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About Me

  1. Introduction When I began writing the Noobronomicon: A Beginner's Guide to Death, I was overwhelmed by the amount of support the project received. However, since the release of AoS 3, it has become increasingly difficult to bring the information in the original guide up to date. I simply couldn't let this project die, so I thought the best way would be to scrap it all and start a fresh. So here we are, with the Noobronomicon Volume 2. I intend to write this updated guide with the same level of love and care as I did the previous. If you are not familiar with this previous guide, I will quickly go over what it’s for and why I write these. This guide will cover beginner to intermediate play. We won’t be covering tournament play or min/maxing out lists. We will cover the basics of the Death Grand Alliance, the alliances within, and the sub-factions within that. Hopefully, within this guide, you will find everything you need to know in order to start your journey into playing a Death alliance in AoS. Hopefully, this will help newer players, as well as existing players looking to try out a Death army, find an army that fits you best. Glossary and abbreviations: Soulbight Gravelords - SG or SbGl - A variety of different undead creatures. Flesh Eater Courts - FEC - Cannibals and ghouls Ossiarch Bonereapers - OBR or OB - Bone constructs Nighthaunt - NH - Ghosts Soulblight - Vampires Deathrattle- Skeletons Deadwalkers - Zombies Grand Alliance - GA Note: This guide will be updated as I finish each section. And a complete guide will be added in as a google doc soon for those you find this to be an inadequate format to read in. Feedback is always appreciated.
  2. So here in this entry I am going to introduce you to the idea of the campaign. If you know me or my army, you should know that I play exclusively death. I know Skeletons vs Nighthaunts is a bit weird but I have come up with a story (despite appearances). My heroes are: Crixius Shadowend, the Necromancer, Fonasphef The Exalted, the Wight King, and Vasilisa Rickenbacker, the Vampire Lord (or Lady) The story is that Nagash has sent them to an out to an outpost in Stygx (my army is from Stygx) where they are being tested to see whether they are worthy to serve at Nagash's side. Nagash will throw them random challenges and see if his heroes survive, and if so, how long for? I will release content daily (hopefully), but they will always be from rolls of the exploration table, so some days I will give you a summary of them healing and possibly some stats about who they've killed and what their command abilities/traits are. I will be playing the games on my themed board, (even though it is a bit smaller than the size it recommends to play) which you can see the development of in my other blog here. I have not taken photos because for me it is quite an effort and it will probably double the effort that it takes to make this anyway, but I can add photos if this blog (it does not matter which post) gets 10 likes or any other (nice) reaction, just to let me know that people are enjoying this and they would like the content to be of better quality. If you don't like it, don't feel pressure to like, it as I am not begging for extra likes, just feedback. I hope you enjoy, my first proper entry will be tomorrow.
  3. I’ve read a few things over the past year about what we can expect for death rattle. I’ve read that there might be a new handbook. I’ve read that tomb kings might return. I’ve read about Spanish skeletons, pirate skeletons, Spanish pirate skeletons. Can anyone actually shed any light on this, based on actual evidence, including the latest Tithe video? Thanks!!!
  4. A small, 500 points (AoS second edition) army of Legions of Nagash. A Vampire Lord and a Necromancer lead a horde of Skeleton Warriors with a support of the former bodyguards of the Vampire, now serving him even in the undeath.

    © Assembled and painted by Axebringer

  5. J.Z.

    Ancient Skeletons

    My first unit. Before that i paint few miniatures. I hate those bonesuckers... and i love them :) Rocks 4ground - Natural Rocks Bushes - Gamer's Grass - beige 6mm Sand - some construction sand from B&Q :) Pains - Citadel (except for white - Army Painter)
  6. J.Z.

    Ancient Skeletons

    My first unit. Before that i paint few miniatures. I hate those bonesuckers... and i love them :) Rocks 4ground - Natural Rocks Bushes - Gamer's Grass - beige 6mm Sand - some construction sand from B&Q :) Pains - Citadel (except for white - Army Painter)
  7. J.Z.

    Ancient Skeletons

    My first unit. Before that i paint few miniatures. I hate those bonesuckers... and i love them :) Rocks 4ground - Natural Rocks Bushes - Gamer's Grass - beige 6mm Sand - some construction sand from B&Q :) Pains - Citadel (except for white - Army Painter)
  8. J.Z.

    Ancient Skeletons

    My first unit. Before that i paint few miniatures. I hate those bonesuckers... and i love them :) Rocks 4ground - Natural Rocks Bushes - Gamer's Grass - beige 6mm Sand - some construction sand from B&Q :) Pains - Citadel (except for white - Army Painter)
  9. I love the idea of spellcasters who are also melee fighters, and I love the idea of heroes using sword and sorcery to bring down enemies much larger than they are. This has led me to start a Death army with a heavy focus on Vampires as heroes who can both cast spells and hold their own in combat. So far I own four Vampires, eighty Skeletons, ten Black Knights, twenty Direwolves, a Wight King, and a Necromancer. Because I like spellcasting, and Skeleton Warriors move pretty slowly, I've decided to build a Deathrattle-heavy Legion of Sacrament list. Here's the idea so far: --- Necromancer w/ Overwhelming Dread [General: Mastery of Death] Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon w/ Vile Transference [Wristbands of Black Gold] Vampire Lord on Nightmare w/ Amaranthine Orb Vampire Lord on Nightmare w/ Spirit Gale Vampire Lord (Flying Horror) w/ Soulpike 40x Skeleton Warriors w/ Spears 40x Skeleton Warriors w/ Spears 10x Dire Wolves 10x Black Knights +1 Command Ability Point Total: 1940 --- This list is unfinished at 1940 points, so I could still have room to expand. I would like to keep it "vampire-heavy" so to speak but if that's not viable I'm willing to change things up of course. Here are some thoughts about Endless Spells I might be able to add: Gemenids of Uhl-Gysh seems incredibly strong for its cost, 2D3 mortal wounds, -1 to hit and -1 attack. Soulsnare Shackles seems popular on this forum, but it seems easy to unbind (casting value 5) and only really has an effect on your opponent's next turn. Malignant Maelstrom would easily backfire on me since I plan on casting 7-8 spells per turn. Quicksiver Swords couldn't hurt, I guess? Chronomantic Cogs sounds very powerful, but it's expensive- I could take 2-3 spells instead of just it. What do you think?
  10. I'm starting a Death army that's mainly made up of Skeleton Warriors and other skeletal units like Black Knights. I painted up four Skeleton Warriors today, but I'm stuck on how to base them. Since I'm using red, dark brown, iron, and bone colors on the models, I figure a base with light brown, green, or purple might look good. If anyone has ideas for what kind of bases might look good for these models (and many others like them!) please let me know! Thanks!
  11. I'm starting a standard Legions of Nagash army- I was lured in by the new Death hype but I'm trying to keep things "old school" if you will. My current thought is to use two Vampire Lords (one on Zombie Dragon, one on Nightmare) and one Necromancer as heroes for a list with a bunch of Skeleton Warriors as battleline: - Vampire Lord on Nightmare w/ Spirit-Possessed Blades, Chalice of Blood [General, Mastery of Death] - Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon w/ Lance, Shield, Chalice of Blood [Wristbands of Black Gold] - Necromancer - 40x Skeleton Warriors w/ Spears and Shields - 10x Black Knights w/ Lances and Shields All that would take up 1210 points, leaving me with 290 to go. This is the perfect number to buy 30 more Skeleton Warriors and 1 Command Point, 5 Blood Knights and 1 Command Point, or maybe something else? I feel like the Black Knights and Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon will be enough speed that I don't need Dire Wolves, but maybe I do? Also, I'm going with Legion of Sacrament for the +1 to casting (easier to cast spells and to trigger Locus of Shyish), +3" movement, and the excellent Wristbands of Black Gold. However, Grand Legion for extra healing and Lord of Nagashizzar for extra attacks sounds great too. I'm new to Death so I'd be happy to get anyone's feedback about this list!
  12. Hey, all. Like the title suggests, I am at the end of my rope. I'm trying to piece together a death army, but I'm spending so much time bouncing back and forth between ideas that I'm actually losing sleep over it. I want to be sure that, before I invest heavily into this army, it is viable. Now, I don't mean I NEED to win the next big ol' tournament, just that the army works to an extent, and isn't just a ramshackle assortment of units. I want to be sure I'm spending money on units that will be of true use. Cash isn't quite as expendable these days,so if I'm going to indulge this habit, I had to be careful(ish). If possible, AT ALL, I would love to to piece together an army that takes advantage of the models-in-waiting that I already have, namely: A mortarch kit, A Mortis Engine kit, and Nagash himself (though i doubt he'd make it) I'm leaning toward 2000pts, something size-able but not absurd, and I really need help or suggestions on this. With what I have, I would love to make the following: (Grand Host of Nagash) Arkhan Necromancer Necromancer Mortis Engine 40x Skeletons w/spears 10x Grave Guard 10x Grave Guard 5x Hexwraiths 4x Morghast Harbingers & Lords of Sacrament formation. Any advice on this would be truly, truly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  13. Hey guys, looking at running a bunch of skeletons across the table. Im kinda set on the list, but i cannot decide on the allegiance. Should I go for Sacrament and have the extra 3" movement and shooting defense? Should i go Nagash and get the extra heal on a 5+, extra attack? the extra 6+ save? great artifacts traits? Should i go Night, +1 save in half the battle field, ability to come on the side of the board./ but no good artifacts or command traits? Allegiance: ????Vampire Lord (140)- General- Mount: NightmareWight King with Baleful Tomb Blade (120)- Mount: SteedNecromancer (110)Vampire Lord (140)- Mount: Nightmare30 x Grave Guard (420)- Great Wight Blades40 x Skeleton Warriors (280)- Ancient Spears40 x Skeleton Warriors (280)- Ancient Blades20 x Skeleton Warriors (160)- Ancient Blades10 x Black Knights (240)Deathmarch (110)Total: 2000 / 2000Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 170
  14. urion

    Black Knight 1

    My first black knight. A member of the Order of the Canopic Stag.
  15. Hi there guys! Recently I started AoS with a friend of mine. After a while we have a few miniatures and we are looking to play a game. We decided that we will play at 600 points. I have the following miniatures: Montarch. Wight King with Black Axe. 10 Skeletons with Spears. 10 Dire Wolves. 5 Black Knights. This is thw list I think I'll play: Allegiance: Grand Host of Nagash Leaders Arkhan The Black Mortarch of Sacrament (320) - Lore of the Dead: Fading Vigour (Deathmages) Wight King with Black Axe (120) - General - Trait: Lord of Nagashizzar - Artefact: Ossific Diadem Battleline 5 x Dire Wolves (60) 10 x Skeleton Warriors (80) - Ancient Blades Total: 580 / 2000 Allies: 0 / 400 Wounds: 36 After this I've been think about buying the next things to comolete my army I hope you can give me your feedback: https://www.games-workshop.com/en-GB/Battleforce-Blade-Of-The-Blood-Queen-2017 https://www.games-workshop.com/en-GB/Deathrattle-Barrow-Lords https://www.games-workshop.com/en-GB/Deathlords-Nagash My plan is having 40 Skellies Spear30 Grave Guard Great Wight Blade 30 Dire Wolves 10 Black Knights 2 Archais Arkham Nagash 2 Necromancers.
  16. Hey guys, I’m getting into Age of Sigmar and I need some help moving forward. So far I’ve purchased the Skeleton Horde start collecting box and need guidance. I’m thinking of building Mannfred and want to have a majorly vampire based army with some skeletons (Not worries about allegiance). Any tips for my next purchases?
  17. Dracula

    Black Knights

    First things to be painted. I kept the knights off the horses to make them easier to paint and mixed in grave guard parts to give the two units a unified look
  18. Dracula

    Black Knights

    First things to be painted. I kept the knights off the horses to make them easier to paint and mixed in grave guard parts to give the two units a unified look
  19. Hi All, New to the death grand alliance and wanted to get some advise on how to expand and build my army before I start gluing and priming things. Below I'll list the models i have/want, the 1000 point list I'm aiming to focus on first, and a high level list I'm aiming for at 2000 points. Looking for feedback on the following: 1. How do the 3 Montarch's compare, which should I build? Is it worth having more than one of them? I'm leaning toward Arkhan as that is what people seem to recommend. Should I be considering a different one for my list direction? 2. Right now I'm picking units based on what I feel I'd enjoy modeling and painting. I like to have variety as opposed to one million skeletons. I'm not so keen on the flesheater courts direction. But should I be looking at them more than I am ? Owned: Blade of the Blood Queen - 1 Montarch - 1 Wight King (want to build with skeletal steed and standard) - 2 Morghast (leaning toward harbingers for the summoned charge) - 10 grave guard - 20 skeletons Also picked up: - Another box of 10 skeletons - Necromancer - Vampire Lord with Wings (love this model) Shadespire: - Sepulcheral guard Planning to get: - More skeletons (aiming for 50 total at the moment, block of 40 with spears, unit of 10 with the other weapon option) - Spirit Hosts (love these models and really want some) - Black Knights (have read it is good to have a block of 10 or so) Thinking about the skeleton hoard SC, the malignants SC, or the nighthaunt tormented spirits box. Maybe a couple of these. 1000 Point List Goal - One Montarch (Arkhan cheapest) - Necromancer - 40 skeletons - 10 skeletons - 2 Morghast harbingers Feel like the wight king or vampire lord command ability would be good to fit in here, maybe the montarch is too much for 1000 points? Drop arkhan, add vampire lord/wight king and grave guard? 2000 Point List Goal - One Montarch (arkhan cheapest) - Necromancer - Vampire Lord with Wings - 10 Grave guard - 40 skeletons - 10 skeletons - 10 black knights - 6 spirit hosts - 2 Morghast harbingers - Mortis Engine Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts!
  20. Version 1.2.0


    This is the Unofficial Tomb Kings Battletome for Age of Sigmar. With 114 pages of content including: • 58 pages of new lore and artwork for the Tomb Kings within the Mortal Realms • New Allegiance Abilities, Command Traits, Artifacts, and a Spell Lore • Time of War rules and a Battleplan • 9 New Warscroll Battalions • 4 New Warscroll units including the Hierotitan and Necrolith Colossus You can read my thoughts on the creation of this Battletome over the past year on Mengel Miniatures.
  21. urion

    Baltazar Khepri

    Presenting Batlazar Khepri, Master of the Order of the Coptic Stag.
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