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  1. I just picked up a Start Collecting: Stormcast Vanguard box for that very idea. I'm thinking about Vanguard-Hunters as the Ranger equivalent with a mix of Freeguild, Gryph-Hounds, and Aetherwings as the companions.
  2. Wow, way to make an entrance, Pedòr! These are lovely!
  3. Maybe if we get better models for them at some point... 😉
  4. Good feedback, Zamik. Thanks!
  5. I've made a New Year's resolution to finally get an AoS army on the table this year, and I've got a timeline planned out for my first 1000 points of Khorne, which will include 40 Bloodreavers as I love the models so much. However, I'm not sure how best to field them. One 40-model unit: 6 points a model instead of 7 Might actually survive long enough to hold an objective Might actually survive a charge to attack back Four 10-model units Increased tactical flexibility More (and easier) Blood Tithe points Four Chieftains instead of one Two 20-model units Split the difference between the other two options Any suggestions? P.S. If it makes a difference, I plan to eventually build towards a Dark Feast battalion at higher points values.
  6. 2) It appears to me that if you apply the rules as written the unit will need to re-roll that '1' per the daemon musician rules and hope for another '1'. Seems fine to me.
  7. Yes, but keep in mind that there are a few command abilities, such as the Akhelian King's Lord of Tides, that do require the hero to be a general.
  8. I'm not 100% sure yet, but leaning towards the standard Bloodtoof scheme for that lovely red armour.
  9. Yeah, although you may find that the GHB 2017 might be worth hanging on to for additional battleplans and such. Right there with you on the mould lines!
  10. I've got the three foot heroes built for the Ironjawz, with 10 (or 2x5) Brutes built soon. Then 6 (or 2x3) Gore-gruntas will take me to 1000 points. After that, 20 'Ardboyz, and even more Brutes! For the Nighthaunts, I have 11(!) heroes ready to go already along with some Chainrasps and Stalkers, and have two boxes of Banshees to do next. I'm not sure after that, but it seems likely I'll need more Chainrasps and it seems most people think the Reapers are an auto-include, so...
  11. Hi everyone, I'm a longtime WHFB player who hasn't actually played AoS yet. All the hype and great models around Soul Wars, along with the Stormcast podcast, has got me really excited for AoS 2.0 and I'm actively working on building 1000-point forces of Nighthaunts and Ironjawz. Also trying not to get too distracted by the dormant Stormcast, Maggotkin, Kharadron, and Khorne projects on my hobby table. :-)
  12. Looks like about 1000 points worth of Ironjawz already built there (if you build a third Gore-Grunta). Sounds like a good start to me! Do you intend to build it up to a standard 2000-point tournament force at some point, or just stick with the smaller games?
  13. The most recent designer's commentary specifically states that the range is unlimited: "Q: Does the unbinding effect of The Brazen Rune’s automatic unbinding ability have an unlimited range? A: Yes." Or am I misunderstanding the nature of the rules question?
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