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  1. Unpopular opinion: old fantasy models are so much sexy than new weirdos armys of aos as kharadrons vs olddwarfs or luminett vs high elfs. New aos armys(the 90% of new armys) are too much weird and dont feel as elfs or dwarfs,they are clowns or girls that seems men or men with body of girl etc. It is so hard a army with only dwarfs heavy armored and not with steampunk diver suits? Or elfs with heavy armor and not bald and blind riding fishes
  2. I dont like the new vampirelord. Head and torso of a femenine man,then legs of a woman. Im happy for everyone that like it because it is a shame that i wont buy it when it is a limited edition mini. For me my favorite vampire lord is a heavy armored badass vampire(as vlad) and the closest is the generic vampirelord. All these other vampired(ratman,disneylady and now this man\woman) arent even close to my tastes. I hope gw release some more of these simple badass heavy armor vampires and stop with the weirdoss
  3. To be sincere i am not a big fan of how every stormcast unit got a huge nerf in points and deleted almost every hability......but i know for sure that for first time in 4 years i gonna play for first time my palladors(they never had any use before) A unit fast,and that can teleport every turn is all that my castle dwarf army need
  4. Yes,we had people crying about how the sky was falling with the new blood knigths or grave guard. And what happened? 5 months after and any winningt list dont bring grave guard and also blood knigths only is played one single unit and not spammed. The same gonna happen with new dragons,good yes,but dont so good as people say
  5. After read all the book my first impresion about stormcast is......huge nerfs. Alegiances nerfed. Items wsrlord traits etc nerfed(and worse than generic) Mounts traits nerfed. Warscrolls nerfed 15/50 % in points and deleted every cp for some minor buffs of 1 extra rend and so. In general the book feel only as a huge nerf,every unit nerfed in cost,every cp deleted etc But new dragon cavalry is op and so sce gonna can have a chance in competitive In general almost every old warscroll have got 1 or even some units as palladors 2 habilitys deleted, and got a huge increase in points
  6. Only for stormcast units,so he is dead as ally of order armys or cos
  7. No free warscrolls and tomes so much more expensive ............for sure gonna help to end with the piracy of free download of tomes. And moreover with the huge crisis that we have,good move gw...
  8. They have lost every mortal wound ourput rule. The sword rule and 6 to hit of chocobos are gone,in fact every palladors rules have been deleted and now only have the redeploy each turn. To me a nerf of 55 points and loose 3 mortals is huge,but also i really love the redeploy each turn and the axes have got a big buff. For sure i gonna play one allways to score at late objetives
  9. The answer for me is easy. Warhammer is a hobby,and if some people(like me) dont like paint but love collect armys and play some games i dont see where is the problem. I have read coments about how they dont want play with anyone that dont put time in his army or if he havent painted nothing betwen games.......but this is a hobby and that people maybe enjoy play that army and i dont see how someone must stop his joy because his minis arent painted. In my comunity nobody ever have said no to a game due to unpainted minis and if i hear any person say it,i gonna stop playing with that dude and trying get games with the grey army dude. Also its ironic,as many of these elitist that dont want play against grey plastic are playing with armys painted by others,or the clasic 0 mold lane and gap removed only primed and some fast flash with aero in 3 colors and call that painted. Myself i am a perfeccionist moddeler that spend as 6-10 hours to build only one basic infantry model(as a fyreslayer hearthguard berzerker), because i remove every mold,gap,seam and use many diferent paper files untill the model is perfect and i find funny read comments as; i wont play against unpainted armys because they dont put time in his army. When my grey army have taken me around 250 hours to build but he only spent as 20 hours speed building and speed painting his army to get it ready for tabletop. I know almost everyone prefer play against painted armys but to me isnt fun paint,i LOVE collect every unit of a battletome and so betwen games the rival never gonna watch me bring me any mini painted but for sure i gonna bring any new unit lol To summarice,the hobby have many aspects,collect,lore,building,playing and painting. Nobody can tell to other person that must paint if he dont like it
  10. Hnnnn city of sigmar and soulbligth come to my mind as others armys with no terrain and endless spells.....oh and kharadrons and for sure we have many more
  11. I was reported for say in fyreslayers forum that we was nerfed too hard and done useless in 3.0....... data and time are as karma it seems
  12. I hope be true and for one time stormcast be decent,because since aos0.0 they have been one of the worst factions. Yes they had gimmicks as the battallions overpowers in 1.0 or 2.0 one drop big battallion doing 400% better the vanguard longcrossbow but the base warscrolls allways have been bad and dominion scrolls are other example of overcosted units
  13. It isnt i who says it. Its the rules. If there is some bug as you said with magotkin then gonna be faqed to fix it but rules are rules and kragnos neither archaon have big wag or disciples of tzenth keyword so they wont get the allegiance. So simple as rules says it
  14. Yes and we got some buff of almost 10%(battlemage in gryfom) while others behemots got 10% or even more increases. So that is a 20% of diference,i think is pretty huge,and to me cos behemots are overcosted yet even by other 20% But i wont post it again because this discusion isnt about how bad are cos monsters is about how the 3.0 rules does good monsters better and bad monsters worse that is a faill as balance
  15. Yes,and as i said i had the reason,cos behemots were overcosted. Gw have nerfed every monster with this faq but cos monsters were buffed,so seems my post had sense even if any didnt knew read mathammers seems gw new algorit for points is more acurate than old
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