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  1. 200 for judicators? They got double attacks or what reason to increase almost 50% tye cost of a unit that isnt very good?
  2. Yes they are strongth but havent attack first or attack twice as every op melle unit
  3. Maybe slanesh got these nerfs because free sumon is even more broken next edition than old,and slanesh is the best faction of tye game free sumoning even units of 30 beyond everyone cap on reinforcements. I am not saying these increases for slanesh are rigth,but maybe gw had a logic for it
  4. The problems arent points,we lost attack twice,blocks of 20 gone,stacking +3 saves gone and now only +1 and also our priest have lost the 50% of their utility(from 2 prayers to only 1) Every new rule is bad for fyreslayer and makes us bad this edittion. Points dont make sense as the useless unit got a 20 increase and the good unit got only 5 increase,but points are fine vs others armys
  5. We had some overcosted units at the release,now we are fine or i think even too much good some units as bloodknigths
  6. As fyreslayer i can tell you that battlesmith have went down because we have many options to get +1 save(and now with the ca more even) but with the new cap to only +1 save the battlesmith have lost MANY of his use. Why spend points in a model that need be a range and alive to give +1 save if i can only use every turn the new ca and give to my best unit this same +1 save with no counterplay . Btw im mad with new points,not for the increases,but for how the best units of every tome got better but the worst units got weaker. Ko: ironclad got almost 0% increase T
  7. If EVERY unit in every tome would had got a 15% increase nobody would be mad. Smaller map so smaller army. The problem is as overpowers units got the smallest nerfs and underpowers unit got the biggest nerf. Sentinels-7% nerf Archaon-5% nerf The big kharadron ship- almost 0% Tzenth horrors-got even a 5 points buff!!!! But then we have: Sylvaneth the worst army of tye game got durthu-15% nerf Citys of sigmar gyrobomber(gyrocopter had any use but nobody ever never used a bomber)- 20% nerf Fyreslayers vulkites-13% nerf Do
  8. I think we gonna get new warscrolls for every unit with the rule "if 10 or more models you get x" Souobligth got reworkd all these rules as skeletons or zombis and with new reinforcement dont make sense,so units as darkshards i think gonna get the rule reworked
  9. If everyone would have got per se a 15% increase due to smaller map. And then overpower units as sentinels a 25% to balance them........we would be happy But what have been done? Overpowers units in every tome(not only overpower in global) got buffs or only 10% nerfs meanwhile underperforming units in every tome got 20% increases.......dont make sense these changes
  10. These points are random or dont makes sense. Fyreslayers: Have the worst behemots together citys of sigmar of all aos but got big nerfs? Our priest are paper weak but could cast 2 prayer,now are paper and only cast one prayer but cost 120 when others as seraphons priest cost 80 Our best unit elite zerkers only got a 5 points nerfs when have 5 model the unit,30base and 2" reach but the vulkites got a 20 increase even if they gonna be useless this edition with 10 models the unit,30 base and only 1" reach Citys of sigmar: The best unit of the tom
  11. Citys got random nerfs as 15 to darkshards or 15 togyrobomber that nobody never have used but the best unit of the tome was buffed(demigryps 5 points) but we lost one of our alegiances for no reason(empowered endless spells) i hope the faq fix it and give us a new alegiance
  12. Gamess under 2000 are umbalanced,750 is worse even
  13. The nerfs arent so hards. But i hope we get something in the faq replacing our lost empowered endless spells or gonna be a big nerf Also the increase as others said dont make sense,the best unit of the tome as are demigryps got a buf?????? Handgunners and crossbowmen only 5 nerf but darkshards 15 and sisters 20??? Even irondrakes got 10 Dont makes any sense. Also sorceres in black dragon is soooo bad as the mage in gryfon but didnt get the same reduction. In general we are good because we got 10\15% nerfs as others armys,but the internal balance dont makes sense
  14. So vulkites that were useless at 140 got a huge 20 nerf Every behemot other nerf even if our behemots are a joke Our priest cost 120 when have same stats and only one prayer as 80 points priests of other armys. No battallion No 20 heathguards No stacking buffs anymore(not very important now that the runemaster tax have dissapear and now that runesmitter is useless and wont be played also) So all this together new coherency,redeploy and overwatch ca etc seems we are doomed. Also seems magma named is umplayable if we dont get him in faq. See
  15. I dont know if im wrong,but forgeworld units dont appear in general handbook so if the rumor speak about rogue idol new points seems fake
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