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  1. https://tabletop.to/Tempest2020/list/rich-hudspith It was this list
  2. The general consensus at the moment based on card art and flavor text is this: 1 leader - a hag or something similar with a spear and possibly holding a chalice. 2 dual knife wielding witch elves 1 blood stalker (the snake lady with a bow) 1 sister of slaughter (with a whip) Source (from reddit): F
  3. Yes Kairos can replace any 1 die, including your opponent's. They also can't be modified or re-rolled, so it's great to us it to stop an important charge or a free unbind.
  4. Yeah I agree with that, but the sub factions are similar in design to every other AOS book now so I'm not sure that's a valid compliant anymore. It's the lack of flexibility in battalions that bothers me more. If you look at all the chaos ones for example, you get huge flexibility and can easily do 1 drop armies, even with unique characters. That being said, the various chaos books cover a much bigger range of units (especially slaves to darkness) compared to our... What? 5? Non-hero warscrolls. I can't really comment more than that though, I never played sylvaneth before this book.
  5. I agree with this. We're a mid tier army on average. But that's because as plavski stated, it's an expensive army, terrain and sometimes battleplan dependent with a huge amount of variety in list building, strategy and tactics. Because of that, at a tournament you can hit a bad match up and be in serious trouble. Sylvaneth can do well... there have been quite a few successful players in the some of the largest tournaments in the last few months. Some of them are even on this forum. There's been some success with "non standard" lists too like triple Durthu. A guy came 6th at Tempest (out of 46 players) with triple Durth + Alarielle.... that's over 1500pts in heroes. Crazy! But also because of the high cost and pain of transporting this army, we simply don't see it used much in the tournament scene. It's much easier to bring 6 Stonehorns to an event. They'll take up less space than just our Wyldwoods. We have some of the best elite units in the game, we have great mobility, we have quite decent spell casting and I think one of the only 2-3 triple spell casting Order heroes. If you build for it we have a decent gun line too. Drycha is criminally under used IMO. The tools are there, Sylvaneth players just seem a bit slow to find all the good combos for some reason. I think that may also be partially due to how previous sylvaneth players initially disliked the new book because it was so different and they lost their big alpha striking army builds. I think there are some weakness and we don't have any outright broken stuff like Mortek Guard or 6 Stonehorns or stuff like that. I think our battalions are probably the biggest weakness... We don't have any easy way to compete with 1-3 drop armies and we can be a bit susceptible to alpha strikes unless you can hide in some woods and the battalions we do have are generally pretty weak and are mostly only taken for the extra CP and artefact. At least they're somewhat cheap. Other than that, Wyldwoods are expensive and underwhelming but ultimately necessary.
  6. Chosen might get a new kit since we have new Warriors now and there's apparently a multipart kit coming.... they might just throw in some halberds and different helmets into that kit and let you make Chosen from the same box. I doubt we'll see new marauders though there are quite a few interesting options for converting them (if you don't mind your 160pt battleline horde costing A LOT more money)
  7. I'm also pretty interested in a Despoilers list. Mine is built around Be'lakor, Khorne Demon Prince Sorcerer Lord on a Manticore Sorcerer Lord Some Chaos Warrior and Knights for battleline And then some other monsters to fill out the points. I've been toying with the idea of a War Mammoth because that's bloody funny. But otherwise also slaughterbrutes and a Spiranx or two. The heros listed above, 20 warriors, 10 knights, a Mammoth and a Sphiranx is 2000pts exactly. Not sure how competitive that would be but sounds fun.
  8. @Chikout What's Engine War? Never heard of it.... Though I guess I don't really follow 40K rumours anymore. Is there a good summary of all these rumours and spotted shipping dates somewhere? EDIT: disregard, I found that Engine War is just another book in this seemingly never ending Psychic Awakening story arc
  9. Yes well, GW isn't actually accurate with like anything. Azyr app is missing things, warscroll builder has errors and you can't save or change lists.... But have pros and cons
  10. I think any list (within reason) can be anti tzeentch if you play it right. Knowing their tricks and threats is the big thing. I beat a 20pink horror, 12 flamer eternal conflag changehost with sylvaneth at Cancon. Admittedly, perhaps that was due to my opponent's mistakes or being unfamiliar with a new book.... but it was also only my second game with my Sylvaneth. I pretty much ignored the 20 Horrors, hunted down the LOC first and then went after the other heroes. I killed the flamers whenever I could. I don't think my opponent used his teleports and flamers very well. The 3 hunters he blew up just got resummoned by Alarielle anyway. Realisitically in the changehost demon lists, the big things are large blocks of pink horrors and flamers. The flamers are the threats, the horrors hold objectives. Everything else isn't necessarily that far above the power curve. So if you can deal with a tanky horde unit and somehow counter the glass cannon shooting of the flamers, you'll be competitive. Sniping heroes is a decent tactic against almost any AoS army. No different against Tzeentch. If you can comfortably kill all the pink horrors in one combat then you'll be fine there too. You don't have to wipe out the whole 50 wound unit... you just have to kill the icon bearer to stop them coming back. Once he's dead, the only way they can continue being annoying is either via the Fold Reality spell (so keep an unbind handy for that) or something like Emerald Lifeswarm. Still, those are only bringing back a few models and it's before the combat phase.... so just kill all the pinks again and they can't auto pass the battleshock anymore. Other than the normal command abiltiy everyone gets.... but that doesn't bring models back, and uses CPs. The flamers can be a big problem, ideally, you'd want a few small chaff untis to push them away from your key units and make sure they can't teleport close enough to kill you. That being said, sometimes you'll just have to bait them and take the hit. Once they've jumped close and shot something, they're usually wide open for a counter charge and a quick cleanup. Multiple smaller units will make their targetting choice harder... Eg. take 4x3 kurnoth hunters instead of 2x6. That way when they wipe out 1 unit you've only lost 25% of your hunters not 50%, and you've got another unit nearby to go kill them. Just some general thoughts after versing them a few times and watching some games. In a changehost, the LOC is the secondary target... he's a decent force multiplier and is required for the teleport to work.... so in objective based games, you want to shut that teleport down so they can't steal anything off you late game. Tzeentch does have a lot of different builds though. The flamer heavy eternal conflag list was very strong pre-FAQ.... now, I think there's lots of other viable lists and they don't all counter the same way. So that's something to consider, you may come up against a mortal army without a LOC (like 5th place Ash's list at Cancon) and that will play very differently than the pink horror/flamer spam lists.
  11. Yes it does, the FAQ was updated. Note that it triggers the Pink Horror Icon Bearer on a 1 (which is what I assume you meant), thus auto passing the battleshock test and bring D6 horrors back. The 1 (or any other number) doesn't auto pass by itself. For example, it won't automatically save any other unit. You still add the casulities to the 1. It's only the Pink Horror icon bearer ability that still works with a DD of 1.
  12. I actually like the warscroll builder especially because I often use it on a PC... but on mobile I'll use the Azyr app. The big difference is you can save your lists. The warscroll builder only spits them out as a pdf or text file which isn't super convenient, and you can't change/tweak things. The warscroll builder also links some units to their old warscrolls (eg Skarbrand), I've bumped into about 3-4 instances lately. I haven't noticed and incorrect points but it's probably the same problem. For some reason it shows old stuff sometimes. The Azyr app is kept much more up to date which is great.
  13. I think he's pretty good, but his problem is relatively high points cost and that he's just overshadowed by a lot of the other heroes. His spell is nice, though it's far more useful when Kairos "borrows" it, but still D6 mortal wounds is nice. He hit's reasonabily hard in melee which a lot of tzeenth stuff doesn't do. D3 impact hits on the charge is nice too. He's an Arcanite, so at least gives Tzaangors thier +1 to wound abililty. But other than that, he's a pretty solo guy, doesn't really synergise with anything else. The Infusion Archanum spell is pretty good on him though. Makes both his big attacks 2+/2+ his 5+ save is also a bit disappointing.
  14. Depending on your definition of "little guys" you could do that theme with pretty much any AoS faction. Nagash and Skeletons. Celestant Prime or Stardrake and basic foot soldier stormcasts Daughters of Khaine have Morathi and normal foot soldiers I actually can't think of an AOS faction that doesn't have some big monster or hero kit and small regular foot troops. Stormcast and Ironjaws is probably the furthest removed and I'd say that's still possible. Ogors don't usually take many gnoblars but they are technically there and you could still do that kind of army. Cities of Sigmar is a bit weird coz it's a melting pot of so many different things, but there's still dragons and steam tanks and stuff like that. Nighthaunt is the only faction without a big monster although you still have the black coach. But there's always Nagash and you can take Arkhan in a NH army.
  15. Yay I was right.... I'll be over here accepting apologies lol. But seriously, it's done this way because the FAQ was specifically designed to fix the problem of auto passing battleshock tests and auto saving high rend attacks. So they specifically and explicitly mentioned only those two things can modify the rolls while in every other case they remain unmodified and can't be modified further. Remember look at what it explicitly says not what it means logically or what is implied or what is ommited. It's also the easiest way to make sure you don't accidentally create some other rules problem when you open up those dice to all modification. The battleshock ruling makes perfect sense that was broken AF and had to be fixed. The rend one I'm on the fence about. I don't think it was a huge issue. Only really did anything for DD of 4 and maybe 5, you'd usually use 6s for all sorts of other things.
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