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  1. Inquisitorsz

    AoS 2 - Skaventide Discussion

    Yeah I feel like a hellpit is more annoying in terms of random movement. The normal distribution curve for 4D6 is so much nicer than 2D6. For a doom wheel, you have like a 90% chance to go 10" or more. 14" is the average of course but if you compare with the average of the HPA (7) the doom wheel has a 98.8% chance of rolling 7" or more. So if you wanna talk averages, the doomwheels have a minimum threat range of 17" and average threat range of 27" and a max threat range of 47". It's the random shots that's the problem.... but again, perhaps with some buffs, D6 shots doing D3 damage has some potential. High variance but possibly high reward. Even if it's just a distraction, that's probably worth it more than some screen unit or clan rats the opponents can kind of ignore. It also becomes a bit of a bomb when it gets low on health because then you don't mind overcharging the shooting. I think Hellpits are best used via a gnawhole. good opponents will block them of course, but if you can drop a hellpit 9" away from the enemy, it makes his job of getting across the table much easier.
  2. Inquisitorsz

    AoS 2 - Skaventide Discussion

    I've done the maths on fully buffed units of Jezzails... It's pretty disgusting. It's something like 9 Jezzails = 17.3 wounds and 3 mortal wounds on average when buffed with +1 to hit, rerolls to hit/wound, +1 damage. at 30in range and -2 rend. You'll melt or at least seriously hobble most heroes who don't have a decent ward save or a 2+ armor save. You'll pretty much wipe out most low model count elite units And you'll put anything else in significant threat of serious battleshock damage. also you take damage from 2 of those buffs next turn so the unit's power goes down a bit, but it's probably worth it to delete a support character every turn. if you lose 2 each turn to the buff damage, you're still doing 15.5 + 2.3 wound next turn and 11.1 + 1.6 the following turn. As for 30 acolytes, I know they look great on paper, especially buffed but I can't see it being easy to use their 8" range, especially on a table that has another 100 clan rats all over it. Run and shoot is great of course but I just feel a unit that size would be difficult to use. Maybe it's just a matter of charging something, wiping it out in shooting and hoping to stay alive that way. Doom wheels..... I think they are pretty fun. 4D6 movement is random of course but it's a decent average and huge potential to suddenly pop up somewhere unexpected. The damage output is random but I think if you maybe have 2 doomwheels coming down a flank, they can be a big problem for your opponent. I do agree that a warp lighning cannon is probably a better use of almost the same points though. Doomwheel is a much cooler unit though and makes for a more interesting army visiually, espeically if you don't have any other centerpice units like verminlords, bells/furnaces or hell pits. Though I think almost every army will have at least 1 of those (or thanquol).
  3. Yeah good idea. Predatory endless spells hardly ever get used (apart from pendulum which is easy to point in a safe direction). I welcome anything that makes turn order choices more strategic.
  4. Inquisitorsz

    AoS 2 - Skaventide Discussion

    It's probably just the general problem of spam. You get your 1-2 good units and go all out because they can do everything for a good price. Same with grimghast reapers. They aren't anything fantastic on paper but they are relatively cheap and battleline (in nighthaunt). LoN have easy battleline screens with wolves then fill up on reapers. The thing that annoys me most about monks is all the extra rules. Rolling 2 different weapon profiles for a unit of 40 with a bunch of buffs is already slow and annoying. Then 6s to hit have a different profile again for each weapon and you get all the other buffs like mortal wounds on a 6 when a monk dies, extra run/charge, extra attacks on the charge (for both weapons), and a hero phase mini spell too. Just seems like a lot of book keeping. And that's before any character buffs.
  5. Inquisitorsz

    AoS 2 - Skaventide Discussion

    From what I've been hearing their main thing is that they are very cheap and they get a lot of buffs from the various characters. So not necessarily OP rules wise, but just very efficient for their points. A unit of 40 only costs 40pts more than 40 clan rats. You can fit 2 furnaces, a verminlord, a priest and 160 plague monks for 1700 pts Fill the rest with catapults and/or wrap lightning vortex and you've got a very strong army with a lot of bodies. Pestilens battalions are some of the best ones too. And they all include units you actually want to take. Priest + 2 units of monks, or priest and 3 catapults etc.. Bottom line, they're just incredibly points efficient. The reason people say they are OP is just because they are one of the best troop units in the game when comparing points for points. I wouldn't be surprised if they get a points adjustment in the next general's handbook.
  6. Inquisitorsz

    AoS 2 - Skaventide Discussion

    apparently yes it does
  7. Inquisitorsz

    Maxed unit sizes for reduced point cost

    It's been mentioned already but base size is important. Having 32 or 40mm size bases with only a 1" melee range means the majority of your unit is not going to be able to fight most of the time. So you get a slight discount but at the cost of nearly zero effectiveness out of those extra bodies (other than soaking wounds). Same goes for units that get cheaper but don't get any additional bonus for being bigger. Clan rats and skeletons among others greatly benefit from being bigger units. But some units don't. They get cheaper but get nothing else so that's less worth it. I think roughly, in general, 1 wound 25mm models it's good to max them out. They usually sit on objectives so the extra wounds help and you can get more of them into base contact/melee range. The more elite units are often better off as smaller units. Finally, being a bigger unit means your one buff spell gets a bit more efficient.... but a lot of the new ones require "wholly within" so be careful of that. I found that quite difficult with Nighthaunt short buff range, especially on 32mm base units. That also goes both ways, enemy debuff spells will hit a larger portion of your army, especially ones that slow down movement, they can bog down a huge chunk of your force. So TLDR; very much depends on your list, the mission, the opponent and what unit it is.
  8. Nothing wrong with using different dice sizes really. Most people have different dice (even if they only use some for wound markers or whatever). What I think is much more important than the size of dice is how many you have, what type and how you use them. Don't be that guy: Don't throw large 16mm or 20mm dice around the table knocking over models. Don't bring 10 dice to a tournament and spend 5 minutes rolling 60 attacks for a unit of plague monks Don't have dice with lots of different symbols on them (like most of this ****** GW themed dice) Don't have different types of dice (eg if some have special symbols on 1s and others have special symbols on 6s). Especially skulls, dice often have skulls for 1s or skulls for 6s. Don't mix the two. Basically make your use of dice easy to understand and easy to see. Side note: I think dice trays should be mandatory. Nothing annoys me more than watching someone lean all the way over a table to drop dice in a tiny open space in the middle of multiple units and then have to fish them out from in between models. Have a dedicated mobile space to properly roll the dice. Somewhere they aren't going to fall off the table or knock anything over. Somewhere easily visible to both players. $5 gets you a picture frame and a bit of felt to stick on the back. Easy. I have a small photo sized one for games with few dice (like board games, underworlds or SW Destiny) and an A4 size one for AOS/40K where I can comfortably roll handfuls of dice at a time.
  9. Inquisitorsz

    Movement trays spacing

    I prefer the smallest and tightest movement trays I can get. Especially for 30-40 model units. They just take up so much table space that adding more movement tray space often ends up defeating the purpose. I have some medium spacing of 25mm bases for 20 man units and even that rarely gets used. Depends a bit on how much terrain your tables have too but I find that large trays just take up too much room. My ideal tray is a 1-2mm edge with the bases almost touching.
  10. Inquisitorsz

    Powercreep - Fact Or Fiction

    Yep agreed. The activation thing was mostly due to the double turn issue. Having a double turn would mean you could activate something first. But it restricts a bunch of spells nuking something, shooting (like you said) and movement taking over objectives. That's probably the big one. There's some missions where you're severely disadvantaged if your opponent gets to move and position themselves twice. Alternating hero phase stuff could be an interesting game of cat and mouse as you counter buffs with debuffs or try snipe each other's characters before they can get their abilities off. But I agree it's less of a problem since AOS already has alternating combat.
  11. Inquisitorsz

    AoS 2 - Skaventide Discussion

    Depends on what's causing the wounds. If it's mortal wounds... then yes, the stone is better. If my maths is correct: With suspicious stone: 0 Rend = 108 wounds to kill him -1 Rend = 61 wounds to kill him -2 Rend = 39 wounds to kill him -3 rend and/or MW = 27 wounds to kill him With ethereal amulet: 0/-1/-2/-3 Rend = 72 wounds to kill him MW = 18 wounds to kill him So basically the ethereal amulet is better against Rend -1, -2 and -3 stuff and the difference between rend 0 stuff (72 wounds vs 108 wounds) is probably irrelevant in practice. So it's going to come down to whether or not your expecting more mortal wounds or more rend stuff. If you're playing an army with a lot of rend -1 or higher, then ethereal is better. Otherwise the stone is better. I'm assuming that the suspicious stone stacks with protection of the horned rat... Perhaps that might get FAQed because the rule wording is identical. I dunno if there's a precedent for that.
  12. Inquisitorsz

    AoS 2 - Skaventide Discussion

    Yep... I think I stuffed up the 5+ ward save. I did (4/6) instead of (2/6) It should be 72 wounds.
  13. Inquisitorsz

    Powercreep - Fact Or Fiction

    I think there does seem to be a bit of power creep, but it’s probably a bit too early to tell how bad it is. Nurgle (2018) onwards and from around the GHB2018 would be considered the latest “cycle” of battletomes. Apart from maybe Nurgle, most of those battletomes are quite competitive (and even a few from before that like Khorne, Tzeentch and Sylvaneth). Looking at recent tournament results, it seems like quite a wide and varied meta. There’s no doubt that Skaven and FEC are making a splash. People will need to adjust and it’s probably too early to tell if these ones are going to dominate for a long time. We’re only a few months away from a GHB so I expect a few Skaven and FEC things to get a points tweak. Khorne looks strong from the previews, but honestly, they’re already strong so I dunno if I’d call that power creep. It’s too early to tell without the whole book out anyway. The MW spam is a bit of an issue though. I’d like to see more -2 and -3 rend rather than more MW. I’d like MW to be as rare as after saves … the ship may have sailed on that one though. GW needs to be careful that they don’t get caught in an escalating problem. Too many MW…. Give more ward saves….. then there’s too many ward save etc…. Summoning is probably OK as long as everyone (or most) get something like it. There are strategic choices with how to deploy and block good summoning locations. Perhaps summoning can be something like 10 or 12” away instead of 9”…. Then it’s definitely something for next turn and the opponent will get a chance to respond to the new threat. Too many endless spells and “must have” free terrain could be an issue too. Boards can already be pretty terrain heavy, and now I get to also put 3 massive gnawholes down. Makes for a very crowded table. Double turn…. Well, I’m still not a fan of that but it’s the same for everyone and endless spells do provide a bit of strategic choice. I like that aspect of them even if it doesn’t usually matter because most people don’t take the predatory ones that can be used against you. Personally I’d love to see how AOS would go with proper alternating unit activations. It’s not a small change. It would be a significant rules and strategy re-write but I’ve always preferred games with alternating activations (like Legion, X-wing, Imperial Assault etc) than a “you go – I go” style. It keeps players involved, makes every decision important, provides lots of risk/reward choices and minimises the alpha strike and getting shot off the table problems. It already works well in the AOS combat phase. Would be interesting to see how it would go across a full turn. Either alternate units during each phase or alternate a units’ full turn.
  14. Inquisitorsz

    AoS 2 - Skaventide Discussion

    I've heard people also take him with the Ethereal Amulet. Now you've got a 4+ save, 12 wound monster who is immune to rend and can reroll that 4+. Throw in Protection of the Horned Rat (5+ ward save) and now he needs to suffer 144 72 wounds to die (on average). You can throw him at pretty much anything and he's going to last a long time. As long as that thing doesn't do a silly amount of mortal wounds. Especially if he's that tough, I'd put him front/mid center for the CA bubble and gives him the most choice with his long range spells. I plan on running master of magic as well, maybe stand near a gnawhole and drop endless spells (and warpgale) at +2 to cast And at the end of the day, the doom glaive is still pretty awesome. He's still getting 6 attacks 3+/2+/-1/D3 Plus the tail attacks. He's not the best in melee but he'll still worry a lot of things. Especially if he has an ethereal save and it's tough to drop his damage table down. Don't forget that the doom glaive is range 3" so if you're careful with positioning you can have clan rats around him and no take any attacks back.
  15. Inquisitorsz

    Warcry is Killteam/Mordheim... ?

    I'm going to reserve judgement till I see the whole package and see how the rules work. On the surface, I have no issue with a proper AOS skirmish game, especially one that caters to both narrative and competitive players (if that's ever really possible). However, I think GW needs to stop spreading itself thin and focus on core product lines. That means not have 3 different version of Skirmish. Currency there's "skirmish" that is version 2 and available in a White Dwarf, Path to Glory, printed in every Battletome. Both "Skirmish" and "Path to Glory" also have stand alone ebooks available on the webstore. And now we have Warcry which appears to be billing itself as the new Skirmish. Hopefully, Warcry will combine skirmish and path to glory and consolidate the skirmish level gameplay into one system. That would be nice. Hopefully, like Killteam it will use AOS rules with some slight tweaks, have things like skills, experience, campaign modes and serve as a good entry level product. The Chaos only side of it seems like a very strange design choice. The flexibility of Killteam, Blackstone Fortress and the variety of Underworlds is what makes those products popular. I hope it expands out from a Chaos only starter. Now for whats in the box. It looks like a huge box. That's a bit of a problem if it's supposed to be an entry level product. Underworlds is great because you get lots of cards/tokens all the game mats and 2 warbands for $60USD ($95AUD). That's a good price point. It's cheap enough to pull random people in and competes with other board games too. The kill team starter was popular too although much more expensive, but you really did get a lot of top notch terrain in there. The terrain in the video looks a bit dull to me. There's some existing azarite ruins, a new bell tower, some wooden planks and hanging skeletons. None of that is really knocking my socks off. The miniatures as well... I'm just not a fan. There's maybe 2 I like from all the ones shown in the video. The harpies are cool too, it's about time they got an update. But other than that, it's all the same muscly guys with dopey helmets carrying silly over-sized weapons in really strange unnatural poses. Seems like some of the regular sculptors are on vacation or something? Again, I'll reserve judgement till I see more but I don't think I'll be rushing out to pre-order this.