel plates so much that there even slower than normal Ironjawz because they wear so much armour. another thing mentioned is the skybashas clan has brutes riding on scrap metal hover boards (think green goblin) they would make another awesome unit. and then to add more unit variety I think they would have to change some lore a little as regards to ironjawz not using ranged weapons ardboys do forge their armour as they a
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