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AoS28 - The Dark Age of Sigmar


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The Hunters of Hardraniel.

One of the many warband tasked with protecting the realm of light from any intruders who wish to bring chaos to their perfect world.
Led by one of the Gate Wardens, Hardraniel these angelic aelfs of the realm of light hunt the warriors of chaos, soaring across the skies, raining down arrows of light.

Here is my completed aelf warband for Hinterlands.
I've loved this mini project and I can't wait to play some games with it. From the few test games I've done the Waywatcher lord is a beast at taking out other heroes.




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They're really coming together.

I finally got a Stormcast done for Aos28.  I hoping it's enough of a departure from the bright and shiny heroic take on Simarites for AoS28 given it's not modified at all.


I can't find my agrellan earth so I will be delayed in my basing. :(

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So I haven't posted an update in a while, I've been out of the country for a month and busy with school and what not, but here is the current state of my Daughters of Khorne warband. I haven't had a ton of time to write lore for them unfortunately as I've poured all my free time into building and painting recently, but fear not for the stories explaining the histories of this merry troupe of Khornate chicks are on their way! The fourth member is well under way and I'll be putting up pictures of her WIP this week. If you're interested in more pictures the link to my website is at the bottom of all my posts and as always I appreciate any comments and criticism! Being so new to painting I'm always eager to learn anything I can from the more experienced painters here!






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@AlexRasmussen I love your Khorne gals! I feel that Khorne is often reduced to big red guys with axes, it's really nice to see something different. Very cool!


I just got started this week as a returning hobbyist, and finding this forum pushed me over the edge to start a small warband for skirmish and narrative play. I'm enjoying the freedom that comes with the vastness of the Aos universe, and I'm working on some fluff. Basically my group are the ragged followers of a minor Chaos demon who preys on scared creatures. He offers a hiding place to the fugitives running from blood thirsty soldiers, lost cattle chased by wolves, mutants lost and homeless. And in exchange they serve him, bring him stolen offerings or captives. 


I have a lot more to say about all that but I'll wait until I actually complete some of my figs before throwing wall of text at al of you :)

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The latest addition to my Shyish Sylvaneth army. A unit of tree-revenants. I made them using dryad bits mixed with mainly black knight bits. I'm not really a fan of tree-revenants, but I do like having a variety to chose from when making a warband or army.

Tree-Revenant 1.jpg

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@urion well you may not like them but they look sufficiently menacing! It's crazy how dark the sylvaneth got compared to 15-20 years ago...

As for me I can't paint this weekend but here's one of my recent figs. There's nothing GW except the base, and if I had to use it in a game it probably would be a zombie... the base is not done yet but I think the paint job is ok, although I'd love some honest feedback :)




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First time submission so please be gentle.

I know AoS28 has a no Brettonians rule but I feel like my new hinterlands warband might just scrape the line into acceptable.

The grail seekers

They travel ever onward, a sorry party hauling a long deceased knight. Their leader, a woman dressed in cloth that may once have been fine but is now marred by road dirt and faded from wear, heads the sorry band. Behind her the pilgrims trudge, taking turns to carry the deceased knight. The feat takes three men at a time but they persevere, heaving the grim icon as though it were a sacred relic. Their clothes show even more wear and tear than their lady's and through the tattered robes their bodies are thin and aged. At every town they ask after only two things, “dost thou know the Lady”, “hast thou seen the Grail”. How long they have searched none can say but ever onward their search takes them, seeking a Lady and a Grail.

The idea is basically that long ago a lone knight helped protect a small village from a terrible foe. He was victorious but mortally wounded. What little the villagers knew of the knight was that he sought to drink from a mystical grail owned by someone called The Lady. The villagers felt they owed the knight a great debt and so a number of them set out, carrying his body in search of this Lady and her mythical grail, hoping it could restore their protector to life or at least give his spirit peace.

And now the important bit, pictures.

The Bearers of Sir Gawain


Not the best picture but unfortunately the others came out worse, these guys count as a grail relique.

Avelyn the apprentice



She's the apprentice of the village wise woman and the leader of the group.

The Unspoken




A mysterious warrior who never speaks, he joined the group just after they left the village and has protected them throughout their journey.

That's all for now, going to build three battle pilgrims and then spoil it all with my terrible painting skills.

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@Giuseppe gdb I love this! I can Imagine this as the pet of some creepy socialite lady, with a taste for the grotesque, or maybe as part of a duo of henchmen for a mad wizard, the other one being a big ogre-like bodyguard with a small animal's head...

@Moonlightwolf this is a great warband concept, I love the idea of some peasants carrying around a strangers slowly rotting corpse in a pathetic quest to pay a life debt!

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So I've actually made some decent progress on my painting, but I still have some detail work to do. I'll get to taking a few WIP shots, but in the meanwhile here's a black and white photo of my simplest mini, just a ghoul with a zombie head and a snail on its back. I also wrote some flavor text (more on my tga blog) :

As the path crossed a small clearing, Harek stopped and turned to look behind him. The forest was quiet. Just the dripping tune of a hidden creek down in the depth of the valley, and up in the peaks, the wind howling. Yet he felt watched. Maybe the darkness was getting to him. Barely any light passed through the thick canopy of the giant pines. was something moving behind that tree? Just a bark-snail leeching off a rotten stump...

with slightly unsteady hands he made the sign of the traveller's blessing, as much to calm himself as to ward off any evil spirits. The village should only be a few hours away now. Soon he'd be by a hot fire with a cold ale, and forget about that bloody Pale Eyes grove. He adjusted his pack and began walking again.

Silence returned in the small clearing. 

A form slithered from old roots, bleak limbs briefly gleaming in the weak light, and disappeared again in the shadows along the path.

Pale eyes faded in the dark.




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Here's 2 other guys that are 90% done, I'll post them up with some flavor text when they're fully finished. Can't seem to be able to format well on mobile so here they are in order : the swine thief, The inbred fear-serf ,and my most recent kit-bash, the Deserter.

I know the pictures are not great but I'm open to any criticism and tips, about painting or converting :)






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On 11/07/2017 at 1:25 PM, Jamie the Jasper said:

Were the winners of the Eclipse competition ever announced? I didn't notice anything in my various feeds. All seems to have gone quiet.

All the entries are here: http://www.exprofundis.com/the-eclipse/

On 06/07/2017 at 4:25 AM, AlexRasmussen said:

I finished the fourth member of my Daughters of Khorne Warband...


These are excellent

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8 hours ago, Bruticus said:

All the entries are here: http://www.exprofundis.com/the-eclipse/


Oh yeah, I've seen all the entries - awesome standard! Just wondering whether you were still planning to pick any winners or if you feel like the Eclipse is done and dusted now. It's a bit weird because on the one hand picking a winner doesn't necessarily mean much and it's the participation that counts, but on the other hand it was billed as a competition and it does sort of feel like a loose end. Maybe I'm the only one who's still thinking about it!

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Hi all.

First time posting here, I usually post Inq28 stuff over on Ammobunker but have taken an interest in AoS28 as well, so thought I would post here too.

This is a Leshy, a woodland guardian from Slavic mythology - of course there's some inspiration from Witcher 3 here, but I'm a fan of the original folklore and was determined to put my own stamp on it. You can read more of the background and see a lot more pictures on my blog here

Apologies for the use of a 40k mini for scale, I did not have any finished fantasy human-sized models to hand.

I also wrote a short story as some fluff:

"Do not wander in the dark woods, lest you upset the Old Man"
Panic. Mad, blind panic. The raw pain in Gunter’s legs was searing as he gasped and wheezed, his lungs pushed to their limit. 
He burst through the thick undergrowth into a small clearing, not daring to look back at his black-armoured pursuers. The screams of his dying comrades echoing in his ears urged him onwards in spite of sheer exhaustion. But he was wounded, and his frantic running on tired legs caused him to stumble. He tripped and fell, landing heavily in the tall grass.
Whether he had closed his eyes for a second or for many hours, he did not know. But as Gunter became alarmingly aware that he was regaining consciousness from a sleep he could ill afford, he noticed that the sky began to grow darker. 
However long he’d been out, his enemies had not yet caught up with him. Surely, it could not have been that long.
Looking up, he heard the cawing of crows, as first a trickle, then a flock, then a great stream of the black-feathered birds fluttered frantically overhead. Suddenly, he felt that he was not alone. 
Glancing to his right, Gunter jumped as a huge and terrible figure with the skeletal head of a stag emerged almost silently from the woods beside him.
He screamed in horror, raising his arm to shield his face, believing he was now to be struck down by this cruel servant of the Dark Gods.
Mere moments passed. Moments that felt like an eternity. And yet no evil deed was carried out. No grim fate befell Gunter at the claws of this fell beast.
Shuddering and whimpering, he opened his eyes, lowered his hands, and peered cautiously at the creature before him. It stared back. Calmly regarding and examining the Free Guild soldier cowering within arm’s reach.
The being was the height of a troll. Lithe yet sinewy, with great thick hands and long, clawed fingers; it clearly possessed great physical strength. Its body was covered in shaggy and matted grey hair resembling the bark of an ancient white ash tree, and about its shoulders was a mass of leaves, twigs, and moss.
At that moment, the creature reached up and pulled down a piece of this mossy mantle to reveal its true face, smeared with mud and hidden beneath the great-antlered deer skull worn atop its head. 
A cunning ruse perhaps? To make the beast appear bigger and more imposing? 
Certainly it had worked on Gunter.
The creature’s true face had an almost human appearance, though much hairier and with a heavy brow, thick nose and wide jaw. It almost resembled the savage Ogors of the mountain steppes, though not quite as bestial. 
Gunter could see in its eyes an intelligence far greater than even the most cunning chieftain of those tribes. Indeed, he sensed that this being surpassed the capacity of his own mind by some margin. He was reminded of the haughty, yet wise and powerful Wizards he’d encountered back in the cities.
Lifting its huge arm, the figure pointed a  clawed, gnarled finger, first at a nearby plant, then at Gunter himself. It then made a gesture as if rubbing something on its arm.
Around the clearing Gunter heard heavy rustling noises, the sounds of large, four-legged figures moving past at speed. They came from the direction the beast had arrived and were heading towards the massacre the soldier had fled. 
The forest was pierced by the mournful howl of a wolf...then another...then another…
Many more joined in the chorus. The pack was clearly huge.
The beast slowly and silently turned away and began to follow the unseen wolf-pack, but not before a massive bear shuffled out of the woods and came grunting to his side. 
As the creature and its bear companion disappeared from the clearing, the wolf howls were joined by new screams....notably more guttural than before, but no less terrified.




20170714_214354 (1).jpg

20170714_220208 (1).jpg

20170714_214417 (1).jpg

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On 14/07/2017 at 8:58 PM, Jamie the Jasper said:


Oh yeah, I've seen all the entries - awesome standard! Just wondering whether you were still planning to pick any winners or if you feel like the Eclipse is done and dusted now. It's a bit weird because on the one hand picking a winner doesn't necessarily mean much and it's the participation that counts, but on the other hand it was billed as a competition and it does sort of feel like a loose end. Maybe I'm the only one who's still thinking about it!

Yes I can see that, the idea was never really for a competition in that sense but really just a way to get people making models. However there is still a plan to see if it is possible to arrange a game that involves a few of my favourite entries, but this will be later in the year I think. It's a little tricky because the 'winners' will also need to be available to come to the game, so I didn't want to announce anything until it is confirmed.

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It's been quite some time since I posted, but I did indeed return to my AoS28 project. My brother and I have a blog now, so I will link there, but I also know how irritating it is when someone just shares a blog link and posts nothing in the thread, so I'll add some duplicate pictures here.

in brief, the project now has a name: the Witching Wood Campaign. It takes place in the Realm of Life and involves the hunt for a real gate which leads to Shapespire. Right now I have three warbands and three NPC groups posted in the blog, but interest among my friends has been a little overwhelming since I made the blog post, so I will be adding at least two new warbands.

Here is the link to the Witching Wood post on my blog, Porchhammer: 


Here is my personal warband for the campaign, the Lost Company of Anaximander.


Here are some shots of the necromancer's warband:



And the warband of Festus, the Antlered King of the Underways, a champion of 



And finally, the NPC monsters in the forest, some wild Sylvaneth, the mysterious Harrowhounds, and a trio of terrifying fimir:




I hope you guys like what you see. There is lots of background and rules to see at the blog, in addition to more pictures, let me know if there is anything you'd like to see more of.

And, most of all, many thanks for the continued inspiration. Keep up the good work everyone!

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@ArcheiosAggelos they look great! It's cool to see some "good guys" warbands, with that nice variety of looks and not just the same uniform / size for every model. It always seems so much easier to convert cool stuff when you make chaos models, or maybe it's just my personal taste... Can't wait to see the other models painted.
It's also cool that you have a campaign with some npcs, I'd love to play games with that kind of rpg feel,that makes the setting feel much more alive.
As for something I'd like to see more of, if you have some terrain I am VERY interested, as I am in the process of trying some stuff out for my first real gaming table :)

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Been stalking the AoS28 movement for a while and finally decided on a project. I've done a post about AoS28 on a blog I write for called the Bardic Chef which you can read here.  Just plans my outline for what I'm going to do for the project.

While Wintertooth is long gone his mutation lives on. A fell legacy embraced and sought after by those that have risen in this new age. Introducing the Jötnar.




"What the gods gifted to me can be gifted to another. I will not be the one mind in a race of blunt, witless animals."

—Throgg, King of the Trolls


Lord Vargul was enraged... For a follower of Khorne this was not an unusual state to be in, but this was not the pure blood rage that was the gift of the faithful. This was more. He gazed down into the small swampy vale his men had found themselves, his gaze drawn to an agonized scream moments before a great beast lifted a marauder in its hands and tore him cleanly in half.


How had this happened? At first, it seemed like a pleasant diversion. Test the newbloods by hunting a pack of trogs and collect a few more skulls for the Skull Throne. While their loathsome skulls were hardly a prize the beasts were powerful, and worthy prey for the untested members of the warband. Things were going well at first, they had caught several of the beasts separated from their pack. Several had actually fled from the might of his warband! And then.... Then THEY appeared.

Larger than the other creatures, wielding massive stone hammers and clad in rudimentary armor, they had swarmed into the flanks of his men as they chased the fleeing creatures. He cursed as the beasts seemed to melt into the trees, drawing his men into the brackish water of the swamp. Now the warband fought desperately, with all the fury of Khorne, though the knee deep fetid water sucked at their legs.

But the blasted creatures seemed to have no problem with the terrain... Almost if they planned it that way. That.. No.. That was impossible. Trogs did not think like men.

He turned at the sound of cracking wood as several of the massive armored monsters surged from the trees straight at his people. One stood alone in the centre of the group as its kin went to work with their hammers. He scoffed lightly at the agonized screaming of one man as the great beast vomited a stream of bile over him, his armor and skin melting under its touch.

With a brazen toss of its cloak it raised its hammer above its ugly head and roared a challenge at him. With a howl to Khorne on his lips Vargul he pulled his heavy crescent axe and charged the beast. He was Chosen of Khorne! And this beast’s blood would be his!

It survived his first attack... The second... And the Third...

Again and again he struck at the beast, only to be turned away by its great hammer or to watch its flesh stitch itself back together. He barely saw the blow that struck the stone head of the hammer sweeping his legs from beneath him in a ripple of shattering bone. Forcing air through grieving lungs he tried to rise, only to be pushed down into the filth by one massive foot. Looking up into the twisted face above him and beheld. Amusement.

He leaned down, its weight pushing him into the dirt, cracking bone and forcing the last of the air from his lung. One hand flailed uselessly to reach his axe which lay just feet away then paused at a deep rumbling sound, which he realized was laughter. He looked back up at the beast and it smiled, revealing a huge maw a teeth longer than his hand and spoke, its voice sounding like a boulder rolling down a hillside. “You misguided fools... Do not know when to quit.” Cocking its head to the side, the beast shifted its weight, allowing air to fill Vargul’s lungs again. “Know this worshiper of a failed God--“

“My God has not failed! Khorne will rule all! Khorne will-urk!” He wheezed in pain as the foot pressed harder on his chest.

“Khorne will burn! He shall behold the dawning of a new Age and weep to know he shall have no place in it!” Thick gobs of spittle sprayed over Vargul as the creature worked itself into a rage fit for the God he spoke of. “The Realms will bathe in the blood of the fallen Gods and I shall use Khorne’s own Skull as the capstone for his vacant throne.”

Vaguely he could hear other troggoths nearby, stamping their feet and roaring agreement. With a roar the caped trog raised its hammer high above its horned head. “Rejoice! For the Age of Beasts comes!” A sudden eerie calm came over the creature as it stared down at Vargul. “But you will not get to see it.” Heaving it allowed the hammer to fall down upon the Chosen and all was darkness.

÷ 0 ÷ 

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No miniatures to show right now, but that doesn't mean I'm not working on some dark aos stuff! I'm trying to get better at drawing some "realistic" and evocative fantasy stuff, as the artwork is one of the first things that drew me in when I discovered GW. These are not perfect but I want to build up to some very heavy stuff as I get better. Hope you guys like it, and I'm open to cricism if you have any :)



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The infantry/balloon KO army fluff I'm making right now (getting Admiral tomorrow, first mini!) Fits right in to this. Any shame in using un-modded models if I'm not painted in skyport colors and my fluff game is strong? 

Other question, I don't know anything about the lore of this world other than than KO book stuff. Is this expansive enough for me to just make my own little area and have it make sense?

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