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  1. Just wanted to give a quick warning for all of the folks with new KO armies this week: be careful when assembling your skywardens and endrinriggers. On two variants, the front and back of the torsos get assembled and then the legs get attached afterwards, but for the third the legs have to be attached to the back of the torso before you put the front on. If you're gluing all four pieces together at the same time, this probably won't be an issue. But if you glue the front and back of the third variant together and then leave the glue to dry, you'll find that the legs just don't fit quite right... (And yes, if I'd just followed the printed instructions more carefully this wouldn't have happened... 🙄)
  2. Seems like it should be a pretty simple conversion to snip off one of Basha's Smashas and swap it for a Choppa from Gurzag or Hakka, no?
  3. Good feedback. Looks like I should pick up an Ironskull's Boyz box to add in to the mix.
  4. I can confirm that 12 of the 36 battleplan cards in the Shattered Stormvault set include terrain from the starter set as well, but that still leaves 24 battleplans you can play straight out of the box.
  5. I picked up the Ironjawz cards last night, and I think they're going to provide the impetus to finish up the Brutes that I've had languishing on my hobby table for a while. I'll start off building this 990-point warband and see how it does: Brute Boss with Boss Klaw and Smasha (250 pts.) Brute with Gore-Choppa (200 pts.) 3 x Brutes with two Brute Choppas (180 pts. each) Anyone played any games with an all-Brute list yet?
  6. Picked up a Timeworn ruins set this weekend. Should be a good amount of scatter terrain to add to the Shattered Stormvault board next week.
  7. I'll be building the Signifer purely because I think standard bearers look cool. 😁
  8. It looks like the Iron Golems Signifer and Prefector may use the same body. If there's only eight Iron Golems in the starter box, does that mean you'll only be able to build one or the other without picking up multiple sets?
  9. I hope we see more mercenary companies added in the future that use "AoS-era" models. Am I right in thinking it's just the Greyfyrd Lodge one that uses newer models out of this first batch? Any cool conversion ideas for the Pistoliers and Outriders figures? I know I've got a couple of boxes of those collecting dust.
  10. Looks like the GHB 2019 will be reprinting the FEC mercenary rules, so you might not need the big boxed set after all.
  11. The limitation on flying should help even things up, especially as it prevents the SQuig Hoppers from inflicting any mortal wounds.
  12. Will we be getting a dedicated forum for Warcry analogous to the Underworlds forum? I'm so excited for the new models that I literally applauded today's trailer for The Splintered Fang models.
  13. Apologies if my complaining about the stock levels diverted us from a positive discussion about the boxed set. I'm looking forward personally to getting a good start on small forces for both factions: Gloomspite Gitz - 590 pts Loonboss on Giant Cave Squig - 110 pts Fungoid Cave-Shaman - 90 pts 21 x Squig Herd - 210 pts 10 x Squig Hoppers - 180 pts Sylvaneth - 600 pts.? Arch Revenant - 100 pts? Ylthari's Guardians - 180 pts 10 x Tree-Revenants - 160 pts 10 x Tree-Revenants - 160 pts What is everyone else planning? Any suggestions on the next 400 points for either force above?
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