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  1. Thanks that looks really fun!
  2. Hello! I have decided on StD as my second AoS army. I play Death Guard in 40k, so my love of Nurgle had me swaying between this and maggotkin. In the end, the newer rules and cool models made me choose this. So I have picked up the following: 2 Start Collecting (1 old and one new) 40 Mauraders 1 Chaos Lord 1 Chaos Sorcerer I intend to use one of the Chariot models as a different Chaos Lord. I keep seeing a Shrine is a necessary pick up (also a suggestion for an alternative model for this as I do not like the normal one), but was wondering what else to get for my Nurgle theme StD to make up a 2000 point army, that will be semi-competitive. Thank you!
  3. I can't help, but this looks VERY similar to the list I would want to play if I decide to go with OBR over FEC.
  4. Quick question, I saw in the Battletome that we have Troggoths as allies and no mention of anything else if I remember correctly. Can we still ally the Fungoid Cave Shaman from Malign Portents, since I was thinking of picking up one. Thank you
  5. As a new BCR player are you planning on using gargant hackers or other weapons now? I can't seem to figure out which is best now.
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