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  1. Abyyswater Troggoths Deep within the flooded caves and factories of the Rustspites home are ghoulish troggoths, so depraved of light they have become blind. Despite this, their hunger and fury has only intensified. My test mini for my fellwater troggoths, I wanted something weird and different from my Rustgut troggoths so decided to paint and sculpt them to look like Olms, weird Axolotl like creatures that are blind and live in deep caves. What do folks think?
  2. Da Bombgrot Bounderz For my army I knew I wanted plenty of Squigs, though from play testing I really didn't get on with hoppers or normal squigs so in the end decided to have 2 units of Boingrots. Above is one of my unit leaders "Da Green Knight" . Lore wise, since my goblins live in these horrific underground factories I wanted my army to look sicky and polluted, think that really shows on the squigs pale skin.
  3. Gol Stabba - Loonboss on Rustbelly Kroc (Giant Cave Squig) "You call dat a stabba? Now this is a Stabba" After seeing a similar conversion on reddit I knew I needed to mimic it for my Loonboss on giant cave squig. Really happy with how this turned out. What do you lot think?
  4. The Rustspite Gitz - A Realm of Metal Goblin Project Far towards the realms edge lies great swamps of rusted water and forests with iron bark, a twisted evil grows below. Great tunnels and factories dedicate to the corruption of flesh and metal. The servants of the golden moon hunger for the realms treasure. Hello Everyone! Welcome to my on going project to make a heavily converted Gloomspite Gitz army based in the realm of metal. I love the themes and concepts the realms give and I felt that the realm of metal would open up a tonne of fun conversions for my goblins. The above mini was my original faction leader, Da Shrine Crafta aka my Loonboss on Mangler Squigs. more pictures and lore coming soon!
  5. Realm Shaper Lord He's finally done! This took much longer than I expected, needed to add so many little details and structure to make use that he didn't just wobble around and fall over. I'm dreading painting this thing, so many little details! Luckily I've made it so the dwarf comes off the base so that should help a bit.
  6. World Shaper Lord Concept Currently i'm trying to work out how I want to model my Tree Lord, I currently have 2 concepts in mind. First idea is a dwarvish version of the tree lord, rather than a tall slim ent like creature, it would be a mix of stone and plant built up around a dwarf. It could blend the classic dwarf golem concept and sylvaneth look. Inspiration below. The 2nd idea would be more of a summoned nature spirit made of stone and plants, floating above a druidic dwarf. this would be a bit more difficult to sculpt but I could make use of techniques used to make the Stone Shapers. Inspiration below. What do you lot think? Any other ideas of how I could do it?
  7. The Stone Shaper Wardens Duardin well versed in earthly magics, they shape the ground around them, allowing them to move rapidly across the battlefield and launch rocks at incredible speeds towards those who seek to harm their realm. After battles they would seek to repair the damaged earth of the battlefield, by their or the enemies doing.
  8. I wasn't aware! I might have a look into it. but for now Cities of Sigmar. I've recently re-worked my list as well to allow for more conversions. Lords Rune Lord - 90 Tree Lord Ancient - 260 Battleline Hammers - 140 Ironbreakers - 130 Irondrakes - 150 Others Gyrobombers x 3 - 210
  9. Current plan will be to have 3 Kurnoth Hunters in the 1k army, then I'll be adding treemen and some other stuff at higher point games. Plenty of conversions in mind !
  10. Stone Shaper Warden #2 (Gyrobomber) And that's number 2 sorted, really happy with how they've turned out and I've already started thinking about other ways I can use this technique. what do you lot think?
  11. Stone Shaper Warden (Gyrobomber) Here is my WIP Gyrobomber for the Dwarves. I had been struggling trying to work out how I wanted to model my gyrobombers, originally I was thinking of having dwarves ride eagles or some other creature but they all felt to big. Instead what I've gone for is a drudic dwarf using the earth round him as transport and projectiles. Very much inspired by earth benders in Avatar, I feel this fits the army well, but is also unique. What do you lot think?
  12. Thanks! The idea with the Vine Lord is that, where most of them make use of the natural world around them, the Vine Lord has developed an magical kinship with it, giving him similar magics and style to that of the sylvaneth.
  13. Vine-Lord Here is my Vine-Lord (Rune Lord) for the army. Really happy with how this chap has come out, feel I've been able to properly show the cross between the Dwarfs and Sylvaneth I wanted for the army.
  14. Ahhh didn't realise that, I play exclusively casually so I doubt it would be an issue but I'll have to look into getting the right base size.
  15. Stone Breaker Test Mini So here is my test mini for my Ironbreaker unit. You may of noticed the lack of armour, well metal armour felt wrong for them, so instead I've gone for a mix of stone armour and then arcane runes that make there skin as hard as stone. As for the weapon, the tiny bit of lore we have on the Root-Kings is that they can make weapons out of the seedpod of a devourer plant, so I'm painting up there blades like rose thorns. Originally I tried doing a basic dirt and grass basing but found that it made the model overall look quote dull. To combat this I gave it an Autumn theme instead which I think looks great against all the green. What do you all think?
  16. The Root Kings: A Living City Army Hello everyone, Here is the start of my Root Kings Cities of Sigmar Army. I discovered the above art from Sometimes Minis blog last month and became fascinated by the concept of druidic dwarfs. After plenty of planning I've decided to aim for the below 1k army list. Lords: Warden King - 110pts (plan is to convert this chap up so he could also be used as Gotrekas well) Rune Lord - 90pts Battleline: Hammers-140pts Ironbreakers-130pts Irondrakes- 150pts Other: 2x Gyrobombers-160pts Kurnoth Hunters- 200pts I plan on doing plenty of conversions, so keep an eye out for them!
  17. Hello there, Sadly not, as always I got very distracted with other projects as I sort of had no one to play AOS with. But i've got back into AOS recently again but i'm working on a completely new army. Root-king dwarfs that I plan to post on here!
  18. Carnosaur Rider Currently working on my Stonehorn and it's riders, and by Stonehorn I of course mean a Carnosaur. What do you think?
  19. Mournfangs of the Wilds Here are my WIP Mournfangs for my Jungle Orgors. Really love these models, lovely detail and easy to add to, for the banner bearer i'm just waiting for a cold one banner. What do you guys think?
  20. With the incest I only wanted them for thundetusks, the whole rest of the army will be using lizardmen dinos or painting things to make them more jungle like. for mournfangs I'm just using mournfangs. Nothing else quite fits, but I'm painting them up like jungle cats. For the 1000 point army it might look off that there is a giant bug and a carno, but once the army gets much larger and I have more big creatures the distinction between stonehorn and thundertusk should be clear. For example this is my Iron blaster, I'm using dinos where I can, the bugs are their just to add to the magical jungle aspect.
  21. Ogor Priest on Beast of the Maw Here is my Ogor Priest on Beast of the Maw, aka my Huskard on Thundertusk. The idea behind this guy is that rather than riding the usual beasts of the mountains these ogors ride stranger beasts. All my Thundertusks are going to be insects and insect like things. My Stonehorns are going to be large dinos, the one i'm currently working on is 2 ogors riding a carnosaur. What do you think?
  22. The Ogors of the Ghur Jungles Hello everyone. So this is the start of my Aztec themed Ogor army, to be exact i will be using the Beastclaw raiders army book. This is going to be my first proper Age of Sigmar army and I wanted something that was unique and didn't require me to slave away on like 20 models for just 100 points. Current aim is to work on my 1000 point army list. Huskard on Thunderrusk 4 Mournfangs 1 Stonehorn Only 6 Models!
  23. Not yet, I got distracted creating a warband for skirmish. and now i'm working on my missing legions again for 30k. But i will be getting back to these guys soon.
  24. Thanks. I wanted the Gate Warden to be much more stereotypical angel than the others.
  25. The Hunters of Hardraniel. One of the many warband tasked with protecting the realm of light from any intruders who wish to bring chaos to their perfect world. Led by one of the Gate Wardens, Hardraniel these angelic aelfs of the realm of light hunt the warriors of chaos, soaring across the skies, raining down arrows of light. Here is my completed aelf warband for Hinterlands. I've loved this mini project and I can't wait to play some games with it. From the few test games I've done the Waywatcher lord is a beast at taking out other heroes.
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