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  1. Hello everyone, The second #AoS28 competition is now on - this time it is about monsters. MONSTER COMPETITION Create a monster for Age of Sigmar http://www.exprofundis.com/monster-competition/
  2. Yes I can see that, the idea was never really for a competition in that sense but really just a way to get people making models. However there is still a plan to see if it is possible to arrange a game that involves a few of my favourite entries, but this will be later in the year I think. It's a little tricky because the 'winners' will also need to be available to come to the game, so I didn't want to announce anything until it is confirmed.
  3. All the entries are here: http://www.exprofundis.com/the-eclipse/ These are excellent
  4. Hello everyone, the entries for the Eclipse competition are now online: http://www.exprofundis.com/the-eclipse/ If your entry is not here or is incomplete, don't panic - it just means I must have missed it because there were far more entries than I expected and they are all over the damn place. Please comment below with a link. Winners announced soon
  5. I'll try to collect every entry in one place, with a few winners getting a featured gallery. Some of this will depend on the photos I receive as not all photos are going to be suitable even if the models are great. It might be possible for me to photograph some of the winners if that is proving an obstacle.
  6. It's really great to see so many entries to the competition. There is still time to enter, plenty of time really - the deadline is the 18th. I'd like to feature the winning entries on Ex Profundis, so make sure you get some good photos.
  7. Orruk Backbreaker - originally intended as an entry to the Eclipse competition. More pics here: http://www.exprofundis.com/orruk-backbreaker/
  8. I think new technologies work just fine in AoS. However I also think that sometimes you are at risk of making a model scan as 40k - for example there might be steam-powered armour in AoS, but if you were to use a Space Marine helmet it might just look like a 40k model. To my eye, a couple of details look a bit 40k on your otherwise excellent model, I think the gun might be an easy fix by changing just the very tip of the barrel for something simpler, without the sight on the top. A few mm of brass tube, or the end of a fantasy pistol would work great.
  9. It does have to be painted if you want a chance at winning. But you're welcome to take part with an unpainted model.
  10. The Eclipse is the first event of The Dark Age of Sigmar. It is a competition to create a witch hunter to lead your Hinterlands warband, to use in Warhammer Quest or for any other purpose. You will need to make a single figure – a witch hunter – following the usual AoS28 guidelines. The model can be of any race or any character so long as they fit the rough concept of a witch hunter. The model should have a name and a bit of background. You could enter a model that is already built, but it would be better to make a new one. A witch hunter does not need to be a human, and does not need to wear a buckled hat. In the Age of Sigmar a witch hunter can refer to someone who fights against Chaos, monsters or the beasts of the Realms. Although there is no real prize, winning entries will be featured in a gallery on Ex Profundis and may be invited to participate in a special game of Warhammer Quest using your hero. For more information, please see this post: http://www.exprofundis.com/eclipse-aos28-competition/
  11. There are some incredible models in this thread recently, and plenty in the Facebook group as well: far more interest than I had anticipated. It is hard to keep up! With the arrival of the new Warhammer Quest there is some great synchronicity between AoS28 and Games Workshop - you can use your converted heroes to explore the WHQ dungeon as well as to lead your Hinterlands warbands. And for everyone that still hasn't had an idea about what to build, there is a small competition starting soon that I hope will be the final push you need to get started.
  12. I appreciate the compliment but really it is nothing like Golden Demon level, it's painted quickly but in quite a dramatic style.
  13. A few shots of my Aelves now the warband is finished. The Black Sloth Hell: a drowned, rotting forest in Ghyran. The forest is poisoned from within by a mad god of death and the Aelves that live there are trapped in its recurring nightmare. There are some more photos and some thoughts about putting together an AoS28 warband here: http://www.exprofundis.com/aelves-black-sloth-hell/
  14. Hi Hagen, I'm entirely in agreement with you, and I didn't think the FAQ gave the impression that high fantasy was not welcome. Maybe a new FAQ question would be useful. Personally speaking I don't have much interest in a strict low fantasy setting, the best thing about AoS is that it allows for flying ships and walking cities and anything else you can think of. I thought the FAQ helped make it clear about that, and that 'grimdark' and really means exactly what you said about the human and grounded point of view as opposed to the epic and OTT nature of the main AoS narrative.
  15. There is now an AoS28 FAQ http://www.exprofundis.com/aos28-faq/ And this post includes some interviews with hobbyists including John Blanche as well as examples of AoS28 http://www.exprofundis.com/dark-age-sigmar-getting-started-aos28/
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