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  1. Of course the more you paint the better you'll get. But you also have to push yourself and try different things. You don't become a better musician by just playing 1 song. And that's assuming you maintain your standards after painting 120 clan rats. Is also possible you start rushing as you get sick of the same miniatures. Dunno about you but I find that can be a huge barrier for how much time, effort and motivation I have for a particular project.
  2. The people who are complaining about these new paints forming bad habits or holding back people from learning to paint better.... consider this. If I can paint 120 clan rats in 10 hours instead of 60 hours.... that's a lot of extra time to put into centerpiece models, painting classes, different techniques, experimentation and practice. I'm not going to become a better painter by just painting the same clan rat 120 times. I'll get better by painting different things, with different colours and different techniques. If this stuff can save significant time for all the mundane things, then that opens up a lot more time to become a better painter where it actually matters. I don't need to paint every single clan rat to a competition level. But I still need to paint them to play at a tournament or whatever. I'm a very slow painter. I think I paint pretty well, but horde armies give me nightmares. There's not enough hours in the day, days in the week and weeks in the year for me to get through that much painting. I'm actually going to do an experiment when these paints come out. I'm going to sit down, record and time how long it takes me to get 120 clan rats to a good tabletop standard using these new paints. It will test the time saving, and it will test how good the new paints look.
  3. The price likely dictates how many they expect to sell.... Lower demand = higher pricing. It's a bit backwards but that's how GW has always done it's pricing. That's why elite units and characters cost the same or more than a trooper unit despite being 1/5th of the size/plastic volume/complexity. Because you only buy 1-2 characters, but 3-4 troop units (roughly speaking). Malign Sorcery and Generals Handbooks can be cheaper because they expect the majority of players to pick them up. A mostly narrative expansion pack (which they've done plenty off in the past) might only be picked up by half the players that would pick up MS or GHB... thus the price is roughly double, to have a similar break even point.
  4. @Battlefury Yes they are essentially glazes. But they are high pigment glazes that you can't easily replicate with regular glazing. It's probably the same as doing 4-5 glazes.... which takes ages. Especially for the darker colours. You can get away with a single flesh wash or glaze over white (I've done it before) and it looks great. But you can't do the same for red or dark blue or dark green. At least not in 1 coat. People who already glaze a lot are well beyond the target audience of these new paints.
  5. Take that with a grain of salt.... that's just from experience with using washes on armor, and some quick rough pics online from the the reveal event. If you can use the paint without it pooling as much as some of the photos show, it's going to be awesome. If it still pools a lot then it's only going to be good in some applications. We'll have to see. In any case I'm keen to get my hands on it.
  6. I wouldn't expect any radical changes. I think it will be stuff like limiting the army allegiance rules like how many grave sites or wyldwoods or nurgle trees or summoning points each player can get. That and adjusting scenarios/objectives for 4x4 tables, which isn't too hard to do already anyway.
  7. I think this is great. It's not going to make my painting better, and it's not going to make me win a Golden Demon but that's not what it's supposed to do. Everyone here is going on about whether or not it's good for painting skills or if it teaches bad habits. Who care? It's not designed to make you paint better. It's designed to make you paint quicker. As much as we all want everyone to paint top quality standard, that's not really realistic. Not everyone wants to paint much, not everyone wants to constantly get better and put in the huge amount of time required to improve. But no one likes playing against grey plastic. And I hate playing against models that are spray painted and then dunked or slapped around with a paint roller. That actually looks worse than grey plastic. So anything that helps those people get to a basic tabletop standard is an amazing tool. Very very few people in the world (if any) are going to sit down and paint 150 clan rats to a Golden Demon standard. ****** that. If this stuff means I can do a zenithal airbrush hightlight and then slap on 3-4 colors of contrast paint and have 150 finished clan rats, then I'm 100% on board. I'll save the high quality detail work for the center piece models, Verminlords, characters, vehicles etc. I've used a similar method to these contrast paints with White undercoat and a single layer of fleshshade. It works amazingly (as long as you have the right canvas). I did it on Tzeentch Acolytes. Turned out fantastic except for where the white spray undercoat went bad. But the method/theory is sound. I think it will work best on organic surfaces, faces, skin, bones, maybe cloth. I think it might work a bit worse on armor panels and big flat surfaces. But I'm certainly keen to give it a go.
  8. There's photos from the looncurse box floating around showing the points. The Arch-Revenant is 100pts, everything else is the same. Hunters (at least the bow variant) are 200, Tree-Revs are 80/420
  9. Well the Looncurse box (for Sylvaneth) is Arch Revenant - 100 pts 10 x Tree-Revenants - 160 pts Kurnoth Hunters 200pts So you get 460. If you want to add Ylthari's Guardians - 180 pts That takes you to 640. after that you'd probably want some more battle line (so either more Tree-Revs or Dryads) and another unit of Kurnoth Hunters. In fact adding 10x Tree-Revs and 3xHunters takes the above list to exactly 1000pts. So that's not a bad start.
  10. FFG is notorious for it's ****** shipping and release timing. Destiny keep getting hit. like for the most recent set... the draft set came out 3-4 weeks after the main set. So everyone has already finished drafting and has all the cards by the time the proper draft set arrived. Sucks about this delay but getting a battletome a bit later isn't the end of the world. Nice that they are addressing the problem and letting everyone know. I hope it's only a week or two and not months.
  11. Australian site still seems to have stock... but really, I don't understand why people still buy from GW directly. There's so many places to get things cheaper (even after paying for online postage). Any city large enough for a GW is going to have a bunch of 3rd party game stores that can get it for cheaper. The online direct only stuff can still be ordered by stores.
  12. You can see the Kurnoth hunter warscroll in the image and it looks the same with as the current ones. You can at least clearly see 2 attacks for bows not 3 like some rumors were suggesting. Envoys of the Everqueen rule is now wholly within 12" not measure range from this unit like previously so it certainly looks like the new scrolls. Also there's individual scrolls for each weapon type now not all on the one scroll. Oh and they gained the "Free Spirits" keyword Everything else looks the same We'll see it all on Saturday though. They don't like releasing things without rules so as soon as people have stuff in hand, the rules will be up.
  13. I think as a very broad general rule no unit should be able to do everything extremely well. Seems like witchelves do it all, and for an affordable cost and as a battleline unit. Also I think a general goal of any game is to make every unit somehow viable, and nothing be a "must take". Easier said than done of course, but there's plenty of armies that have completely garbage units that no one ever takes.
  14. The spites mainly need a buff to their survivability. A 5+ save and Bravery 6 is pretty bad. For a unit that costs 80 for 5 models.... Compare with something like Chainrasp Hordes. Same price, same save but ethereal, same to hit, more bravery and double the models. Yeah tree-revs have better wound and rend, but Chainrasps get rerolls to wound and are easier to buff, can be summoned back, move further and fly. But you're paying 80 for 10 models. Sure the roles are different and dryads do the horde/tarpit role much better. Maybe even better than chainrasps. But you can see how the price of the Tree-revs makes them tough to justify. That's why their main role is teleporting around grabbing objectives or threatening lone wizards up the back, not fighting. I'd love to use their 2 attacks with rend more offensively. +1 attack from the arch revenant on a large unit would be really nice. If you want another unit to compare too... look at Bladegheists Revenants. They are 90 for 5. come with a 3+/3+/-1 attack, can retreat and charge, get +1 attack on the charge and move 8" with fly. Have easy access to rerolls, oh and have a 4+ ethereal save. They can't teleport like tree-revs can, but otherwise they are HEAPS better for only 10pts more.
  15. As much as I like the egyptian theme... it's not really "AoS-like" It's a little bit too "normal" as far as Egyptian mummies go anyway. I like them. I just don't think they fit in to the AoS world very well. That being said, same can be said for basic vampires and skeletons, yet they exist. I think we'll see a soulblight update before any tomb kings. That's for sure. If they could come up with a way to have the Egyptian mummy theme and still be unique and fit into AoS lore then we might see TK back, but I doubt it. I'm still planning to do an Egyptian themed stormcast army at some point... like Thousand Sons but in AoS. As for Brettonains.... same problem really. They weren't very popular back in WFB for the same reasons. Mounted knights look cool but don't work very well and don't make much sense against armies with cannons, muskets, warpfire etc.... And AoS has more of that now and less of the traditional fantasy tropes. So Brettonians are even harder to fit into the AoS style. Perhaps you could do a small elite army of questing knights riding all sorts of fancy monsters. But really, Stormcast pretty much cover everything that Brettonians ever would, without the need of peasant militia . Maybe a vampire update could give them a slight nod by having some sort of royal family battalion? Orks and Grots.... who knows. I think they probably have enough now between bonesplitters, ironjaws and gloomspite. But I'm not familiar enough with the greenskin range to know whats missing. Dogs of war... we'll they were even more fringe than TK and Bretts. It's basically an army of random things. Just like Mixed Order now... I don't think it needs it's own faction at all. Let's get the free people/free cities stuff sorted out first.
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