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  1. More color scheme than conversion, but here is one of my newly painted Fiends of Slaanesh.
  2. urion

    Arkhan the Black 2

    I don't have any on this model, but I have a blog that I post photos of WIP on various projects as well as fiction I write. https://madhousesociety.blogspot.com/
  3. urion

    Arkhan the Black 1

    I don't remember what the color names were. It was Vallejo. I undercoated in brown the gold. Did a wash of dark brown. Went back and highlighted with the same gold. Then added some silver, but not too much. After that i washed it again with dark brown. Then i underlined the plates a bit without watering down the dark brown.
  4. urion

    Arkhan the Black 2

    Rear view of my Arkhan the Black wip.
  5. urion

    Arkhan the Black 1

    My work in progress on Arkhan the Black, my second favorite character in Warhammer.
  6. Well, that tends to happen when you destroy their world and kill all their friends. lol Things get darker.
  7. The latest addition to my Shyish Sylvaneth army. A unit of tree-revenants. I made them using dryad bits mixed with mainly black knight bits. I'm not really a fan of tree-revenants, but I do like having a variety to chose from when making a warband or army.
  8. In my opinion this FAQ Q&A would apply to this situation even though the FAQ is talking about a unit. So, I would say as long as at least one of the citadel forests that make up the Sylvaneth Wyldwood is within 18" of the caster then they are considered "within" 18" of the caster.
  9. One example they give is Spirit Hosts. A spirit host get a max of 3 models per warscroll. If there was no limit you could take nothing but spirit hosts and a hero. So if you took 4 spirit hosts that would be two warscrolls because a single warscroll is only up to 3. Also, everyone is a noob to AoS Skirmish, it just came out. lol
  10. You can use them as bell chimers if you want.
  11. Recently in a game the question came up as to whether you place the free Wyldwood grove from the Sylvaneth's Alliance ability before or after the scenario is rolled for. In the ability it says "After all other pieces of scenery are set up, but before the battle begins and players chose territory or set up their armies,...". But rolling for scenarios is before the battle begins as well, because the battle begins after rolling for the scenario. So what is the timing on placing the Wyldwood? Before the scenario is rolled for or after?
  12. urion

    Treelady 1.JPG

    Thank you very much. She is a joy to work with and I wish she was still in production. I'm thinking about getting another one and doing it with a single set of arms.
  13. Actually the model is 28mm. It is supposed to be a large model compared to a "normal" 28mm human figure. But its ok, I didn't intend it to deceive in any way. Thank you all for your wonderful comments. This model is one of my favorite and I with the company was still around making models.
  14. When you are writing your post there is a spot at the bottom left that says "Drag files here to attach, or choose files..." You just have to click on the "choose files..." option and then click on the photos you want to post.
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